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2003, TV Show

Episode Detail: The Things We Do for Love - ImageMakers

The Oscar-nominated “I'll Wait for the Next One” finds a love-starved man searching for a mate on the subway. Also: in “Call Register,” a young man learns that his best friend once dated a girl he likes; and “From Mesmer, with Love” focuses on an introvert who employs hypnosis to seduce a neighbor.

Episodes: ImageMakers (158)

7/21/2014: A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)
7/12/2014: Behind the Veil
7/5/2014: Nice Guys Finish First
6/28/2014: My Lover's Kimono
6/21/2014: Island of Misfit Toys
6/15/2014: Millennial Love
5/26/2014: Family Is Everything
5/18/2014: Planet Animation
5/11/2014: Woman to Woman
5/4/2014: OMG
4/28/2014: Gravity of Life
4/21/2014: Future Shock
4/13/2014: Humor Me
7/16/2013: Biting the Hand That Feeds
7/9/2013: End of the World As We Know It
7/8/2013: You Should Be Paranoid
6/25/2013: Gone but Not Forgotten
6/18/2013: Love Fool
6/11/2013: Cry for Love
5/26/2013: A Boy's Life
5/19/2013: Stop Making Sense
5/12/2013: Dead Last Option
5/6/2013: Man's Best Friend
4/29/2013: Starting Over
4/22/2013: Frozen In Time
4/14/2013: Another One Night Stand
7/31/2012: We're Desperate (Get Used to It)
7/24/2012: School Days
7/9/2012: Last Flight
7/2/2012: Innocence Lost
6/19/2012: Love Comes Crashing Down
6/12/2012: Modern Times
5/21/2012: Psycho Killer
5/20/2012: That's Just Love Sneakin' Up on You
5/13/2012: The Company of Men
5/6/2012: Mind Benders
4/29/2012: Color My World
4/21/2012: Love Is Complicated
4/15/2012: The Golden Years
7/25/2011: All American Shorts I
7/18/2011: Marriage Is a Sentence
7/17/2011: Imagine a World Without Me
7/10/2011: In Sickness and In Health
7/3/2011: An Arrow Through the Heart
6/26/2011: That's My Boy
5/29/2011: Living in Dangerous Times
5/22/2011: Boys and Their Pets
5/15/2011: A Higher Power
5/8/2011: My First Crush
5/1/2011: When Sparks Fly
4/24/2011: Lost and Found
7/12/2010: Suburban Strange
6/21/2010: Alone Again (Naturally)
5/24/2010: My Precious Daughter
5/17/2010: Love and Philosophy
5/10/2010: Boys Will Be Boys
5/2/2010: Amazing Animation
4/26/2010: Not The Same Old Song and Dance
4/5/2010: Reality Bites
1/2/2010: Anarchy in the U.K.
12/26/2009: Love Isn't Pretty
12/23/2009: Bleed to Love Her
12/19/2009: Just a Girl
12/12/2009: Life Is Full of Surprises
12/12/2009: Stand by Me
12/5/2009: Chance Encounters
12/5/2009: One Life to Live
12/1/2009: Imagine a World Without Me
11/28/2009: You Sexy Thing
11/23/2009: From the Mouths of Babes
11/21/2009: Intelligent Design
11/20/2009: You Are Being Watched
7/13/2008: A Life Less Ordinary
7/6/2008: Follow Your Heart
6/29/2008: Weapons of Mass Deception
6/22/2008: Heavenly Bodies
6/15/2008: Modern Love
5/18/2008: You Can't Be Too Strong
5/11/2008: Skin Deep
5/4/2008: Your Cheatin' Heart
4/20/2008: The Kindness of Strangers
4/13/2008: Dreams to Die For
4/6/2008: Little Girls, Big Trouble
7/23/2007: A Hole as Big as the Grand Canyon
7/16/2007: One of Those Days
7/9/2007: Unlikely Heroes
7/2/2007: Scary Monsters, Super Creeps
6/25/2007: Take a Chance on Love
6/18/2007: (Non) Immaculate Conception
5/25/2007: Family Ties
5/13/2007: Human Behavior
5/6/2007: You Think I'm Crazy?
4/29/2007: Aliens Among Us
4/23/2007: Animate Me
4/15/2007: We'll Meet Again
4/8/2007: What's Going On?
7/24/2006: Tough Love
7/17/2006: Human Rights, Human Wrongs
7/10/2006: Diamonds and Rust
7/3/2006: Bittersweet Symphony of Life
6/26/2006: Lost In Suburbia
6/19/2006: The Best of Our Youth
5/22/2006: Hate Never Forgets
5/15/2006: Everything Happens for a Reason
5/8/2006: The Things We Do for Love
5/1/2006: Jeepers Creepers
4/24/2006: Sex Education
4/17/2006: Face Your Fear
4/10/2006: My So Called (Animated) Life
7/25/2005: Jackpot
7/18/2005: Stupid Cupid
7/11/2005: Driven to Extremes
7/4/2005: Suspended Animation
6/27/2005: When We Talk About Love
6/20/2005: The Heart Needs a Home
5/30/2005: The Future Ends Now
5/23/2005: Love and Other Criminal Behavior
5/16/2005: Meet the Family
5/8/2005: All Hell Breaks Loose
5/2/2005: Wordplay/Foreplay
4/25/2005: Winning Is the Only Thing
4/18/2005: Dangerous Liaisons
4/11/2005: Fowl Play
9/5/2004: With Criminal Intent
8/29/2004: Bless the Beasts
8/2/2004: A Second Chance
7/25/2004: Strange Love
7/18/2004: Comedy Through a Dark Lens
7/11/2004: Life Is One Big Roller Coaster Ride
6/27/2004: Comedy of Life
6/20/2004: Seriously, Let's Get Animated
5/30/2004: Love and War
5/23/2004: Highway Justice
5/17/2004: The Hold-Up
5/10/2004: All About Sex
5/3/2004: Something Wicked This Way Comes
4/25/2004: Waking from a Nightmare
4/19/2004: Hangover
10/12/2003: People Are Strange
10/5/2003: Second Coming
9/28/2003: Through the Eyes of a Child
9/21/2003: Angels on Earth
9/14/2003: The Rules of Attraction
9/7/2003: When Things Go Wrong
8/31/2003: Love and War
8/3/2003: Arresting Love
7/28/2003: A Question of Color
7/20/2003: The Game of Love
7/14/2003: It Takes a (Diverse) Village
7/6/2003: Reality... What's That?
6/29/2003: I Fell in Love with the Roller Derby Queen
6/22/2003: Coming Out, Coming of Age
5/25/2003: Get Animated
5/18/2003: The Choices We Make
5/11/2003: This American (Suburban & Surreal) Life
5/4/2003: Collateral Damage
4/27/2003: Love, Death, Cars, and Pigs
4/21/2003: A Fragile Existence

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