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2002, TV Show

Episode Detail: The Iran Primer - Dialogue at the Wilson Center

Iran is discussed with "Iran Primer" editor Robin Wright and contributer Haleh Esfandiari.

Episodes: Dialogue at the Wilson Center (234)

3/29/2012: Political Change in Burma: A Human Rights Perspective
3/22/2012: Elections in Russia and Iran
3/15/2012: Pakistan's Most Dangerous Place
3/8/2012: Uprising: The Politics of Protest
3/1/2012: President Nixon Visits China: The Week That Changed the World
2/23/2012: The Quarterly Report: Lesson of the Great Depression
2/16/2012: Energy, Climate Change, and Security: Connecting the Dots
2/9/2012: The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents
12/22/2011: Leaving Iraq: Mission Accomplished?
12/15/2011: The Price of Freedom and Democracy: Bahrain and the Arab Spring
12/8/2011: The Future of Progressive Politics
12/1/2011: Choke Point: The World's Looming Water Crisis
11/24/2011: An Update From Ukraine
11/17/2011: Congress, the IMF, the World Bank and the Global Economic Crisis
11/10/2011: Playing With Fire: Pakistan at War With Itself
11/3/2011: The Future of U.S. Forces in Europe
10/27/2011: The Quarterly Report: Big Questions for America's Schools
10/20/2011: Saudi Arabia in the Shadow of the Arab Revolt
10/13/2011: Education Reform: A View From the Trenches
8/11/2011: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
8/4/2011: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
7/28/2011: Forward Deployed Naval Forces
7/21/2011: Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency From Ford to Obama
7/14/2011: Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World
7/7/2011: The National Conversation Continues: A Follow Up Discussion With Mr. Y
6/30/2011: The Future of Higher Education
6/23/2011: Severe Weather and Climate Change: Is There a Connection?
6/16/2011: Future of Women and the Arab Spring
6/9/2011: A Conversation With the 2010 Winner of the Bart Richards Award for Media Criticism
6/2/2011: A Personal Account of Post- Saddam Iraq
5/26/2011: The Latino Electorate and the 2010 Census
5/19/2011: Cut or Spend: What's the Long Term Solution to America's Budget Challenge?
5/12/2011: The Quarterly Report: The City Bounces Back
5/5/2011: Women's Rights, Family Values, and the Polarization of American Political Culture
4/28/2011: Law Day 2011: The American Lawyer Ideal
4/21/2011: The Iran Primer
4/14/2011: Integrating Development: A Livelihood Approach to Population, Health, and the Environment
4/7/2011: Taking the Temperature of the Recovery
3/31/2011: Japan's Nuclear Nightmare
3/24/2011: In Search of Political Leadership
3/10/2011: The Story of Spin
3/3/2011: Winning (or Losing) Hearts and Minds?
2/24/2011: Egypt and the Middle East After Mubarak
2/17/2011: Truth, Errors, and Lies: Politics and Economics in a Volatile World
2/10/2011: The Quarterly Report: Rethinking the Great Recession
1/27/2011: New Tools in the Struggle for Democracy
12/30/2010: Cyber Warfare: National Security in the Information Age
12/23/2010: Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America
12/16/2010: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
12/9/2010: Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788
12/2/2010: Leadership in Africa
11/25/2010: The Quarterly Report
11/18/2010: Washington's U Street: A Biography
11/11/2010: A Conversation with Lee Hamilton
10/28/2010: Nuclear Iran
10/21/2010: The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches From the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam
10/14/2010: Pinstripe Patronage, Political Favoritism From Clubhouse to the White House
7/29/2010: A Retrospective: Remembering George Liston Seay
7/22/2010: Rebuilding Haiti: Talk Versus Action
7/15/2010: The Quarterly Report: The Entrepreneurial Edge
7/8/2010: Mendez v. Westminster: School Desegregation and Mexican-American Rights
7/1/2010: The Plundered Planet
6/24/2010: Pakistan's Population Challenge
6/17/2010: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
6/10/2010: Middle East Peace: Reality or Illusion?
6/3/2010: Journey Into America: The Challenge of Islam
5/27/2010: Wilson Spotlight: How Iranians Democratized Media
5/20/2010: A Citizens' Summit Revisited
5/13/2010: Health Care and the Federal Budget
5/6/2010: Enduring Traditions, Emerging Challenges: Law in the 21st Century
4/29/2010: Wilson Spotlight: Mexico's Drug War
4/22/2010: Managing the President's Message
4/15/2010: U.S. Soft Power: Changing the World Through the Open Hand
4/8/2010: Watching the Watchdogs
4/1/2010: Wilson Spotlight: China and the Cold War
3/25/2010: Balancing Liberty and Security
3/18/2010: From Print to Digital
3/11/2010: The Quarterly Report: Surveying the World of Ideas
3/4/2010: Does the Watchdog Still Bite?
2/25/2010: Visions of America
2/18/2010: Chile's Right Turn
2/11/2010: Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change
2/4/2010: Nick Clooney on Media
2/3/2010: International Reporting Project: Dateline Liberia
12/31/2009: Dying for Heaven
12/24/2009: The Jobless Recovery
12/17/2009: American Original
12/10/2009: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
12/2/2009: Living Memorial
12/1/2009: Obama's Middle East Report Card
11/25/2009: Wilson Roundtable: Countdown to Copenhagen
11/18/2009: Pakistan at the Crossroads
11/11/2009: Chaos, Complexity, and Public Policy
11/4/2009: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
10/28/2009: My Prison, My Home: One Woman's Story of Captivity in Iran
10/21/2009: Pakistan and America: Can the Twain Meet
10/14/2009: Black and White and Red Ink All Over: Newspapers in Peril
10/1/2009: God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe
9/30/2009: Green Shoots or Dying Weeds?: The Financial Crisis and the Future
9/9/2009: The Challenge for Africa
9/3/2009: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
5/3/2009: Romania: Confronting the Past
4/29/2009: Africa: Waging Peace
4/26/2009: Capturing the Future: US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
4/22/2009: Brazil: A New World Role
4/22/2009: Political Patronage for a New Age
4/1/2009: Greece: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
11/12/2008: The King's Messenger
11/5/2008: Chicago
7/30/2008: Middle East Realities: A Conversation with Rami Khouri
7/23/2008: Frederick M. Burkle, Jr.: Danger Ahead: Complex Emergencies in the 21st Century
7/18/2008: Jonathan Alter: The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope
7/9/2008: Ausma Khan: A Muslim Girl Magazine
7/2/2008: A Government for the People
7/1/2008: An American Mind
5/28/2008: Jesse Ribot: The Scapegoats Tale: Decentralizing Democracy in Africa
5/26/2008: Change Comes to the Village
5/21/2008: A Conversation With Haleh Esfandiari II
5/21/2008: Joshua Rubenstein: The Unknown Black Book
5/14/2008: John Milton Cooper: Wilson in War and Peace
5/7/2008: Aaron David Miller: The Much Too Promised Land
5/1/2008: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
4/30/2008: AIDS and the Next Quarter Century
4/23/2008: Journey Into Islam
4/23/2008: Who Will Make it Rain?
4/16/2008: God Needs No Passport
4/16/2008: Getting China Right
4/10/2008: China: As the Games Begin
4/9/2008: Map of Militancy
4/3/2008: Climate Change and Population
4/2/2008: Protecting the Elderly
3/27/2008: Blood on the Niger
3/26/2008: Iraq: The Next Chapter
3/20/2008: Making Aid Work
3/19/2008: Democracy: Belarus and the Accidental Activist
3/13/2008: The President's Last Love
3/12/2008: Collapse of the Soviet Union
3/6/2008: A Golden Age
3/5/2008: The Best Job in the World
2/28/2008: The Amazon: Earth's Sentinel
2/27/2008: Differential Diagnoses
2/21/2008: Alice
2/20/2008: A Conversation With Haleh Esfandiari
2/15/2008: Planting Policy: American Agriculture and World Trade
2/13/2008: A Conversation with Haleh Esfandiari I
2/6/2008: Age of Lincoln
11/18/2007: What Has France Done?
11/11/2007: Commissions
10/21/2007: Breeding Bin Ladens
9/22/2007: Educating Tomorrow's Leaders
9/15/2007: More Faces of the Future
9/8/2007: Discovering Matthew Henson
9/1/2007: All Aunt Hagar's Children
8/25/2007: Africa: This Generation's Challenge
8/18/2007: Crime Without Punishment: Sexual Slavery in WWII
8/12/2007: When East Meets West: Conversation with Khaled Ahmed
8/11/2007: Inside Iraq's Green Zone
8/9/2007: Iraq: Women and War
8/4/2007: The World's Most Savage War
8/2/2007: A Conversation with Anthony Shadid
7/28/2007: Middle East: Making Peace Possible
7/26/2007: China, Japan and America
7/25/2007: Greece Today
7/21/2007: The Future of Transportation Security
7/14/2007: The Fight for Free Speech
7/14/2007: Conversation With Jane Goodall
7/7/2007: Shanghai Legacy
7/5/2007: Are We Rome?
7/1/2007: Bosnia and the European Union: Promise and Problems
6/30/2007: Avoiding Armageddon
6/14/2007: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
6/5/2007: Dialogue at the Wilson Center
5/31/2007: Germany's 21st Century Strategy
5/26/2007: Arab Satellite Television: Screen and Mirror
5/10/2007: The Toothpaste of Immortality
5/3/2007: Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Demographic Change, Evangelical Christianity and Political Expression
4/26/2007: The Image of a People
4/19/2007: The Climate Engineers
4/12/2007: Regime Change
3/31/2007: Interpreting America
3/29/2007: A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
3/29/2007: Russia: Reform and Reality
3/24/2007: Rethinking the Economics of War
3/22/2007: Bound for Glory: America, Canada and the Underground Railroad
3/17/2007: Creative Diversity Capital
3/15/2007: Planting the Future: Brazil, America And Ethanol
3/10/2007: An Age of Uncertainty
3/8/2007: The U.S. Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy
3/1/2007: Lives in the Sand: American Presidents and the Middle East
2/22/2007: Sacred Games
1/20/2007: Iran's Nuclear Future
1/13/2007: Liberty's Promise and America's Gain
1/6/2007: Pathways to Citizenship
11/11/2006: A Home as a Human Right
11/4/2006: Masters of Chaos
10/28/2006: The Military and the War on Terror
10/21/2006: Arab Television: Beyond Al Jazeera
10/14/2006: New Directions in Latin America
10/7/2006: Beyond the Veil, Women and Change in the Middle East
7/27/2006: A Conversation with Sam Donaldson
7/21/2006: A World Beyond Today
7/14/2006: A Queen's Story
6/30/2006: The Mind of Osama bin Laden
6/23/2006: Trade and Poverty
6/23/2006: Preventative Health
6/19/2006: Freedom on Fire
5/19/2006: Remembering Sakharov
5/5/2006: Dayton at Ten
4/28/2006: Reading Lolita in Tehran
4/28/2006: The E.U. and the U.S.
4/21/2006: North Korea: The Enigma Variation
4/21/2006: Solovyovo
4/14/2006: The Supreme Court: A New Era Begins
4/7/2006: Brazil in America
4/7/2006: The Middle East Story - Amatzia Baram
4/1/2006: Nanotechnology - David Rejeski/Andrew Maynard
4/1/2006: Bombs and Ballots - Hadi Semanti
3/25/2006: Trafalgar: Seize the Fire - Adam Nicolson
3/25/2006: The First Resort of Kings - Richard Arndt
2/18/2006: Religion: The Global Imperative
2/11/2006: Global Poverty - The Response of Leadership
2/4/2006: Ethnicity: A 21st Century Challenge
12/29/2005: Al Qaeda's European Front: 3/11 and Its Implications
12/27/2005: Preserving Pakistan
12/22/2005: Canada: The World Seen From Ottawa
12/20/2005: Saudi Arabia: Country at a Crossroads
12/15/2005: A Voice of Law
12/13/2005: Pakistan/India
12/8/2005: Desperate Passages: Human Smuggling in the 21st Century
12/6/2005: Rwanda: An End to Ethnicity?
11/29/2005: Shake Hands with the Devil: General Romeo Dallaire
8/8/2005: The History of Russian Architecture
6/2/2005: Iraq's Election and the Future of Democracy
5/30/2002: Mozambique

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