The Shopping Bags Episodes

2009, TV Show

Episode Detail: Face Powder; Skateboards; Veggie Burgers & "As Seen On TV" Instant Face Lift Cream - The Shopping Bags

Andy MacDonald tests skateboards; actress Ellie Harvie tests face powder while on stage with Martin Short. Also tested: veggie burgers.

Episodes: The Shopping Bags (142)

11/29/2012: 2 Way Radios; Tanning; Toy Dogs; & 'As Seen on TV'
9/11/2012: Father's Day Special
9/8/2012: Valentine's Special
9/6/2012: Mother's Day
6/1/2012: Cross Country Skis; Men's Aftershave; Hand Vacuums
5/31/2012: Micro Audio Systems; Ski & Snowboard Helmets
5/28/2012: Teeth Whiteners; Gin; Blinds
3/16/2012: Spring Cleaning
2/10/2012: Wedding Special
1/23/2012: Beach Bags
1/17/2012: Stampede Road Trip Special
12/26/2011: Slippery Slope
12/20/2011: Holiday Bags
12/17/2011: Holiday Special
12/9/2011: Baby It's Cold Outside
12/7/2011: Hawaii Surf Special
12/6/2011: Showerheads; Exterior Paint; Instant Soup; Wrap Snap & Go!
12/5/2011: Christmas Special
12/3/2011: Backyard Playsets; Car Wax; Concealer Make-Up
11/26/2011: Lawn Furniture; Glass Cleaners
11/24/2011: Toboggans; Caterers; Power Toothbrushes & Spy The Buy Fashions
11/23/2011: Cellulite Treatment; Honey; Closet Organizers; Reading Food Labels
11/21/2011: Men's Gift Special
11/17/2011: Women's Gift Special
11/16/2011: Rice Cookers; Energy Drinks; Outlet Malls; "Spy The Buy" Silverware
11/15/2011: Love & Romance Special
11/14/2011: Lamps; Nail Polish; Orange Juice; Pet Groom Pro
11/11/2011: Baby Food; Kitchen Counter Tops; Wine Glasses; Ballpoint Pens
11/10/2011: Running Shoes; Soy Sauce; Jeans; Pasta Cooker
10/28/2011: Mac & Cheese; EPTs; Anti-perspirant; Buttoneer
10/27/2011: Hot Dogs; Swim Goggles; Boxing Gloves; Seasonal Sales
10/26/2011: Hockey Skates; Microdermabrasion; Chip Dip; New and Improved
10/26/2011: Hand Dishwashing Soap; Orchids; Sleeping Aids
10/25/2011: Headphones; Cookie Dough; Hand Massagers; Proactiv
10/25/2011: Vibrators
10/24/2011: Patio Heaters; Weeders; Sprinklers; Bug Zapper
10/24/2011: Sports Bras; Comforters/Duvets; Frozen Pizza
10/21/2011: Sport Sunglasses; Bakeware; Photo Printers; Consumer Choice
10/21/2011: Irons; Pregnancy Clothes; Fire Logs
10/20/2011: Rice; Men's Moisturizers; Wooden Tables; Haircuts
10/20/2011: Figure Skates; Pimple Treatments; Popcorn
10/19/2011: Mattressess, Men's Bathing Suits, Hair Polish, Sponges
10/19/2011: Cashmere; Blush; Tomato Sauce
10/18/2011: Fashion Runners, Kites, Kitchen Cabinets, Robomaid
10/18/2011: Little Black Dresses; Baby Monitors; Nail Strengtheners
10/17/2011: Digital Cameras, Platic Wrap, Breast Pumps, Gum
10/17/2011: Yoga Clothes; Donuts; Baseball Gloves
10/14/2011: Eye Creams, Deep Fryers, Stain Remover, Glue
10/14/2011: Acoustic Guitars; Facial Moisturizers; Mayonnaise
10/13/2011: Pepper Mills, Curling Irons, Roof Racks, Dryer Balls
10/13/2011: Water Filters; Exercise Gizmos; Mushrooms
10/12/2011: Pool Tables; Control Top Pantyhose; Bacon; Party Dresses
10/12/2011: Food Processors; Bike Locks; Facial Wipes
10/11/2011: Bike Helmets, Facial Masks, Paint Brushes, Speedy Peel
10/11/2011: Mops; Cordless Phones; Muscle Ache Relief Rubs
10/10/2011: Stand Mixers, Training Pants, Foot Creams, Duty Free
10/10/2011: Motor Scooters; Hair Mousse; Multi-Tools & Shop Talk
10/7/2011: Elliptical Machines, Brooms Cuticle Treatments, Tissues
10/7/2011: Clothes Washing Machines; Peanut Butter
10/6/2011: Thongs and Bikini Underwear; Exercise Bikes
10/5/2011: Push-Up Bras; Jogger Strollers; Red Wine; Home Décor
10/5/2011: Indoor Grills; Eyelash Curlers
10/4/2011: Sweeteners; Mascara; Baby Saucers; Flosser
10/4/2011: Semi-Precious Gems; Luncheon Meat
10/3/2011: Rum; Wall to Wall Carpeting; Pancake Mix; Leather Repair Kit
10/3/2011: Breast Enhancers
9/30/2011: Men's Suits; Lip Liner; Dressings & Mystery Shopper
9/30/2011: Hair Raising Experience
9/29/2011: Fun Bags
9/28/2011: Goggles; Black Pants; Cold Breakfast Cereals
9/27/2011: Cookbooks; Can Openers; Deep Hair Conditioners
9/26/2011: Face Powder; Skateboards; Veggie Burgers & "As Seen On TV" Instant Face Lift Cream
9/23/2011: Ladders; Toddlers Shoes; Dishwasher Soap & "As Seen on TV" Spray-On Nylons
9/22/2011: Mini Cars; Dandruff Shampoos; Eggs
9/22/2011: Sporty Bags
9/21/2011: Camping Stoves; Contact Lens Solutions; Play Pens
9/21/2011: A Really Big Shoe Bag
9/20/2011: Love, Lust and Libido Special
9/20/2011: Designer Bags
9/19/2011: Stoves; Flashlights; Coolers & "Spy the Buy" Sheets
9/19/2011: I'm Bagged-Sleeping Bags
9/17/2011: The Not So Secret Garden
9/16/2011: Panini Makers; Eye Shadow; Ant/Bug Killers; "Spy the Buy" Sunglasses
9/16/2011: Stretching Your Budget
9/15/2011: Dog Food; Panini Makers; Thermometers; Mystery Shopper-Flea Markets
9/15/2011: Beauty Bags
9/14/2011: Car Alarms; Nail Polish Remover; Frying Pans
9/14/2011: Being Safe
9/13/2011: 100th Episode Special
9/13/2011: A Bag Full O'Breakfast
9/12/2011: Screwdrivers; Menstrual Pads; Salmon & "As Seen On TV" Bowlingual
9/12/2011: Bags O'Tools
9/9/2011: Toaster Ovens; Body Wash; Bedding Plants; "Spy the Buy" Red Wine
9/9/2011: More Adventures in Babysitting
9/8/2011: Soccer Cleats; Tinted Moisterizers; Ice Cream; Liquid Lense Scratch Remover
9/7/2011: Baby Cribs; Athletic Socks; Salsa; Mystery Shopper "Duct Cleaning"
9/7/2011: Gas Fireplaces; Wet to Dry Irons; Snoring Aids; Spray Tan
9/6/2011: Sofa Beds; Vodka; All Purpose Cleaners; "Spy the Buy" China
9/6/2011: Starter Tool Kits; Frozen Vegetables; Safes; False Eyelashes
9/5/2011: Hardwood Floors; Lip Gloss; Cola & "As Seen On TV" Toilet Bowl Brushes
9/5/2011: Flip Flops; Portable DVD Players; Amusement Parks
9/3/2011: Bags on Wheels
9/3/2011: Bag Appetit: Kitchen Essentials
9/2/2011: Crackers; Dive Watches; Leather Furniture; Hand Sanitizers
9/2/2011: Faucets; Men's Hair Groomers; Jam; Garlic Presses
9/1/2011: Basketball; Scissor; Diaper Cream; eBbay
8/31/2011: Sugar; Internet Dating; Diapers; Calculators
8/31/2011: Slow Cookers; Eye Depuffers; Violins; "As Seen On TV" Grease Bullet
8/30/2011: Video Cameras; Milk; Bridal Registries; Scrubbing Bubbles
8/30/2011: Electric Keyboards; Wallpaper; Tofu; "As Seen On TV" Glass Wizard
8/29/2011: Pots & Pans; Lipstick; Yogurt; "Spy the Buy" Car Mechanics
8/29/2011: Tires; Maple Syrup; Hair Spray; Universal Remotes
8/27/2011: Music Box
8/27/2011: Cat's in the Bag
8/26/2011: Travel Mugs; Sake; Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair; Golf Drivers
8/26/2011: Back to School
8/25/2011: Teenage Bagland
5/25/2010: The Shopping Bags
5/18/2010: The Shopping Bags
5/11/2010: The Shopping Bags
5/4/2010: The Shopping Bags
4/20/2010: The Shopping Bags
4/13/2010: The Shopping Bags
4/6/2010: The Shopping Bags
3/30/2010: The Shopping Bags
3/23/2010: The Shopping Bags
3/16/2010: The Shopping Bags
10/12/2008: Stand Mixers, Training Pants
10/10/2008: Coffee, Lip Plumpers
10/9/2008: Wax Kits, Garlic
10/8/2008: Vacuums, Facial Cleanser
10/7/2008: Oatmeal, Bronzer, Road Bikes
10/6/2008: Bags O'Babies
10/5/2008: Elliptical Machines
10/3/2008: Vanilla, Exercise Balls, Towels
10/2/2008: Drums, Measuring Cups and Spoons
10/1/2008: Rakes, Ketchup, Power Drills
9/30/2008: Pilates Video, Ice Cream Scoops
9/29/2008: Boxed Chocolates, Trench Coats
8/9/2007: Kids Gift Special
8/7/2007: Diet Special
10/31/2005: Holiday

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