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2003, TV Show

Episode Detail: Alister McGrath - Big Ideas

Professor Alister McGrath of Oxford University debates Richard Dawkins' theory of the non-existence of God.

Episodes: Big Ideas (158)

6/8/2014: Steven Levitt and Richard Harris
6/1/2014: Phillip Ball
5/25/2014: Sherry Liang and Avner Levin
5/18/2014: Leonard Susskind
5/4/2014: Thomas Schelling
4/28/2014: Adam Gopnik: Winter: Five Windows on the Season
4/20/2014: David Archer
4/5/2014: Robert Adams on the Elegance of the Hedgehog
3/31/2014: Ray Jayawardhana on Alien Planets
3/30/2014: Siobhan Roberts and Barry Wellman
3/17/2014: David Brooks
3/15/2014: Ian Hacking on the Mathematical Animal
3/10/2014: Keith Devlin: Leonardo and Steve
3/9/2014: Tommie Shelby
3/3/2014: Julie Payette: Canadian Space Agency Perspectives From Space
3/1/2014: David Sloan Wilson on Religion and Other Meaning Systems
2/22/2014: Nick Mount on Cartoonist Seth
2/15/2014: Richard Leakey: Climate Change and the Future of Conservation
2/8/2014: Hod Lipson on the Robotic Scientist
1/20/2014: Iain Mcgilchrist: Our Mind at War
1/18/2014: Lisa Harvey - Smith on the Square Kilometre Array
1/11/2014: Allen J. Frances
1/8/2014: Hugh Segal: Fighting Poverty
1/3/2014: Iain Mcgilchrist: The Divided Brain and the Unmaking of Our World
12/28/2013: Graeme Gibson: Our Withdrawal From Nature
12/14/2013: Stephen Hawking: The Power of Ideas
12/9/2013: John Ibbitson: The Collapse of the Laurentian Consensus
12/7/2013: Romeo Dallaire and Stephen Lewis
8/24/2013: Northrop Frye: An Approach to the Bible
8/17/2013: Don Kurtz on Asteroseismology
8/10/2013: Douglas Thomas
8/3/2013: Daniel Kahneman on the Machinery of the Mind
7/27/2013: Clay Shirky
7/20/2013: Kwame McKenzie
7/13/2013: Andrew Coyne on Post-Economic Politics in Canada
7/6/2013: Neil Turok on the Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos
6/22/2013: Dr. Marc Lewis on Memoirs of an Addicted Brain
6/15/2013: Jordan Peterson: The Psychology of Redemption
6/8/2013: Leonard Susskind: The World as a Hologram
6/1/2013: Francis Broun on Artemisia Gentileschi
6/1/2013: John Duffy: The Emerging Politics of Technology
5/18/2013: Freeman Dyson on Living Through Four Revolutions
5/18/2013: Robert Sawyer: Humanity 2.0
4/14/2013: Charles Taylor and Jonathan Sacks
4/7/2013: Steven Pinker: Why Violence Has Declined
9/30/2012: Chris Turner on the Sustainable Economy
9/2/2012: Inequality: A Threat to Democracy
8/12/2012: Robert Sawyer: Humanity 2.0
10/28/2011: Noam Chomsky on the State-Corporate Complex
11/1/2008: Mark Kingwell and Malcolm Gladwell
10/25/2008: Gabor Maté: The Human Face of Addictive Behaviours
10/11/2008: Salman Akhtar: The Trauma of Geographical Dislocation
10/4/2008: Strobe Talbott: The Old, New and Next World Order
9/20/2008: William D. Phillips: Time and Einstein in the 21st Century
7/26/2008: Israel-Palestine: 60 Years On
7/12/2008: J. Reid Meloy and Donald Carveth
7/6/2008: Alister McGrath
7/5/2008: Andrew Cohen and Heinrich Winkler
6/28/2008: Norman Doidge
6/21/2008: Benjamin Barber
6/14/2008: Andrea Mandel-Campbell, John Stape
6/8/2008: Finney Cherian; Ken Cramer
6/7/2008: Marina Nemat; Hamida Ghafour
6/7/2008: Michael Eric Dyson
6/1/2008: Marc Fournier; Robert Jan Van Pelt
5/31/2008: Howard Gardner
5/25/2008: John Mitterer; Nick Bontis
5/24/2008: Charles Jencks
5/18/2008: Tim Conley; John Schneeberger
5/17/2008: Paul Collier
5/3/2008: Neil Turok: What Banged?
4/26/2008: Walter Benn Michaels: The Trouble With Diversity
4/19/2008: John English: Trudeau's World
4/12/2008: Daniel Bell: China's New Confucianism
2/23/2008: Oliver Sacks
2/16/2008: David Halperin: Tragedy Into Melodrama Towards a Poetic of Gay Male Culture
2/9/2008: Rory Stewart: State Building in Afghanistan
2/3/2008: Stephen Pinker; Robert J. Sawyer
1/19/2008: Hope in the Balance
1/19/2008: Naomi Klein
1/5/2008: Alberto Manguel: The Screen of Hal
12/15/2007: Eric Thurman: The Microcredit Revolution
12/8/2007: H. Jay Melosh: Death of the Dinos
12/1/2007: Deepak Chopra: The Nature of Human Consciousness
9/2/2007: William Rees
9/1/2007: Jill Tarter
8/31/2007: Stephen Lewis
8/30/2007: P.J. O'Rourke and Ian Buruma
8/29/2007: Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter
8/28/2007: Louis Perez
8/26/2007: Jan Gross
8/24/2007: Darin Barney: One Nation Under Google
8/21/2007: Canada by Picasso: The Faces of Federalism
8/18/2007: Thomas Homer-Dixon
8/17/2007: Salim Mansur
8/16/2007: Daniel Gottesman
8/15/2007: Alex Pattakos
8/14/2007: Terry Eagleton
8/13/2007: Joao Magueijo
8/12/2007: Martin Gilbert
8/11/2007: Harvey Brown
8/10/2007: Alvin Toffler
8/9/2007: Nima Arkani-Hamed
8/8/2007: Timothy Garton Ash
8/7/2007: John Ralston Saul
8/5/2007: Christopher Hitchens
8/4/2007: Roger Scruton
7/29/2007: Janna Levin
7/28/2007: Margaret Somerville
7/22/2007: Jordan Peterson
7/21/2007: Alain de Botton
7/15/2007: Jeffrey Rosenthal
7/14/2007: David Held
7/8/2007: Minxin Pei
7/8/2007: Roy Mottahedeh and Barry Rubin
7/7/2007: Margaret MacMillan
7/7/2007: Conrad Black
10/5/2006: Lesley Downer
12/15/2005: Yassi Klein Halevi
12/8/2005: Simon Winchester
12/1/2005: Zach Hall
11/24/2005: John Frank
11/17/2005: Robert MacNeil
11/3/2005: Angela Davis
10/27/2005: Lee Smolin
10/20/2005: Dr. Leon Klass
10/6/2005: Heather Boon
9/29/2005: Michael Adams
9/15/2005: Robert Kagan
8/27/2005: Malcolm Gladwell
6/25/2005: David Lindberg
6/18/2005: John Shelby Spong
6/11/2005: Steve Coll
6/4/2005: Tariq Ali
5/28/2005: How to Change the World
5/21/2005: Who's Afraid of Contemporary Music?
5/14/2005: Pathways of Action and Freedom
5/7/2005: Are We Really Fire and Ice?
4/30/2005: Stilettos vs. Pumps
4/23/2005: The Black Hole Wars
4/9/2005: The Long Way to the Big Bang
3/27/2005: Tariq Ramadan; Muslims in the Modern World
9/20/2003: Literacy in a Digital Age
9/14/2003: Literacy in a Digital Age
9/13/2003: Literacy in a Digital Age
9/6/2003: Jungian Archetypes and Quantum Physics
8/31/2003: Blank Slate/Why Not Immortality?
8/30/2003: Gender Blues
8/9/2003: American Foreign Policy and Canada
7/5/2003: Robert Adams/Joe Kertes
6/8/2003: Bernard Lewis; Niall Ferguson
5/8/2003: Elizabeth Abott; Lesley Downer
5/3/2003: Jordan Peterson and Taiaiake Alfred
4/26/2003: B.W. Powe, Barry Sanders, Geof Pevere, and Camille Paglia
4/19/2003: David Frum and Martin Rudner
1/11/2003: What Is Beautiful; Branding
1/4/2003: Bill Gates; Future of Journalism
John Polanyi; Design and the Future

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