Nitebeat Episodes

2003, TV Show

Episode Detail: Watching a Lot of Movies - Nitebeat

A visit to a film festival in which participants have just 48 hours to shoot a short film.

Episodes: Nitebeat (290)

8/10/2006: Good Night and Good Luck
8/9/2006: Blog Wars/Trapped In and Rescued from the WTC
8/8/2006: Wild Weather/Into the Belly of the Beast
8/8/2006: Loeb Trotting
7/26/2006: Where's your Generosity Going?/The Case for Impeachment
7/25/2006: George Pataki/Bombs, Bullets, and Scams
7/24/2006: Asking Movie Studios to Butt Out/Clarias
7/20/2006: Bitter about Buying a Car
7/19/2006: Sex Selection/My Family Is a Drag
7/18/2006: Under 18 and Alcoholic/Katie Melua
7/17/2006: The Dean of Bush Bashing/Adrienne!
7/17/2006: A Shock to the System
7/5/2006: Biden his Time/Inside the ER
7/5/2006: There Won't Be a Dry Eye in the House
7/4/2006: What would the Founders Do?
7/3/2006: Kingdom Coming/Lifehouse
6/29/2006: Blurring the Line Between Human and Animal
6/28/2006: Living with Autism
6/27/2006: The World's Funniest Clerk
6/27/2006: Staphing Problems
6/15/2006: Giving Safety a Boost/Angels in America
6/14/2006: The Hollywood Scandal to end all Scandals
6/13/2006: JFK the Statesman/Ordering Obesity off the Menu
6/12/2006: Iraq's First Bloody Battle/The Dry Eye Guy
6/12/2006: Living with a Second Skeleton
6/8/2006: Bone Disease/Judy Tenuta/Rachel Dratch and Daryl Hunt
6/6/2006: Lori McKenna
6/5/2006: Is the Christian Right Taking Over/Better Invention That the DVR
6/5/2006: Lone Star Insider/A Ball of Fun
5/31/2006: Life Inside Iran/From the Subway to Stardom
5/30/2006: Aids Awareness/Grace Potter
5/25/2006: Lyme Time
5/24/2006: Myspace Mania/Governor Wannabe
5/23/2006: An Untapped Demographic/Constant Costitutional Reminder
5/18/2006: The Summer Un-blockbusters
5/17/2006: Meeting Demands in a Demanding World
5/16/2006: Working with Sketchy Characters/National Teacher of the Year
5/15/2006: Archaeology and Jesus
5/15/2006: Test Scores Ignored
5/11/2006: Questionable Scores/Something Seems Very Familiar
5/10/2006: A Presidential Maverick?
5/9/2006: Mercury Misperception?/Altered State
5/8/2006: A Wasteful Life/Where have all the Good Men Gone?
5/4/2006: The Obesity Nanny
4/27/2006: Pardon Me!/The Puppet Master
4/26/2006: No Sweat Workouts/Aristocrats
4/26/2006: Train/It's Not All Beer and Books
4/20/2006: Brian Roberts; From Full House to Foul Mouth
4/19/2006: Corporate Smokescreen
4/18/2006: Too Young to Drive; God or the Girl?
4/17/2006: Sunscreen Suit; DNA Set Them Free
4/12/2006: Women and Immunity; Slow Down
4/11/2006: A Mighty Wind; Preserving Patagonia
4/10/2006: What's an Unwed Father to Do; Real McCourt
4/6/2006: Taste of the Nation
4/5/2006: Dead Men Do Tell Tales/Unloved Idol
4/4/2006: Studying to be Happy/The Baby Business
4/3/2006: Iraq through a Soldier's Eyes/One Song, Glory
3/30/2006: Denis Has a Meltdown
3/29/2006: Defendants in the Shadows; Growing Pains Never Go Away
3/27/2006: Shots and Shopping; Addicted to Sudoku
3/23/2006: Muscle Men; Controlling the Internet
3/22/2006: Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
3/21/2006: Investigating the War in Iraq; Initial Madness
3/16/2006: Whitey's Hitman
3/15/2006: Forget Crashes; Man About Towne
3/14/2006: Catholics in Crisis?; A Ripe Old Age
3/13/2006: Idle Chatter; Wise Beyond his Beers
3/8/2006: Bird Repellant; Fighting Terror in Schools
3/6/2006: Parking Public Enemy Number One; Taylor Made
2/23/2006: In Need of Larry David's Liver
2/22/2006: Off Pat Robertson's Christmas Card List
2/21/2006: Union-ymity; Puzzle Solver
2/20/2006: Eminent Anxiety; Regan's Legacy
2/18/2006: Stop the Insanity/Dying to Be Thin
2/16/2006: All Hail Halle
2/15/2006: Taxing Times
2/14/2006: Kerry Healey; Highway Memorials
2/13/2006: Skating Shenanignas; Economic Forecast
2/9/2006: The World According to Barkley; Poetry Smackdown
2/8/2006: RX for an Angry Mob; The Secret to Staying Married
2/7/2006: Being African American
2/6/2006: The Alternative to PE; Professional Party Trickester
2/3/2006: Trading Pollution
2/1/2006: Drug Battle; Lifehouse
1/31/2006: Giving the Bottle the Boot; A Conversation with Carla
1/30/2006: Inside MJ's Trial; Challenger 20 years later
1/26/2006: Hasty Decision; Jay Leno's other Sidekick
1/25/2006: Crossing Arizona; Great Band, Horrendous Name
1/24/2006: Losing Weight Is No Sweat; The Aristocrats
1/23/2006: How to Make It Into Sundance
1/17/2006: Diabetes/Happy Birthday, Ben
1/16/2006: Remembering MLK
1/12/2006: Defining Trespass
1/11/2006: Fathers Rights; Frey by the Seat of his Pants
1/10/2006: Albert Brooks; Danny Glover
1/5/2006: Gang Violence
1/4/2006: Airport Security
1/3/2006: Peggy Noonan; Eli Roth
12/29/2005: How to Cope with Stress; Jon Randall
12/28/2005: Christopher Kennedy Lawford
12/27/2005: The Creators of Mr. Roboto
12/22/2005: Papal Legacy
12/21/2005: Dogs in Danger; Jingle Ball
12/20/2005: Finally Freech to Speak; Doggone Important Information
12/19/2005: A Real Head Case/The Real John Belushi
12/15/2005: The War on Christmas; The Origins of Religion
12/14/2005: Cajun Cooking; Still Standing
12/13/2005: The Pope in Detail; First Night
12/7/2005: The Big Bubble Is Bursting; Life with Lennon
12/6/2005: Brandi, Not Belinda
12/5/2005: All Tapped Out; A Knight to Remember
12/1/2005: Kevin Pollak
11/30/2005: Drunk Driving Laws; Cocoanut Grove Fire
11/29/2005: Prostitution: A Major Minor Problem; Hi-Tech Holiday
11/24/2005: Best of Nitebeat Stage
11/23/2005: Christina Cooks
11/18/2005: Left Out
11/17/2005: Somebody's Watching You; Humvees: Then and Now
11/15/2005: War Made Easy; Environmental School
11/11/2005: Erin go Brough; Rubik's Roundup
11/10/2005: France's Lone Contribution to America; Fiddle Fun
11/9/2005: A Shot in the Arm; The Makers of Mr. Roboto
11/8/2005: Getting Even; The Next Thomas Edison?
10/27/2005: Gina D's Kids
10/26/2005: Epidemic Proportions
10/25/2005: Capturing Iraq
10/24/2005: Rising Up from Rock Bottom; Sex and the Studio
10/20/2005: Plastic Is So Passe
10/19/2005: See C-3PO
10/18/2005: Kilmer Kisses and Tells
10/17/2005: Worth the Gamble?
10/13/2005: Meet Miss Sweetie Poo
10/12/2005: Caught in the Middle
10/11/2005: Never Too Old to Surf
10/10/2005: To Tell the Truth
9/22/2005: Bermuda Triangle
9/21/2005: Morning Sickness
9/20/2005: Power Play
9/19/2005: No Reservations
9/15/2005: It's Plenty
9/14/2005: Fear Gone Mad
9/13/2005: Domain Dispute
9/12/2005: Give Us Some Credit, Please
9/8/2005: Car Cost Effectiveness
9/7/2005: Ill Prepared
9/1/2005: Falling Into Savings
8/31/2005: They Aren't Just Saying No
8/30/2005: Hysterectomy Controversey
8/24/2005: Beyond the Moon
8/23/2005: Yes Is Not the Right Answer
8/22/2005: Turn That Music Down
8/18/2005: Has It Really Come to This?
8/17/2005: Glasses Not Needed/Wheat Is the Way
8/16/2005: A Second Chance at Life
8/15/2005: It Ain't Rocket Science
8/9/2005: Drunk and Still Driving
8/4/2005: Do You Live Next to a Sociopath?; Celebrity Cheers
8/3/2005: Sleep Deprived
8/2/2005: Regeneration Generation; CSI Camp
8/1/2005: Grand Theft of Any Morals; Somebody's Gotta Do It
7/28/2005: Mercury Falling
7/27/2005: Sizing Up Santorum
7/26/2005: The Cost of 'Shacking Up'
7/25/2005: An Ounce of Prevention Saves Thousands
7/14/2005: NECTA
7/13/2005: Stick It to Me
7/12/2005: The World's Going to Pot
7/7/2005: Majoring in Debt
7/6/2005: Covering Our Bases
7/5/2005: World News Tonight with Rush Limbaugh
6/29/2005: The No-Donate List
6/22/2005: Taming That Little Monster; Lobster TMI
6/16/2005: Top Mouse; Shrimp Fest
6/15/2005: Immunization Anxiety
6/9/2005: Drug Induced Happiness
6/8/2005: Teri Un-Garr-Ded
6/7/2005: Governor Richardson
6/6/2005: Are We All Just Lab Rats?; Epilepsy
6/2/2005: 1776
5/31/2005: Aliens Hit New Hampshire; Not Your Average Mechanic
5/25/2005: Shaded from the Sun; Married Life
5/19/2005: A USS Kennedy Extravaganza
5/16/2005: Executing the Wrong Man; Defining Family
5/12/2005: Until Debt Do Us Part; Idol Chatter
5/11/2005: Primary Concern; Keeping Our Groceries Straight
5/10/2005: Custody Battle; Eric Bogosian
5/9/2005: Trailer the Trailblazer; Alzheimer's
5/5/2005: Human Trafficking
5/4/2005: Surviving Breast Cancer; Food Fit for the Italian Mob
5/3/2005: Midlife Crisis; An Abolitionist's Story
5/2/2005: Death to Massachusetts; Pictures Tell the Story
4/28/2005: Stump the 8-Year-Old
4/26/2005: The Fastest at Getting You Nowhere
4/25/2005: My Child's Being Left Behind; Inside the Stem-Cell Debate
4/14/2005: Breast Cancer; Amityville Horror; Puppet Master
4/13/2005: Teen Silence
4/12/2005: Sacco and Vanzetti Relived
4/11/2005: Kids Who Can Shoot and Spell; CEO Speak
4/6/2005: A Bad Guy's Worst Enemy/MADD
4/5/2005: DeLay Tactics/Taste of the Nation
4/4/2005: Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey; Three B's, Kids and Comcast
3/24/2005: The Rudest Residents
3/22/2005: The War on Terror/Dogging the Donald
3/21/2005: Court TV's Conservative/The American-European Divide
3/17/2005: Paula Poundstone/St. Patrick's Day
3/15/2005: The Climate Is Improving; Mind Your Manners
3/14/2005: Soccer Moms and Land Mines; Cokie Roberts
3/10/2005: Ben Gazzara; Carlos Santana's Wife
3/9/2005: Cell Phone Bill of Rights
3/7/2005: Boink Magazine
3/3/2005: Playing Games for Peace
3/1/2005: Separation Anxiety
2/24/2005: Birth Weight; Averi's Back
2/23/2005: Kathleen Turner
2/17/2005: Making the SATs E-A-S-Y; Pudding Pop
2/16/2005: A Taste of Reality/It's All a Crock
2/15/2005: Singing the Blues
2/14/2005: Massachusetts' Lieutenant/Denial Is a River in Africa
2/10/2005: The Battle over Birth Control
2/8/2005: Busted over Buster/Reagan in an Age of Nukes
2/7/2005: Diabetes Update
2/3/2005: Super Mood
2/2/2005: Bench Warmers
2/1/2005: Hasty's Day
1/31/2005: Party Crasher/On the Rocks
1/20/2005: Can We Spare It?/Healthy Eating
1/19/2005: Anti-Inflammatory/Headed to Sundance
1/17/2005: 01172005
1/13/2005: Sugar High
1/12/2005: Death Penalty
1/11/2005: Fishing for Better Conditions
1/6/2005: Spinal Tap and Beyond/Fit and Fat
1/5/2005: I Wouldn't Bet On It/In Need of a Good Nanny
12/22/2004: Not Armored and Ready
12/16/2004: Slavery in the World
12/15/2004: Holy Water-Gate; The Great Hanukkah/Christmas Debate
12/8/2004: The Islamic World
12/7/2004: The Real Gilligan's Island
9/1/2004: Not a Threat After All
8/19/2004: Have a Hart
8/18/2004: He Said What?
8/17/2004: Super Mario
8/12/2004: Celebrities and Politics
8/11/2004: Memories of Molly
5/14/2004: What the Shrek Is Going On Around Here?
5/12/2004: NYPD Blue Comes to Nitebeat; Married to the Ref
5/10/2004: Eat, Drink, and Be Kerry; Saved by the Belding
4/23/2004: Dinner and a TV Show
4/22/2004: Dean's List/Makeover Madness
4/21/2004: How Much Is That 3BR House in the Window/What's the Hubbub Bub
4/20/2004: Daddy, Please Pay Mommy/Under the Big Apple Top
4/19/2004: I Want a New Drug
4/16/2004: Playing Games with Joe Millionaire
4/16/2004: Watching a Lot of Movies
4/14/2004: Adopting New Ideas
4/12/2004: Something Fishy's Going On
4/9/2004: Jesse's View
4/8/2004: God on the Marquee
4/7/2004: Pill Protest
4/6/2004: Retire Rich/Being Blue Leads to Lots of Green
4/2/2004: The Mommy Myth/An Academy Award Can't Be Far Behind
4/1/2004: Hamas vs. Al-Qaeda/Having Fun with Feng Shui
3/31/2004: Still Trying to Divorce My Dad
3/30/2004: Copyright Confusion/House Lift
3/26/2004: Ben Without Jen
3/26/2004: A Real Life Lady Killer/The Poster Child
3/25/2004: Doctor, Heal Thyself/Admissions Anxiety
3/24/2004: One Big Bank
3/23/2004: Protecting and Housing Our Troops
3/19/2004: The Media Leans Left/It's Freezing Up Here
3/18/2004: Research on the Take/Surviving Prostate Cancer
3/17/2004: Stemming the Tide of Research
3/12/2004: Lobsters with Lydia
3/11/2004: Plum Is No Fun
3/11/2004: Can't We All Be Civil?
3/9/2004: A Real Life Civics Lesson/We're Digging This
3/9/2004: Meehan Opens Up/Everybody Hates a Hunk
3/6/2004: Revolting Against the Nazis
3/4/2004: Hillary Hits Washington
3/2/2004: Daddy I Want a Divorce/FINE the Friendly Skies
3/2/2004: Isn't It Over Yet?
2/27/2004: The Priest Sex Abuse Scandal
2/27/2004: The Controversy over Capturing the Friedmans
2/26/2004: Romney's Words: Mel's Passion
2/25/2004: The Presidential Jokester
2/24/2004: What Ever Will We Do Without Sex (and the City)
2/21/2004: Trading Spaces/Robert Downey Jr.
2/20/2004: Cult of Personality/Twisted
2/19/2004: Jackson Speaks

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