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Episode Detail: Larry Sabato: A More Perfect Constitution - BookExpo America

University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato discusses “A More Perfect Constitution,” which offers suggestions on how to amend the Constitution to improve the American system of government.

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7/9/2011: Steve Perry: The Education Debate
6/25/2011: Sam Brower: Prophet's Prey
6/19/2011: Madison v. Monroe Debate
6/18/2011: Zaheer Ali: Malcolm X
6/12/2011: Interview With Jorge Castaneda
6/11/2011: Digital E-books and Bookstores Discussion
5/29/2011: Book and Author Breakfast
5/29/2011: Panel on Feminism in Writing Today
5/29/2011: Third Annual Librarian Shout and Share
5/29/2011: Michael Moore
7/4/2010: Barnet Schecter: George Washington's America
6/5/2010: Author Panel With Condoleezza Rice, Jon Stewart, John Grisham and Mary Roach
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Wendell Potter
6/5/2010: Author Interview With William Voegeli
6/5/2010: Author Panel With Christopher Hitchens, William Gibson, Sara Gruen and Patton Oswalt
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Christopher Hitchens
6/5/2010: The Next Decade in Book Culture: Effects of E-Book Reading Devices
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Pat Conroy
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Mary Roach
5/30/2010: John Hofmeister: Why We Hate Oil Companies
5/30/2010: CEO Panel: The Value of a Book
7/12/2009: Alex Jones: Losing the News
6/21/2009: Julie Andrews; Emma Walton Hamilton
6/21/2009: John Donatich
6/14/2009: Susan Weinberg: Book, The Sequel
5/31/2009: Author Panel with Richard Russo, Gail Collins, Pete Dexter and Joe Scarborough
5/30/2009: Author Panel With Pat Conroy, Lorrie Moore, Daniel Pink, and Ken Auletta
5/30/2009: Discussion on the State of the Publishing Industry
5/30/2009: Publishing CEO Roundtable
5/20/2009: Author Panel With Tracy Kidder, Jeanette Walls, Ben Mezrich and Craig Ferguson
8/23/2008: Author Panel With Ted Turner, Azar Nafisi, Dennis Lehane and John Hodgman
8/17/2008: Jeff Bezos In Conversations With Chris Anderson
8/16/2008: Billie Jean King: Pressure Is a Privilege
7/4/2008: Rev. Cindi Love: Would Jesus Discriminate
6/16/2008: Emily Hamilton of the University of Minnesota Press
6/15/2008: Christian Purdy of Oxford University Press
6/15/2008: Marjory Ross of Regnery
6/15/2008: John Zogby
6/15/2008: Jay Marine of Amazon's Kindle
6/14/2008: Alex Kershaw: Escape From the Deep
6/14/2008: Claire McKinney of Henry Holt and Company
6/1/2008: Author Panel with Michael Moore, Jon Krakauer, Richard Engel, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Christopher Buckley
5/31/2008: Keynote Address by Thomas Friedman
9/16/2007: Social Entrepreneurs Panel
9/10/2007: Peter Wiley
8/26/2007: Ellen Adler: The New Press
8/25/2007: Dennis Loy Johnson: Melville House
8/25/2007: Anthony Arnove: Haymarket Books
8/12/2007: Michelle Blakenship: Harcourt
8/12/2007: Tom Hallock: Beacon Press
8/12/2007: Larry Olson: Wiley
8/6/2007: Sarita Varma: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
8/4/2007: Ed Koch
7/30/2007: John Sherer: Basic Books
7/30/2007: Sylvain Cypel
7/29/2007: Scott Ritter: Waging Peace
7/29/2007: Lauren Powers: Encounter Books
7/29/2007: Marjory Ross: Regnery
7/28/2007: Michael Korda
7/28/2007: Sally Wiener Grotta: Wordsmiths Project
7/28/2007: Susan Weinberg: PublicAffairs
7/22/2007: Lissa Warren: Da Capo
7/21/2007: Philip Turner: Union Square Press
7/14/2007: John Baldwin and Ron Powers
7/9/2007: W. Drake McFeely
7/8/2007: Rick Atkinson: The Day of Battle
7/8/2007: Airie Stuart: Palgrave Macmillan
7/8/2007: Mark Tauber: HarperOne
7/8/2007: David Maraniss
7/8/2007: Cary Goldstein: Twelve
7/8/2007: John Donatich: Yale University Press
7/7/2007: George Gibson: Walker & Company
7/7/2007: Larry Sabato: A More Perfect Constitution
6/2/2007: Breakfast Panel
6/2/2007: John Heath and Lisa Adams: Bestselling Books and American Culture
6/2/2007: Ethics in Book Reviewing: The More Things Change?
6/26/2006: Al Arnold: Moving Mountains and Molehills
6/25/2006: Marian Wright Edelman: I Can Make a Difference
6/25/2006: Marjory Ross, Regnery
6/24/2006: Angela Dodson, Black Issues Book Review
6/11/2006: Amy Scholder, Verso
6/10/2006: John Sherer: Basic Civitas
6/4/2006: Cholene Espinoza: Through the Eye of the Storm
6/4/2006: William Cohen: Dragon Fire
6/4/2006: Peter Beinart
6/4/2006: Taylor Buley: Fresh Politics Reader
6/4/2006: Peter Stone: Heist
6/4/2006: David Tripp: Perseus
6/4/2006: Tom Hallock
6/3/2006: Larry Olsen
6/3/2006: E. J. Dionne
6/3/2006: Lauren Powers
6/3/2006: John Sterling, Holt & Company
5/27/2006: Cindy Sheehan: Not One More Child's Mother
5/27/2006: David Maraniss: Clemente
5/21/2006: Book & Author Breakfast
5/21/2006: Mary Cheney: Now It's My Turn
5/20/2006: Markos Moulitsas Zuniga: Crashing the Gate
5/20/2006: Sam Tanenhaus
5/20/2006: Doro Bush Koch: My Father, My President
5/20/2006: Andrew Sullivan: The Conservative Soul
5/20/2006: Frank Rich: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
5/20/2006: Haki Madhubuti: Yellow Black
5/20/2006: Stephen Dubner: Freakonomics
5/20/2006: Tim Russert: Wisdom of Our Fathers
5/20/2006: Book & Author Breakfast
5/20/2006: Buchanan, Huffington, Rich & Sullivan
7/10/2005: Thomas Hamill, Escape In Iraq
7/3/2005: Douglas Brinkley, Boys of Pointe du Hoc
7/2/2005: Dale Peck on Book Reviewing
6/20/2005: Bruce Feiler: Where God Was Born
6/19/2005: Generation Next: The New Hybrid Young Editor
6/19/2005: Doreen Cronin, Duck for President
6/19/2005: The Broken Standard of Embargoed Reviews: Who Benefits?
6/19/2005: Jeff Abraham, Book Industry Study Group
6/19/2005: Interview with David Dark
6/19/2005: Saturday Author Breakfast with Paul Theroux, Mike Wallace, Myla Goldberg, and Randi Rhodes
6/18/2005: Laurence Kirshbaum, Time Warner Book Group
6/18/2005: Saturday Author Luncheon: Nick Hornby, Simon Winchester, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michael Cunningham
6/18/2005: Betsy Burton, The King's English: Adventures of an Independent Bookseller
6/18/2005: Sunday Author Breakfast with Umberto Eco, Barbara Ehrenreich, John Irving, and Bob Herbert
6/5/2005: Sunday Coverage
6/4/2005: Saturday Coverage
5/20/2005: Joseph Phillips: He Talk Like a White Boy

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