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2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: Halle Berry; Julia Roberts - People in the News

Profiles include Oscar winners Halle Berry (“Die Another Day”) and Julia Roberts.

Episodes: People in the News (187)

9/17/2005: John Roberts; Jimmy Carter; Charlton Heston
8/20/2005: Pope Benedict XVI; Hollywood and Religion
8/13/2005: Angelina Jolie; Carly Simon
8/6/2005: Jessica Simpson; Britney Spears; Alanis Morissette
7/30/2005: Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey
7/23/2005: 50 Cent; Venus and Serena Williams; Alicia Keys
7/16/2005: Lance Armstrong; Tony Blair; Osama Bin Laden
7/9/2005: Mystery in Aruba: Natalee Holloway; John Walsh; Alanis Morissette
7/2/2005: Tom Cruise; Lindsay Lohan; Michael Caine
6/25/2005: Billy Graham
6/18/2005: Rehnquist and the Supreme Court; Laura Bush; Morgan Freeman
6/11/2005: Angelina Jolie; Britney Spears; Alanis Morissette
5/28/2005: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; Osama Bin Laden; Ayman al-Zawahiri
5/21/2005: Simon Cowell; Mark Burnett; Donald Trump
5/14/2005: U2; Dave Matthews
5/7/2005: Tom DeLay; Tony Blair; Samuel L. Jackson
4/30/2005: Mariah Carey; Usher
4/23/2005: Kirstie Alley; Madonna and Kabbalah; Nicole Kidman
4/16/2005: Gretchen Wilson/Lisa Marie Presley/Tim McGraw
4/9/2005: The Royals
3/26/2005: Hollywood and Religion
3/17/2005: Ashley Smith: A Hero's Journey
3/12/2005: Mary J. Blige/Alanis Morissette
3/3/2005: Martha's Makeover
2/26/2005: Tom Hanks/Halle Berry
2/19/2005: Carly Simon; Rod Stewart
2/12/2005: Usher; Alicia Keys
2/5/2005: Michael Jackson; Robert Blake
1/15/2005: Nicole Kidman/Kevin Spacey
1/8/2005: Voices from the Tsunami
1/8/2005: Robert Blake/Phil Spector
12/19/2004: Bono
12/19/2004: LL Cool J
12/18/2004: LL Cool J/Shania Twain
12/12/2004: T.D. Jakes; Billy Graham
12/4/2004: Britney Spears/Paris Hilton
11/27/2004: Kevin Spacey/Pierce Brosnan
11/25/2004: Donald Trump
11/24/2004: Kevin Spacey/Bono
11/20/2004: Condoleezza Rice; Donald Rumsfeld
11/6/2004: Tom Hanks/Rod Stewart
10/31/2004: Teresa Heinz Kerry; Laura Bush
10/23/2004: Ralph Nader; Colin Powell
10/16/2004: Jennifer Lopez; A-Rod
10/9/2004: Martha Stewart; Howard Stern
10/2/2004: John Edwards; Dick Cheney
9/25/2004: Cirque De Soleil; Donald Trump
9/18/2004: L.L. Cool J; Venus and Serena Williams
9/5/2004: LL Cool J; Donald Trump
8/29/2004: Laura Bush; Dick Cheney
8/22/2004: Ralph Nader; Arnold Schwarzenegger
8/21/2004: Britney Spears; Madonna
8/7/2004: Tom Cruise; Carly Simon
7/31/2004: Halle Berry; Denzel Washington
7/24/2004: Teresa Heinz Kerry; John Edwards
7/9/2004: Cirque du Soleil
7/2/2004: Donald Rumsfeld
6/26/2004: Michael Moore; Donald Rumsfeld
6/19/2004: Paris Hilton; Janet Jackson
6/13/2004: Nicole Kidman; Tim McGraw
6/6/2004: D-Day: A Call to Courage
6/5/2004: Laci Peterson; Phil Spector
5/29/2004: Tom Hanks; Billy Graham
5/22/2004: American Idols; Mike Myers
5/15/2004: Howard Stern; Alanis Morissette
5/8/2004: Carly Simon; Rod Stewart
4/24/2004: Michael Jackson; Denzel Washington
4/17/2004: Christopher Reeve; Lance Armstrong
4/10/2004: Billy Graham; Mel Gibson
4/3/2004: Donald Trump; Kevin Spacey
3/27/2004: Janet Jackson; Kobe Bryant
3/20/2004: Ayman al-Zawahiri; Osama bin Laden
3/13/2004: American Idols; Santana
3/13/2004: Laci Peterson; Robert Blake
3/6/2004: Martha Stewart; Laci Peterson
2/22/2004: Mel Gibson; Russell Crowe
2/21/2004: Russell Crowe; Nicole Kidman
2/14/2004: Mary J. Blige; Melissa Etheridge
2/7/2004: Rod Stewart; Shania Twain
2/7/2004: American Idols; Shania Twain
1/24/2004: Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez; Robert Redford
1/24/2004: The Royal Family
1/17/2004: Michael Jackson; Laci Peterson
1/10/2004: Martha Stewart; Phil Spector
12/21/2003: Concorde
11/16/2003: Kennedys
10/18/2003: Pope John Paul II
10/4/2003: Kobe Bryant; Lance Armstrong
9/20/2003: Friends
8/2/2003: Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez; Bob Hope
7/26/2003: Laci Peterson; John Walsh
7/19/2003: Lance Armstrong; Will Smith
6/28/2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger; Michael Moore
6/21/2003: Harry Potter; Harrison Ford
6/14/2003: Quest for Peace
6/7/2003: Martha Stewart; Ozzy Osbourne
5/24/2003: Melissa Etheridge; Margaret Cho
5/17/2003: Shania Twain; Madonna
5/11/2003: Osama Bin Laden
5/10/2003: Osama Bin Laden; Ayman al-Zawahiri
5/3/2003: Dick Cheney; Kim Jong-il
4/26/2003: Gen. Tommy Franks
3/15/2003: Donald Rumsfeld; Tony Blair
3/8/2003: Soldier Stories; Donald Rumsfeld
3/1/2003: Saddam Hussein; Robert Blake
2/22/2003: Condoleezza Rice; Kevin Spacey
2/15/2003: Michael Caine; Robert Downey Jr.
2/1/2003: Kim Jong il/Saddam Hussein
1/25/2003: Hans Blix; Tommy Franks; Tony Blair
1/18/2003: Tim McGraw; Robert Redford
1/11/2003: Saddam Hussein; Colin Powell
12/15/2002: Time Magazine's Person of the Year
12/14/2002: Alanis Morissette; Margaret Cho
12/14/2002: Denzel Washington; Will Smith
12/7/2002: John Walsh; Pierce Brosnan
11/30/2002: Ozzy Osbourne; Alanis Morissette
11/23/2002: Halle Berry; Alanis Morissette
11/23/2002: Halle Berry; Julia Roberts
11/16/2002: Harry Potter; Mike Myers
11/9/2002: Donald Rumsfeld; Condoleezza Rice
11/9/2002: Ozzy Osbourne; John Walsh
11/2/2002: Saddam Hussein; Donald Rumsfeld
10/26/2002: Melissa Etheridge; Celine Dion
10/19/2002: Bernie Mac; Margaret Cho
10/19/2002: Michael Moore; Hugh Hefner
10/12/2002: Paul McCartney; Madonna
10/5/2002: Reba McEntire; Emeril
9/28/2002: Robert Redford; Russell Crowe
9/21/2002: John Ashcroft; Pope John Paul II
9/14/2002: Michael Bloomberg; Rudy Giuliani
9/7/2002: 9/11 Survivors
8/31/2002: Hugh Hefner; Liz Taylor
8/24/2002: John Walker
8/17/2002: Steven Tyler
8/10/2002: Michael Moore
8/3/2002: Julia Roberts; Mike Myers
7/27/2002: Harrison Ford; Billy Bob Thornton
7/13/2002: Arafat/Sharon
7/6/2002: Will Smith
6/22/2002: Tom Cruise and Billy Bob Thornton
6/15/2002: John Gotti Paul McCartney
6/8/2002: The Royals
6/1/2002: Mike Tyson
5/25/2002: Elizabeth Taylor
5/18/2002: Madonna Update
5/11/2002: Celine Dion
4/27/2002: Martha Stewart
4/20/2002: Ariel Sharon/Condoleezza Rice Update
4/20/2002: Rosie O'Donnell
4/13/2002: Palestinian President Yasser Arafat
4/13/2002: The Graduate
3/30/2002: Michael J. Fox
3/23/2002: Hugh Hefner
3/16/2002: Russell Crowe
3/9/2002: Six Months On...
3/2/2002: Reba McEntire
2/23/2002: Grammy Special
11/22/2001: Franklin Graham
11/17/2001: Harry Potter
10/6/2001: Mark Burnett
9/22/2001: Liz Taylor
9/15/2001: Emeril Lagasse
9/8/2001: John Gotti
8/25/2001: Madonna
8/18/2001: Mia Hamm
8/4/2001: Nicole Kidman
7/28/2001: Michelle Kwan
7/14/2001: Robert Downey Jr.
7/7/2001: Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez; Tiger Woods
6/30/2001: Princess Diana
6/23/2001: Steven Spielberg
6/16/2001: Tiger Woods
6/2/2001: Magic Johnson
5/26/2001: Andre Agassi; Venus and Serena Williams
5/19/2001: Robert Blake
5/12/2001: Timothy McVeigh
5/5/2001: Bono
4/28/2001: Patricia Hearst
4/21/2001: Julia Roberts
4/7/2001: Laura Bush
Lisa Marie Presley; Celine Dion
Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez; Julia Roberts
Alex Rodriguez; Lance Armstrong
Jimmy Carter
John Roberts; Karl Rove
John Roberts; Jimmy Carter; Karl Rove
Dennis Hopper; Paul McCartney; Phil Spector

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