Fastlane: Peter Facinelli, Tiffani Thiessen and Bill Bellamy courtesy Warner Bros. Television
OK, so how cool is our new DVD blog? Fancy, huh? Yeah, I know, it's like cracking open that full-season set of your dreams and finding out they threw in a secret bonus disc!

To celebrate the cool new digs- and the new year (which sadly for me kicked off with the stomach flu from Hell)- I thought it would be nifty to do a wish list of shows I would LOVELOVELOVE to show up on DVD during 2008. And once I'm done ya'll need to send me your picks so we can all commiserate later on, aiiight?

Models Inc. - Laugh all ya's want, but 1994's cheesoid Melrose spin-off had a pre-"Matrix" Carrie Ann Moss and a wedding-day sniper cliffhanger that Aaron Spelling himself told me was resolved in the UK version of the finale. For the love of Emma Samms, I need to know who took the bullet!

Wonderbug - Just to shut up my brother the mechanic! Once a month he's all "find me that show!" Honestly, the Sid & Marty Krofft Saturday-morning head trip about a talking dune buggy scares the shizz out of me, but it really would make this year's Christmas shopping so much easier.

Fastlane - Tiffani "No Amber Anymore" Thiessen as an ex-junkie Fed. Peter Facinelli showing off his hipbones in leather bro-riders. Bill Bellamy actually being funny. Who cares if it was mind-numbing? This cops-and-hot-rods show was over-the-speed-limit sexy.

The second season of The Real World - For the chance to see Tami in her bathrobe screaming "It! Wasn't! Not! Funny!" after comic David's hallway prank-attack, I will happily sit through hours of Dominic the slurring drunk and that tool from Philadelphia.

Birds of Prey - Because I never even got to see the WB's all-girl 2002 Batman spin-off, save for one episode in Costa Rica and that was in Spanish. Plus, "Ferris Bueller"'s Mia Sara as Harley Quinn is just too juicy, right?

It's Like, You Know - Does anyone else ever remember this ABC blip from 1999? It was actually pretty cute, in an LA-bashing kind of way, what with Jennifer Grey playing herself and making fun of her post-nosejob career slump. Gotta love that. Besides, from what I recall, it was a lot funnier than most of the crapcoms we have these days.

OK, that's it for now. Obviously, I have tons more ( A Year in the Life, Relativity... Class of '96), but I don't want to take up too much space. Nina, Dave and Gord have tons of other cool stuff for you to love on, so go get on it!

Next week: How freakin' great is Family Guy? Until then, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook