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Episode Detail: The Amy Fisher Story - Notorious

Recounting the 1992 case of Long Island teenager Amy Fisher, who allegedly had an affair with a married man and then was convicted of trying to kill his wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Episodes: Notorious (258)

11/18/2013: Dahmer: Mystery of the Serial Killer
3/26/2013: The Erin Brockovich Story
10/9/2012: A Murder in Greenwich: The Martha Moxley Case
8/23/2012: When a Child Kills
7/30/2012: Marriage & Murder
7/26/2012: The Ken and Barbie Killers: Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka
7/26/2012: Deadly Force
7/24/2012: Murder in a College Town
7/23/2012: Blood on the Staircase
7/19/2012: An Execution in Doubt
7/16/2012: The San Francisco Dog Mauling
7/11/2012: Death Row Women
7/4/2012: Presumed Guilty
7/2/2012: Murder in Cold Blood
7/2/2012: The Happy Face Killer
7/1/2012: To Catch a Killer: Homicide Detectives
7/28/2011: Kidnapped
7/25/2011: Don't Mess With Texas
7/20/2011: Internal Affairs
7/18/2011: Mystery at Sea
6/28/2011: Cops on Trial
6/21/2011: High Crimes and Misdemeanors
5/24/2011: Hired Guns
5/10/2011: Getting away with Murder
12/3/2010: Prison Life
12/2/2010: Power, Corruption and Lies
12/1/2010: Double Crossed
11/17/2010: Behind the Badge
11/15/2010: Law & Disorder
11/12/2010: Presumed Innocent
11/11/2010: Young Killers
11/10/2010: Serial Killers
11/9/2010: Self-Styled Justice
11/8/2010: A Killer in the Family
10/11/2010: Crimes of the KKK
9/6/2010: Hunt for the Unabomber
4/5/2010: John Dillinger
3/5/2010: Menendez Murders
6/13/2008: Ma Barker
6/4/2008: The Trial of Louise Woodward
5/14/2008: Murder on a Reservation
5/5/2008: Crib Death?
4/19/2008: Cold Case Files: Vintage Murder
3/28/2008: The Unluckiest Man
3/27/2008: Murder & Mrs. B
1/29/2008: The Central Park Jogger Case: What Went Wrong?
12/31/2007: The Sam Sheppard Story
10/18/2007: Cop Killers
9/26/2007: Teen Thrill Killers
9/21/2007: A Model Murder
9/19/2007: Wellesley: The Doctor's Double Life
9/14/2007: Cruel and Unusual
9/6/2007: Accused in Appalachia
9/5/2007: A Parent's Nightmare
8/27/2007: Intimate Deception
8/22/2007: Vanished
8/17/2007: Underboss
8/17/2007: Medical Mistakes
8/15/2007: Phil Spector
8/10/2007: Selena: Murder of a Star
8/9/2007: The New Skinheads
8/7/2007: Hunting the Washington Sniper
8/1/2007: Drugs at the Border
7/28/2007: Blood Brothers: The Derek and Alex King Case
7/27/2007: Reagan Assassination Attempt
7/26/2007: Saddam's Bombmaker
7/24/2007: Spree Killers
7/20/2007: NY Justice: The Prosecutors
7/18/2007: Cybersex Cop
7/4/2007: Dead Reckoning: Unusual Clues
7/2/2007: The Mayflower Madam
6/27/2007: Playing With Fire
6/21/2007: Pablo Escobar
6/15/2007: Road Warriors: The Biker Brotherhood
3/27/2007: Shamed Into Confession
3/13/2007: Justifiable Homicide?
3/6/2007: Shots in the Dark
2/20/2007: The Happy Faced Killer
2/7/2007: The Black Widower
2/6/2007: Thrill Killers
1/23/2007: Mistaken Identity
1/16/2007: A Soldier's Secret
1/2/2007: Another Man's Crime
12/28/2006: The Brit and the Bodybuilder
12/7/2006: Mail Order Murder
12/5/2006: Stacey's Story
11/28/2006: The California Killing Field
11/15/2006: John Wayne Gacy
11/14/2006: Richard Speck
9/27/2006: Suicide by Execution
9/20/2006: Blueprint for a Murder
9/14/2006: Robert Blake
8/31/2006: Murder on the Boardwalk
8/29/2006: A Questionable Doctor
8/10/2006: The Monster Inside
8/5/2006: The Michael Jackson Story
8/3/2006: Daughter Dearest
8/1/2006: A Son's Confession
7/27/2006: A Deadly Dose
7/27/2006: The Andrea Yates Story
7/26/2006: Bullied to Death
7/18/2006: Who Wants to Kill a Millionaire
7/13/2006: Free to Murder Again
7/12/2006: Mother on Death Row
6/29/2006: What Happened to Carrie Culberson?
6/28/2006: Free to Kill: The Polly Klaas Murder
6/21/2006: Myth of a Serial Killer: The Henry Lee Lucas Story
6/15/2006: Murder Online
6/14/2006: Mothers Who Kill
6/8/2006: A Mother's Betrayal
6/6/2006: Raised on Hate
6/6/2006: Blood Relations
5/23/2006: Murder in Paradise
5/16/2006: Who Whacked Zack?
5/10/2006: South African Strangler: Moses Sithole
5/4/2006: The Manson Women
4/28/2006: A Mother's Story of Murder
4/27/2006: The Rosenbergs
4/25/2006: Body of Evidence: The Tom Capano Trial
4/21/2006: Driven to Kill
4/20/2006: Dutch Schultz
4/19/2006: Arthur Shawcross
4/12/2006: Jim Jones
4/11/2006: Genovese: Portrait of a Crime Family
4/4/2006: The Life and Death of Teena Brandon
3/31/2006: The Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot
3/30/2006: Duty, Honor...and Murder
3/29/2006: Eliminating the Competition
3/29/2006: The Amy Fisher Story
3/23/2006: Von Bulow: A Wealth of Evidence
3/22/2006: David Berkowitz
3/21/2006: The Atlanta Child Murders
3/18/2006: Bad Medicine
3/9/2006: Traces in Blood
3/4/2006: Murder by Mercedes
2/28/2006: Deadly Magnolia
2/24/2006: A Warrant to Kill
2/23/2006: Cops or Criminals?
2/22/2006: Bad Cops: Cause and Effect
2/21/2006: The Corcoran Eight
2/10/2006: Deadly Kidnappings
2/10/2006: Under Suspicion: The Case of Catherine Shelton
2/3/2006: Who Killed Hannah Hill?
2/1/2006: The Witness and the Hitman
1/31/2006: Hitler's Perfect Children
1/17/2006: Serial Wife
1/12/2006: Jeffrey Dahmer
1/10/2006: Ted Bundy
1/7/2006: A Murder Before Homecoming
1/6/2006: Scott Peterson
1/6/2006: Mary Kay Letourneau
1/5/2006: The Susan Smith Story
1/5/2006: Secret Life of a Serial Killer
1/4/2006: The Terri Schiavo Story
1/4/2006: Elizabeth Smart: The Long Way Home
1/4/2006: Leopold and Loeb; D.B. Cooper
12/30/2005: Who Killed the Candy Heiress? The Helen Brach Story
12/28/2005: Ed Gein
12/27/2005: Dancing, Drugs and Murder
12/23/2005: Meyer Lansky
12/23/2005: Dangerous Medicine?
12/22/2005: Drowning in Lies: The Trial of Edward Post
12/20/2005: Angel of Death: Killer Nurse
12/16/2005: Charles Ng and Leonard Lake
12/15/2005: Death in a Small Town
12/14/2005: Hamptons Murder Mystery
12/9/2005: The John Lennon Assassination
12/8/2005: The Pamela Smart Story
12/7/2005: Huntsville: Twins on Trial
12/6/2005: Wild Justice: Bounty Hunters
11/25/2005: Family Secrets: The Death of Lisa Steinberg
11/23/2005: Who Is the Lipstick Killer?
11/22/2005: Behind Bars: Alcatraz
11/21/2005: The Monster of the Andes: Pedro Lopez
11/19/2005: Baby Face Nelson
11/18/2005: Aileen Wuornos
11/17/2005: Vegas and the Mob
11/16/2005: Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley?
11/15/2005: Kill Thy Neighbor
11/1/2005: Secrets and Superstition in Salem
10/8/2005: Joe Bonanno
10/7/2005: Mob Hit Men
10/1/2005: The Hillside Stranglers
9/29/2005: Lorena Bobbitt: Women and Violence
9/23/2005: Caligula
9/21/2005: The Killer Within
9/20/2005: Payback for a Bully
9/17/2005: Dallas: Arsenic and Old Money
9/15/2005: The Black Widow of Vegas
9/14/2005: For Love or Money
9/13/2005: Oil, Money and Murder
9/8/2005: The James Gang: Outlaw Brothers
9/7/2005: Vinnie 'The Chin' Gigante
9/6/2005: A Sniper in the Tower
9/1/2005: Hunting Bambi: The Laurie Bembenek Story
8/31/2005: Dead Woman Walking: The Karla Faye Tucker Story
8/30/2005: The Preppie Murder
8/26/2005: The Wife Who Knew Too Much
8/26/2005: Ottis Toole
8/25/2005: 'Framed'
8/24/2005: The Wrath of Mrs. Jones
8/23/2005: Prisoners of War: Code of Conduct
8/20/2005: The Heidi Fleiss Story
8/18/2005: While the Children Slept
8/13/2005: Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano
8/12/2005: Defending the Mob
8/11/2005: Mob Rats
8/6/2005: Charles Manson
7/18/2005: The BTK Killer Speaks
6/15/2005: A Confession in Question
3/26/2005: Pikeville, KY: Kentucky Gothic
12/22/2004: Harold Shipman
12/19/2004: Joseph 'The Rat' Valachi
11/23/2004: Joel Rifkin
11/3/2004: Beast of the Ukraine
10/19/2004: The Night Stalker
9/22/2004: Double Life, Double Murder
9/18/2004: Deadly Secrets of Cromwell Street
5/26/2004: Sins of a Priest: The John Geoghan Story
4/4/2004: True Crime: Donnie Brasco
1/17/2004: St. Louis: Family Man, Hit Man
12/16/2003: The Green River Killer
12/10/2003: What the Girl Saw
10/29/2003: The Yosemite Killer
10/18/2003: Confessions of a Predator
5/28/2003: Death of a Bride
4/2/2003: To Save Their Souls
3/11/2003: Infamous Murders: Deadly Ladies
3/11/2003: Deadly Ladies
3/4/2003: Murder in Cold Blood
6/9/2002: Horror in Amityville
6/5/2002: Brutal Revenge
4/3/2002: The Cult Murders
2/6/2002: The Girl in the Box
2/4/2002: The Spy Next Door: Robert Hanssen
1/2/2002: Millions of Reasons to Kill
11/28/2001: The Disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair
11/6/2001: Deadly Trail of Sharif Sharif
7/31/2001: Peace, Love & Murder: The Ira Einhorn Story
7/25/2001: Santa Monica: A Woman Scorned
7/18/2001: Osama bin Laden
6/10/2001: Henry Hill
4/25/2001: Dealing with the Devil
10/9/2000: Rampage Killers: Looking for Signs
8/28/2000: JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation
11/24/1999: Sister Against Sister: The Twin Murder Plot
9/29/1999: Rape in Connecticut: The Alex Kelly Story
8/25/1999: Till Death Do Us Part
6/30/1999: The Perfect Murder: Shannon Mohr Story
3/24/1999: A Woman Scorned: Betty Broderick Story
2/20/1999: A Teenage Murder Mystery
10/14/1998: The Green Beret Murder Mystery
9/3/1997: The Scarsdale Diet Doctor Murder
1/19/1997: The Yorkshire Ripper
4/15/1996: The Hatfields & McCoys
4/3/1995: Bonnie and Clyde
Hitler and the Occult
Like Mother, Like Son: Sante and Kenny Kimes

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Premise: Profiles of infamous people.


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