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2002, TV Show

Episode Detail: Here's...Ed McMahon - Jane Hawtin

Jane Hawtin interviews Ed McMahon.

Episodes: Jane Hawtin (134)

6/3/2003: Rape Charges: Should There Be a Limit?
10/3/2002: Michael and Suzanna Moriarty
9/11/2002: Kids and Depression
9/6/2002: Cruising for Sex: Johns Lose Their Wheels
8/23/2002: What Makes Canadians So Funny?
8/9/2002: The Debate on Heritage Sentencing
8/8/2002: Should Parents Sentence Teens to Boot Camp?
8/2/2002: Eco-Activists
8/1/2002: A Formula for Dying
7/26/2002: Liona Boyd
7/13/2002: Is Obesity a Disease?
7/12/2002: Shared Parents
6/13/2002: Medical Marijuana: Jim Wakeford
6/4/2002: In the Best Interest of the Child
6/3/2002: Raffi
5/31/2002: Chastity Bono
5/29/2002: Teen Prostitutes
5/24/2002: Real Boys
5/21/2002: Are Your Kids Getting Lost in the Wired World?
5/17/2002: Spying on Your Spouse
5/14/2002: Delta Burke
5/10/2002: Andrew Morton: Monica Lewinsky
5/6/2002: Schizophrenia: The First Signs
5/1/2002: Time out...Time in...What's a Parent to Do?
4/30/2002: When a Pet Dies
4/29/2002: Tracey Ullman
4/26/2002: Compassion for a Killer
4/25/2002: Romanian Orphanages
4/23/2002: Leaving Home...Eventually
4/18/2002: Should You Have to Lose Your Accent
4/17/2002: Cleaning up Your Neighborhood
4/16/2002: Digging Up the Deadly Past
4/11/2002: Welfare Rent
4/9/2002: Ian Tyson and Farmer's Daughter
4/8/2002: Monty Roberts
4/4/2002: Dog Attacks
3/29/2002: Too Afraid to Tell
3/27/2002: Weird Al
3/22/2002: Gillian Guess: The Love Struck Juror
3/21/2002: The Women of the World Wrestling Federation
3/20/2002: Should People Keep Exotic Pets?
3/19/2002: Kids TV
3/18/2002: Failed Therapy: Who's to Blame?
3/14/2002: Kids in on the Kill: How Young Is Too Young?
3/13/2002: Cochlear Implants
3/5/2002: Germaine Greer
3/4/2002: Common Currency
3/1/2002: The Gift of Fear
2/27/2002: Risking Your Life for Adventure
2/26/2002: Ethical Investing: Does Cash Have a Conscience?
2/25/2002: Harriet Lerner: The Mother Dance
2/20/2002: Aliens Among Us
2/19/2002: Programming Pre-Schoolers: Crayons, Computer
2/18/2002: Scott Thompson
2/15/2002: Vonda Shepard and Kim Stockwood
2/13/2002: Are You Closer to Your Best Friend Than Your Mate?
2/12/2002: Peer Marriages
2/11/2002: Defending the Caveman
2/8/2002: Working Moms Prefer Part-Time
2/7/2002: If You've Been Raped, Should You Call the Police?
2/6/2002: Was Dudley George Executed
2/5/2002: Stars with a Cause
2/4/2002: Does the Charter Favor Females?
2/1/2002: Junior Hockey: A Training Camp for the Abused
1/31/2002: Anger in the Workplace
1/30/2002: Sarah Brightman and Camilla Scott
1/29/2002: Benazir Bhutto
1/28/2002: Guilty or Innocent
1/25/2002: Why Is Our Food Making Us Sick?
1/24/2002: Got Any Spare Change
1/23/2002: Is the Infertility Business out of Control?
1/22/2002: Will Schools Be Safer?...Tough on Teens
1/21/2002: Is the War on Drugs a Bust?
1/18/2002: Targeting Gen-X
1/17/2002: Holistic Health or Hocus Pocus
1/16/2002: Working Harder...Getting Poorer
1/15/2002: Saving Canada's Health Care System
1/14/2002: Corporations in the Classroom
1/11/2002: Dennis Doherty
1/10/2002: Breaking in to the Music Biz
1/9/2002: Marvin Hamlisch
1/8/2002: Rick Mercer
1/8/2002: Can You Cure Yourself of Chronic Fatigue?
1/4/2002: David Crosby
1/3/2002: Ken Danby
1/2/2002: Barbara Taylor Bradford
1/1/2002: Here's...Ed McMahon
12/31/2001: Mary Walsh
12/28/2001: Leona Boyd
12/27/2001: Maeve Binchy
12/26/2001: Eartha Kitt
12/25/2001: Tom Jackson
12/24/2001: Kate and Anna McGarrigle
12/23/2001: Childless by Choice
12/20/2001: Female Boxers
12/19/2001: Are Bigger Breasts Better?
12/18/2001: A Criminal Past
12/14/2001: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression
12/12/2001: Paying Parents to Stay Home
12/10/2001: The Balder the Better
11/8/2001: Evelyn Lau
11/7/2001: Are Eco-Activists out of Control
11/2/2001: Sheldon Kennedy
11/1/2001: How Is Genetic Engineering Altering Food
11/1/2001: Should You Put Your Kids in Show Biz
10/31/2001: Dr. Ruth Westheimer
10/29/2001: Joint Parenting
10/26/2001: Food Fight: Vegetarians vs. Meat Eaters
10/25/2001: Escaping the Moonies
10/25/2001: Screw Viagra...I Want an Impotent Man
10/23/2001: Julian Lennon
10/22/2001: Mobsters Turned Motivators
10/20/2001: Mark Tewksbury: Out of the Pool, Closet
10/19/2001: Star Jones
10/18/2001: Is Company Loyalty Dead?
10/17/2001: Running on Ritalin
10/16/2001: Bruce Phillips on Personal Privacy
10/15/2001: Guy Paul Morin: Is the Case Closed?
10/4/2001: Professional Wrestlers as Role Models
10/3/2001: Coming Out to Family and Friends
10/1/2001: The Secret Legacy of Male Depression
9/27/2001: Lady Colin Campbell: 'The Real Diana'
9/27/2001: Is It Time to Legalize Euthanasia?
9/25/2001: Mandy Patinkin
9/25/2001: Case of Selling Kidney
9/24/2001: Warren Beatty---Honesty and Politics
9/21/2001: Surrogate Moms
9/20/2001: The Battle over Visitation: Parents vs. Grandparents
9/19/2001: Canada's Dominatrix: Is She Hurting Anybody?
9/18/2001: Obesity Is a Disease
9/17/2001: Radical Honesty
9/10/2001: Love, Sex and the Office
9/8/2001: Facing Fifty
9/7/2001: Margaret Trudeau Kemper

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Premise: A live phone-in show on topics ranging from gay marriage to school safety.


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