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2004, TV Show

Episode Detail: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---An Irish Promenade - InFocus

The Irish coastline is examined.

Episodes: InFocus (165)

12/18/2010: IMAX Mummies Secrets of the Pharaohs
12/11/2010: IMAX Dinosaurs Giants of Patagonia
11/30/2010: Enigma: Zombies When the Dead Walk
11/27/2010: Ray Johnston Road Diaries: A Retrospective
11/23/2010: Enigma: Silo Sage of the Andes
11/22/2010: IMAX Mystery of the Nile
11/20/2010: Last Chance to See: Return of the Rhino
11/16/2010: Enigma: The Houdini Code
11/13/2010: Last Chance to See: Blue Whales
11/8/2010: IMAX Greece: Secrets of the Past
11/6/2010: Last Chance to See: Kakapo
11/2/2010: Enigma: Aleister Crowley the Beast 666
10/30/2010: Last Chance to See: Komodo Dragon
10/26/2010: Enigma: Madame Blavatsky, Spiritual Traveler
10/23/2010: Last Chance to See: Aye-Aye
10/19/2010: Enigma: Hypnotized the Trance State
10/16/2010: Last Chance to See: Northern White Rhino
10/12/2010: Enigma: Tarot
10/9/2010: Last Chance to See: Amazonian Manatee
10/2/2010: Stephen Fry: Mississippi
9/26/2010: Ultra Eye: London
9/25/2010: Robb Report: Car of the Year 2010
9/20/2010: Stephen Fry in America: Deep South
9/19/2010: Ultra Eye: Singapore
9/18/2010: Stephen Fry in America: The New World
9/12/2010: Ultra Eye: Tokyo
9/5/2010: Ultra Eye: Buenos Aires
8/25/2010: Visions of Germany: Along the Rhine
8/25/2010: Ultra Eye: Reykjavik
8/18/2010: Ultra Eye: Rome
8/16/2010: IMAX Grand Canyon Adventure---River at Risk
8/12/2010: Visions of Italy: Northern Style
8/11/2010: Ultra Eye: Paris
8/10/2010: Austin Stevens: Hippo Faceoff
8/9/2010: Austin Stevens: Killer Lion Stakeout
8/6/2010: Austin Stevens: Monster Python
8/5/2010: Austin Stevens: Killer Amazon Bats
8/4/2010: Austin Stevens: Elephant Charge
8/4/2010: Ultra Eye: New York
8/3/2010: Austin Stevens: Man Eating Leopards
8/2/2010: Austin Stevens: In the Shadow of Armoured Giants
7/30/2010: Austin Stevens: Australia's Lost Eden
7/29/2010: Austin Stevens: Giant Python Invader
7/28/2010: Austin Stevens: Night of the Hyena
7/28/2010: Ultra Eye: Miami
7/27/2010: Austin Stevens: The Last Serpent
7/26/2010: Austin Stevens: Grizzly Bear Stakeout
7/21/2010: Ultra Eye: Marrakech
7/19/2010: Bellydance Superstars Live From Shanghai
7/14/2010: Stephen Fry in America: Pacific
7/14/2010: Ultra Eye: Rio
7/13/2010: Stephen Fry in America: True West
7/12/2010: Stephen Fry in America: Mountains and Plains
7/12/2010: Mystery of the Nile
7/8/2010: Ultra Eye: Hong Kong
7/7/2010: Ultra Eye: Berlin
4/23/2010: Benchmark in the History of Nick's English Hut
1/27/2010: Baker Boys 104: The Long Road Home
1/20/2010: Baker Boys 103: So Near Yet So Far
1/13/2010: Baker Boys 102: Money Is a Weapon
1/4/2010: Baker Boys 101: Between Iraq and a Hard Place
11/11/2009: International Yo Yo Open
6/23/2009: Visions of Wales
6/16/2009: Visions of Scotland
6/9/2009: Visions of New York City
5/19/2009: Visions of Germany: Bavaria
5/12/2009: Visions of France: The Riviera
5/5/2009: Visions of France: Provence
5/4/2009: Over Arizona
5/3/2009: Over Philadelphia
4/30/2009: Visions of Greece: Off the Beaten Path
4/28/2009: Visions of England
4/25/2009: Visions of Sicily
4/23/2009: Visions of Greece
3/24/2009: Visions of Italy: Southern Style
3/7/2009: Tango---The Spirit of Argentina
3/4/2009: Unmasking The Pagan Christ
3/3/2009: Imax---Coral Reef Adventure
2/24/2009: Conquering Kilimanjaro With Angie Everhart
2/17/2009: IMAX: The Alps
2/10/2009: Leahy
1/17/2009: Washington D.C. Our Nation's Capital
1/13/2009: Classic American Cars Of Cuba
1/6/2009: The Music & Dance of Poland: Mazowsze
12/30/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---The Isles of Croatia
12/30/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---A Greek Odyssey
12/25/2008: IMAX---Hurricane on the Bayou
12/23/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---Scandinavia at Its Top
12/23/2008: World's Coastlines from Above Europe---Epic in the Baltics
12/16/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---Italian Light Show
12/16/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---The Colors of France
12/9/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---A Tour of Spain
12/9/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---The British Isles, Way on the West
12/2/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---An Irish Promenade
12/2/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---North Cape
10/22/2008: Kentucky Derby Festival's 2008 Thunder Over Louisville
7/1/2008: Microcosmos
6/11/2008: Manhattan 1609
5/27/2008: Hidden Worlds: Underground Rome
5/13/2008: Primeval Paradise: The Story of Ulva Island
1/13/2008: Over Ireland
1/10/2008: On the Edge of Destruction---The Frank Slide Story
12/18/2007: Life Below the Line---The World Poverty Crisis
12/11/2007: Aliens of the Deep
11/25/2007: American Voices
11/13/2007: Fetal Fix
11/6/2007: Sleek Dreams: Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo
10/31/2007: Over Beautiful British Columbia
10/16/2007: Sumo Ring Challenge
10/9/2007: Eliica: Japan's Electric Supercar
10/2/2007: The Cyborg Revolution
9/25/2007: Emergency in Darfur
9/18/2007: Forensic Factor---Murder Weapons
9/17/2007: Age of Mythology---Beyond the Myth
9/15/2007: Coat of Many Colors - A Tapestry of Alabama Artists
9/7/2007: Jazzed---The One O'Clock Lab Band
9/5/2007: The Alabama Experience---A Bird in the Hand
9/5/2007: The Alabama Experience---On the Azalea Trail
9/5/2007: Forensic Factor---Cover Ups
9/4/2007: Conservation Pathfinders
8/28/2007: Forensic Factor---Future Crime
8/21/2007: Forensic Factor---Lasting Impressions
8/15/2007: Wyoming Wild
8/14/2007: Forensic Factor---The Profilers
8/9/2007: 4th Annual Champion Shuffleboard Open 2005
8/7/2007: Forensic Factor---Nature's Clues
7/15/2007: Taste of Tennessee
7/10/2007: Underwater in HD
7/7/2007: Kansas to Kanorado: The I-70 Documentary
7/2/2007: Reality Unleashed
6/28/2007: Glacier Bay: Beneath the Reflections
6/21/2007: World Cyber Games: U.S. National Finals 2005
6/18/2007: Bridge Dwellers: The Bats of Austin
6/15/2007: Canada's Castle in the Rockies
6/15/2007: Wild Hawaii
6/13/2007: Legacy of Generations: Pottery
6/13/2007: Woven by the Grandmothers
6/11/2007: Shooting Creek
6/8/2007: A Day in the Life of the Mohawk
6/7/2007: Van Gogh's Van Goghs
4/28/2007: Churchill Downs Sights and Sounds
4/24/2007: The Ultimate Resource
3/20/2007: Over America
3/13/2007: Slammin' Iron: Rebuilding the World
5/20/2006: Message from the Past: Indus
4/18/2006: USA National Memory Championship
1/24/2006: Sonoran Desert: Fragile Land of Extremes
1/3/2006: Lino Tagliapietra: Maestro of Glass
10/25/2005: Toofy Film Fest 2005: HD Showcase
10/18/2005: Toofy Film Fest 2005: Best Of
6/21/2005: The Peking Acrobats
5/17/2005: Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime
4/26/2005: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Making of an Encyclopedia Collection
2/2/2005: Rainier: The Mountain - Rainier
1/2/2005: Sleeping Beauty on Ice
11/25/2004: Festivals of the World---Seville, Spain
11/11/2004: Molten Paradise: Kilauea Volcano
8/14/2004: Las Fallas de San Jose; Moro Y Christianos
8/13/2004: Red Bull Hangar 7---Taurus Rubens
6/16/2004: Precipice of Survival: The Southern Sea Otter
6/15/2004: IMAX- The Greatest Places
5/19/2004: Just Another Spring
5/17/2004: Drawing A-Bomb Memories
4/29/2004: IMAX Amazing Journeys
4/22/2004: Truckies

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