Witchblade courtesy Warner Home Video
For those fans who have been waiting for the bodacious babe with that ass-kicking supernatural glove to appear on DVD, Witchblade - The Complete Series is finally here. So TV Guide's fabulous Ileane Rudolph talked to Yancy Butler, who stared as NYPD detective Sara Pezzini on the TNT series about doing commentary for the set, filming with legends and what she's been up to lately. Hint: think fangs.

TV Guide: Why did this DVD set take so long?
Yancy Butler: I know there were some music-rights issues and that took a long time. Then we had to re-cut a lot of the music for the DVD. The music on the show was so incredible. Peter Gabriel gave us songs for free. There's a track that Annie Lennox did for us that nobody had a chance to hear, a spin-off of "Who's the Girl." I think I'm only one with this amazing track. Roger Daltry did a song for us when he was doing the show.

TV Guide: What's a favorite song that the DVD couldn't get rights for?
Butler: There's one Peter Gabriel song. There's this great moment when I'm sitting at the table and the camera pans around the room until you see Danny Woo's ghost and it was the "Salisbury Hill" song, which I adore. I'm a huge fan of his, being who my dad is (Loving Spoonful's Joe Butler.) But we got something in there that's pretty good.

TV Guide: There seems to be a lot of Witchblade fans waiting for this DVD.
Butler: Right. We were supposed to do a panel at Comic-Con that got cancelled at the last moment. That was surprising, because fans have been pre-ordering for months in advance.

TV Guide: What do you think of the news that Battlestar Galactica producer/director Michael Rymer is making a new film version of Witchblade?
Butler: I know they've been talking about it for a long time, so I'm very curious to see what direction they go in.

TV Guide: Was there ever talk of your crew getting together for another Witchblade original movie for TV, the big screen or DVD?
Butler: There was talk of reuniting for a feature that we were discussing with Warner Brothers and TNT, but it fell by the wayside.

TV Guide: Would you fancy strapping on your leathers and blade to do Sara Pezzini again?
Butler: Absolutely. This character was so wonderful and it seemed so tailor-made for me. I fell in love with her and all her strengths and her flaws. That's what made her such a good character.

TV Guide: What are some of your best memories from the show?
Butler: The boys! The camaraderie. We had the best time on the set. I miss them very much and was really looking forward to seeing them last weekend. That was the major disappointment for me. I wanted to see the family.

TV Guide: Some fans of the comic still complain that you weren't naked enough let alone busty enough. Do you think the show would have lasted more than two seasons if you were wellmore naked?
Butler: [ Laughs] I was almost fully naked in those love scenes with Conchobar [Kim De Lury]. I was nude as nude gets for television.

TV Guide: What are the DVD extras?
Butler: They have interviews with all of us, not together unfortunately. I think they got the entire cast and [exec producer] Ralph Hemecker, the visual genius that he is. And they actually have our original audition tapes! I've got to be honest, I hadn't seen all the episodes before. When I was in Toronto filming the series, I was always working. I didn't get to see them all until I asked for them in preparation for the interview. I was like "this show really rocks!" It was great to see all of it.

TV Guide: What moments do you talk about on the DVD?
Butler: There's one episode with me and Nestor Serrano, who's such a great actor, and in one scene I jump on him in bed with a gun. We were so tired and we just had a fit of the giggles. We had to go to back to separate trailers for a half hour and get it together. [I also talk about] how great it was doing the stuff with Roger Daltrysword fighting up in the sky on pulleys, we were laughing so hard, we could hardly contain ourselves. He was the Devil, but at one point he dressed up as an old gypsy woman. It's pretty funny to see Roger Daltry with breasts as big as Sara Pezzini in the comic.

TV Guide: Do you remember when I came on the set? Not only were you filming outside at midnight in Toronto in February but you broke your toe during an action scene.
Butler: Not a fond memory! That hurt! They said to me "We can shut down for a week while you heal, or you could continue to go on." I had one week to go with all action stuff. It was the whole denouement in the subway with Conrad Dunn. So every three hours a doctor had to inject cortisone shots in my small toe. That scene where I'm coming out in silhouette with the smoke and the flames behind me? They cranked down the camera so it's slo-mo and it turned out to be one of the sexier shots. They made a poster from it and I could hardly walk!

TV Guide: Were you heartbroken when TNT cancelled the show?
Butler: I was very disappointed and a little confused. It was doing well, but it cost a lot of money. People always say to me, "I can't believe it was cancelled." And I always say that we didn't expect it to be a series at all, so we got two extra years that we didn't think were going to happen.

TV Guide: Will you go see the feature?
Butler: Absolutely, I will. I hope I'm in it! [ Laughs]. I'd love to do a cameo. That would be smart on their part too. It would be really fun.

TV Guide: Do you still have the fire in the belly to act?
Butler: Yeah. For as long as they'll let me and as long as I'm still having fun. I do want to move into producing and directing. I have a couple of things out there right now in terms of book options. And I'm producing a possible television series with a friend of mine, but I can't talk about anything yet.

TV Guide: What have you done recently?
Butler: I just finished a vampire movie for the Sci Fi Channel. They're my biggest supporters. It's with Jeremy London and myself. We worked together on "The Serpent King," a Sci Fi Channel movie that must have done well, because they've been playing it for the last four years. This movie, "Wolfsbayne," will probably air in October. I play Lilith, who in Hebrew lore was the first Eve. I'm the queen vampire, a little different than what you usually see me in. She's quite Victorian. It was fun. She's mad.

TVGuide: So you're still doing a lot of sci-fi and fantasy work?
Butler: I am. I'll keep playing in that sandbox as long as they let me play.

TV Guide: You took a break and did a soap opera last year!
Butler: Oh god, yes. I was offered a month's work on As the World Turns. It was something I'd never done. They do an episode a day. They work hard!. I got to play a crazy bitch woman. What's better than that?

TVGuide: You've gone through some tough times since Witchblade. Are you doing OK now?
Butler: I'm doing better than I've ever been. Yes, thank you.

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