MI-5, Volume 5 courtesy BBC Video
The British equivalent of the FBI, MI-5 is the UK's domestic security agency. MI-5 kicks off the fifth season with an explosive two-part special which sees Britain on the verge of anarchy. A series of sinister terror strikes, combined with chronic fuel shortages, has plunged Britain into crisis. As a desperately weakened Prime Minister fights to hold onto power, the public mood turns increasingly anarchic. MI-5 supremo Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) and team leader Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) begin to face the horrifying possibility that the country is under attack from sinister forces right at the heart of the establishment. So begins a dangerous game of bluff and counter-bluff. This 5 disc set includes all 10 episodes from the 5th season, plus 2 commentary tracks, a trailer for season 5, sneak peek for season 6, and some cast interviews. The bonus material falls short of the extras on previous sets, but the show is excellent. - Gord Lacey

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