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2004, TV Show

Episode Detail: Stephen Fry in America: The New World - InFocus

British comedian Stephen Fry begins his journey through all 50 states in New England, where he meets presidential hopefuls in New Hampshire, socialites in Rhode Island and lobstermen in Maine. He then visits Washington, D.C., and Gettysburg, Pa.

Episodes: InFocus (165)

12/18/2010: IMAX Mummies Secrets of the Pharaohs
12/11/2010: IMAX Dinosaurs Giants of Patagonia
11/30/2010: Enigma: Zombies When the Dead Walk
11/27/2010: Ray Johnston Road Diaries: A Retrospective
11/23/2010: Enigma: Silo Sage of the Andes
11/22/2010: IMAX Mystery of the Nile
11/20/2010: Last Chance to See: Return of the Rhino
11/16/2010: Enigma: The Houdini Code
11/13/2010: Last Chance to See: Blue Whales
11/8/2010: IMAX Greece: Secrets of the Past
11/6/2010: Last Chance to See: Kakapo
11/2/2010: Enigma: Aleister Crowley the Beast 666
10/30/2010: Last Chance to See: Komodo Dragon
10/26/2010: Enigma: Madame Blavatsky, Spiritual Traveler
10/23/2010: Last Chance to See: Aye-Aye
10/19/2010: Enigma: Hypnotized the Trance State
10/16/2010: Last Chance to See: Northern White Rhino
10/12/2010: Enigma: Tarot
10/9/2010: Last Chance to See: Amazonian Manatee
10/2/2010: Stephen Fry: Mississippi
9/26/2010: Ultra Eye: London
9/25/2010: Robb Report: Car of the Year 2010
9/20/2010: Stephen Fry in America: Deep South
9/19/2010: Ultra Eye: Singapore
9/18/2010: Stephen Fry in America: The New World
9/12/2010: Ultra Eye: Tokyo
9/5/2010: Ultra Eye: Buenos Aires
8/25/2010: Visions of Germany: Along the Rhine
8/25/2010: Ultra Eye: Reykjavik
8/18/2010: Ultra Eye: Rome
8/16/2010: IMAX Grand Canyon Adventure---River at Risk
8/12/2010: Visions of Italy: Northern Style
8/11/2010: Ultra Eye: Paris
8/10/2010: Austin Stevens: Hippo Faceoff
8/9/2010: Austin Stevens: Killer Lion Stakeout
8/6/2010: Austin Stevens: Monster Python
8/5/2010: Austin Stevens: Killer Amazon Bats
8/4/2010: Austin Stevens: Elephant Charge
8/4/2010: Ultra Eye: New York
8/3/2010: Austin Stevens: Man Eating Leopards
8/2/2010: Austin Stevens: In the Shadow of Armoured Giants
7/30/2010: Austin Stevens: Australia's Lost Eden
7/29/2010: Austin Stevens: Giant Python Invader
7/28/2010: Austin Stevens: Night of the Hyena
7/28/2010: Ultra Eye: Miami
7/27/2010: Austin Stevens: The Last Serpent
7/26/2010: Austin Stevens: Grizzly Bear Stakeout
7/21/2010: Ultra Eye: Marrakech
7/19/2010: Bellydance Superstars Live From Shanghai
7/14/2010: Stephen Fry in America: Pacific
7/14/2010: Ultra Eye: Rio
7/13/2010: Stephen Fry in America: True West
7/12/2010: Stephen Fry in America: Mountains and Plains
7/12/2010: Mystery of the Nile
7/8/2010: Ultra Eye: Hong Kong
7/7/2010: Ultra Eye: Berlin
4/23/2010: Benchmark in the History of Nick's English Hut
1/27/2010: Baker Boys 104: The Long Road Home
1/20/2010: Baker Boys 103: So Near Yet So Far
1/13/2010: Baker Boys 102: Money Is a Weapon
1/4/2010: Baker Boys 101: Between Iraq and a Hard Place
11/11/2009: International Yo Yo Open
6/23/2009: Visions of Wales
6/16/2009: Visions of Scotland
6/9/2009: Visions of New York City
5/19/2009: Visions of Germany: Bavaria
5/12/2009: Visions of France: The Riviera
5/5/2009: Visions of France: Provence
5/4/2009: Over Arizona
5/3/2009: Over Philadelphia
4/30/2009: Visions of Greece: Off the Beaten Path
4/28/2009: Visions of England
4/25/2009: Visions of Sicily
4/23/2009: Visions of Greece
3/24/2009: Visions of Italy: Southern Style
3/7/2009: Tango---The Spirit of Argentina
3/4/2009: Unmasking The Pagan Christ
3/3/2009: Imax---Coral Reef Adventure
2/24/2009: Conquering Kilimanjaro With Angie Everhart
2/17/2009: IMAX: The Alps
2/10/2009: Leahy
1/17/2009: Washington D.C. Our Nation's Capital
1/13/2009: Classic American Cars Of Cuba
1/6/2009: The Music & Dance of Poland: Mazowsze
12/30/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---The Isles of Croatia
12/30/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---A Greek Odyssey
12/25/2008: IMAX---Hurricane on the Bayou
12/23/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---Scandinavia at Its Top
12/23/2008: World's Coastlines from Above Europe---Epic in the Baltics
12/16/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---Italian Light Show
12/16/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---The Colors of France
12/9/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---A Tour of Spain
12/9/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---The British Isles, Way on the West
12/2/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---An Irish Promenade
12/2/2008: World's Coastlines From Above Europe---North Cape
10/22/2008: Kentucky Derby Festival's 2008 Thunder Over Louisville
7/1/2008: Microcosmos
6/11/2008: Manhattan 1609
5/27/2008: Hidden Worlds: Underground Rome
5/13/2008: Primeval Paradise: The Story of Ulva Island
1/13/2008: Over Ireland
1/10/2008: On the Edge of Destruction---The Frank Slide Story
12/18/2007: Life Below the Line---The World Poverty Crisis
12/11/2007: Aliens of the Deep
11/25/2007: American Voices
11/13/2007: Fetal Fix
11/6/2007: Sleek Dreams: Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo
10/31/2007: Over Beautiful British Columbia
10/16/2007: Sumo Ring Challenge
10/9/2007: Eliica: Japan's Electric Supercar
10/2/2007: The Cyborg Revolution
9/25/2007: Emergency in Darfur
9/18/2007: Forensic Factor---Murder Weapons
9/17/2007: Age of Mythology---Beyond the Myth
9/15/2007: Coat of Many Colors - A Tapestry of Alabama Artists
9/7/2007: Jazzed---The One O'Clock Lab Band
9/5/2007: The Alabama Experience---A Bird in the Hand
9/5/2007: The Alabama Experience---On the Azalea Trail
9/5/2007: Forensic Factor---Cover Ups
9/4/2007: Conservation Pathfinders
8/28/2007: Forensic Factor---Future Crime
8/21/2007: Forensic Factor---Lasting Impressions
8/15/2007: Wyoming Wild
8/14/2007: Forensic Factor---The Profilers
8/9/2007: 4th Annual Champion Shuffleboard Open 2005
8/7/2007: Forensic Factor---Nature's Clues
7/15/2007: Taste of Tennessee
7/10/2007: Underwater in HD
7/7/2007: Kansas to Kanorado: The I-70 Documentary
7/2/2007: Reality Unleashed
6/28/2007: Glacier Bay: Beneath the Reflections
6/21/2007: World Cyber Games: U.S. National Finals 2005
6/18/2007: Bridge Dwellers: The Bats of Austin
6/15/2007: Canada's Castle in the Rockies
6/15/2007: Wild Hawaii
6/13/2007: Legacy of Generations: Pottery
6/13/2007: Woven by the Grandmothers
6/11/2007: Shooting Creek
6/8/2007: A Day in the Life of the Mohawk
6/7/2007: Van Gogh's Van Goghs
4/28/2007: Churchill Downs Sights and Sounds
4/24/2007: The Ultimate Resource
3/20/2007: Over America
3/13/2007: Slammin' Iron: Rebuilding the World
5/20/2006: Message from the Past: Indus
4/18/2006: USA National Memory Championship
1/24/2006: Sonoran Desert: Fragile Land of Extremes
1/3/2006: Lino Tagliapietra: Maestro of Glass
10/25/2005: Toofy Film Fest 2005: HD Showcase
10/18/2005: Toofy Film Fest 2005: Best Of
6/21/2005: The Peking Acrobats
5/17/2005: Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime
4/26/2005: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Making of an Encyclopedia Collection
2/2/2005: Rainier: The Mountain - Rainier
1/2/2005: Sleeping Beauty on Ice
11/25/2004: Festivals of the World---Seville, Spain
11/11/2004: Molten Paradise: Kilauea Volcano
8/14/2004: Las Fallas de San Jose; Moro Y Christianos
8/13/2004: Red Bull Hangar 7---Taurus Rubens
6/16/2004: Precipice of Survival: The Southern Sea Otter
6/15/2004: IMAX- The Greatest Places
5/19/2004: Just Another Spring
5/17/2004: Drawing A-Bomb Memories
4/29/2004: IMAX Amazing Journeys
4/22/2004: Truckies

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