MI-5, Volume 5 courtesy BBC Video and Warner Home Video
Warner Home Video, which distributes DVDs on behalf of BBC Video, has issued an immediate recall notice for their recently released MI-5 - Volume 5 package. Since the set hit stores on January 8th, consumers have reported that episodes on the third disc simply will not play. The studio has verified the issue, and initiated this recall "due to a manufacturing error on Disc 3."

The defective version being recalled can be identified with UPC # 794051423429, and the new release (which is expected to ship on January 31st) will have UPC # 883929017317. Not everyone's copy is defective; fellow DVD Team member Gord Lacey tells me that his third disc works just fine! However, if yours doesn't, then you may get a free replacement for the 3rd Disc by calling 1-800-553-6937. Be ready to provide the agent you talk to with your name, address and telephone number. - David Lambert