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The Pink Panther Show and Other Announced Releases

The Pink Panther Show - Volume 6: The Inspector courtesy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Burke's Law - Season 1, Volume 1 will be coming out March 4 The Pink Panther Show - Volume 6: The Inspector will be coming out March 4 Tripping the Rift - The Movie: Unrated will be coming out March 25 Visit TVShowsOnDVD.com for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

The Simple Life Goes to Camp — Review

The Simple Life - The Complete Fifth Season (Goes to Camp) courtesy 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Paris and Nicole have kissed and made up, vowed to be BFFA (Best Friends Forever Again), and packed their bags for Camp Shawnee. Join them as they help campers lose weight, prepare for beauty pageants, spice up couples therapy, and stage the world premiere of "Paris and Nicole: The Musical." The final 10 episodes of The Simple Life are yours to own on this single-disc release.The Simple Life Goes to Camp will be released on Tuesday, January 22 — Gord LaceyBuy The Simple Life Goes to Camp on Amazon.com read more

War — Blu-ray Review

War courtesy Lionsgate

FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is looking for revenge after his partner is brutally murdered by the assassin Rogue (Jet Li). It's been three years since the murder, and Crawford is prepared to do anything to capture Rogue after he discovers the assassin is back in San Francisco. Crawford's pursuit will put him in the middle of a conflict between two Asian gangs, and he must be prepared to go to war if he wants to avenge his partner's death.Extras on this Blu-ray release include "The War Chest" (never-before-seen footage available in movie, or through menus), "Scoring War," Visual Commentary with director Philip G. Atwell, Audio Commentary with writers Lee Anthony Smith and Gregory J. Bradley, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, "The War Zone" trivia track, Yakuza Fighter game and behind-the-scenes FX Bonus. I really enjoyed listening to the "The War Zone" trivia track, which is filled with interesting information on the location, stunts, and actors in the movie. It also includes shor... read more

Doctor Who: Timelash and Other Announced Releases

Doctor Who - Story #142: Timelash courtesy BBC Video

New releases announced today, January 18:Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga will be coming out February 26 Doctor Who - Story #142: Timelash will be coming out April 1 Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Collection: Volume 10.2 will be coming out February 5 Visit TVShowsOnDVD.com for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

Oban Star-Racers Release Announced

Oban Star-Racers courtesy Sav! The World Productions, Jetix Europe and Shout! Factory

New release announced today, January 17:Oban Star-Racers - Volume 1: The Alwas Cycle will be coming out April 22 Visit TVShowsOnDVD.com for the complete stories on this and other news items. read more

Hustle: Complete Season Four — Review

Hustle: Complete Season Four courtesy BBC Home Video

The gang is back, but without their leader, Mickey, who is on sabbatical in Australia. Will they promote from within, or look outside the group for a seasoned pro? The gang heads to Hollywood to pull off one of their biggest cons yet before returning to British soil, and familiar surroundings. This 2-disc set contains all 6 episodes from the fourth season, cast biographies, and "Hustle: The Hard Way," a featurette about shooting part of the season in the US. — Gord LaceyBuy Hustle: Complete Season Four on Amazon.com read more

The Joy of Sets: May the Force Be with Family Guy!

Family Guy courtesy FOX

I feel like I should be ashamed to admit this, but I freakin' love Family Guy. Oh. My. God. What is wrong with those people?! They get away with more jaw-on-the-floor "did they really just say that?" shizz than any cartoon and every live-action network series that I can recall, and yet, every time — every time, people! — I'm stunned. While not laughing me arse off, of course.My theory is that Guy flies, much like the Millennium Falcon, under the radar. Fox doesn't promote it too much, it never became huge-huge-huge and nobody in the cast has gone to rehab for press purposes. Hence, the freedom to have a walker-bound septuagenarian pedophile, a greased-up naked deaf guy and a veritable parade of equal-opportunity slurs against every special interest group known to man, woman and Wookiee. It universally flips the bird to Standards and Practices!Which is why I greet this week's "Blue Harvest" release with such glee. Not only is it a smashing production, but I am perilously cl... read more

Are You Afraid of The Dark? Release Announced

Are You Afraid of The Dark?: The Complete 5th Season courtesy Direct Source

New release announced today, January 16:Are You Afraid of The Dark?: The Complete 5th Season will be coming out February 26 Visit TVShowsOnDVD.com for the complete stories on this and other news items. read more

Swamp Thing: The Series — Review

Swamp Thing courtesy Shout! Factory

When an attempt on Dr. Alec Holland's life leaves him consumed by the deadly chemicals and fire, the swamps of Louisiana transform him into a superhuman creature hell-bent on ridding the swamp — and the world — of the evil that men do. Based on the DC Comics character, this show ran on the USA network for three seasons, a total of 72 episodes. The first 22 episodes are available in this 4 disc set, with episodes appearing in the order they were meant to be seen. Also included is "The Men Behind the Muck," an interview with Len Wein (co-creator of The Swamp Thing) and Dick Durock (Swamp Thing). The set will be released on Tuesday, January 22. — Gord LaceyBuy The Swamp Thing Season 1 on Amazon.com read more

Another Strike Casualty — Bonus Material

Lost - The Complete Third Season courtesy Buena Vista Home Entertainment

The TV landscape has been decimated by the Writers Strike, and that will undoubtedly lead to some smaller-than-usual TV-DVD sets come August/September, but there are other repercussions that aren't as obvious, especially the lack of participation in bonus material.Don't expect to listen to those insightful commentary tracks featuring writers and producers, or hear about the genesis of a show from the 90s; writers and producers are turning down offers from the studios (the home video divisions) to participate in bonus material. Some studios planned ahead and shot interviews before the strike, but many upcoming sets will be affected, assuming the strike continues.I don't know about you, but I can't imagine a Lost DVD set without the participation of Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff, or The Shield without Shawn Ryan. What happens to the shows that have been off the air for years and are just now getting their DVD releases? How upsetting will it be for fans hoping to hear new behind-th... read more

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