Firefly on Blu-ray Disc, Courtesy of Fox Home Ent.
Right at this moment we're nearing the end of a mini TV shows on Blu-ray "drought". Did you realize there even WAS one? Oh, yeah: the January 29th release of Damages marks the last time a TV season set came out on the high definition Blu-ray Disc format.

But if you own a Blu-ray player, then never fear! The dry spell is over in just a few weeks, when Lionsgate releases Weeds - Season 3 on June 3rd. And other titles are on the way, too, including the just-announced 3rd Season of Prison Break, arriving day-and-date with the DVD version on August 26.

There's much more, too. Among the upcoming titles are July 1st's Mad Men from Lionsgate, BBC Video's July 29th release of Robin Hood, and MGM's direct-to-video return of Stargate SG-1, titled " Continuum," on the same date. August 26th sees the first *TWO* seasons of Heroes on BD and, just a week prior to that, the first season of the Cartoon Network's Justice League comes to stores. The fourth seasons of both Grey's Anatomy and Lost have been announced for later in the year, and we're even gonna get Joss Whedon's fabulous Firefly on Blu-ray Disc before the year is over, too!

What else will we get in Blu? It's a cinch that we'll see more TV shows come to the hi-def format, including additional seasons of programs already out on Blu-ray like Smallville and Masters of Horror. We also ought to see more titles, like Heroes which had previously been available on the recently discontinued HD DVD format. The original Star Trek series and the modern version of Battlestar Galactica both come to mind.

And we know that more TV-on-BD titles are going to be produced sooner or later, right? So TV Guide wants you to weigh in right now: which shows do YOU think are deserving of the hi-def disc release? Should Chuck get the mission? Or would you prefer to see the C.S.I. shows, especially C.S.I. Miami's "candy" shots, on Blu-ray? Would you be interested in adding classic programs, such as The Twilight Zone or The Dick Van Dyke Show, to your hi-def collection? Or do more modern shows give you Big Love for Blu-ray? Maybe the format should simply be Pushing Daisies? Let us know!

Even if you don't own a Blu-ray Disc player just yet, go ahead and tell us which shows presented in the format - with ultra-crisp video and ultra-clear audio - would make you want to upgrade your equipment...assuming the price was right on the hardware, of course.

Which programs deserve the chance to get presented in your home with 1080p goodness, and why? We're very interested to hear what you think!
- David Lambert

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