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2004, TV Show

Episode Detail: Return to the Nest: Why Can't My College Grad Make It on His Own? - The Jane Pauley Show

An exploration of the growing phenomenon of college graduates returning home to live with their parents includes commentary from social psychologist Jane Adams on helping the grads launch successful careers.

Episodes: The Jane Pauley Show (144)

5/25/2005: The Power of Forgiveness
5/24/2005: Clutter
5/23/2005: Sleepless Across America: A Follow-up: Did the Doctor's Orders Work?
5/20/2005: Life Prep 101 with Dr. Mel Levine
5/19/2005: Video Game Addiction
5/18/2005: Women's Health
5/17/2005: Finding Work That Makes You Happy
5/16/2005: Women and Gambling
5/13/2005: Switching Gears: Creating a Life You Love
5/12/2005: Why Teachers Hate Parents
5/11/2005: Lorraine Bracco
5/10/2005: Creative Outlets: Hip and Inspiring Home Crafts
5/9/2005: Teen Binge Drinking
5/6/2005: A Red Carpet Body in Five Weeks: Secrets from a Celebrity Trainer
5/5/2005: Autism
5/4/2005: Teen Pregnancy
5/3/2005: Decorating Small Places
5/2/2005: The New Motherhood
4/29/2005: Babes in Business: Teen Entrepreneurs
4/28/2005: Suze Orman: Help for the Young, Fabulous and Broke
4/26/2005: A Rapist's Enemy: The DNA Databank
4/25/2005: Sleepless Across America
3/18/2005: Conquer Your Fears
3/17/2005: Toni Braxton and the Fight Against Heart Disease
3/16/2005: Adult Illiteracy with Curtis Aikens
3/15/2005: Melanie Bloom's New Mission
3/14/2005: Parenting Secrets from 'Nanny 911'
3/2/2005: Blink: The Power of Intuition
3/1/2005: How to Spot a Treasure: Leigh and Leslie Keno
2/28/2005: David Hyde Pierce on Alzheimer's Disease
2/25/2005: Stacy London: What Not to Wear
2/24/2005: Ultra-Prevention
2/23/2005: A Shift Towards Tolerance?
2/22/2005: Carson Kressley: Off the Cuff
2/21/2005: Are We Spoiling Our Kids?
2/18/2005: Heidi Klum: 'Project Runway' and Finding Your Look
2/17/2005: Black and White Twins: An IVF Nightmare
2/16/2005: Donny Osmond: The Man Behind the Music
2/15/2005: Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
2/14/2005: Perfect Proposals
2/11/2005: Best in Show: Dog Stars of Westminster
2/10/2005: Domestic Violence: Men Speak Out...
2/9/2005: Inspired by Vintage
2/8/2005: Kids and Steroids: Dying to Be Bigger
2/7/2005: Michael J. Fox and the Fight Against Parkinson's Disease
2/4/2005: NFL Moms
2/3/2005: Paul Newman
2/2/2005: Cooking 101
2/1/2005: Real Age Makeover
1/31/2005: Changing the World
1/28/2005: The Power of Coincidence
1/27/2005: Nature's Wrath: California's Floods and Mud
1/26/2005: A Silent Cry: Battling Teen Depression
1/25/2005: Diabetes
1/24/2005: Divorce: Can It Be Successful?
1/21/2005: Road to Happiness
1/19/2005: Getting Married After 35
1/18/2005: Half Their Size
1/17/2005: Inventing Beauty
1/14/2005: Discovery Healthy Body Challenge
1/12/2005: OCD in Kids
1/10/2005: Abuse of Power: When Coaches Cross the Line
1/7/2005: Bob Vila
1/6/2005: Amazing Rescues
1/5/2005: Reckless Driving Among Teens
1/4/2005: A Heavy Burden: Taking Control of Obesity
1/3/2005: Second Chances
12/29/2004: Pint-Sized Picassos
12/23/2004: Holiday Harmonies
12/22/2004: Bill Murray
12/21/2004: Holiday Decorating with 'Queer Eye's Thom Filicia
12/20/2004: Kevin Spacey: Beyond the Sea
12/16/2004: Holiday on Ice with Andrea Bocelli
12/13/2004: Preserving Family Memories
12/9/2004: Michael Kors: Creating a Look
12/8/2004: Legends of Gymnastics
12/6/2004: Eve Ensler: Learn To Love Your Body
12/1/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows (Part IV)
11/30/2004: Red Alert: Heart Disease in Women
11/29/2004: When Mom Is a Soldier
11/26/2004: Tom Brokaw
11/24/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows (Part III)
11/23/2004: Gourmet Cookbook
11/22/2004: Olivia Newton-John: A Life in and out of the Spotlight
11/19/2004: How Safe Is Our Food?
11/18/2004: Anita Baker
11/17/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows II
11/16/2004: Susan Lucci
11/15/2004: Richard Branson
11/12/2004: Mother-Daughter Business Duos
11/11/2004: Mom's Recipes Made Easy
11/10/2004: Renewing Marriage Vows
11/9/2004: The Perfect Holiday Gift
11/8/2004: Open Water: Adrift at Sea
11/5/2004: Cybill Shepherd
11/4/2004: Real Women of CSI
11/3/2004: Carolyn Kepcher: Lessons from a Straight Shooter
11/2/2004: Mid-Life Eating Disorders
11/1/2004: John Mellencamp: Words & Music
10/29/2004: Credit Card Debt
10/28/2004: Recipe for Trouble: Food Allergies
10/27/2004: Amazing Recovery: Learning to Fly Again
10/26/2004: A Mafia Childhood
10/25/2004: Could Your House Be Making You Sick?
10/22/2004: Memory Boot Camp
10/21/2004: Inside Prevention Magazine
10/20/2004: America's Youth Battles Obesity
10/19/2004: Brooke Shields
10/18/2004: Living Organ Donors
10/15/2004: A Small Town Tackles Prejudice
10/14/2004: LeAnn Rimes: Behind the Spotlight
10/13/2004: Identity Theft: An Epidemic
10/12/2004: Breast Cancer: A Family Disease
10/11/2004: Flattering Your Flaws
10/8/2004: 'Friday Night Lights'
10/7/2004: What Parents Need To Know
10/6/2004: Express Yourself
10/5/2004: Tales from the Danger Zone
10/4/2004: Comfort Foods
10/1/2004: Asperger's Syndrome: A World Apart
9/30/2004: Heavy Metal Therapy
9/29/2004: Catching a Rapist
9/28/2004: Amazing Tales of Lost and Found
9/27/2004: Who Knew You Could Make a Living Doing This?
9/24/2004: Storm Stories
9/23/2004: Friends Forever
9/22/2004: Does Thinner Mean Happier?
9/21/2004: Naomi Judd
9/20/2004: Return to the Nest: Why Can't My College Grad Make It on His Own?
9/17/2004: Lunch-Hour Makeovers
9/16/2004: Inside the Male Mind
9/15/2004: Bette Midler: Simply Divine
9/14/2004: Tricks of the Trade
9/13/2004: The Ultimate Survivor: The Aron Ralston Story
9/10/2004: 9/11 Anniversary
9/9/2004: Fall into the Future
9/8/2004: The Hypnosis Solution!
9/7/2004: Climb for Life
9/6/2004: Behind Closed Doors: How Clean Is Your Home?
9/3/2004: Isaac Mizrahi: Designs for the Everyday Woman
9/2/2004: Sisters: The Unbreakable Bond
9/1/2004: Autobiography of Me
8/31/2004: Mistake Wear
8/30/2004: We're in This Together!

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Premise: The journalist hosts a daytime talk show geared toward women, exploring, she says, `stories about real lives...about choices people have made, and why they made them.'


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