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Shahs of Sunset episodes

Reunion Part 2 Season 3, Episode 16

Conclusion. Cast members reunite to opine about Season 3's highs and woes. Andy Cohen hosts. read more

Reunion Part 1 Season 3, Episode 15

Part 1 of 2. The regrouped cast members discuss Season 3's dramas in a reunion hosted by Andy Cohen. read more

Is This 40? Season 3, Episode 14

Mike and Reza reach a conclusion about their partnership in the Season 3 finale. Also: Jessica runs out of patience waiting for Mike's proposal; and Reza plans a Palm Springs getaway for everyone at a mansion, but Lilly is left off the invite list. read more


An episode featuring social-media content. read more

Return to the Homeland, Part 2 Season 3, Episode 13

Conclusion. The group sets sail on a yachting voyage on the Mediterranean, but seasickness plagues GG and Reza. Meanwhile, a debate ensues over lunch; Asa plans a secret trip to the Iranian border; and MJ has an epiphany about her life. read more

Return to the Homeland Part 1 Season 3, Episode 12

Part 1 of 2. The gang goes to Turkey for Asa's family reunion. There, Mike has an epiphany and Reza wrestles with his identity. Also: GG and MJ confront their summer-long feud. read more

In Love There Must Be Torture Season 3, Episode 11

MJ seeks revenge on GG in the wake of a racetrack debacle, a development that stirs up tension between GG and her sister. Meanwhile, a big trip to Turkey is planned, and Asa debuts an art show. read more

The Butterfly, Chocolate Croissant Season 3, Episode 10

Asa tries to bring peace to MJ and GG's relationship while the girls plot to bring Reza and Mike together. But dramas ensue, leading to fractured reconciliations and a boozy catfight. read more

Sometimes You Just Have to Drink It Off Season 3, Episode 9

MJ pursues GG's sister for business and pleasure; Mike delves into a business venture; Asa stages a launch party for her product; and Reza and Mike have a battle royal. read more

Caught in a Bad Bro-Mance Season 3, Episode 8

Anger issues are addressed and a confession is made. Meanwhile, Mike shops for an engagement ring; and Reza and Adam set out to throw a housewarming party, but certain folks are left off the guest list. read more

The Velvet Rage Season 3, Episode 7

The reality of a life together hits Mike and Jessica. Meanwhile, Lilly arranges an excessive dog birthday bash; Reza enters therapy to address his recent outbursts; and tension spills over between GG and MJ at a Hollywood bar. read more

Persian Pride Season 3, Episode 6

The aftermath of Reza's outburst at a gay club finds Reza and MJ not permitted to ride on a float during an LA Pride parade. Asa, Lilly and GG mull over Reza's behavior, and Reza makes an emotional confession to Asa. read more

Fresh Off the Boat Season 3, Episode 5

MJ and Vida put the focus on their relationship. Elsewhere, Asa reveals her business plans; and Mike takes the gang to a gay club, where a heated exchange leads to an emotional reaction. read more

Sorry. Not Sorry. Season 3, Episode 4

Mike attempts to round up new business for his partnership with Reza. Elsewhere, Asa works on her new art show and is confronted by Lilly; and GG and her family go on an epic rafting trip, during which Reza tries to bring GG and MJ together. read more

Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami Season 3, Episode 3

MJ creates drama by revealing one of GG's secrets. Meanwhile, Mike helps his family throw an epic Persian party, where a fuming GG and MJ have a showdown. read more

These People Are Not Your Friends Season 3, Episode 2

Asa visits a bottling plant for her water product, only to discover she must make more changes. Meanwhile, Reza and Adam take their relationship to the next level; GG pushes her boyfriend for a commitment; and anger explodes when MJ and Lilly meet. read more

Only Guilty Men Bring Flowers Season 3, Episode 1

Reza tries to patch up differences with MJ in the Season 3 premiere. Also: Mike and his girlfriend get serious; GG and her sister discover a new friendship; GG apologizes to an old nemesis; and Lilly throws a bash for her birthday. read more

Lost Footage Season 2, Episode 13

Previously unseen clips from the series "Shahs of Sunset" come to light. Included: the dawning of Reza and Lilly's friendship; Lilly and Asa's trip to a plastic surgeon; and swirling rumors about MJ. read more

Reunion Part 2 Season 2, Episode 12

The conclusion of a two-part reunion features Season 2 reflections. Included: behind-the-scenes dramas that have been dividing the group. Andy Cohen hosts. read more

Reunion Part 1 Season 2, Episode 11

Part 1 of 2. Andy Cohen presides over a reunion featuring the "Shahs of Sunset" gang addressing Season 2's dramas. Included: the issues between Asa and GG; accusations of out-of-control lifestyles; and MJ's past. read more

Persh-a-Pelooza Season 2, Episode 10

In the Season 2 finale, Mike sets out to break news to his parents about his flame. Elsewhere, Reza decides to take his relationship to the next level; Lilly is at a romantic crossroads after breaking up with Ali; Asa makes her performance debut at a Persian pop-music festival. read more

Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry Season 2, Episode 9

MJ wants to go to therapy with her mother; Lilly receives shocking information about her beau; and the gang mull over severing ties or mending fences with GG. read more

Happy New Year Season 2, Episode 8

Asa scores a big investor for her high-energy gem-infused water. Elsewhere, GG continues to be excluded by everyone but MJ; Mike introduces his girlfriend to his parents; Reza invites Mike, MJ and Asa to a family celebration. read more

Mo-Cedes, Mo Problems Season 2, Episode 7

The gang deal with fallout from a fiery dinner fight by basking on a yacht. Meanwhile, GG races to organize a launch party while trying to woo her love interest; and Reza, Asa and Mike have doubts about Lilly just as MJ begins to win them over. read more

You Took an Ambien Season 2, Episode 6

The gang plans a weekend getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but a tough decision must be made about GG. Also: GG tries to prove her business acumen by organizing a launch party for her extensions line. read more

Please Bring a Man Season 2, Episode 5

GG meets with Omid, only to discover she's been getting brushed aside by her friends. Meanwhile, Reza attempts to settle differences with MJ, who throws a birthday bash for herself. A conflict arises when MJ must decide whether to invite GG to the party. read more

You Shouldn't Have Worn That Dress Season 2, Episode 4

Asa serves up lunch for her on-the-job beau. Elsewhere, Mike attempts to inform his parents of his new job with Reza, and MJ and Reza encounter each other for the first time since their showdown. read more

I Love You But I Don't Like You Season 2, Episode 3

The group divides as a result of GG's behavior at a pool party. Meanwhile, Asa faces up to her financial problems by focusing on a new business; GG clashes with her sister; and friction leads to fighting between Reza and MJ. read more

First Look

A preview of an upcoming episode. read more

The Persian Nose Business Season 2, Episode 2

MJ visits her therapist to face issues surrounding her mother. Elsewhere, Mike falls in love but must confront romantic obstacles; and tensions explode at a pool party as resentments reach the breaking point. read more

The Whisky Makes You Frisky Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 opens with Asa taking a financial gamble. Also: MJ and her mother clash at a birthday dinner; Reza strikes up a friendship with new cast member Lilly Ghalichi; GG and a new friend get boozy and flirtatious at a dinner. read more

Old Friends New Problems Season 1, Episode 6

In the Season 1 finale, Mike at last submits to the palpable romantic tension he shares with GG. Elsewhere, Asa scores a potent new patron and also premieres her song; Sammy and MJ embark on a double blind date; and MJ has a showdown with her mother. read more

First Look 4/12

Previewing an episode of "Shahs of Sunset." read more

The Shahs of Great Neck Season 1, Episode 5

GG sounds off to her sister about a fight. Elsewhere, Reza journeys to Long Island to face his father, only to grapple with stewing family issues while unearthing a shocking discovery about his familial history. read more

Waiting for MJ Season 1, Episode 4

Stress rises for Sammy when Mohamed evaluates the work on his Beverly Hills home. Meanwhile, Asa reassesses her image as she showcases her music to a producer; and MJ arrives four hours late to a party for GG's parents. read more

Champagne Wars Season 1, Episode 3

GG faces consequences for her poor conduct during Reza's birthday weekend in Las Vegas. Elsewhere, Mike hopes to land his big real-estate payday; Sammy tries to impress an important real-estate player; and Reza hosts a champagne-tasting party. read more

It's My Birthday Bitches Season 1, Episode 2

Reza celebrates his birthday with an overblown party in Las Vegas, but GG and MJ let the gossip fly, causing fiery tantrums and jeopardizing Reza's birthday weekend. read more

Image Is Everything Season 1, Episode 1

The world of a Persian-American clique unfolds as they struggle to juggle their social lives, rising careers, families and traditions. In the premiere, drama is served up at dinner and an opulent pool party; Asa raises eyebrows with her attire; MJ displays his disdain toward marriage. read more

Shahs of Sunset Episode: "First Look"

Episode Synopsis: A preview of an upcoming episode.
Original Air Date: Dec 15, 2012

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Premiered: March 11, 2012, on Bravo
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Premise: The world of a Persian-American clique unfolds as they struggle to juggle their social lives, rising careers, families and traditions.


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