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Episode Detail: Supreme Court Term Review - America and the Courts

The Supreme Court's 2006-2007 term is discussed by Deputy Solicitor General Michael R. Dreeben; attorney Jeffrey A. Lamken; Planned Parenthood Federation of America senior staff attorney Eve C. Gartner; Legal Times publish Ann Pelham; and Stanford University Law School lecturer Thomas C. Goldstein. Tony Mauro, the Legal Times' Supreme Court correspondent, moderates.

Episodes: America and the Courts (294)

5/22/2010: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
3/27/2010: Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia & Stephen Breyer
6/27/2009: Chief Justice Roberts Looks Back at Term Decisions
6/13/2009: The Life and Career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
5/30/2009: Reporters Look Ahead to Sotomayor's Confirmation
5/16/2009: Insiders on Filling a Supreme Court Vacancy
5/9/2009: Souter on His Perspective
4/25/2009: Supreme Court Oral Arguments
4/18/2009: Challenges Facing Women and the Law
4/4/2009: Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
3/28/2009: National Security & the Jurisprudence of Justice Stevens
3/21/2009: Justice Ginsberg on the Court
3/14/2009: Supreme Court Justice David Souter
3/7/2009: Judicial Recusals & Free Speech Cases
2/21/2009: 40th Anniversary of Tinker v. Des Moines
2/14/2009: MacMahon on Defending Terrorists
2/7/2009: Discussion on Closing Gitmo
1/31/2009: The Career of Attorney Robert Bennett
1/24/2009: Second Amendment & Gun Shows
1/10/2009: Indiana Voter ID Law
12/20/2008: Justice Antonin Scalia
12/13/2008: U.S. Rendition Case
12/6/2008: Chinese Uighur Muslims Case
11/22/2008: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
11/15/2008: Covering the U.S. Supreme Court
11/8/2008: Citizenship in Europe and the U.S.
11/1/2008: FCC's Broadcast Indecency Policy
10/25/2008: 2008 Election & the Supreme Court
10/11/2008: Altria Group, Inc. v. Good; Winter v. NRDC
10/4/2008: 2008 Election and the Supreme Court
9/27/2008: Look Ahead to the Supreme Court Term
9/20/2008: Candidates' Views of the Supreme Court
9/13/2008: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
9/6/2008: Chief Judge David Sentelle
8/30/2008: Presidential Candidates and Judicial Nominees
8/23/2008: The American Press In Times of War
8/16/2008: Supreme Court Reporter Linda Greenhouse
8/9/2008: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
8/2/2008: Justice Samuel Alito on Judicial Writing
7/19/2008: Antonin Scalia and John Paul Stevens in Chicago; Presentation of the American Inns of Court Professionalism Award
7/12/2008: Supreme Court 2007-08 Term Review
7/5/2008: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
6/28/2008: U.S. Supreme Court: D.C. v. Heller
6/21/2008: Supreme Court Issues
6/14/2008: The Ephemeral Nature of Landmark Cases
6/7/2008: Judicial Review of Immigration Judges
5/31/2008: Supreme Court Justices' Commencement Addresses
5/24/2008: Paul Clement: The Role of the Solicitor General
5/17/2008: Identities of Gitmo Detainees Case
5/10/2008: Oral Argument on the No-Fly List
5/3/2008: Women in the Legal Profession
4/28/2008: Panel on National Security Law
4/19/2008: The Supreme Court on Lethal Injection; National Security Law
4/12/2008: Antonin Scalia and Students
4/5/2008: Racial Preferences in Education
3/29/2008: Supreme Court Budget for 2009
3/22/2008: District of Columbia v. Heller Oral Arguments
3/15/2008: D.C. Gun Law
3/8/2008: Supreme Court Law Clerks on Thurgood Marshall
3/1/2008: The Legacy of Thurgood Marshall
2/23/2008: Justice Stephen Breyer on Climate Change
2/16/2008: Federalism and Climate Change
2/9/2008: British and U.S. Legal Systems
2/2/2008: The Future of the Supreme Court
1/26/2008: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; U.S. Air Force JAG Charles Dunlap
1/19/2008: US Supreme Court Oral Argument: Roe v. Wade
1/12/2008: Baze v. Rees Oral Argument
12/29/2007: Shaping the Modern Supreme Court
12/22/2007: Supreme Court Justice Perspective
12/15/2007: 'In God We Trust'
12/8/2007: Supreme Court: Detainees Argument
12/2/2007: Guantanamo Bay Detainees
11/24/2007: First Amendment's Future
11/17/2007: Separation of Powers
11/10/2007: Prosecutorial Misconduct
11/3/2007: Al-Marri v. Wright
10/27/2007: Executive Power & the War
10/20/2007: Roberts on the First Amendment
10/13/2007: Clarence Thomas: My Grandfather's Son Book Party
10/6/2007: The Roberts Court
9/22/2007: Judging Controversial Cases
9/15/2007: CBS v. FCC
9/8/2007: The Role of the Courts in Times of War
9/1/2007: Supreme Court Term Review
8/18/2007: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Program
8/11/2007: Conversation With Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
8/4/2007: The Supreme Court's 2006-07 Term
7/28/2007: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
7/21/2007: Justice Stephen Breyer
7/14/2007: Review of the US Supreme Court's 2006-2007 Term
7/7/2007: Reconsideration of Dred Scott v. Sandford: Moot Court, Harvard University Law School
6/30/2007: Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts; Reaction to the Supreme Court's decision on the School Integration Cases
6/23/2007: Ledbetter v. Goodyear: Pay Discrimination Suit
6/16/2007: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Second Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs
6/9/2007: Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts; Former White House Counsel Abner Mikva
6/2/2007: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito at St. Mary's College
5/26/2007: The Relationship Between U.S. Attorneys & the Justice Department
5/19/2007: Federal Judicial Center Deputy Director John Cooke; U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Judicial Conference
5/12/2007: Massachusetts v. EPA: Implications of the Supreme Court's Decision
5/5/2007: Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer & Samuel Alito
4/28/2007: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito at Duquesne University Law School
4/21/2007: U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument: Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood
3/31/2007: Women and the Law
3/24/2007: Free Speech Rights for High School Students
3/17/2007: Anthony Kennedy & Clarence Thomas: House Appropriations Subcommittee on Supreme Court Budget for 2008
3/10/2007: 150th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision
3/3/2007: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Orkin v. Taylor; U.S. Supreme Court: Hein v. Freedom From Religion
2/24/2007: Chief Justice John Roberts on the Role of Chief Justice
2/17/2007: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
2/10/2007: I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby: Grand Jury Testimony
2/3/2007: Cameras in the Courtroom
1/27/2007: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on Civic Engagement
1/20/2007: Discussion on Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education
1/13/2007: Limits on the Use of Union Dues
1/6/2007: Supreme Court Justices Breyer & Scalia on the Constitution, Washington DC, December 5th, 2006
12/20/2006: Fox Television v. FCC: Second Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Argument
12/16/2006: Supreme Court Oral Argument: Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education
12/9/2006: Supreme Court Oral Argument: Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1
12/2/2006: Massachusetts v. EPA
11/25/2006: U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
11/18/2006: U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia & Samuel Alito
11/11/2006: Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood & Gonzales v. Carhart
11/4/2006: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Argument: EEOC v. Kidman
10/28/2006: John Jones: Intelligent Design & Judicial Independence
10/21/2006: Antonin Scalia & Nadine Strossen: Civil Liberties & the Law
10/14/2006: Slave Reparations: Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Argument, September 27, 2006
10/7/2006: Sandra Day O'Connor on the State of the Judiciary; Judicial Independence: A Panel Discussion
9/30/2006: Michael Wallace: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Confirmation Hearing
9/23/2006: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito; U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow
9/16/2006: Views on the Constitution
9/9/2006: First Year of the Roberts Court
8/25/2006: Supreme Court 2005-06 Term Review
8/19/2006: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Keshishian v. Gonzales (Pasadena, CA)
8/12/2006: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy American Bar Association Annual Meeting
8/5/2006: Interview with Chief Justice John Roberts on the U.S. Constitution
7/29/2006: Supreme Court 2005-06 Term Review
7/15/2006: William Haynes Confirmation Hearing
7/8/2006: US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Padilla v. Lever
7/1/2006: U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument: Hamdan v. Rumsfeld
6/24/2006: Memorial Services for Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
6/17/2006: New York State Court of Appeals: Same-Sex Marriage
6/10/2006: New York State Court of Appeals: Same-Sex Marriage
6/3/2006: Richard Posner
5/27/2006: John Roberts: Commencement Speech at Georgetown University Law School
5/20/2006: Paul Clement, US Solicitor General
5/13/2006: Brett Kavanaugh: D.C. Court of Appeals Confirmation Hearing
5/6/2006: MacWade v. Kelly (Second Circuit Court of Appeals/Unreasonable Search or Seizure)
4/29/2006: Judge Luzius Wildhaber
4/22/2006: The Legacy of the Rehnquist Court
4/15/2006: Cobell v. Norton
4/8/2006: Anthony Kennedy & Clarence Thomas Before the House Appropriations Subcommittee: Supreme Court Budget for 2007
4/2/2006: Sandra Day O'Connor: Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Women Judges
3/25/2006: John Roberts at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA
3/4/2006: Cincinnati Women's Service v. Voinovich; Texas Redistricting before the US Supreme Court
2/25/2006: Scalia on International and Foreign Law
2/18/2006: Samuel Alito's Investiture; Frank Easterbrook and Diane Wood at the ABA on Deference to Government Agencies
2/11/2006: Defining Marriage in Florida
2/4/2006: Alito Swearing-In Ceremony
1/22/2006: Evans v. City of Berkeley
1/7/2006: Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
12/17/2005: Profile of Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito
12/11/2005: Supreme Court Oral Argument: Rumsfeld v. FAIR
12/3/2005: Parental Notification for Abortions
11/26/2005: Cameras in the Courtroom
11/19/2005: Arlen Specter on Judiciary Issues
11/12/2005: Oral Argument in Roe. v. Wade
10/16/2005: Breyer on International Law
10/1/2005: John Roberts, Judith Miller and Judge Wilkinson
9/24/2005: Circuit Court Judge Alice M. Batchelder
8/27/2005: Profile of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
7/23/2005: Sandra Day O'Connor at the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference
7/16/2005: Supreme Court Nominees & Confirmation
7/9/2005: Reginald Brown; John Paul Stevens; Matthew Cooper & Bill Keller
7/2/2005: Speeches by Supreme Court Justices
6/25/2005: Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District
6/18/2005: Stephen Reinhardt and Alex Kosinski, US Court of Appeals, 9th District
6/11/2005: Harper v. Poway Unified School District Oral Argument
6/4/2005: Commencement Addresses: Theodore Olson and J. Harvie Wilkinson III
5/28/2005: Judicial Nominiations
5/21/2005: Protecting Federal Judges
5/14/2005: Judicial Nominations
5/7/2005: Reflections on Judging
4/16/2005: Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas before the House Appropriations Subcommittee
4/9/2005: Santiago v. Rumsfeld
4/2/2005: Charles Pickering on the US Senate Judicial Confirmation Process
7/12/2003: Judicial Conference of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit
1/29/2003: John Roberts: 2003 D.C. Court of Appeals Confirmation Hearing
Upcoming Supreme Court Term
President Bush's Judicial Philosophy
ABA Panel Discussion
Judicial Fellows Roundtable
4th Circuit Judicial Conference
Confirmation Hearing Preview
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Interview
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Profile
Stephen Breyer Confirmation Preview
U.S. v. Nixon
Miranda v. Arizona
Roe v. Wade
The New York Times v. U.S.
Judge Breyer Confirmation Hearings
Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Georgetown
Justice Anthony Kennedy
1995 End of Term Overview
Brennan Retirement
Clarence Thomas
Brennan Retirement
Clarence Thomas at the Federalist Society
Bennis v. Michigan
Congressional Redistricting
Harvard Law School Moot Court
Higginbotham on Clarence Thomas
Lawrence Wallace
The Supreme Court and the 1990 Census
American Jury System vs. English Jury System
Sentencing Guidelines
Drew Days' Speech
Nathaniel Jones Gala
Miranda Decision
Harlan Stone Profile
Insanity Trial of Hamlet
Chief Justice Rehnquist Speeches
William Rehnquist at American U.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Hofstra U.
Judge Richard Posner Interview
Walter Dellinger
Pentagon Papers' Anniversary
Maroon; John Jay Homestead
Clarence Thomas: SE Missouri State University
Clarence Thomas at the University of Kansas Law School Conference
Ruth Bader Ginsburg at American U.
Harry Blackmun Speech
Chief Justice Rehnquist: 10th Anniversary
Rehnquist at the National Legal Center
Justice Hugo Black
Clarence Thomas: 5th Anniversary Speech
Byron White at the Judges' Conference
Warren Burger Manuscripts
The Supreme Court 1997 Term
Doctor-Assisted Suicide
Mock Trial of Richard III
The Supreme Court and the American Legal System
Clarence Thomas at the Nebraska State Bar Association
Freedom of Information Act
Chief Justice John Jay
Government and Religion
Great Law Schools
William Coleman Tribute
Supreme Court Writer Joan Biskupic
Clinton v. Jones
Gunther on Hand
Cyberspace Law
Clarence Thomas at the New England School of Law
Nina Totenberg
Justices Ginsburg, Baca and Chin
Black Judges
Supreme Court Funding
Justice Ginsburg; King Wilkins
American Inn of Court
ABA National Convention
Clarence Thomas Speech
James O'Hara Lecture
Chief Justice Rehnquist: Speech at the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
Tony Mauro & Tom Goldstein
Clarence Thomas; William Rehnquist
James Ely Lecture
Sandra Day O'Connor
Supreme Court Preview Conference
Legal Issues: The Year in Review
Jerry Colbert on Justice William Brennan
Mayfield v. Dalton
Chief Justice William Rehnquist
Commencement Speeches
Harvard University's Moot Court
John Roberts
Chief Justice John Marshall
Justice Thomas in Savannah
Byron White at Fordham
Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the American Jewish Committee Meeting
Byron White: 30th Anniversary
From Slavery to the Supreme Court
Federal Judges Association Annual Conference
Roe v. Wade
Justice John Paul Stevens
Warren Burger Tribute
O'Connor and Breyer Speeches
Kenneth Starr
Supreme Court Journalists/Baier on White
Associate Justice John Paul Stevens
Clarence Thomas: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Justice Stephen Breyer
Rehnquist on Treason Trials
Supreme Court and the VMI
Establishment of Religion Clause Oral Arguments, Part 2

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