The Bank Job courtesy Lionsgate
A gang, headed by Terry Leather (Jason Statham) is hired to break into a local bank and clean out the safe deposit vault. This is their chance of a lifetime, but what they don't know is the true purpose of the robbery They quickly find themselves in a scheme involving MI-5, the Royal Family, corrupt detectives, a Black Power leader, and a local porn king. This pulse-pounding crime drama is based on the greatest heist in British history.

Don't expect The Bank Job to have as much action as some of Statham's other movies like The Transporter, Crank and War. The movie has action moments, but the explosions and gunshots are few and far between, which is to be expected since the movie is based on a real event. My girlfriend and I both liked the movie, and the featurettes on the disc. The feature-length commentary with Director Roger Donaldson, Actress Saffron Burrows ("Martine Love") and Composer J. Peter Robinson is entertaining throughout, and provides insight into the movie, the real bank heist, and some behind-the-scenes moments. "Inside the Bank Job," is a behind-the-scenes look at the movie, including interviews with the cast and crew while "The Baker Street Bank Raid" focuses on the real bank robbery. Deleted Scenes, the Theatrical Trailer, and trailers for other Lionsgate releases are also included, plus you get a digital copy of the movie on a second disc (that's what makes this a 2-disc set). The Blu-ray release includes a widescreen (2.35:1) picture with an English 7.1 HD Master audio track, and a French 5.1 Dolby Digital track. Subtitles are available in English and Spanish.

As seen on TV: Saffron Burrows ( Boston Legal), James Faulkner ( Covington Cross), Stephen Campbell Moore ( Ashes to Ashes), Alki David ( The Grid), Georgia Taylor ( Coronation Street), Richard Lintern ( Heartbeat), Peter Bowles ( To the Manor Born) and David Suchet Poirot). - Gord Lacey

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