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Episode Detail: Larry Makes Dreams Come True - The Larry Elder Show

Overcoming obstacles.

Episodes: The Larry Elder Show (168)

8/30/2005: Legal Smearing and Public Shaming
8/25/2005: Trust and Privacy Issues in the Family
8/9/2005: Ripped from the Headlines
7/27/2005: Concerned About a Teen Sibling
7/20/2005: Larry Looks Back at Self-Destructive Teen Boys
7/18/2005: Intimacy After Infidelity
7/15/2005: Changing Lives: Guests Return to Share Good News
7/13/2005: Are You Accountable for What You Do Outside of Work?
7/11/2005: Larry's Honor Roll
7/8/2005: Looking Back at Troubled Teen Girls
7/6/2005: Gastric Bypass: Before and After
7/5/2005: Families Torn Apart by a Defiant Teen
7/4/2005: Couples Fighting Over Money
6/30/2005: Abusive Sons
6/15/2005: Did These Cheaters Change?
6/9/2005: Listen to Your Elder Revisted
6/7/2005: Spoiled Kids
5/25/2005: Viewers Demand Answers From Larry's Past Guests
5/24/2005: Listen To Your Elder: Strained Relationships
5/23/2005: Struggles With Race In Relationships
5/20/2005: Parents Beg for Their Child's Forgiveness
5/19/2005: Were We Meant to Be Together?
5/18/2005: Marriage Without Intimacy
5/17/2005: Emotionally and Financially Bankrupt Relationships
5/16/2005: You Put Your New Appearance Above Our Relationship
5/13/2005: Racism Within Interracial Couples
5/12/2005: My Mate Needs to Grow Up
5/11/2005: Moms Upset over Their Teen Daughters' Relationships
5/10/2005: Listen to Your Elder: Family Conflicts
5/9/2005: Should We Stay Together
5/6/2005: Larry Celebrates Mother's Day
5/5/2005: Imprisoned In My Relationship
5/4/2005: Larry Helps Teen Girls In Turmoil
5/3/2005: Viewers Debate Larry
5/2/2005: Broken Engagements
4/29/2005: When a New Look Ruins a Relationship
4/28/2005: Mothers and Daughters: Love-Hate Relationships
4/27/2005: Families in Crisis over Discipline
4/26/2005: Thank You for Saving My Life
4/25/2005: Parents Who Harass Their Kids About Their Weight
4/22/2005: Who's To Blame?
4/19/2005: When Lies Threaten to Destroy a Relationship
4/18/2005: Unfaithful Mates: Have These Relationships Survived?
4/13/2005: Where Do We Go From Here?
4/12/2005: Sisters At Odds
4/11/2005: Is School Failing Our Kids?
4/8/2005: Honor Roll
4/7/2005: Spouses Say: Do Your Share Or Else!
4/6/2005: What Would You Do?
4/1/2005: Families at Odds over a Black Sheep
3/31/2005: Families Fighting for Custody
3/30/2005: Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms
3/29/2005: Who's Accountable
3/28/2005: Time to Grow Up
3/25/2005: Are You Accountable For Your Kids' Actions
3/24/2005: Newlyweds Struggling to Keep Their Marriage Alive
3/23/2005: Disowned Because of the Race They Date
3/22/2005: Blended Families In Crisis
3/21/2005: Listen To Your Elder: Family Edition
3/17/2005: Wives Give Husbands Ultimatums to Change or Get Out
3/14/2005: Larry Surprises His Most Controversial Guests
3/9/2005: Can You Raise a Successful Child Without Both Parents in the House?
3/8/2005: Parents Concerned Over Their Promiscuous Teens' Behavior
3/7/2005: A Look Back at Memorable Families in Crisis
3/2/2005: Controlling Husbands
3/1/2005: Can These Men Be Trusted?
2/28/2005: Internet Affairs Tearing Couples Apart
2/25/2005: Larry Makes Dreams Come True
2/24/2005: A Family Intervention: Saving the Arnolds
2/23/2005: Held Hostage By My Teen
2/22/2005: Teen Victims of Alleged Sexual Misconduct
2/21/2005: Couples Facing An Ultimate Betrayal
2/18/2005: A Family's Triumph: A Father Returns from Rehab
2/17/2005: Adult Sibling Rivalry
2/16/2005: Lack of Intimacy Tearing Apart Relationships
2/15/2005: Has Zero Tolerance Gone Too Far in Schools?
2/14/2005: Does Love Have an Age Limit?
2/11/2005: Wedding Day Disasters
2/10/2005: Amazing Survival Stories
2/9/2005: Larry Talks to Real Life 'Mean Girls'
2/8/2005: Judge Mathis Joins Larry to Help Troubled Teen Boys
2/7/2005: Fathers Who Reject Daughters Because of Their Husbands' Race
2/4/2005: Parents Concerned About Their Teen Girls' Reckless Behavior
2/3/2005: Stop Interfering in My Relationship
2/2/2005: Marriages in Jeopardy Over Verbal Abuse
2/1/2005: Confronting Irresponsible Mothers
1/31/2005: Families Who Won't Accept Biracial Children
1/28/2005: When Children Cause Relationships to Unravel
1/27/2005: Embarrassed by a Mate's Appearance
1/26/2005: Get My Teen Out of a Bad Relationship
1/25/2005: The New Controversy Over Black Men Dating White Women
1/20/2005: Can Money Buy Happiness?
1/18/2005: Extreme Sibling Rivalry
1/17/2005: Couples About to Break Up Over Suspected Infidelity
1/13/2005: My Spouse Spends Too Much Money on the Holidays
1/11/2005: Couples Resolving to Heal Their Relationships in the New Year
1/10/2005: Story of the Week: Surviving a Stalker
1/7/2005: At Odds Over Disciplining the Kids
1/6/2005: Staying Together for the Kids
1/5/2005: At Odds Over Corporal Punishment
1/4/2005: After the Show...
1/3/2005: Listen to Your Elder: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
12/27/2004: Controlling Husbands
12/20/2004: Overcoming One Big Obstacle in a Relationship
12/17/2004: Honor Roll
12/16/2004: Holiday Apologies
12/15/2004: Is Pro-Sports Violent Because Society Is More Violent?
12/8/2004: Viewers Come Face to Face With Past Guests
12/7/2004: My Family Won't Accept My Interracial Relationship
12/6/2004: Is It a Disease?
12/3/2004: Multiple Kids from Multiple Men
12/2/2004: Couples at Odds over Finances
12/1/2004: Troubled Teens
11/30/2004: Couples in Conflict Over an Ex
11/29/2004: Why Are White Women Taking America's Eligible Black Men?
11/26/2004: When Your Family Won't Accept Your Spouse
11/24/2004: Viewers Confront Larry About His Views on Race
11/23/2004: Couples in Conflict over the Child of an Affair
11/22/2004: Men Who Say Their Exes Keep Them Away From Their Children
11/19/2004: Grow Up and Get Out
11/18/2004: Confronting an Unfaithful Mate
11/17/2004: Am I Racist Because...
11/16/2004: My Spouse Denies It, but I Know They Cheated
11/15/2004: Racism in Families and Across Generations
11/12/2004: Segregation by Choice
11/11/2004: Racial Profiling
11/10/2004: Why Aren't You Accountable?
11/9/2004: Couples Recovering from a Spouse's Deception
11/8/2004: Should You Forgive After an Affair?
11/5/2004: Couples at Odds Over the Outcome of the Election
11/4/2004: Raising Kids to Be Racist
11/3/2004: Listen to Your Elder: Infidelity
11/2/2004: A Discussion of Social Issues Facing Voters
11/1/2004: Is It Discrimination?
10/29/2004: Losin' It with Ruben Studdard
10/28/2004: Wives Confront Their Husbands About Being Horrible Dads
10/27/2004: Families Fighting Over the 2004 Presidential Election
10/26/2004: Larry Mediates Heated Disputes
10/25/2004: Real-Life Desperate Housewives
10/22/2004: Kids Harassed by Family Members About Their Weight
10/21/2004: Listen to Your Elder: Families Ask for Larry's Help in Resolving a Dispute
10/20/2004: Couples in Conflict Over a Spouse's Obsession With Money
10/19/2004: Couples in Conflict
10/18/2004: When Race Becomes a Dividing Issue in an Interracial Relationship
10/15/2004: The Larry Elder Show
10/14/2004: An Age Difference Is Ruining Our Relationship
10/13/2004: Controversial School Policies and the People Who Oppose Them
10/12/2004: When Kids Are Caught in the Middle Between Battling Spouses
10/11/2004: Help My Family Member Get Out of a Bad Relationship
10/8/2004: Couples at Odds Over Tough Love
10/7/2004: You're Not the Person I Married
10/6/2004: Estranged Families
10/5/2004: Listen to Your Elder
10/4/2004: Feedback: Is Bill Cosby Right?
10/1/2004: The Things Teens Do to Fit In
9/30/2004: Can You Get Out of a Gang?
9/28/2004: Husbands Leading a Secret Gay Life
9/28/2004: We're in Financial Ruins
9/27/2004: Marriage Crisis: Compulsive Behavior
9/23/2004: Adults Who Fall In Love with Teens
9/22/2004: Is Obesity a Disease? Is Gastric Bypass a Cure?
9/21/2004: Story of the Week/Honor Roll
9/20/2004: The New Infidelity: Women On the Rise
9/17/2004: A Better Life
9/16/2004: Is Bill Cosby Right?
9/15/2004: Who Should Teach Your Teens About Sex?
9/14/2004: Can This Blended Family Survive?
9/13/2004: Was This Marriage a Mistake?

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