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“Silent Song,” by Hugh Leonard and Frank O'Connor, is a play without dialogue. A postulant's ideals are pitted against hypocrisies of monastic life as he witnesses the monks' submission to worldy temptation. Maurice: Tony Selby. Brother Arnold: Milo O'Shea. Brother Michael: Jack MacGowran. Prior: Leo McCabe. Exterior sequences filmed in Ireland.

Episodes: N.E.T. Playhouse (177)

Ballet Gala
Biography: Ludwig van Beethoven
Biography: Richard Wagner
Biography: Wright Brothers
The Bond
A Choice of Kings
Ellington Concert of Sacred Music
Yesterday the Children Were Dancing
Helen Hayes: Portrait of an American Actress
An Ideal Husband
Knife in the Water
Master of Santiago
Much Ado About Nothing
N.E.T. Playhouse
Paradise Lost
The Queen and the Welshman
Silent Song
A Sleep of Prisoners
The Tale of Genji
The Tale of Genji
Talking to a Stranger: Anytime You're Ready I'll Sparkle
New Theatre for Now
The Murderer
Trumpets of the Lord
Victoria Regina: Autumn
Victoria Regina: Spring
Across the River
Biography: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Biography: Mary Ann Evans
The Blood Knot
The Boss's Son
The Comedy of Errors
A Crack in the Ice
"I Can't Imagine Tomorrow ; Talk to Me like the Rain and Let Me Listen
"The Importance of Being Earnest"
Julius Monks' Plaza 9
La Mama Playwrights
"A Man on her Back."
Much Ado About Nothing
National Theatre of the Deaf
"Olive Latimer's Husband"
"Orpheus in the Underworld"
"Stopped Running"
"The Taking"
The Tale of Genji
Talking to a Stranger: No Skill or Special Knowledge Required
"The Schoolmaster"
Biography: Georges Jacques Danton
Biography: Sam and John Adams; Boston Massacre
"Cathy Come Home."
"The Ceremony of Innocence"
"The Changeling"
Charles Dickens
"An Evening's Journey to Conway, Mass."
"Flowering Cherry"
"Infancy"; "Childhood"
"The Innocent Must Suffer"
"Jesus: A Passion Play for Americans"
"The Journey of the Fifth Horse,"
"A Memory of Two Mondays,"
"A Mother for Janek,"
"The Movie-Crazy Years,"
"A Passage to India."
"Past Intruding,"
"Play of Daniel"
"The Prodigal"
"The Soldier's Tale"
"A Song of Summer."
"The Star Wagon."
Talking to a Stranger: The Innocent Must Suffer
Talking to a Stranger: Gladly My Crossed-Eyed Bear
"Ten Blocks on the Camino Real"
"A Place for the Playwright"
"The Traveller,"
"The Friends."
"The Survivors."
"Rent Day,"
"Sweet Lavender,"
"Still Waters Run Deep."
"The Suspect,"
"The Tin Whistle,"
"Traveler Without Luggage."
"London Assurance,"
"The Silver King,"
"The Ticket-of-Leave Man"
"The Young Elizabeth"
Actors Choice; John Donne
"Alexander Fleming,"
"The Amorous Flea,"
"The Drinking Party" ; "The Death of Socrates"
"Vincent the Dutchman,"
"Defection! The Case of Colonel Petrov"
"Hard Travelin'."
"!Heimskringla! or the Stoned Angels,"
"Let Me Hear You Whisper,"
"Next Time I'll Sing to You,"
"A Nice Place to Visit ... "
"The Seagull,"
The Seekers: The Heretics
The Seekers: The Idealists
The Seekers: The Materialists
The Tale of Genji
The Tale of Genji
"The Lodger,"
"The Widower,"
"The Witness,"
"Unman, Wittering and Zigo"
Victoria Regina: Summer
"Women Against Women"
N.E.T. Playhouse
"The Wright Brothers."
Auto Stop
"Gladly, My Cross-Eyed Bear,"
The Battle of Culloden
"Sister Balonika."
"The Trail of Tears"
Biography of Frederick Delius
Biography: John Ross, Cherokee chief
"Dublin 1."
The Tale of Genji
"The Drinking Party"; "The Death of Socrates"
"The Write-Off"
Victoria Regina: Winter
"The Successor"
Celebration for William Jennings Bryan
"The Madras House,"
"La Marmite,"
"Charley's Aunt,"
"The May Fly and the Frog."
"The Son,"
The Tale of Genji
"The National Theater of the Deaf, Encore,"
"A Generation of Leaves: America, Inc.,"
"Two Roses,"
"Acquit or Hang!"
"The Consul,"
"Yesterday the Children Were Dancing."
Theatre America: Celebration for William
"Naked Island."
"Julius Caesar,"
Review of Art and Entertainment in the '60s
"The 39th Witness"
"Lay down Your Arms,"
"Uncle Vanya."
"Glory! Hallelujah!"
Actor-playwright Peter Ustinov: Satiric Improvisations
"America, Inc."
"The Judge,"
"A Search for Strindberg,"
"The Siegfried Idyll"
"The Walls of Jericho,"
The Tale of Genji
Dr. Knock
"The Lady with the Dog,"
Biography: Siegfried Sassoon
"Crime and Punishment,"

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