Burn Notice Season One courtesy 20th Century Fox
Michael Westen, a contractor with the CIA, has received a "Burn Notice" - he's been blacklisted. He has to track down the person responsible while avoiding people he's crossed paths with in the past, and calls from his mother. Yup, mom is thrilled her son is back in Miami, and now she wants to spend time with her son. His ex-girlfriend, a deadly IRA-trained beauty, wants to talk about why their relationship failed (spy... IRA operative, gee, I wonder?), and how they can get things back on track. Michael is forced to become a private investigator, aided by his friend Sam (Bruce Campbell) so he can put food on the table, and bullets in his gun. The set includes all 11 episodes, including the double-length finale, audition footage, various montages, and commentary with the cast and crew on selected scenes from each episode. It's a fun, action-filled show. - Gord Lacey

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