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Episode Detail: Ariel Sharon/Condoleezza Rice Update - People in the News

Profiles of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice explore attempts by the Bush Administration to broker peace between Israel and the PLO.

Episodes: People in the News (187)

9/17/2005: John Roberts; Jimmy Carter; Charlton Heston
8/20/2005: Pope Benedict XVI; Hollywood and Religion
8/13/2005: Angelina Jolie; Carly Simon
8/6/2005: Jessica Simpson; Britney Spears; Alanis Morissette
7/30/2005: Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey
7/23/2005: 50 Cent; Venus and Serena Williams; Alicia Keys
7/16/2005: Lance Armstrong; Tony Blair; Osama Bin Laden
7/9/2005: Mystery in Aruba: Natalee Holloway; John Walsh; Alanis Morissette
7/2/2005: Tom Cruise; Lindsay Lohan; Michael Caine
6/25/2005: Billy Graham
6/18/2005: Rehnquist and the Supreme Court; Laura Bush; Morgan Freeman
6/11/2005: Angelina Jolie; Britney Spears; Alanis Morissette
5/28/2005: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; Osama Bin Laden; Ayman al-Zawahiri
5/21/2005: Simon Cowell; Mark Burnett; Donald Trump
5/14/2005: U2; Dave Matthews
5/7/2005: Tom DeLay; Tony Blair; Samuel L. Jackson
4/30/2005: Mariah Carey; Usher
4/23/2005: Kirstie Alley; Madonna and Kabbalah; Nicole Kidman
4/16/2005: Gretchen Wilson/Lisa Marie Presley/Tim McGraw
4/9/2005: The Royals
3/26/2005: Hollywood and Religion
3/17/2005: Ashley Smith: A Hero's Journey
3/12/2005: Mary J. Blige/Alanis Morissette
3/3/2005: Martha's Makeover
2/26/2005: Tom Hanks/Halle Berry
2/19/2005: Carly Simon; Rod Stewart
2/12/2005: Usher; Alicia Keys
2/5/2005: Michael Jackson; Robert Blake
1/15/2005: Nicole Kidman/Kevin Spacey
1/8/2005: Voices from the Tsunami
1/8/2005: Robert Blake/Phil Spector
12/19/2004: Bono
12/19/2004: LL Cool J
12/18/2004: LL Cool J/Shania Twain
12/12/2004: T.D. Jakes; Billy Graham
12/4/2004: Britney Spears/Paris Hilton
11/27/2004: Kevin Spacey/Pierce Brosnan
11/25/2004: Donald Trump
11/24/2004: Kevin Spacey/Bono
11/20/2004: Condoleezza Rice; Donald Rumsfeld
11/6/2004: Tom Hanks/Rod Stewart
10/31/2004: Teresa Heinz Kerry; Laura Bush
10/23/2004: Ralph Nader; Colin Powell
10/16/2004: Jennifer Lopez; A-Rod
10/9/2004: Martha Stewart; Howard Stern
10/2/2004: John Edwards; Dick Cheney
9/25/2004: Cirque De Soleil; Donald Trump
9/18/2004: L.L. Cool J; Venus and Serena Williams
9/5/2004: LL Cool J; Donald Trump
8/29/2004: Laura Bush; Dick Cheney
8/22/2004: Ralph Nader; Arnold Schwarzenegger
8/21/2004: Britney Spears; Madonna
8/7/2004: Tom Cruise; Carly Simon
7/31/2004: Halle Berry; Denzel Washington
7/24/2004: Teresa Heinz Kerry; John Edwards
7/9/2004: Cirque du Soleil
7/2/2004: Donald Rumsfeld
6/26/2004: Michael Moore; Donald Rumsfeld
6/19/2004: Paris Hilton; Janet Jackson
6/13/2004: Nicole Kidman; Tim McGraw
6/6/2004: D-Day: A Call to Courage
6/5/2004: Laci Peterson; Phil Spector
5/29/2004: Tom Hanks; Billy Graham
5/22/2004: American Idols; Mike Myers
5/15/2004: Howard Stern; Alanis Morissette
5/8/2004: Carly Simon; Rod Stewart
4/24/2004: Michael Jackson; Denzel Washington
4/17/2004: Christopher Reeve; Lance Armstrong
4/10/2004: Billy Graham; Mel Gibson
4/3/2004: Donald Trump; Kevin Spacey
3/27/2004: Janet Jackson; Kobe Bryant
3/20/2004: Ayman al-Zawahiri; Osama bin Laden
3/13/2004: American Idols; Santana
3/13/2004: Laci Peterson; Robert Blake
3/6/2004: Martha Stewart; Laci Peterson
2/22/2004: Mel Gibson; Russell Crowe
2/21/2004: Russell Crowe; Nicole Kidman
2/14/2004: Mary J. Blige; Melissa Etheridge
2/7/2004: Rod Stewart; Shania Twain
2/7/2004: American Idols; Shania Twain
1/24/2004: Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez; Robert Redford
1/24/2004: The Royal Family
1/17/2004: Michael Jackson; Laci Peterson
1/10/2004: Martha Stewart; Phil Spector
12/21/2003: Concorde
11/16/2003: Kennedys
10/18/2003: Pope John Paul II
10/4/2003: Kobe Bryant; Lance Armstrong
9/20/2003: Friends
8/2/2003: Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez; Bob Hope
7/26/2003: Laci Peterson; John Walsh
7/19/2003: Lance Armstrong; Will Smith
6/28/2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger; Michael Moore
6/21/2003: Harry Potter; Harrison Ford
6/14/2003: Quest for Peace
6/7/2003: Martha Stewart; Ozzy Osbourne
5/24/2003: Melissa Etheridge; Margaret Cho
5/17/2003: Shania Twain; Madonna
5/11/2003: Osama Bin Laden
5/10/2003: Osama Bin Laden; Ayman al-Zawahiri
5/3/2003: Dick Cheney; Kim Jong-il
4/26/2003: Gen. Tommy Franks
3/15/2003: Donald Rumsfeld; Tony Blair
3/8/2003: Soldier Stories; Donald Rumsfeld
3/1/2003: Saddam Hussein; Robert Blake
2/22/2003: Condoleezza Rice; Kevin Spacey
2/15/2003: Michael Caine; Robert Downey Jr.
2/1/2003: Kim Jong il/Saddam Hussein
1/25/2003: Hans Blix; Tommy Franks; Tony Blair
1/18/2003: Tim McGraw; Robert Redford
1/11/2003: Saddam Hussein; Colin Powell
12/15/2002: Time Magazine's Person of the Year
12/14/2002: Alanis Morissette; Margaret Cho
12/14/2002: Denzel Washington; Will Smith
12/7/2002: John Walsh; Pierce Brosnan
11/30/2002: Ozzy Osbourne; Alanis Morissette
11/23/2002: Halle Berry; Alanis Morissette
11/23/2002: Halle Berry; Julia Roberts
11/16/2002: Harry Potter; Mike Myers
11/9/2002: Donald Rumsfeld; Condoleezza Rice
11/9/2002: Ozzy Osbourne; John Walsh
11/2/2002: Saddam Hussein; Donald Rumsfeld
10/26/2002: Melissa Etheridge; Celine Dion
10/19/2002: Bernie Mac; Margaret Cho
10/19/2002: Michael Moore; Hugh Hefner
10/12/2002: Paul McCartney; Madonna
10/5/2002: Reba McEntire; Emeril
9/28/2002: Robert Redford; Russell Crowe
9/21/2002: John Ashcroft; Pope John Paul II
9/14/2002: Michael Bloomberg; Rudy Giuliani
9/7/2002: 9/11 Survivors
8/31/2002: Hugh Hefner; Liz Taylor
8/24/2002: John Walker
8/17/2002: Steven Tyler
8/10/2002: Michael Moore
8/3/2002: Julia Roberts; Mike Myers
7/27/2002: Harrison Ford; Billy Bob Thornton
7/13/2002: Arafat/Sharon
7/6/2002: Will Smith
6/22/2002: Tom Cruise and Billy Bob Thornton
6/15/2002: John Gotti Paul McCartney
6/8/2002: The Royals
6/1/2002: Mike Tyson
5/25/2002: Elizabeth Taylor
5/18/2002: Madonna Update
5/11/2002: Celine Dion
4/27/2002: Martha Stewart
4/20/2002: Ariel Sharon/Condoleezza Rice Update
4/20/2002: Rosie O'Donnell
4/13/2002: Palestinian President Yasser Arafat
4/13/2002: The Graduate
3/30/2002: Michael J. Fox
3/23/2002: Hugh Hefner
3/16/2002: Russell Crowe
3/9/2002: Six Months On...
3/2/2002: Reba McEntire
2/23/2002: Grammy Special
11/22/2001: Franklin Graham
11/17/2001: Harry Potter
10/6/2001: Mark Burnett
9/22/2001: Liz Taylor
9/15/2001: Emeril Lagasse
9/8/2001: John Gotti
8/25/2001: Madonna
8/18/2001: Mia Hamm
8/4/2001: Nicole Kidman
7/28/2001: Michelle Kwan
7/14/2001: Robert Downey Jr.
7/7/2001: Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez; Tiger Woods
6/30/2001: Princess Diana
6/23/2001: Steven Spielberg
6/16/2001: Tiger Woods
6/2/2001: Magic Johnson
5/26/2001: Andre Agassi; Venus and Serena Williams
5/19/2001: Robert Blake
5/12/2001: Timothy McVeigh
5/5/2001: Bono
4/28/2001: Patricia Hearst
4/21/2001: Julia Roberts
4/7/2001: Laura Bush
Lisa Marie Presley; Celine Dion
Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez; Julia Roberts
Alex Rodriguez; Lance Armstrong
Jimmy Carter
John Roberts; Karl Rove
John Roberts; Jimmy Carter; Karl Rove
Dennis Hopper; Paul McCartney; Phil Spector

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