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Episode Detail: Tom Brokaw - The Jane Pauley Show

Tom Brokaw discusses his lengthy career.

Episodes: The Jane Pauley Show (144)

5/25/2005: The Power of Forgiveness
5/24/2005: Clutter
5/23/2005: Sleepless Across America: A Follow-up: Did the Doctor's Orders Work?
5/20/2005: Life Prep 101 with Dr. Mel Levine
5/19/2005: Video Game Addiction
5/18/2005: Women's Health
5/17/2005: Finding Work That Makes You Happy
5/16/2005: Women and Gambling
5/13/2005: Switching Gears: Creating a Life You Love
5/12/2005: Why Teachers Hate Parents
5/11/2005: Lorraine Bracco
5/10/2005: Creative Outlets: Hip and Inspiring Home Crafts
5/9/2005: Teen Binge Drinking
5/6/2005: A Red Carpet Body in Five Weeks: Secrets from a Celebrity Trainer
5/5/2005: Autism
5/4/2005: Teen Pregnancy
5/3/2005: Decorating Small Places
5/2/2005: The New Motherhood
4/29/2005: Babes in Business: Teen Entrepreneurs
4/28/2005: Suze Orman: Help for the Young, Fabulous and Broke
4/26/2005: A Rapist's Enemy: The DNA Databank
4/25/2005: Sleepless Across America
3/18/2005: Conquer Your Fears
3/17/2005: Toni Braxton and the Fight Against Heart Disease
3/16/2005: Adult Illiteracy with Curtis Aikens
3/15/2005: Melanie Bloom's New Mission
3/14/2005: Parenting Secrets from 'Nanny 911'
3/2/2005: Blink: The Power of Intuition
3/1/2005: How to Spot a Treasure: Leigh and Leslie Keno
2/28/2005: David Hyde Pierce on Alzheimer's Disease
2/25/2005: Stacy London: What Not to Wear
2/24/2005: Ultra-Prevention
2/23/2005: A Shift Towards Tolerance?
2/22/2005: Carson Kressley: Off the Cuff
2/21/2005: Are We Spoiling Our Kids?
2/18/2005: Heidi Klum: 'Project Runway' and Finding Your Look
2/17/2005: Black and White Twins: An IVF Nightmare
2/16/2005: Donny Osmond: The Man Behind the Music
2/15/2005: Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
2/14/2005: Perfect Proposals
2/11/2005: Best in Show: Dog Stars of Westminster
2/10/2005: Domestic Violence: Men Speak Out...
2/9/2005: Inspired by Vintage
2/8/2005: Kids and Steroids: Dying to Be Bigger
2/7/2005: Michael J. Fox and the Fight Against Parkinson's Disease
2/4/2005: NFL Moms
2/3/2005: Paul Newman
2/2/2005: Cooking 101
2/1/2005: Real Age Makeover
1/31/2005: Changing the World
1/28/2005: The Power of Coincidence
1/27/2005: Nature's Wrath: California's Floods and Mud
1/26/2005: A Silent Cry: Battling Teen Depression
1/25/2005: Diabetes
1/24/2005: Divorce: Can It Be Successful?
1/21/2005: Road to Happiness
1/19/2005: Getting Married After 35
1/18/2005: Half Their Size
1/17/2005: Inventing Beauty
1/14/2005: Discovery Healthy Body Challenge
1/12/2005: OCD in Kids
1/10/2005: Abuse of Power: When Coaches Cross the Line
1/7/2005: Bob Vila
1/6/2005: Amazing Rescues
1/5/2005: Reckless Driving Among Teens
1/4/2005: A Heavy Burden: Taking Control of Obesity
1/3/2005: Second Chances
12/29/2004: Pint-Sized Picassos
12/23/2004: Holiday Harmonies
12/22/2004: Bill Murray
12/21/2004: Holiday Decorating with 'Queer Eye's Thom Filicia
12/20/2004: Kevin Spacey: Beyond the Sea
12/16/2004: Holiday on Ice with Andrea Bocelli
12/13/2004: Preserving Family Memories
12/9/2004: Michael Kors: Creating a Look
12/8/2004: Legends of Gymnastics
12/6/2004: Eve Ensler: Learn To Love Your Body
12/1/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows (Part IV)
11/30/2004: Red Alert: Heart Disease in Women
11/29/2004: When Mom Is a Soldier
11/26/2004: Tom Brokaw
11/24/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows (Part III)
11/23/2004: Gourmet Cookbook
11/22/2004: Olivia Newton-John: A Life in and out of the Spotlight
11/19/2004: How Safe Is Our Food?
11/18/2004: Anita Baker
11/17/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows II
11/16/2004: Susan Lucci
11/15/2004: Richard Branson
11/12/2004: Mother-Daughter Business Duos
11/11/2004: Mom's Recipes Made Easy
11/10/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows
11/9/2004: The Perfect Holiday Gift
11/8/2004: Open Water: Adrift at Sea
11/5/2004: Cybill Shepherd
11/4/2004: Real Women of CSI
11/3/2004: Carolyn Kepcher: Lessons from a Straight Shooter
11/2/2004: Mid-Life Eating Disorders
11/1/2004: John Mellencamp: Words & Music
10/29/2004: Credit Card Debt
10/28/2004: Recipe for Trouble: Food Allergies
10/27/2004: Amazing Recovery: Learning to Fly Again
10/26/2004: A Mafia Childhood
10/25/2004: Could Your House Be Making You Sick?
10/22/2004: Memory Boot Camp
10/21/2004: Inside Prevention Magazine
10/20/2004: America's Youth Battles Obesity
10/19/2004: Brooke Shields
10/18/2004: Living Organ Donors
10/15/2004: A Small Town Tackles Prejudice
10/14/2004: LeAnn Rimes: Behind the Spotlight
10/13/2004: Identity Theft: An Epidemic
10/12/2004: Breast Cancer: A Family Disease
10/11/2004: Flattering Your Flaws
10/8/2004: 'Friday Night Lights'
10/7/2004: What Parents Need To Know
10/6/2004: Express Yourself
10/5/2004: Tales from the Danger Zone
10/4/2004: Comfort Foods
10/1/2004: Asperger's Syndrome: A World Apart
9/30/2004: Heavy Metal Therapy
9/29/2004: Catching a Rapist
9/28/2004: Amazing Tales of Lost and Found
9/27/2004: Who Knew You Could Make a Living Doing This?
9/24/2004: Storm Stories
9/23/2004: Friends Forever
9/22/2004: Does Thinner Mean Happier?
9/21/2004: Naomi Judd
9/20/2004: Return to the Nest: Why Can't My College Grad Make It on His Own?
9/17/2004: Lunch-Hour Makeovers
9/16/2004: Inside the Male Mind
9/15/2004: Bette Midler: Simply Divine
9/14/2004: Tricks of the Trade
9/13/2004: The Ultimate Survivor: The Aron Ralston Story
9/10/2004: 9/11 Anniversary
9/9/2004: Fall into the Future
9/8/2004: The Hypnosis Solution!
9/7/2004: Climb for Life
9/6/2004: Behind Closed Doors: How Clean Is Your Home?
9/3/2004: Isaac Mizrahi: Designs for the Everyday Woman
9/2/2004: Sisters: The Unbreakable Bond
9/1/2004: Autobiography of Me
8/31/2004: Mistake Wear
8/30/2004: We're in This Together!

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