Nitebeat Episodes

2003, TV Show

Episode Detail: Court TV's Conservative/The American-European Divide - Nitebeat

Vinnie Politan of Court TV discusses the acquittal of Robert Blake on murder charges. Other topics include gay marriage, the death penalty, torture of terror suspects and privacy rights. Also: a member of the European Parliament talks about American foreign policy.

Episodes: Nitebeat (290)

8/10/2006: Good Night and Good Luck
8/9/2006: Blog Wars/Trapped In and Rescued from the WTC
8/8/2006: Wild Weather/Into the Belly of the Beast
8/8/2006: Loeb Trotting
7/26/2006: Where's your Generosity Going?/The Case for Impeachment
7/25/2006: George Pataki/Bombs, Bullets, and Scams
7/24/2006: Asking Movie Studios to Butt Out/Clarias
7/20/2006: Bitter about Buying a Car
7/19/2006: Sex Selection/My Family Is a Drag
7/18/2006: Under 18 and Alcoholic/Katie Melua
7/17/2006: The Dean of Bush Bashing/Adrienne!
7/17/2006: A Shock to the System
7/5/2006: Biden his Time/Inside the ER
7/5/2006: There Won't Be a Dry Eye in the House
7/4/2006: What would the Founders Do?
7/3/2006: Kingdom Coming/Lifehouse
6/29/2006: Blurring the Line Between Human and Animal
6/28/2006: Living with Autism
6/27/2006: The World's Funniest Clerk
6/27/2006: Staphing Problems
6/15/2006: Giving Safety a Boost/Angels in America
6/14/2006: The Hollywood Scandal to end all Scandals
6/13/2006: JFK the Statesman/Ordering Obesity off the Menu
6/12/2006: Iraq's First Bloody Battle/The Dry Eye Guy
6/12/2006: Living with a Second Skeleton
6/8/2006: Bone Disease/Judy Tenuta/Rachel Dratch and Daryl Hunt
6/6/2006: Lori McKenna
6/5/2006: Is the Christian Right Taking Over/Better Invention That the DVR
6/5/2006: Lone Star Insider/A Ball of Fun
5/31/2006: Life Inside Iran/From the Subway to Stardom
5/30/2006: Aids Awareness/Grace Potter
5/25/2006: Lyme Time
5/24/2006: Myspace Mania/Governor Wannabe
5/23/2006: An Untapped Demographic/Constant Costitutional Reminder
5/18/2006: The Summer Un-blockbusters
5/17/2006: Meeting Demands in a Demanding World
5/16/2006: Working with Sketchy Characters/National Teacher of the Year
5/15/2006: Archaeology and Jesus
5/15/2006: Test Scores Ignored
5/11/2006: Questionable Scores/Something Seems Very Familiar
5/10/2006: A Presidential Maverick?
5/9/2006: Mercury Misperception?/Altered State
5/8/2006: A Wasteful Life/Where have all the Good Men Gone?
5/4/2006: The Obesity Nanny
4/27/2006: Pardon Me!/The Puppet Master
4/26/2006: No Sweat Workouts/Aristocrats
4/26/2006: Train/It's Not All Beer and Books
4/20/2006: Brian Roberts; From Full House to Foul Mouth
4/19/2006: Corporate Smokescreen
4/18/2006: Too Young to Drive; God or the Girl?
4/17/2006: Sunscreen Suit; DNA Set Them Free
4/12/2006: Women and Immunity; Slow Down
4/11/2006: A Mighty Wind; Preserving Patagonia
4/10/2006: What's an Unwed Father to Do; Real McCourt
4/6/2006: Taste of the Nation
4/5/2006: Dead Men Do Tell Tales/Unloved Idol
4/4/2006: Studying to be Happy/The Baby Business
4/3/2006: Iraq through a Soldier's Eyes/One Song, Glory
3/30/2006: Denis Has a Meltdown
3/29/2006: Defendants in the Shadows; Growing Pains Never Go Away
3/27/2006: Shots and Shopping; Addicted to Sudoku
3/23/2006: Muscle Men; Controlling the Internet
3/22/2006: Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
3/21/2006: Investigating the War in Iraq; Initial Madness
3/16/2006: Whitey's Hitman
3/15/2006: Forget Crashes; Man About Towne
3/14/2006: Catholics in Crisis?; A Ripe Old Age
3/13/2006: Idle Chatter; Wise Beyond his Beers
3/8/2006: Bird Repellant; Fighting Terror in Schools
3/6/2006: Parking Public Enemy Number One; Taylor Made
2/23/2006: In Need of Larry David's Liver
2/22/2006: Off Pat Robertson's Christmas Card List
2/21/2006: Union-ymity; Puzzle Solver
2/20/2006: Eminent Anxiety; Regan's Legacy
2/18/2006: Stop the Insanity/Dying to Be Thin
2/16/2006: All Hail Halle
2/15/2006: Taxing Times
2/14/2006: Kerry Healey; Highway Memorials
2/13/2006: Skating Shenanignas; Economic Forecast
2/9/2006: The World According to Barkley; Poetry Smackdown
2/8/2006: RX for an Angry Mob; The Secret to Staying Married
2/7/2006: Being African American
2/6/2006: The Alternative to PE; Professional Party Trickester
2/3/2006: Trading Pollution
2/1/2006: Drug Battle; Lifehouse
1/31/2006: Giving the Bottle the Boot; A Conversation with Carla
1/30/2006: Inside MJ's Trial; Challenger 20 years later
1/26/2006: Hasty Decision; Jay Leno's other Sidekick
1/25/2006: Crossing Arizona; Great Band, Horrendous Name
1/24/2006: Losing Weight Is No Sweat; The Aristocrats
1/23/2006: How to Make It Into Sundance
1/17/2006: Diabetes/Happy Birthday, Ben
1/16/2006: Remembering MLK
1/12/2006: Defining Trespass
1/11/2006: Fathers Rights; Frey by the Seat of his Pants
1/10/2006: Albert Brooks; Danny Glover
1/5/2006: Gang Violence
1/4/2006: Airport Security
1/3/2006: Peggy Noonan; Eli Roth
12/29/2005: How to Cope with Stress; Jon Randall
12/28/2005: Christopher Kennedy Lawford
12/27/2005: The Creators of Mr. Roboto
12/22/2005: Papal Legacy
12/21/2005: Dogs in Danger; Jingle Ball
12/20/2005: Finally Freech to Speak; Doggone Important Information
12/19/2005: A Real Head Case/The Real John Belushi
12/15/2005: The War on Christmas; The Origins of Religion
12/14/2005: Cajun Cooking; Still Standing
12/13/2005: The Pope in Detail; First Night
12/7/2005: The Big Bubble Is Bursting; Life with Lennon
12/6/2005: Brandi, Not Belinda
12/5/2005: All Tapped Out; A Knight to Remember
12/1/2005: Kevin Pollak
11/30/2005: Drunk Driving Laws; Cocoanut Grove Fire
11/29/2005: Prostitution: A Major Minor Problem; Hi-Tech Holiday
11/24/2005: Best of Nitebeat Stage
11/23/2005: Christina Cooks
11/18/2005: Left Out
11/17/2005: Somebody's Watching You; Humvees: Then and Now
11/15/2005: War Made Easy; Environmental School
11/11/2005: Erin go Brough; Rubik's Roundup
11/10/2005: France's Lone Contribution to America; Fiddle Fun
11/9/2005: A Shot in the Arm; The Makers of Mr. Roboto
11/8/2005: Getting Even; The Next Thomas Edison?
10/27/2005: Gina D's Kids
10/26/2005: Epidemic Proportions
10/25/2005: Capturing Iraq
10/24/2005: Rising Up from Rock Bottom; Sex and the Studio
10/20/2005: Plastic Is So Passe
10/19/2005: See C-3PO
10/18/2005: Kilmer Kisses and Tells
10/17/2005: Worth the Gamble?
10/13/2005: Meet Miss Sweetie Poo
10/12/2005: Caught in the Middle
10/11/2005: Never Too Old to Surf
10/10/2005: To Tell the Truth
9/22/2005: Bermuda Triangle
9/21/2005: Morning Sickness
9/20/2005: Power Play
9/19/2005: No Reservations
9/15/2005: It's Plenty
9/14/2005: Fear Gone Mad
9/13/2005: Domain Dispute
9/12/2005: Give Us Some Credit, Please
9/8/2005: Car Cost Effectiveness
9/7/2005: Ill Prepared
9/1/2005: Falling Into Savings
8/31/2005: They Aren't Just Saying No
8/30/2005: Hysterectomy Controversey
8/24/2005: Beyond the Moon
8/23/2005: Yes Is Not the Right Answer
8/22/2005: Turn That Music Down
8/18/2005: Has It Really Come to This?
8/17/2005: Glasses Not Needed/Wheat Is the Way
8/16/2005: A Second Chance at Life
8/15/2005: It Ain't Rocket Science
8/9/2005: Drunk and Still Driving
8/4/2005: Do You Live Next to a Sociopath?; Celebrity Cheers
8/3/2005: Sleep Deprived
8/2/2005: Regeneration Generation; CSI Camp
8/1/2005: Grand Theft of Any Morals; Somebody's Gotta Do It
7/28/2005: Mercury Falling
7/27/2005: Sizing Up Santorum
7/26/2005: The Cost of 'Shacking Up'
7/25/2005: An Ounce of Prevention Saves Thousands
7/14/2005: NECTA
7/13/2005: Stick It to Me
7/12/2005: The World's Going to Pot
7/7/2005: Majoring in Debt
7/6/2005: Covering Our Bases
7/5/2005: World News Tonight with Rush Limbaugh
6/29/2005: The No-Donate List
6/22/2005: Taming That Little Monster; Lobster TMI
6/16/2005: Top Mouse; Shrimp Fest
6/15/2005: Immunization Anxiety
6/9/2005: Drug Induced Happiness
6/8/2005: Teri Un-Garr-Ded
6/7/2005: Governor Richardson
6/6/2005: Are We All Just Lab Rats?; Epilepsy
6/2/2005: 1776
5/31/2005: Aliens Hit New Hampshire; Not Your Average Mechanic
5/25/2005: Shaded from the Sun; Married Life
5/19/2005: A USS Kennedy Extravaganza
5/16/2005: Executing the Wrong Man; Defining Family
5/12/2005: Until Debt Do Us Part; Idol Chatter
5/11/2005: Primary Concern; Keeping Our Groceries Straight
5/10/2005: Custody Battle; Eric Bogosian
5/9/2005: Trailer the Trailblazer; Alzheimer's
5/5/2005: Human Trafficking
5/4/2005: Surviving Breast Cancer; Food Fit for the Italian Mob
5/3/2005: Midlife Crisis; An Abolitionist's Story
5/2/2005: Death to Massachusetts; Pictures Tell the Story
4/28/2005: Stump the 8-Year-Old
4/26/2005: The Fastest at Getting You Nowhere
4/25/2005: My Child's Being Left Behind; Inside the Stem-Cell Debate
4/14/2005: Breast Cancer; Amityville Horror; Puppet Master
4/13/2005: Teen Silence
4/12/2005: Sacco and Vanzetti Relived
4/11/2005: Kids Who Can Shoot and Spell; CEO Speak
4/6/2005: A Bad Guy's Worst Enemy/MADD
4/5/2005: DeLay Tactics/Taste of the Nation
4/4/2005: Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey; Three B's, Kids and Comcast
3/24/2005: The Rudest Residents
3/22/2005: The War on Terror/Dogging the Donald
3/21/2005: Court TV's Conservative/The American-European Divide
3/17/2005: Paula Poundstone/St. Patrick's Day
3/15/2005: The Climate Is Improving; Mind Your Manners
3/14/2005: Soccer Moms and Land Mines; Cokie Roberts
3/10/2005: Ben Gazzara; Carlos Santana's Wife
3/9/2005: Cell Phone Bill of Rights
3/7/2005: Boink Magazine
3/3/2005: Playing Games for Peace
3/1/2005: Separation Anxiety
2/24/2005: Birth Weight; Averi's Back
2/23/2005: Kathleen Turner
2/17/2005: Making the SATs E-A-S-Y; Pudding Pop
2/16/2005: A Taste of Reality/It's All a Crock
2/15/2005: Singing the Blues
2/14/2005: Massachusetts' Lieutenant/Denial Is a River in Africa
2/10/2005: The Battle over Birth Control
2/8/2005: Busted over Buster/Reagan in an Age of Nukes
2/7/2005: Diabetes Update
2/3/2005: Super Mood
2/2/2005: Bench Warmers
2/1/2005: Hasty's Day
1/31/2005: Party Crasher/On the Rocks
1/20/2005: Can We Spare It?/Healthy Eating
1/19/2005: Anti-Inflammatory/Headed to Sundance
1/17/2005: 01172005
1/13/2005: Sugar High
1/12/2005: Death Penalty
1/11/2005: Fishing for Better Conditions
1/6/2005: Spinal Tap and Beyond/Fit and Fat
1/5/2005: I Wouldn't Bet On It/In Need of a Good Nanny
12/22/2004: Not Armored and Ready
12/16/2004: Slavery in the World
12/15/2004: Holy Water-Gate; The Great Hanukkah/Christmas Debate
12/8/2004: The Islamic World
12/7/2004: The Real Gilligan's Island
9/1/2004: Not a Threat After All
8/19/2004: Have a Hart
8/18/2004: He Said What?
8/17/2004: Super Mario
8/12/2004: Celebrities and Politics
8/11/2004: Memories of Molly
5/14/2004: What the Shrek Is Going On Around Here?
5/12/2004: NYPD Blue Comes to Nitebeat; Married to the Ref
5/10/2004: Eat, Drink, and Be Kerry; Saved by the Belding
4/23/2004: Dinner and a TV Show
4/22/2004: Dean's List/Makeover Madness
4/21/2004: How Much Is That 3BR House in the Window/What's the Hubbub Bub
4/20/2004: Daddy, Please Pay Mommy/Under the Big Apple Top
4/19/2004: I Want a New Drug
4/16/2004: Playing Games with Joe Millionaire
4/16/2004: Watching a Lot of Movies
4/14/2004: Adopting New Ideas
4/12/2004: Something Fishy's Going On
4/9/2004: Jesse's View
4/8/2004: God on the Marquee
4/7/2004: Pill Protest
4/6/2004: Retire Rich/Being Blue Leads to Lots of Green
4/2/2004: The Mommy Myth/An Academy Award Can't Be Far Behind
4/1/2004: Hamas vs. Al-Qaeda/Having Fun with Feng Shui
3/31/2004: Still Trying to Divorce My Dad
3/30/2004: Copyright Confusion/House Lift
3/26/2004: Ben Without Jen
3/26/2004: A Real Life Lady Killer/The Poster Child
3/25/2004: Doctor, Heal Thyself/Admissions Anxiety
3/24/2004: One Big Bank
3/23/2004: Protecting and Housing Our Troops
3/19/2004: The Media Leans Left/It's Freezing Up Here
3/18/2004: Research on the Take/Surviving Prostate Cancer
3/17/2004: Stemming the Tide of Research
3/12/2004: Lobsters with Lydia
3/11/2004: Plum Is No Fun
3/11/2004: Can't We All Be Civil?
3/9/2004: A Real Life Civics Lesson/We're Digging This
3/9/2004: Meehan Opens Up/Everybody Hates a Hunk
3/6/2004: Revolting Against the Nazis
3/4/2004: Hillary Hits Washington
3/2/2004: Daddy I Want a Divorce/FINE the Friendly Skies
3/2/2004: Isn't It Over Yet?
2/27/2004: The Priest Sex Abuse Scandal
2/27/2004: The Controversy over Capturing the Friedmans
2/26/2004: Romney's Words: Mel's Passion
2/25/2004: The Presidential Jokester
2/24/2004: What Ever Will We Do Without Sex (and the City)
2/21/2004: Trading Spaces/Robert Downey Jr.
2/20/2004: Cult of Personality/Twisted
2/19/2004: Jackson Speaks

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