OK, so after this week, we should be all through with our season finales. David Cook is our new American Idol, those Desperate Housewives are going to be five years older (making them all roughly 108), and God only knows who Lucas proposed to on One Tree Hill. I'm dyin' over that one. Big stuff as always. Which got me to thinking about TV's greatest OMG moments. Here are a few of my faves...all beautifully available on DVD. What are yours?

The Friends finale - Mercifully not the oddity that Seinfeld left us with, this 10th-season kicker (seen by over 50 million fans) was as sweet as a Central Perk mocha and finally gave us hope that Ross and Rachel had a future. Of course, knowing what a tool Ross could be, he probably screwed it up months later.
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Jordin-vs-Blake - Everyone says that Idol's sixth finale was its weakest, but after re-screening American Idol Season Six: The Top Two, I beg to differ. With my girl Jordin Sparks battling oddball beatboxer Blake Lewis, anything could have happened. In fact, the mere fact that Lewis even made the finals is proof that season 6 was the talent show's strangest on record. And strange is good (unless it's my friend Cassie's peach cobbler).
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Landry Kills Tyra's Stalker - Who knew the powers-that-be could save Friday Night Lights' second season from becoming a total soap after this little twist? Geeky boy bashes his crush's nasty baddie in the head, they dump the body and viola! Not only do we get oodles of screen time for the insanely watchable Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki, we also get an emotional payoff nobody could have seen coming. Such a frakkin' good show.
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Turkeys Can't Fly - If WKRP in Cincinnati's first season is only remembered for Les Nessman's Thanksgiving Day disaster, I'm cool with that. Oh the humanity.
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Johnny Signs Off - "Around the studio, we are still on an emotional high from last night; we have not come down yet. I want to thank Robin Williams and Bette Midler for last night, for giving us an excellent show. They were absolutely sensational." And so began Johnny Carson's final Tonight Show monologue on May 22, 1992. Late night will never have an act classier or as missed as Mr. Carson.
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Holocaust - Don't judge, but I never saw this one back when it aired in 1978. Apparently Gene and Helen weren't down with freaking out their second-grader with the truth about history's darkest days. But now that the 30th anniversary edition has hit the shelves and I'm allowed to watch whatever I want, I dug in. My lord. Meryl Streep is astonishing (as always), James Woods isn't creepy (like usual) and the impact of this must-see masterwork hasn't faded a bit. God willing, neither has our collective memory so we won't be doomed to repeat such a horrifying history.
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Colonel Blake's Chopper Goes Down - I can't even discuss this M*A*S*H heartbreak without...please, look away.
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So which TV bits can't you forget? Any that just irked you to no end? Spill it, people!

Until next week, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook