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2003, TV Show

Episode Detail: Human Rights, Human Wrongs - ImageMakers

Danielle Lurie's “In the Morning” finds a 13-year-old boy trying to restore his family's honor after his sister is assaulted. Cary Joji Fukunaga's “Victoria for Chino” recreates the plight of 80 illegal immigrants who were smuggled across the border in a refrigerated truck. Christopher Morris's “Three Minutes of Torture” finds a family in France taken prisoner by the Nazis.

Episodes: ImageMakers (158)

7/21/2014: A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)
7/12/2014: Behind the Veil
7/5/2014: Nice Guys Finish First
6/28/2014: My Lover's Kimono
6/21/2014: Island of Misfit Toys
6/15/2014: Millennial Love
5/26/2014: Family Is Everything
5/18/2014: Planet Animation
5/11/2014: Woman to Woman
5/4/2014: OMG
4/28/2014: Gravity of Life
4/21/2014: Future Shock
4/13/2014: Humor Me
7/16/2013: Biting the Hand That Feeds
7/9/2013: End of the World As We Know It
7/8/2013: You Should Be Paranoid
6/25/2013: Gone but Not Forgotten
6/18/2013: Love Fool
6/11/2013: Cry for Love
5/26/2013: A Boy's Life
5/19/2013: Stop Making Sense
5/12/2013: Dead Last Option
5/6/2013: Man's Best Friend
4/29/2013: Starting Over
4/22/2013: Frozen In Time
4/14/2013: Another One Night Stand
7/31/2012: We're Desperate (Get Used to It)
7/24/2012: School Days
7/9/2012: Last Flight
7/2/2012: Innocence Lost
6/19/2012: Love Comes Crashing Down
6/12/2012: Modern Times
5/21/2012: Psycho Killer
5/20/2012: That's Just Love Sneakin' Up on You
5/13/2012: The Company of Men
5/6/2012: Mind Benders
4/29/2012: Color My World
4/21/2012: Love Is Complicated
4/15/2012: The Golden Years
7/25/2011: All American Shorts I
7/18/2011: Marriage Is a Sentence
7/17/2011: Imagine a World Without Me
7/10/2011: In Sickness and In Health
7/3/2011: An Arrow Through the Heart
6/26/2011: That's My Boy
5/29/2011: Living in Dangerous Times
5/22/2011: Boys and Their Pets
5/15/2011: A Higher Power
5/8/2011: My First Crush
5/1/2011: When Sparks Fly
4/24/2011: Lost and Found
7/12/2010: Suburban Strange
6/21/2010: Alone Again (Naturally)
5/24/2010: My Precious Daughter
5/17/2010: Love and Philosophy
5/10/2010: Boys Will Be Boys
5/2/2010: Amazing Animation
4/26/2010: Not The Same Old Song and Dance
4/5/2010: Reality Bites
1/2/2010: Anarchy in the U.K.
12/26/2009: Love Isn't Pretty
12/23/2009: Bleed to Love Her
12/19/2009: Just a Girl
12/12/2009: Life Is Full of Surprises
12/12/2009: Stand by Me
12/5/2009: Chance Encounters
12/5/2009: One Life to Live
12/1/2009: Imagine a World Without Me
11/28/2009: You Sexy Thing
11/23/2009: From the Mouths of Babes
11/21/2009: Intelligent Design
11/20/2009: You Are Being Watched
7/13/2008: A Life Less Ordinary
7/6/2008: Follow Your Heart
6/29/2008: Weapons of Mass Deception
6/22/2008: Heavenly Bodies
6/15/2008: Modern Love
5/18/2008: You Can't Be Too Strong
5/11/2008: Skin Deep
5/4/2008: Your Cheatin' Heart
4/20/2008: The Kindness of Strangers
4/13/2008: Dreams to Die For
4/6/2008: Little Girls, Big Trouble
7/23/2007: A Hole as Big as the Grand Canyon
7/16/2007: One of Those Days
7/9/2007: Unlikely Heroes
7/2/2007: Scary Monsters, Super Creeps
6/25/2007: Take a Chance on Love
6/18/2007: (Non) Immaculate Conception
5/25/2007: Family Ties
5/13/2007: Human Behavior
5/6/2007: You Think I'm Crazy?
4/29/2007: Aliens Among Us
4/23/2007: Animate Me
4/15/2007: We'll Meet Again
4/8/2007: What's Going On?
7/24/2006: Tough Love
7/17/2006: Human Rights, Human Wrongs
7/10/2006: Diamonds and Rust
7/3/2006: Bittersweet Symphony of Life
6/26/2006: Lost In Suburbia
6/19/2006: The Best of Our Youth
5/22/2006: Hate Never Forgets
5/15/2006: Everything Happens for a Reason
5/8/2006: The Things We Do for Love
5/1/2006: Jeepers Creepers
4/24/2006: Sex Education
4/17/2006: Face Your Fear
4/10/2006: My So Called (Animated) Life
7/25/2005: Jackpot
7/18/2005: Stupid Cupid
7/11/2005: Driven to Extremes
7/4/2005: Suspended Animation
6/27/2005: When We Talk About Love
6/20/2005: The Heart Needs a Home
5/30/2005: The Future Ends Now
5/23/2005: Love and Other Criminal Behavior
5/16/2005: Meet the Family
5/8/2005: All Hell Breaks Loose
5/2/2005: Wordplay/Foreplay
4/25/2005: Winning Is the Only Thing
4/18/2005: Dangerous Liaisons
4/11/2005: Fowl Play
9/5/2004: With Criminal Intent
8/29/2004: Bless the Beasts
8/2/2004: A Second Chance
7/25/2004: Strange Love
7/18/2004: Comedy Through a Dark Lens
7/11/2004: Life Is One Big Roller Coaster Ride
6/27/2004: Comedy of Life
6/20/2004: Seriously, Let's Get Animated
5/30/2004: Love and War
5/23/2004: Highway Justice
5/17/2004: The Hold-Up
5/10/2004: All About Sex
5/3/2004: Something Wicked This Way Comes
4/25/2004: Waking from a Nightmare
4/19/2004: Hangover
10/12/2003: People Are Strange
10/5/2003: Second Coming
9/28/2003: Through the Eyes of a Child
9/21/2003: Angels on Earth
9/14/2003: The Rules of Attraction
9/7/2003: When Things Go Wrong
8/31/2003: Love and War
8/3/2003: Arresting Love
7/28/2003: A Question of Color
7/20/2003: The Game of Love
7/14/2003: It Takes a (Diverse) Village
7/6/2003: Reality... What's That?
6/29/2003: I Fell in Love with the Roller Derby Queen
6/22/2003: Coming Out, Coming of Age
5/25/2003: Get Animated
5/18/2003: The Choices We Make
5/11/2003: This American (Suburban & Surreal) Life
5/4/2003: Collateral Damage
4/27/2003: Love, Death, Cars, and Pigs
4/21/2003: A Fragile Existence

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