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What Happens in San Diego... Season 3, Episode 9

Scheana is advised by Lisa to invite Stassi and Katie to a bachelorette bash in Miami, leading to dramas. Meanwhile, the guys journey to a VIP weekend in San Diego, but Jax is accused of going too far during a boozy evening. read more

Mind the Jax Season 3, Episode 8

Jax pursues a newbie hostess, only to get entangled in a lie. Meanwhile, James tries to patch up differences with Tom Sandoval, but a lingering obsession proves to be an obstacle; and Katie and Tom Schwartz try to save their relationship via therapy. read more

New Girl, Old Grudges Season 3, Episode 7

Lisa hires a new hostess, who catches Jax's eye. Elsewhere, Stassi calls out Tom Schwartz for remaining friends with Jax, and Kristen's continued focus on Tom and Ariana creates tension with James. read more

Kiss and Tell Season 3, Episode 6

Allegations about Tom Schwartz's infidelity stir up tensions. Meanwhile, Lisa hosts an event, but she grows concerned that hiring Jax and the two Toms may have been a mistake. read more

In the Doghouse Season 3, Episode 5

Kristen and Tom Sandoval return after their suspensions. Elsewhere, rumors test Tom Schwartz and Katie's relationship; and Stassi gets a chance to style Lisa for a photo shoot. read more

Jax Nose Best Season 3, Episode 4

Stassi reconnects with the SUR gang at a Hollywood bash, only to find her happy homecoming marred by Scheana and Kristen. Elsewhere, Jax endures a painful nose job, and panic strikes Tom Schwartz at his job at PUMP. read more

Grand Opening and Closure Season 3, Episode 3

Lisa focuses on the grand opening of her new bar after going over budget and past schedule. Meanwhile, Stassi corners Scheana about nasty Twitter messages, and Kristen seeks closure with Tom Sandoval. read more

All Fired Up Season 3, Episode 2

Lisa punishes the staffers for their behavior at Scheana's birthday bash. Also: Lisa anticipates her largest restaurant opening yet; Jax tries to choose between his two girlfriends; Stassi tutors Tom Schwartz on how to charm Lisa. read more

Instafight Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 opens with Stassi returning from New York to discover relationship dynamics have changed. Meanwhile, Jax prepares for plastic surgery; Scheana organizes the quintessential birthday party; and Tom starts a romance with Ariana. read more

Secrets Revealed Season 2, Episode 17

Lisa and the SUR gang reflect on revealing and embarrassing moments from Season 2 in an edition that includes previously unseen footage. Included: Stassi attacks Jax and Tom reveals a dark fantasy. Andy Cohen hosts. read more

Reunion Part 2 Season 2, Episode 16

Conclusion. Lisa Vanderpump and her SUR crew regroup in a reunion hosted by Andy Cohen. Included: the Season 2 dramas swirling around Jax; shattered friendships; and new controversial alliances and romances. read more

Reunion Part 1 Season 2, Episode 15

Part 1 of 2. Lisa Vanderpump and her SUR staffers gather for a reunion hosted by Andy Cohen. Included: Stassi and Kristen have a showdown; Tom reveals news about his relationship with Ariana; and Jax and Tom face off. read more

I Lied Season 2, Episode 14

In the Season 2 finale, a lusty annual photo shoot turns dramatic due to Jax's womanizing and Kristen's alleged infidelity. Tension reaches the breaking point with a double showdown at Scheana's engagement party. read more

Bitch Slap Season 2, Episode 13

Stassi suspects that Kristen committed the ultimate betrayal and spins a scheme to expose her. Elsewhere, frictions at SUR hit all-time highs as Lisa struggles to control the working dynamics. read more


An episode featuring social-media content. read more

'Til Death to Us Part Season 2, Episode 12

Swirling rumors about cheating stir up tension; Scheana is the recipient of a surprise celebration; new information shocks Stassi; and Kristen's meltdown at SUR haunts her when her friends rally around her nemesis. read more

The Ultimatum Season 2, Episode 11

Stassi's Cabo birthday continues to sour when Jax arrives with uninvited guests. Meanwhile, Lisa receives an ultimatum from Kristen, who then makes a shock-and-awe decision. read more

Sur of the Border Season 2, Episode 10

The staffers head to Cabo San Lucas for Stassi's birthday, but a vulgar comment and boozy bickering spoil the celebration. read more

Rich People Annoy Me Season 2, Episode 9

Vicious behavior abounds when the ladies from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" arrive for a dinner party at SUR. Meanwhile, Kristen's preoccupation with rumors about Tom leads to a five-woman shouting showdown. read more

Sherlock Stassi Season 2, Episode 8

A rumor spreads about Jax and Kristen, leading Stassi to hatch an involved scheme. Meanwhile, a "secret diner" is hired to evaluate the service at SUR. read more

Addicted Season 2, Episode 7

Scheana gives Peter an inappropriate birthday lap dance, raising the ire of Katie and Kristen. Meanwhile, Stassi makes an accusation about Jax. read more

Lisa's Angels Season 2, Episode 6

The staffers take part in a gay-pride parade. Meanwhile, Stassi discovers Jax has returned to his womanizing ways. Also: Tantrums and tears result when Kristen uncovers new information about Tom and Ariana's relationship. read more

Surlesque Season 2, Episode 5

Stassi and Katie are enlisted to perform a sultry dance at a burlesque-theme birthday bash. Meanwhile, Jax deals with a health scare, only to receive Stassi's scorn, and Kristen tries to end swirling rumors about Tom and the new bartender. read more

Rumors Season 2, Episode 4

Stassi learns about Jax's lusty photo shoot with a female model, leading to trust issues between the couple. Elsewhere, Lisa brings in a sultry female bartender who might share a romantic past with Tom, bringing new complications to Kristen's world. read more

Only the Lonely Season 2, Episode 3

Stassi revives her romance with Jax when the staffers journey to her mother's house. Elsewhere, Tom gears up for the most important performance of his career, and Scheana complains of another injury. read more

Branded Season 2, Episode 2

Jax proves his love to Stassi by getting a tattoo of her name, only to discover there's another man in her life. Elsewhere, Stassi battles Scheana, and Tom tries to mend his shattered relationship with Kristen. read more

Tooth or Consequences Season 2, Episode 1

Kyle Richards ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") hires Lisa's restaurant to cater a cocktail party in the Season 2 opener. Also: Scheana invites everyone to her birthday bash. read more

Lost Footage Season 1, Episode 10

Previously unseen footage from "Vanderpump Rules" is presented, as the SUR crew also offer candid anecdotes about Season 1's dramas. Topics include Stassi and Kristen's showdown; Tom's hair; and the definition of "crymax." read more

Reunion Season 1, Episode 9

Andy Cohen hosts a reunion installment, featuring the SUR gang discussing the inaugural season's dramas. read more

Last Call Season 1, Episode 8

Lisa stages a lusty photo shoot for the staff in the Season 1 finale. Also: Scheana tries to gain Lisa's respect following a stormy incident; Kristen and Stassi try to mend differences; and truths are revealed about Jax. read more

First Look

A preview of an upcoming episode. read more

In Love With Someone Else Season 1, Episode 7

Lisa threatens to fire Stassi for neglecting her job responsibilities. Meanwhile, Lisa prohibits Scheana from working a party, and Jax makes a daring overture to win back Stassi's heart. read more

Caught With Your Trousers Down Season 1, Episode 6

Bad behavior by staffers includes a lusty romp in SUR's bathroom and an insult to a customer, resulting in a firing. Elsewhere, Stassi believes her life is on a correct course, until an unforeseen argument escalates. read more

I'm Not a Bitch Season 1, Episode 5

Stassi returns from Las Vegas, only to discover SUR has changed and that Jax is dating one of her friends. To add insult to injury, two women have turned against her. Meanwhile, a nerve-rattled Scheana revs up for her live performance. read more

Vegas With a Vengeance Season 1, Episode 4

The SUR staffers land in Las Vegas to celebrate Stassi's birthday, leaving Lisa with few workers at the busy restaurant. An uninvited Jax shows up at the Sin City party, leading to a fiery showdown that divides the gang. read more

You Don't Know Jax Season 1, Episode 3

Lisa struggles to resolve the SUR staffers' conflicts; Kristen has a cringe-worthy encounter at a photo shoot; Jax tries to win back Stassi, but a startling revelation jeopardizes his efforts. read more

This Is a Break-Up Season 1, Episode 2

The staffers celebrate gay pride with a parade float, yet tension erupts when Stassi catches Scheana and Jax flirting. Jax's hope to win over Stassi is further jeopardized by his boozy behavior at a SUR birthday bash. read more

Welcome to Sur Season 1, Episode 1

Dramas boil over at SUR, Lisa Vanderpump's California restaurant, in the opener of this real-world spin-off from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." read more

Vanderpump Rules Episode: "First Look"

Episode Synopsis: A preview of an upcoming episode.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2013

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Premiered: January 07, 2013, on Bravo
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Premise: Dramas boil over at SUR, Lisa Vanderpump's California restaurant, in this reality spin-off from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."


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