Jill Hennessy by Mitch Haaseth/NBC, New York by Scott Odgers/VH1, Melissa Joan Hart by Kwaku Alston/The WB
You know, a lot of folks are making a big wahh-wahh about Katherine Heigl's decision to remove herself from the Emmy race. Whatever. But to dump on the Grey's Anatomy writers to excuse her less-than-award-worthy performance this season? Child, please. The day her sucking is the fault of the writers is the day I fit into clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch again. Besides, the whole "roles for women" gripe doesn't hold. Just looking at a few recent DVD releases, it's clear that fun roles are out there...even if they aren't tailor-made to win ungrateful, overpaid half-talents the Emmys they think they deserve just for showing up.

Crossing Jordan
- Before the joy that is Bones, there was this cadaver-heavy crime drama and after what I'm pretty sure was an excessive amount of time to wait, the first season of NBC's sexy coroner is finally here. And let's all just agree right now that Jill Hennessy needs to do more TV. Maybe she can hook up with Jordan creator Tim Kring on his new series. What's it called? Oh yeah Heroes. Oh, and for those of you who were waiting endlessly for the set to street, the extras are a set in themselves: deleted scenes, cast commentaries, a conversation with Kring and Hennessy about her character. It's pretty delicious.
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I Love New York - Yeah, you watch the second season of VH1's trashy dating show and tell me this woman isn't acting.
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Square Pegs - Don't laugh, I loved this show! It was as close to New Wave as a 12-year-old living in Lansdowne, PA could get without having to steal a can of blue hair spray from Spencer's Gifts. Between Sarah Jessica Parker's lunch box-toting loser Patty Greene to Jami Gertz's chronically "behooved" Muffy Tepperman, there is so much subversive girl power going on, most folks didn't even realize what they were seeing until the Like, Totally Complete Series hit shelves last month. And don't even get me started on the theme song.
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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Will Melissa Joan Hart ever be as endearing as she was on ABC's kid-com? (Not counting her awesomeness as Nick's Clarissa Explains It All, of course!) Probably not, unless she ends up doing Dancing with the Stars. Which is why these sets are so much cheesy fun. The effects are completely late '90s, the costumes are straight out of Fashion Bug and the plots are as innocent as you can get. Seriously,when Buffy turned 18, she had sex and turned Angel into a baddie. Sabrina marks her big day in the newly released 4th season and what does she do? Start mentoring a junior witch. And look Ma, no pseudo-sexual overtones! Parents of 'tweens, this is what you're looking for to show your younger ladies that's being cute and young doesn't have to mean taking it off for Vanity Fair, mmmkay?
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OK, so what are your favorite chick-centric shows? Share with the class!

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