Michael Palin?s New Europe courtesy BBC Warner
The Iron Curtain has been lifted, the Cold War is over, and there are many new countries worthy of exploration by Monty Python's Flying Circus alum, Michael Palin. Journey with Palin as he travels to Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungry, East Germany, Ukraine, and others, 20 countries in all, before he returns home to Britain. Though Palin visits some large cities on his tour of "New Europe," he doesn't spend much time in the tourist traps, opting to meet the locals instead. He never quit knows what they have in store for him, but he's a good sport and is up for whatever they have planned. This 3-disc set from BBC includes all 7 episodes of the show, a 2-part interview with Michael Palin, and over 2 hours of deleted scenes. - Gord Lacey

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