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2003, TV Show

Episode Detail: Lauren Powers - BookExpo America

Lauren Powers (Encounter Books) with a preview of new books.

Episodes: BookExpo America (124)

7/9/2011: Steve Perry: The Education Debate
6/25/2011: Sam Brower: Prophet's Prey
6/19/2011: Madison v. Monroe Debate
6/18/2011: Zaheer Ali: Malcolm X
6/12/2011: Interview With Jorge Castaneda
6/11/2011: Digital E-books and Bookstores Discussion
5/29/2011: Book and Author Breakfast
5/29/2011: Panel on Feminism in Writing Today
5/29/2011: Third Annual Librarian Shout and Share
5/29/2011: Michael Moore
7/4/2010: Barnet Schecter: George Washington's America
6/5/2010: Author Panel With Condoleezza Rice, Jon Stewart, John Grisham and Mary Roach
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Wendell Potter
6/5/2010: Author Interview With William Voegeli
6/5/2010: Author Panel With Christopher Hitchens, William Gibson, Sara Gruen and Patton Oswalt
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Christopher Hitchens
6/5/2010: The Next Decade in Book Culture: Effects of E-Book Reading Devices
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Pat Conroy
6/5/2010: Author Interview With Mary Roach
5/30/2010: John Hofmeister: Why We Hate Oil Companies
5/30/2010: CEO Panel: The Value of a Book
7/12/2009: Alex Jones: Losing the News
6/21/2009: Julie Andrews; Emma Walton Hamilton
6/21/2009: John Donatich
6/14/2009: Susan Weinberg: Book, The Sequel
5/31/2009: Author Panel with Richard Russo, Gail Collins, Pete Dexter and Joe Scarborough
5/30/2009: Author Panel With Pat Conroy, Lorrie Moore, Daniel Pink, and Ken Auletta
5/30/2009: Discussion on the State of the Publishing Industry
5/30/2009: Publishing CEO Roundtable
5/20/2009: Author Panel With Tracy Kidder, Jeanette Walls, Ben Mezrich and Craig Ferguson
8/23/2008: Author Panel With Ted Turner, Azar Nafisi, Dennis Lehane and John Hodgman
8/17/2008: Jeff Bezos In Conversations With Chris Anderson
8/16/2008: Billie Jean King: Pressure Is a Privilege
7/4/2008: Rev. Cindi Love: Would Jesus Discriminate
6/16/2008: Emily Hamilton of the University of Minnesota Press
6/15/2008: Christian Purdy of Oxford University Press
6/15/2008: Marjory Ross of Regnery
6/15/2008: John Zogby
6/15/2008: Jay Marine of Amazon's Kindle
6/14/2008: Alex Kershaw: Escape From the Deep
6/14/2008: Claire McKinney of Henry Holt and Company
6/1/2008: Author Panel with Michael Moore, Jon Krakauer, Richard Engel, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Christopher Buckley
5/31/2008: Keynote Address by Thomas Friedman
9/16/2007: Social Entrepreneurs Panel
9/10/2007: Peter Wiley
8/26/2007: Ellen Adler: The New Press
8/25/2007: Dennis Loy Johnson: Melville House
8/25/2007: Anthony Arnove: Haymarket Books
8/12/2007: Michelle Blakenship: Harcourt
8/12/2007: Tom Hallock: Beacon Press
8/12/2007: Larry Olson: Wiley
8/6/2007: Sarita Varma: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
8/4/2007: Ed Koch
7/30/2007: John Sherer: Basic Books
7/30/2007: Sylvain Cypel
7/29/2007: Scott Ritter: Waging Peace
7/29/2007: Lauren Powers: Encounter Books
7/29/2007: Marjory Ross: Regnery
7/28/2007: Michael Korda
7/28/2007: Sally Wiener Grotta: Wordsmiths Project
7/28/2007: Susan Weinberg: PublicAffairs
7/22/2007: Lissa Warren: Da Capo
7/21/2007: Philip Turner: Union Square Press
7/14/2007: John Baldwin and Ron Powers
7/9/2007: W. Drake McFeely
7/8/2007: Rick Atkinson: The Day of Battle
7/8/2007: Airie Stuart: Palgrave Macmillan
7/8/2007: Mark Tauber: HarperOne
7/8/2007: David Maraniss
7/8/2007: Cary Goldstein: Twelve
7/8/2007: John Donatich: Yale University Press
7/7/2007: George Gibson: Walker & Company
7/7/2007: Larry Sabato: A More Perfect Constitution
6/2/2007: Breakfast Panel
6/2/2007: John Heath and Lisa Adams: Bestselling Books and American Culture
6/2/2007: Ethics in Book Reviewing: The More Things Change?
6/26/2006: Al Arnold: Moving Mountains and Molehills
6/25/2006: Marian Wright Edelman: I Can Make a Difference
6/25/2006: Marjory Ross, Regnery
6/24/2006: Angela Dodson, Black Issues Book Review
6/11/2006: Amy Scholder, Verso
6/10/2006: John Sherer: Basic Civitas
6/4/2006: Cholene Espinoza: Through the Eye of the Storm
6/4/2006: William Cohen: Dragon Fire
6/4/2006: Peter Beinart
6/4/2006: Taylor Buley: Fresh Politics Reader
6/4/2006: Peter Stone: Heist
6/4/2006: David Tripp: Perseus
6/4/2006: Tom Hallock
6/3/2006: Larry Olsen
6/3/2006: E. J. Dionne
6/3/2006: Lauren Powers
6/3/2006: John Sterling, Holt & Company
5/27/2006: Cindy Sheehan: Not One More Child's Mother
5/27/2006: David Maraniss: Clemente
5/21/2006: Book & Author Breakfast
5/21/2006: Mary Cheney: Now It's My Turn
5/20/2006: Markos Moulitsas Zuniga: Crashing the Gate
5/20/2006: Sam Tanenhaus
5/20/2006: Doro Bush Koch: My Father, My President
5/20/2006: Andrew Sullivan: The Conservative Soul
5/20/2006: Frank Rich: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
5/20/2006: Haki Madhubuti: Yellow Black
5/20/2006: Stephen Dubner: Freakonomics
5/20/2006: Tim Russert: Wisdom of Our Fathers
5/20/2006: Book & Author Breakfast
5/20/2006: Buchanan, Huffington, Rich & Sullivan
7/10/2005: Thomas Hamill, Escape In Iraq
7/3/2005: Douglas Brinkley, Boys of Pointe du Hoc
7/2/2005: Dale Peck on Book Reviewing
6/20/2005: Bruce Feiler: Where God Was Born
6/19/2005: Generation Next: The New Hybrid Young Editor
6/19/2005: Doreen Cronin, Duck for President
6/19/2005: The Broken Standard of Embargoed Reviews: Who Benefits?
6/19/2005: Jeff Abraham, Book Industry Study Group
6/19/2005: Interview with David Dark
6/19/2005: Saturday Author Breakfast with Paul Theroux, Mike Wallace, Myla Goldberg, and Randi Rhodes
6/18/2005: Laurence Kirshbaum, Time Warner Book Group
6/18/2005: Saturday Author Luncheon: Nick Hornby, Simon Winchester, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michael Cunningham
6/18/2005: Betsy Burton, The King's English: Adventures of an Independent Bookseller
6/18/2005: Sunday Author Breakfast with Umberto Eco, Barbara Ehrenreich, John Irving, and Bob Herbert
6/5/2005: Sunday Coverage
6/4/2005: Saturday Coverage
5/20/2005: Joseph Phillips: He Talk Like a White Boy

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