Alex Haley's Queen courtesy Warner Home Video
In honor of the upcoming Black History Month, Alex Haley's 1993 conclusion to the epic Roots saga makes its way to DVD. A labor of love, Queen was based on the life story of Alex Haley's paternal grandmother and was the project he was working on at the time of his death. Queen, the daughter of a plantation owner and a slave woman, learns to make her way through an America torn apart by the Civil War and Reconstruction - and their aftermath. Starring a young Halle Berry as Queen, along with an impressive cast including Danny Glover, Ann-Margaret, Martin Sheen, Jasmine Guy and Tim Daly, the miniseries appears on two discs.

Two other TV-movies being released just in time for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, both based on true stories: Murder in Mississippi, which recounts the last days of three civil rights workers killed by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964, and The Marva Collins Story, starring Cicely Tyson as a dedicated teacher trying to give her inner-city students the best opportunities to succeed, through sheer perseverance. - Nina Hämmerling Smith

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