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Stanford Season 3, Episode 12

Mindy goes to Stanford, but probably wishes for a second chance to make a first impression in her fellowship class. Meanwhile, back in New York, the practice is gearing up for a basketball tournament. read more

Christmas Season 3, Episode 11

Mindy wonders if Danny will propose as the holidays approach; Morgan has an ideal date thanks to a case of mistaken identity. read more

What About Peter? Season 3, Episode 10

Mindy's so committed to helping Peter with his living situation that it starts to affect her relationship with Danny. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Morgan are reluctant babysitters for Lauren's infant son. read more

How to Lose a Mom in Ten Days Season 3, Episode 9

Mindy plays matchmaker for Danny's mom by setting her up on a blind date that could blossom into everlasting love. read more

Diary of a Mad Indian Woman Season 3, Episode 8

Danny finds Mindy's diary but can't stop himself from reading it. Meanwhile, Mindy is a reluctant mentor for residents at the hospital. read more

We Need to Talk About Annette Season 3, Episode 7

Annette's shoplifting habit changes Mindy's mind about taking someone else's things; Peter has second thoughts about calling Abby his "dream girl." read more

Caramel Princess Time Season 3, Episode 6

Danny's had it with Mindy's lateness, so he tries to teach her a lesson about being on time. Meanwhile, Tamra and Morgan set Peter up on a blind date with a friend who's a novelist. read more

The Devil Wears Lands' End Season 3, Episode 5

Shonda Rhimes guest stars as herself, playing a beer-pong phenom whom Peter thinks he can unseat as the reigning Dartmouth alumni champion, but only if Jeremy will help him. Meanwhile, Mindy tries to fix the practice's image to impress the hospital's new head of obstetrics. read more

I Slipped Season 3, Episode 4

Mindy hopes to impress Danny as their relationship enters new territory; Morgan tries to fool Jeremy and Peter into settling their differences. read more

Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs Season 3, Episode 3

Mindy's tax woes could jeopardize the future of the practice, so she concocts a scheme to obtain Cliff's legal assistance to bail her out. Meanwhile, Peter and Jeremy compete for Lauren's affection. read more

Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis Season 3, Episode 2

Mindy strives to impress Danny's mom when she comes to the city for a visit. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to stand his ground in his relationship with Tamra. read more

We're a Couple Now, Haters! Season 3, Episode 1

Mindy and Danny try to find a balance between work and romance in the Season 3 premiere. Meanwhile, Morgan's cousin Lou visits the office; and Jeremy organizes a charity event with Peter's girlfriend. read more

Danny and Mindy Season 2, Episode 22

In the Season 2 finale, an item in a New York newspaper has Mindy thinking she's found the man of her romantic-comedy dreams after reading his description of their encounter. read more

Girl Next Door Season 2, Episode 21

Danny offers to sell Mindy the other condo he owns in his building, but he gets jealous when she starts dating Charlie the police officer. Meanwhile, Peter goes out with a brain surgeon, but worries that she might to be too mature for him. read more

An Officer and a Gynecologist Season 2, Episode 20

Mindy clashes with a police officer when she gives his daughter birth-control pills. Meanwhile, a rabbi thinks Danny is Jewish when he refers his congregation to the practice. read more

Think Like a Peter Season 2, Episode 19

Mindy tests Peter's advice to think like a man at a bar, where she meets a first-grade teacher who's got a way with words. Meanwhile, Danny offers relationship tips to Tamra. read more

Girl Crush Season 2, Episode 18

Mindy mulls taking a new job when her idol tries to woo her away from the practice. read more

Be Cool Season 2, Episode 17

Mindy and Danny try dating, but their relationship is tested when an ex of Danny's shows up selling pharmaceuticals. read more

Be Cool; Girl Crush

Mindy and Danny try dating, but their relationship is tested when an ex of Danny's shows up selling pharmaceuticals. In the second-half hour, Mindy mulls taking a new job when her idol tries to woo her away from the practice. read more

Indian BBW Season 2, Episode 16

Mindy learns of an incriminating photo of herself that's making its way around the Internet, so she asks Peter to help keep it from falling into the wrong hands. read more

French Me, You Idiot Season 2, Episode 15

Jeremy and Peter concoct a scheme to poach patients from a rival practice that closed; Mindy and Danny face the consequences of their moment of intimacy. read more

French Me, You Idiot; Indian BBW

Jeremy and Peter concoct a scheme to poach patients from a rival practice that closed; and Mindy and Danny face the consequences of their moment of intimacy. In the second half-hour, Mindy learns of an incriminating photo of herself that's making its way around the Internet, so she asks Peter to help keep it from falling into the wrong hands. read more

The Desert Season 2, Episode 14

Mindy winds up in the desert in the aftermath of her breakup with Cliff when Danny tricks her into going to see his father instead of taking her to the airport. read more

L.A. Season 2, Episode 13

Mindy, Danny, Peter and Morgan are sent to Los Angeles by Jeremy to get certified for cosmetic injections, but Peter is distracted by chasing a celebrity crush, while Mindy runs into Casey. read more

Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer Season 2, Episode 12

Mindy wants to get in shape before a weekend getaway with Cliff, so she talks Danny into being her personal trainer. Meanwhile, Peter fills in as managing partner at the office when Jeremy is out sick. read more

Christmas Party Sex Trap Season 2, Episode 11

Mindy throws a Christmas bash for all of the building's businesses so she can spend more time with Cliff, but Brendan's date zaps Mindy's holiday spirit with a seductive rendition of "Santa Baby" for the guests. read more

Wedding Crushers Season 2, Episode 10

Mindy's philandering ex-boyfriend Josh invites her to his wedding, and in her haste to find a date settles on Peter, who turns out to be an ideal companion—until he makes one huge blunder. Meanwhile, Danny's younger brother pays a visit and a has a big announcement to make. read more

Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist Season 2, Episode 9

A public-relations fiasco ensues after Danny asks one of his patients to write about the practice on her mommy blog, but she turns out to be a white supremacist. To take control of the situation, they hire a PR guru to give Danny media training, but she winds up seducing him. read more

You've Got Sext Season 2, Episode 8

Mindy reveals her crush to Danny, who thinks she's talking about him instead of a lawyer named Cliff. Meanwhile, Morgan and Peter find Mindy's phone and answer a text message from Cliff, but they start a conversation they may not be able to finish. read more

Sk8er Man Season 2, Episode 7

Mindy goes on a date with a free-spirited skateboarder after Danny tells her she's too picky and judgmental. Meanwhile, Jeremy gets a visit from his father, who seems to like Peter more than his son. read more

Bro Club for Dudes Season 2, Episode 6

Mindy tags along for a guys' night out at what she thinks is MoMA, aka New York's Museum of Modern Art, but it's actually an MMA fight. read more

Wiener Night Season 2, Episode 5

Mindy meets a journalist who thinks she's too ordinary, so she invites him to Christina's art show, which includes nude photos of her ex-husband, Danny. read more

Magic Morgan Season 2, Episode 4

Morgan claims that anyone who sleeps with him will fall madly in love—with someone else—immediately after the encounter, so Mindy decides to take the plunge, but when she backs out at the last minute, Morgan sues her for sexual harassment. read more

Music Festival Season 2, Episode 3

Casey has an identity crisis after returning from Haiti and decides to become a DJ, so Mindy and her colleagues attend a music festival where he's appearing, but the freewheeling atmosphere leads to one mishap after another. Meanwhile, Jeremy hires a new doctor who draws Mindy's ire after he performs an emergency delivery. read more

The Other Dr. L Season 2, Episode 2

As if Mindy's long-distance relationship with Casey isn't hard enough, now she has to deal with her new nemesis, Dr. Paul Leotard, taking over the office. Meanwhile, Danny discovers a new pastime in the wake of his breakup with Christina. read more

All My Problems Solved Forever Season 2, Episode 1

The second season begins with Mindy being rushed back to New York from Haiti after falling ill, only to find that Shulman & Associates has hired a dashing new ob-gyn (James Franco) who also happens to be a former model and a sex therapist with advice for Danny and Christina. read more

Take Me With You Season 1, Episode 24

In the first-season finale, Mindy decides to go on a volunteer mission to Haiti with Casey, so Danny and his ex-wife throw them the mother of all going-away parties. read more

Frat Party Season 1, Episode 23

Mindy is upset by Casey's decision to spend a year in Haiti, so she tags along with a premed student she's mentoring to a frat party, where she runs into her ex-boyfriend Tom. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy try to steal Morgan back from the midwives. read more

Santa Fe Season 1, Episode 21

Before attending a medical conference in New Mexico, Mindy gets a message from her ex-boyfriend Josh, who's relocated to Santa Fe and wants to meet up with her. Meanwhile, Morgan assists Jeremy with an important presentation that could affect his future. read more

Pretty Man Season 1, Episode 20

On a night on the town by herself, Mindy meets a handsome man—who just happens to be a prostitute—but the experience could pay off when she needs a date for Danny and Alex's dinner party, so she gives him a "Pretty Woman"-style makeover. read more

My Cool Christian Boyfriend Season 1, Episode 19

Mindy goes to church when she dates a minister, who has to confess that he thinks she's selfish, so she goes along when the practice sponsors a volunteer outing at a women's prison. read more

Danny's Friend Season 1, Episode 18

Mindy's new neighbor may turn out to be Josh's ex-girlfriend Heather—the woman who ruined her Christmas party—but not if Mindy can successfully sabotage her rental application. Meanwhile, Danny faces a moral dilemma when he helps out a childhood friend. read more

Mindy's Birthday Season 1, Episode 17

Mindy has a terrible birthday when her friends and co-workers accidentally mess up her party, but things go from bad to worse when she winds up in a fight with a new group of revelers she just happened to meet. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy both have their eye on Mindy's friend. read more

The One That Got Away Season 1, Episode 16

Mindy's reunion with an old crush takes them down memory lane to the time they shared at Jewish summer camp, which just might lead to a rekindling of their adolescent romance. read more

Mindy's Minute Season 1, Episode 15

Mindy is offered the chance to deliver a medical report on the local TV news, and gets advice for appearing on camera from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Beverly returns to the office as an administrative assistant, but is flummoxed by modern technology and youth culture. read more

Harry & Mindy Season 1, Episode 14

Mindy sets up Jaime's female best friend, Lucy, with Danny for a double date on Valentine's Day; Jeremy gives Morgan tips for picking up women on his way to a romantic rendezvous. read more

Harry & Sally Season 1, Episode 13

Mindy is unnerved by her dream guy's relationship with his female best friend; Jillian breaks up with Danny, who enlists Morgan's help to win her back. read more

Hooking Up Is Hard Season 1, Episode 12

Mindy's attempted one-night stand with Brendan hits a snag when his brother and Morgan drop by; and Danny goes on a date with Eye Patch. read more

Bunk Bed Season 1, Episode 11

Mindy's plans for a bunk bed for her goddaughter's sleepover go awry after Morgan and Danny's creation injures Gwen when it collapses. Meanwhile, Shauna and Betsy try to find out who's stealing the office's magazines, a search that yields some surprising discoveries. read more

Mindy's Brother Season 1, Episode 10

Mindy's brother visits from college and shocks his sister with his plans to drop out of school and become a rap star. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy try to schmooze their landlord into lowering their rent for the office. read more

Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party Season 1, Episode 9

Mindy throws a Christmas party at her apartment for her colleagues, who finally get to meet Josh, but no one is more surprised than Mindy when she learns her new boyfriend's secret. Meanwhile, Jeremy doesn't find much cheer in giving out holiday bonuses. read more

Two to One Season 1, Episode 8

Mindy leaves to be her own boss when she feels disrespected by Danny and Jeremy. Meanwhile, Shulman's practice gets competition from midwives who are poaching patients. read more

Teen Patient Season 1, Episode 7

Mindy feels awkward when her teen neighbor inquires about birth control; Danny gets an anonymous complaint that Morgan has been staring inappropriately at Shauna. read more

Thanksgiving Season 1, Episode 6

Mindy cooks Thanksgiving dinner at Gwen's house, but is surprised that the guest list includes Dennis, her former blind date, who shows up with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Danny is all alone at the office; and Jeremy meets Betsy's unusual family at their holiday gathering. read more

Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist Season 1, Episode 5

Mindy asks Danny to be her new gynecologist, though neither one of them can admit their unwillingness to go through with an exam. Meanwhile, Jeremy has to retrieve something from Mindy's apartment, but needs Morgan and Betsy's help to break in to get it. read more

Halloween Season 1, Episode 4

Mindy frantically searches for the right Halloween costume to impress Josh when he invites her to a party; Danny and Jeremy take the test to get their driver's licenses. read more

In the Club Season 1, Episode 3

Shauna gets the staff into a hip nightclub, where Mindy connects with a lawyer for the New York Knicks. Meanwhile, Jeremy has his eye on a woman who happens to be engaged; and Morgan finds out how much money a bathroom attendant can make. read more

Hiring and Firing Season 1, Episode 2

Mindy offers a job to an ex-con after she's put in charge of hiring a new nurse; Jeremy relies on his ability to end relationships when he has to fire an older, troublemaking health-care professional. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Ob-gyn Mindy Lahiri struggles to clean up the mess that is her personal life in the premiere of this sitcom, which begins with an unforgettable toast at her ex-boyfriend's wedding that leads to an embarrassing brush with the law. read more

The Mindy Project Episode: "French Me, You Idiot; Indian BBW"

Episode Synopsis: Jeremy and Peter concoct a scheme to poach patients from a rival practice that closed; and Mindy and Danny face the consequences of their moment of intimacy. In the second half-hour, Mindy learns of an incriminating photo of herself that's making its way around the Internet, so she asks Peter to help keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
Original Air Date: Apr 1, 2014
Guest Cast Bill Hader: Tom Rob Huebel: Andrew Glenn Howerton: Cliff Gilbert Max Minghella: Richie

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Premiered: September 25, 2012, on FOX
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Premise: A sitcom about an ob-gynwho wishes her personal life were as successful as her professional one and matched the fairy-tale endings of her favorite romantic comedies.



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