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Annabama Season 4, Episode 14

Anna's wedding day arrives, but is preceded by an awkward party for the bride and June's quest for complete control of the nuptials, but Anna and her new family have an even bigger surprise in store after the reception. read more

Ain't Gonna Leave Me Season 4, Episode 13

Michael goes fishing with Sugar Bear and his friends. Meanwhile, Alana gives taxidermy a try; and June tries to seize control of the decorating plans for Anna's wedding. read more

Trouble in Paradise Season 4, Episode 12

Anna's approaching wedding comes with the added drama of picking the bridesmaids' dresses; Sugar Bear and June get a couples massage for their anniversary. read more

Girl Power Season 4, Episode 11

Jessica breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to go to the prom with her best friend, so Alana tries to cheer her sister up by burning the ex's things. Meanwhile, Anna has a wedding shower with a wrestling theme, but clashes with June over the details for her big day. read more

Spring Broken Season 4, Episode 10

The girls are bored on Spring Break, so June and Sugar Bear make an improvised hot tub in the back of a pickup truck, and later invite Anna, Michael and Kaitlyn to join them for vacation on a houseboat. read more

This Couch Is on Fire Season 4, Episode 9

Home-improvement time means the girls get to repaint their walls, while June concentrates on her appearance. Also: The family bid farewell to an old couch. read more

Brain Rest Season 4, Episode 8

Pumpkin's in the hospital after the family are involved in a car accident, but June stays with her to make sure she's alright. Meanwhile, Anna and Michael get matching tattoos. read more

Vowel of Silence Season 4, Episode 7

June rents Alana a goat from a farm to give her something to do; Sugar Bear makes plans for a romantic rendezvous with June. read more

Civil War Season 4, Episode 6

Anna's wedding dreams are altered when June gets involved in the process of choosing a venue. Meanwhile, Sugar Bear explores the yard with a metal detector in hopes of finding buried treasures. read more

Forced Family Fun! Season 4, Episode 5

Game night and pottery painting are planned in an effort to bring the family together when Anna and Kaitlyn aren't around as much, but the reunion isn't official until it involves mud. read more

Top 10 Summer Moments Season 4, Episode 4

Alana recalls her most memorable moments of the summer, including digging backyard mud pits, ice blocking and kissing a giraffe. read more

Bingo Face Season 4, Episode 3

June's addiction to coupons finds Sugar Bear looking for ways to turn it into affection. Meanwhile, the sisters try to be nicer to each other, but only because they think the spare room will be their reward. read more

De-Stressin' Season 4, Episode 2

Stress gets to Sugar Bear when June's constant nagging makes him physically ill, so he tries to self-medicate with his own relaxation techniques. read more

3 Generations & 1 Pork Rind Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, June's birthday isn't very happy when Anna decides to move out, so she tries to take her mind off her grief by working at the bakery, which leaves Sugar Bear alone at home to do the chores. read more

New Year's Revolutions

The New Year starts in a week, so the family scramble to fulfill their resolutions. Meanwhile, Anna's boyfriend turns their attention to another kind of commitment. read more

Never Boo-fore Seen

Clips of unseen footage include June and Sugar Bear in couples therapy; and candid revelations from the family. read more

Halloween Too

Trick-or-treating time at Halloween brings out the girls' best pranks and novel ideas for costumes. read more

You're Be Nineteen Season 3, Episode 12

A shared birthday for sisters Alana and Anna has their mom planning something special, though June also wants to talk to Alana, her youngest daughter, about puberty. read more

Sherlock Poop Season 3, Episode 11

June finds an apartment flyer in Anna's room and wants to know if she's thinking about moving out; Alana tries to find out who's not flushing the toilet; Sugar Bear wants to add to the family. read more

You Need Your Thumb to Vacuum Clean Season 3, Episode 10

Kaitlyn's first birthday presents Anna with a difficult decision about her daughter's anatomy; Alana bonds with her mother when she feels like her niece gets all the attention. read more

Can I Say ***** Season 3, Episode 9

The family set up a swear jar after the girls' language starts to get a little salty. Meanwhile, Anna tries to make a chicken potpie after declaring she wants to go to cooking school, and she gets a hand from Alana, who likes handling raw chicken. read more

Stand Peein' Up Season 3, Episode 8

Sugar Bear's idea for camping is met with resistance from the girls, especially when their electronic devices are taken away. read more

Monkeys Make Very Good Brothers Season 3, Episode 7

Couples therapy is suggested by Sugar Bear when he and June need relationship advice. Meanwhile, the girls try to amuse themselves with diversions such as exploding soda bottles. read more

Funk Shway Season 3, Episode 6

The family consider moving when their house starts to feel small, so June puts together a wish list of what they want. Also: A trip to a blueberry festival includes Alana's participation in a pie-eating contest. read more

Get a Job Season 3, Episode 5

June offers to buy a pool after Alana and Pumpkin dig a hole in the yard, but only if they earn money for it; Jessica's date with her boyfriend is chaperoned by the whole family. read more

Hubba Bubba! Season 3, Episode 4

The RV journey continues with a visit to the seashore for the girls' first surfing lesson, and concludes with a decadent Southern meal. read more

Familymoon Season 3, Episode 3

Instead of June and Sugar Bear going on a honeymoon, the family take an RV journey that includes a tour of an animal safari, a stop at a children's museum and a visit to a candy shop. read more

The Birds and the Boos Season 3, Episode 2

Anna and Jessica are dating, but June isn't ready to be a grandmother again, so she has the "birds and the bees" talk with her daughters while Sugar Bear does the same with their boyfriends, but Alana feels left out and decides she needs a new hobby. read more

The Manper Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, Sugar Bear carves out some space for himself in a camper, while Pumpkin looks for guinea pigs on whom to practice for beauty school, but the family reunite for a trip to the Redneck Games in Georgia. read more

Happily Ever After? Season 2, Episode 12

June and Sugar Bear's wedding day arrives, but the bride is completely stressed out and may not make it down the aisle. Meanwhile, the girls get gussied up, and Sugar Bear dons his camouflage tuxedo. read more

Stress Poops Season 2, Episode 11

June is overcome by stress from planning her wedding. Meanwhile, the girls go over their to-do list; and Sugar Bear and June meet a prospective preacher. read more

Lift and Scoop Season 2, Episode 10

June goes shopping for a bra that fits, and then lets loose at her bachelorette party while Sugar Bear celebrates at his bachelor party. read more

Get Her Chins Vacuumed Season 2, Episode 9

Sugar Bear shops for a tuxedo with the girls when he realizes he has nothing to wear for the wedding. Meanwhile, June spends a relaxing day at the spa. read more

Big Girls Wear Lace-Ups Season 2, Episode 8

June's wedding to-do list has her feeling stressed out when there's so much to plan. Meanwhile, the girls want to know all about the first dance at the reception, but suggest that June and Sugar Bear could use some professional help. read more

Runaway Bride Season 2, Episode 7

The girls do housework and plan a bridal shower when June is busy visiting Sugar Bear in the hospital. read more

Safety! Season 2, Episode 6

Jessica and Anna study for their driving tests; the girls teach June the rules to a game called Doorknob; June and Sugar Bear work on the guest list to their ceremony, but their planning is interrupted when Sugar Bear is rushed to the ER. read more

Chubby Chaser Season 2, Episode 5

Sugar Bear proposes to June for the third time, but she still isn't sure she wants to get married. read more

The 'M' Word Season 2, Episode 4

Sugar Bear gets dressed up in his nicest funeral shirt as his plan for June is put into motion, while the girls help set the stage for romance with scented candles and Nugget the chicken. read more

It's Always Something With Pumpkin Season 2, Episode 3

The family talk about Pumpkin on her 13th birthday; Alana starts taking dance classes; Sugar Bear shares his secret plan for June. read more

Turn This Big Mama On Season 2, Episode 2

Sugar Bear's birthday party isn't much of a surprise; the family ride go-karts, but June winds up with her own pit crew. read more

Mo' Butter, Mo' Better Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 premiere, June punishes the girls for not doing their chores by taking away their phones. Meanwhile, the family watch wrestling; enjoy a roadkill supper; and find a slippery substitute for a waterslide. read more

A Very Boo Christmas

The family get ready for Christmas by putting up their annual display and doing charitable work. Also: June searches for holiday deals at a flea market and teaches the clan the value of regifting. read more

You Don't Know Boo!

Highlights of the series' most memorable moments from Season 1. read more

A Very Boo Thanksgiving

June plans a simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving dinner for the family's biggest meal of the year. read more

A Very Boo Halloween

When the family celebrate Halloween, June sports a new look while Alana anticipates a big candy haul, but a pumpkin-carving session ends in embarrassing fashion for Uncle Poodle. read more

It Is What It Is Season 1, Episode 10

In the Season 1 finale, Alana's preparations for a big pageant are interrupted when Anna goes into labor. read more

Ah-choo! Season 1, Episode 9

June takes the girls to bingo for a chance to win $1000; Alana gets advice on pageants from Miss Georgia 2011; the family celebrate Alana's seventh birthday. read more

Time for Sketti! Season 1, Episode 8

Alana sets up a lemonade stand to raise money for her next pageant. Meanwhile, June invents ways to keep the girls occupied and makes the family's favorite meal, "sketti," for supper. read more

Shh! It's a Wig Season 1, Episode 7

The family celebrate July 4th with a picnic and fireworks; Sugar Bear brings home a pool that requires some assembly; June hunts for a wig for Alana to wear in her next pageant. read more

A Bunch of Wedgies Season 1, Episode 6

June reveals her "forklift foot" for the first time when she takes the girls to a water park. Meanwhile, Anna is advised to rest after a trip to the emergency room; and the girls' summer weight-loss challenge comes to an end with a final weigh-in. read more

What Is a Door Nut? Season 1, Episode 5

The family's plans for their annual Christmas in July are interrupted when Anna is rushed to the hospital with contractions; June wonders if the family should send their pet pig back to the breeder. read more

I'm Sassified! Season 1, Episode 4

Alana's dress doesn't fit, and June only has two days to get a new one made before a big pageant. Meanwhile, mom and the girls go to the spa as the family prepare for June and Sugar Bear's anniversary. read more

She Oooo'd Herself Season 1, Episode 3

June saves money for Alana's pageant fees, while Alana meets a new coach and tries to master a difficult routine. Later, the family throw a baby shower for Chickadee. read more

Gonna Be a Glitz Pig Season 1, Episode 2

Sugar Bear buys Alana a miniature pig, which Alana names Glitzy, to cheer her up after a string of pageant losses. Later, June signs Alana and Pumpkin up for an etiquette class. read more

This Is My Crazy Family Season 1, Episode 1

This reality series follows 6-year-old beauty queen Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and her family in rural Georgia. In the premiere, the entire Thompson clan compete in the Summer Redneck Games in East Dublin, Ga. read more

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Episode: "A Very Boo Thanksgiving"

Episode Synopsis: June plans a simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving dinner for the family's biggest meal of the year.
Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2013

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Premiered: August 08, 2012, on TLC
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Premise: A reality series following 6-year-old beauty queen Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and her family in rural Georgia.



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