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Episode Detail: Great Empire: Rome: Age of Emperors - Ancient Almanac

Part 2 of four. “Age of Emperors” explores the reigns of the men who led the Imperial Roman Empire following the death of Julius Caesar, including Augustus, Claudius and Nero. Included: advancements in art and architecture during Augustus Caesar's reign. Narrator: Joe Mantegna.

Episodes: Ancient Almanac (83)

1/10/2003: Constantine: The Christian Emperor
1/3/2003: Augustus: First of the Emperors
4/19/2002: Satan: Prince of Darkness
10/26/2001: Hercules
10/25/2001: The Rise of Christianity
10/24/2001: Forbidden City: Dynasty and Destiny
10/23/2001: Cain and Abel: A Murder Mystery
10/22/2001: Holy Grail
10/19/2001: The Real Dracula
10/18/2001: The Rise of Christianity
10/17/2001: Incredible Monuments of Rome
10/16/2001: The Ten Commandments
10/15/2001: Lost Riches of the Capitana
10/12/2001: Ramses the Great
10/11/2001: The Rise of Christianity
10/10/2001: Jacob's Ladder
10/9/2001: Samson & Delilah
10/8/2001: Sin City Jamaica
10/5/2001: Julius Caesar: Master of the Roman World
10/4/2001: The Rise of Christianity
10/3/2001: Guardian of the Ages: The Great Sphinx
10/2/2001: Noah and the Flood
10/1/2001: Hawaii's Lost Riches
8/28/2001: Mysteries of the Bible
8/27/2001: Wreck of the Concepcion
8/24/2001: Joan of Arc: Soul on Fire
8/23/2001: Great Empire: Rome: Enduring Legacy
8/22/2001: Ancient Altered States
8/21/2001: King David: Poet Warrior
8/20/2001: Quest for the Maravilla
8/17/2001: Leif Ericson: Voyages of a Viking
8/16/2001: Great Empire: Rome: Building an Empire
8/15/2001: Quest for the Fountain of Youth
8/14/2001: Moses at Mt. Sinai
8/13/2001: King Herod's Lost City
8/10/2001: Confucius: Words of Wisdom
8/9/2001: Great Empire: Rome: Age of Emperors
8/8/2001: Search for Shangri-La
8/7/2001: Story of Creation
8/6/2001: Habsburg Family Jewels
8/3/2001: The Curse of the Borgias
8/2/2001: The Great Empire: Rome: The Republic of Rome
8/1/2001: Powerful Gods of Mt. Olympus
4/26/2001: Ape Man: Science and Fiction
4/25/2001: Mystical Monuments of Ancient Greece
4/24/2001: Mysteries of the Bible
4/23/2001: Jewels of the British Crown
4/20/2001: Pythagoras
4/19/2001: Ape Man: All in the Mind
4/18/2001: Lost Castles of England
4/17/2001: Masada: The Last Fortress
4/16/2001: The Ancient Gold of Troy
4/13/2001: Attila: Scourge of God
4/12/2001: Ape Man: Giant Strides
4/11/2001: Tombs of the Gods: The Great Pyramids of Giza
4/10/2001: Cities of Evil: Sodom and Gomorrah
4/9/2001: Tomb of the Terra Cotta Warriors
4/6/2001: Adam & Eve: Lost Innocence
4/5/2001: Ape Man: The Human Puzzle
4/4/2001: Miraculous Canals of Venice
4/3/2001: Joshua at the Walls of Jericho
4/2/2001: The Queen's Jewels and the 1715 Fleet
1/26/2001: The Myth of Cleopatra
1/25/2001: The Greatest Pharaohs
1/24/2001: Secrets at Delphi
1/23/2001: Jerusalem: Holy Deadly City
1/22/2001: Mystery Gold of the Black Sea Warriors
1/19/2001: Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World
1/18/2001: The Greatest Pharaohs
1/17/2001: The Puzzling Pyramids of Mexico
1/16/2001: Herod the Great
1/15/2001: The Secrets of the Hope Diamond
1/12/2001: Oliver Cromwell
1/11/2001: The Greatest Pharaohs
1/10/2001: The Sunken City
1/9/2001: Archenemy: The Philistines
1/8/2001: The 'Money Pit' of Oak Island
1/5/2001: Galileo: In Pursuit of the Universe
1/4/2001: The Greatest Pharaohs
1/3/2001: Death Cult of the Incas
1/1/2001: Seach for the Atocha
12/15/1995: Bible's Greatest Secrets
10/11/1995: Marco Polo: Journey to the East

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Premiered: October 11, 1995
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A series exploring the history of the ancient world.

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