Mystery Science Theater 3000 courtesy Best Brains, Inc.
Earlier this week we reported that Universal Studios is going to re-release Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie on DVD this coming May 6th. Now we've got brand new DVD news for you, but concerning the DVD rights for episodes of the TV series.

This morning Big Brains, Inc. (the folks behind MST3K) announced that they were moving the DVD license for the television episodes to Shout! Factory. The show has previously been distributed on home video by Rhino, but the folks there have moved their focus away from TV-DVDs and more onto music in the years since founder Garson and Richard Foos sold the company to Time Warner. Time Warner placed Rhino with the Warner Music Group, which has since spun off into their own organization. Meanwhile, the Foos brothers left Rhino and started Shout! Factory several years ago, and over the years several of the people who worked for them at Rhino moved over to Shout!

Now Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes the same journey. Rhino's final MST3K release will happen in less than two weeks, and then later this year Shout! Factory will take over the reins and begin releasing episodes never seen on DVD before. For a lot more detail on this, read the complete story at! - David Lambert