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Episode Detail: Blanche Weisen Cook - Booknotes

Blanche Weisen Cook ("Eleanor Roosevelt, Vol. 1, 1834-1933").

Episodes: Booknotes (443)

2/9/2013: Nicholas Butler on Role of Charleston in War of 1812
2/9/2013: Alan Taylor on How the War of 1812 Was Won
11/3/2012: Portrait of a Presidential Race
11/2/2012: Edwin Meese III Discusses What the Constitution Says About the Role of the Presidency
11/2/2012: Peter Henriques on George Washington and the Invention of Nationhood
10/27/2012: Neoconservatism
10/6/2012: You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You
9/29/2012: My Fight to Save Vietnam
9/15/2012: The Stevensons
9/8/2012: Five Myths of Television Power
9/1/2012: Left Back
8/25/2012: The Long Affair
7/28/2012: The Theme Is Freedom
7/21/2012: Energy in the Executive
7/7/2012: Into the Storm
6/30/2012: Badge of Courage: The Life of Stephen Crane
6/16/2012: The Senate: 1789-1989
5/19/2012: Promise and Power
5/12/2012: The Kinder, Gentler Military
2/18/2012: Karen Armstrong
2/11/2012: Lerone Bennett Jr: Forced Into Glory
6/25/2011: John Berendt: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
12/11/2010: Joseph Persico: Roosevelt's Secret War
11/7/2009: Susan Eisenhower
10/18/2008: Robert Skidelsky
5/3/2008: Mona Charen
3/8/2008: Michael Parenti: The Assassination of Julius Caesar
2/2/2008: Randall Kenan: Walking on Water
10/13/2007: Robert Caro: Means of Ascent
7/14/2007: Jim Mann: Beijing Jeep: American Business in China
6/17/2006: Paul Brace & Barbara Hinckley: Follow the Leader
12/11/2005: Witold Rybczynski: A Clearing in the Distance: Frederick Law Olmstead & America in the 19th Century
10/13/2005: Louise Barnett
7/23/2005: Joseph Ellis: Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams
7/16/2005: Nathan Miller, Theodore Roosevelt: A Life
5/8/2005: David Hackworth: About Face
4/3/2005: Dan Baum, Citizen Coors: An American Dynasty
3/19/2005: Ward Connerly: Creating Equal
1/15/2005: Terry Eastland
12/5/2004: Mark Edmundson: Why Read?
11/14/2004: Stephen Greenblatt
10/31/2004: Chris Wallace: Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage
10/17/2004: John McCaslin: Inside the Beltway
8/22/2004: Dorie McCullough Lawson: Posterity
8/22/2004: Letters of Great Americans to Their Children
8/15/2004: Dennis Hastert: Speaker
8/14/2004: Virginia Postrel: The Future and Its Enemies
8/7/2004: Don Hewitt: Tell Me a Story
5/29/2004: Anna Quindlen: Thinking Out Loud
5/9/2004: Charles Ogletree: All Deliberate Speed
5/3/2004: Eric Lax: The Mold in Dr. Florey's Coat
3/21/2004: Constance Hays
3/14/2004: John Dean
2/29/2004: George Soros: The Bubble of American Supremacy
2/22/2004: Kenneth Silverman: Lightning Man: The Accursed Life of Samuel B. Morse
2/1/2004: Abigail Thernstrom: No Excuses
2/1/2004: Book Discussion on 'An End to Evil'
1/18/2004: John Seigenthaler
1/4/2004: Brenda Wineapple: Hawthorne: A Life
12/21/2003: Matthew Pinsker: Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home
12/1/2003: Bruce Feiler: Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths
10/5/2003: Jessica Stern: Terror in the Name of God
10/3/2003: David Von Drehle: Triangle: The Fire That Changed America
9/21/2003: Eric Rauchway: Murdering McKinley
8/23/2003: Dorothy Height: Open Wide the Freedom Gates
8/17/2003: David Lipsky: Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point
7/27/2003: Kenneth Ackerman: Dark Horse: The Surprise Election and Political Murder of President James A. Garfield
7/14/2003: Willard Scott: The Older the Fiddler, the Better the Tune
7/6/2003: Jon Kukla
6/8/2003: Azar Nafisi: Reading Lolita in Tehran
6/1/2003: Raymond Strother: Falling Up: How a Redneck Helped Invent Political Consulting
5/25/2003: Anne Applebaum: Gulag: A History
5/18/2003: Paul Theroux: Dark Star Safari
5/11/2003: Monica Langley: Tearing Down the Walls
5/4/2003: Dorothy Rabinowitz: No Crueler Tyrannies
4/12/2003: Rick Atkinson: An Army at Dawn
4/12/2003: Samantha Power: A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide
4/6/2003: Roy Morris: Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden and the Stolen Election of 1876
4/5/2003: Sandra Day O'Connor
3/23/2003: Bernard Bailyn: To Begin the World Anew: The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders
3/16/2003: Michael Howard: The First World War
3/9/2003: Dana Priest: The Mission: Waging War and Keeping Peace with America's Military
3/2/2003: John McWhorter: 'Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority'
3/1/2003: Jeanne Simon: Codename: Scarlett
2/23/2003: Joy Hakim: 'Freedom: A History of Us'
2/9/2003: Amy Chua: World on Fire
12/19/2002: Margaret MacMillan: Paris 1919
12/15/2002: John Taliaferro: Great White Fathers
12/1/2002: Six Months That Changed the World
10/27/2002: Charles Slack
10/13/2002: Linda Greenlaw: The Lobster Chronicles: Life on a Very Small Island
9/15/2002: Arnold Ludwig: King of the Mountain
9/8/2002: Dennis Hutchinson: The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox
8/8/2002: Six Days of War
7/28/2002: Beppe Severgnini
7/14/2002: Nguyen Cao Ky: Buddha's Child
7/7/2002: Sandra Mackey: The Reckoning: Iraq and the Legacy of Saddam Hussein
6/23/2002: Diana Preston: Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy
3/24/2002: Jon Ronson: Them
3/10/2002: Richard Lingeman: Sinclair Lewis
2/17/2002: Edward Steers Jr.: Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
2/11/2002: Frank Wu, Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White
1/23/2002: Growing Up on a Cattle Ranch
1/6/2002: Bill Press: Spin This!
12/30/2001: Bernard Lewis: What Went Wrong?: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
12/16/2001: Peter Bergen: Holy War, Inc.
12/9/2001: Phyllis Lee Levin: Edith and Woodrow: The Wilson White House
12/2/2001: Laura Claridge: Norman Rockwell---A Life
11/25/2001: Kirkpatrick Sale: The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream
10/21/2001: Fran Grace
10/7/2001: Midge Decter: An Old Wife's Tale
9/9/2001: Irvin Molotsky: The Flag, the Poet and the Song
8/26/2001: Thomas Fleming: The New Dealers
7/15/2001: Sally Satel: PC, M.D.
6/14/2001: Longest-Held Prisoner of War
4/29/2001: Kiron Skinner
4/8/2001: William Cooper: Jefferson Davis, American
3/21/2001: Reagan, in His Own Hand
2/18/2001: Maurizio Viroli
2/11/2001: Kurt Eichenwald: The Informant: A True Story
2/4/2001: Kurt Eichenwald: The Informant: A True Story
1/28/2001: Arlen Specter: Passion for Truth
1/14/2001: Dinesh D'Souza: The Virture of Prosperity
12/31/2000: Peter Hitchens
12/24/2000: Robert Putnam: Bowling Alone
10/8/2000: Diane Ravitch
10/5/2000: Book Discussion on 'First Mothers'
10/1/2000: Nina Easton: Gang of Five
9/3/2000: Harold Bloom
8/20/2000: Harry Stein: How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and Found Inner Peace
6/8/2000: Joyce Appleby: Inheriting the Revolution
6/4/2000: Zachary Karabell, The Last Campaign: How Harry Truman Won the 1948 Election
5/25/2000: James Bradley: Flags of Our Fathers
5/25/2000: Book Discussion on 'BOBOs in Paradise'
4/23/2000: Walter Mosley: Workin' on the Chain Gang: Shaking off the Dead Hand of History
4/16/2000: Allen Guelzo
4/2/2000: Philip Short: Mao: A Life
2/27/2000: Gina Kolata: Flu
2/6/2000: Arthur Herman: Joseph McCarthy
1/23/2000: Isaac Stern
1/19/2000: The Great Influenza Pandemic
12/26/1999: Tom Wheeler: Take Command! Leadership Lessons from the Civil War
11/28/1999: Winston S. Churchill III: The Great Republic: A History of America
11/10/1999: Tina Rosenberg: Children of Cain
10/31/1999: Patrick Tyler: A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China, An Investigative History
10/3/1999: James Glassman
8/22/1999: David Atkinson: Leaving the Bench: Supreme Court Justices at the End
8/15/1999: Elizabeth Norman: We Band of Angels
8/8/1999: H.W. Crocker III: Robert E. Lee on Leadership
7/4/1999: Floyd Flake: The Way of the Bootstrapper
5/23/1999: Jean Strouse
4/20/1999: American Financier
4/15/1999: Book Discussion on Great Minds of History
3/28/1999: Norman Podhoretz: Ex-Friends
3/21/1999: Richard Shenkman: Presidential Ambition: How the Presidents Gained Power, Kept Power, and Got Things Done
3/14/1999: Allen Weinstein
1/10/1999: John Morris: Get the Picture: A Personal History of Photojournalism
12/27/1998: Peter Jennings: The Century
11/20/1998: A. Scott Berg
10/25/1998: Dorothy Herrmann
10/4/1998: George H. W. Bush and Brent Scowcroft: A World Transformed
9/20/1998: Larry Tye: The Father of Spin
8/30/1998: Robert Sobel, Coolidge: An American Enigma
7/26/1998: Richard Holbrooke: To End a War
7/12/1998: John Lewis: Walking With the Wind
4/26/1998: Molly Ivins: You Got to Dance With Them That Brung You
4/14/1998: Book Discussion on 'When Memory Speaks'
4/12/1998: Taylor Branch: Pillar of Fire
4/5/1998: Paul Johnson: A History of the American People
3/8/1998: John Marszalek: The Petticoat Affair
1/25/1998: Daniel Pipes
1/11/1998: Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking
12/14/1997: Susan Butler: East to the Dawn
10/19/1997: Nat Hentoff
10/12/1997: Geoffrey Perret
9/25/1997: Vindicating the Founders
9/7/1997: Brian Burrell: The Words We Live By
8/31/1997: Frank McCourt: Angela's Ashes: A Memoir
8/24/1997: Peter Maas: Underboss---Sammy the Bull Gravano’s Story of Life in the Mafia
8/17/1997: American Scripture
8/10/1997: James Tobin
8/3/1997: LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman
7/6/1997: Jack Rakove
6/22/1997: James Humes
6/8/1997: Pavel Palazchenko
6/5/1997: Book Discussion on 'American Visions'
6/1/1997: Jill Krementz
5/25/1997: Jane Holtz Kay
5/18/1997: Anne Matthews
5/4/1997: Christopher Buckley
4/20/1997: Leonard Garment
4/13/1997: David Horowitz
4/6/1997: Keith Richburg
3/30/1997: Claude Andrew Clegg III
3/23/1997: Jon Katz
3/19/1997: John Fialka
3/9/1997: Sarah Gordon
2/16/1997: Katharine Graham
2/9/1997: John Brady
2/2/1997: Henry Grunwald
1/27/1997: Sylvia Jukes Morris
1/26/1997: David Boaz
1/19/1997: Alfred Zacher
1/5/1997: Edward Jay Epstein
12/22/1996: David Denby
11/17/1996: Conor Cruise O'Brien
11/10/1996: Leon Dash
11/3/1996: Andrew Ferguson
9/29/1996: Monica Crowley: Nixon Off the Record
9/15/1996: Lloyd Kramer
9/8/1996: Donald Warren
9/1/1996: Drew Gilpin Faust
8/25/1996: Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazaitis: War Without Bloodshed
8/20/1996: George Armstrong Custer
8/4/1996: Denis Brian
7/28/1996: James Lardner
7/21/1996: Eleanor Randolph
6/30/1996: Glenn Simpson
6/16/1996: Albert Murray
5/26/1996: Noa Ben Artzi-Pelossof: In the Name of Sorrow and Hope
5/19/1996: Michael Sandel
5/5/1996: David Broder
4/28/1996: David Reynolds
4/14/1996: Wayne Fields
4/7/1996: Jean Baker
3/17/1996: Clarence Page
3/10/1996: Johanna Neuman
3/3/1996: Hillary Rodham Clinton
2/25/1996: H.W. Brands
2/18/1996: Dan Balz
2/11/1996: Lance Banning
2/4/1996: Denis Prager
1/28/1996: Carlo D'Este
1/7/1996: Colin Powell
12/24/1995: David Herbert Donald
12/17/1995: Evan Thomas
12/13/1995: Book Discussion on 'My American Journey'
12/10/1995: David Brinkley
12/3/1995: James Baker
11/19/1995: Bell Hooks
11/5/1995: Marlin Fitzwater
10/22/1995: David Fromkin
10/1/1995: Andrew Sullivan
9/24/1995: Irving Kristol
9/17/1995: Elsa Walsh
9/10/1995: Emory Thomas
8/25/1995: Divided Lives
7/30/1995: John Hockenberry
7/23/1995: Newt Gingrich
7/9/1995: DeWayne Wickham
7/2/1995: Ari Hoogenboom
6/25/1995: Norman Mailer
6/23/1995: Armstrong Williams
6/4/1995: Hanan Ashrawi
5/28/1995: John Niven
5/21/1995: Linn Washington
5/7/1995: David Maraniss
4/30/1995: Michael Klare: Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws
4/23/1995: Robert McNamara
4/16/1995: Alvin and Heidi Toffler
4/2/1995: Gertrude Himmelfarb: The De-Moralization of Society
3/26/1995: James Loewen
3/12/1995: Donald Kagan
3/5/1995: Lynn Sherr: Failure Is Impossible
2/26/1995: Alan Ryan
2/19/1995: Jimmy Carter
2/12/1995: Philip Howard
2/5/1995: M. Stanton Evans
1/15/1995: Anthony Cave Brown
1/1/1995: Doris Kearns Goodwin
12/11/1994: Elizabeth Drew
12/4/1994: Charles Murray
11/27/1994: Melba Pattillo Beals
11/20/1994: Milton Friedman: F.A. Hayek's Road to Serfdom
11/13/1994: John Kenneth Galbraith
11/6/1994: Bill Thomas
10/30/1994: David Frum
10/23/1994: Liz Carpenter: Unplanned Parenthood
10/9/1994: Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Colored People
9/18/1994: Irving Bartlett
8/28/1994: John Leo
8/21/1994: Hugh Pearson
7/24/1994: Dan Quayle
7/17/1994: David Fischer
7/10/1994: Cal Thomas
6/5/1994: Stephen Ambrose
5/21/1994: James McPherson
5/15/1994: Forrest McDonald
5/8/1994: John Keegan
5/1/1994: Howell Raines
4/17/1994: James Cannon
4/10/1994: Fifth Anniversary Special
3/27/1994: John Corry
3/20/1994: Clare Brandt
3/15/1994: Andrew Young
2/13/1994: Bill Emmott
2/10/1994: Book Discussion on 'Makes Me Wanna Holler'
1/23/1994: Gary Hymel
1/16/1994: Carolyn Barta
12/19/1993: John Podhoretz
12/12/1993: Richard Reeves
12/5/1993: Margaret Thatcher
11/28/1993: Betty Friedan
11/14/1993: Herbert Block
11/7/1993: Charles Mee
10/31/1993: Andrew Nagorsky
10/10/1993: Alan Brinkley
10/3/1993: Peter Skerry: Mexican-Americans: The Ambivalent Minority
9/24/1993: William F. Buckley Jr., Happy Days Were Here Again: Reflections of a Libertarian Journalist
9/19/1993: Madeline Cartwright
7/25/1993: David Remnick: Lenin's Tomb
7/11/1993: David Halberstam
6/27/1993: George Shultz
6/20/1993: Howard Kurtz
6/13/1993: David Brock
6/6/1993: J. Bowyer Bell
5/30/1993: Douglas Davis
5/16/1993: Book Discussion on Thinking Out Loud
5/9/1993: Charles Adams: For Good & Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization
4/25/1993: Lisa Belkin
4/18/1993: Douglas Brinkley
4/4/1993: Strom Thurmond and the Politics of Southern Change
2/28/1993: Kay Mills
12/13/1992: Brian Kelly
12/6/1992: Daniel J. Boorstin
11/29/1992: Charles J. Sykes
11/22/1992: Norman Schwarzkopf: It Doesn't Take a Hero
11/15/1992: Derrick Bell
11/1/1992: Barbara Hinckley
10/25/1992: Susan Faludi
9/8/1992: Sen. Paul Simon: Advice and Consent
8/30/1992: Neil Postman
7/13/1992: The Way to the White House
6/28/1992: David Savage
6/21/1992: John Jackley
6/14/1992: William Lee Miller: The Business of May Next
5/31/1992: Lester Thurow: Head to Head: The Coming Economic Battle Among Japan, Europe and America
5/17/1992: Robert Bartley: The Seven Fat Years and How to Do It Again
5/3/1992: Earl Black and Merle Black
3/29/1992: Nan Robertson
3/22/1992: Linda Chavez: Out of the Barrio
2/2/1992: Robert Cwiklik: House Rules: A Freshman Congressman's Initiation to the Backslapping, Backpedaling, and Backstabbing Ways of Was
12/29/1991: A Life
12/29/1991: Jimmy Breslin
11/24/1991: James B. Stewart
8/18/1991: Liz Trotta: Fighting for Air
8/4/1991: Elaine Sciolino: The Outlaw State: Saddam Hussein's Quest for Power and the Gulf Crisis
4/28/1991: Caroline Kennedy and Ellen Alderman
3/24/1991: Richard Brookhiser
12/2/1990: Carol Barkalow: In the Men's House
11/11/1990: Blaine Harden
11/4/1990: Paul Taylor
10/20/1990: Anthony Lewis
10/14/1990: Harold Stassen, Eisenhower: Turning the World Toward Peace
9/23/1990: Jannette Dates: Split Image
6/10/1990: Preferential Policies
6/10/1990: Thomas Sowell: Preferential Policies
5/6/1990: Morley Safer: Flashbacks on Returning to Vietnam
3/21/1990: Robert Caro: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
3/4/1990: Richard Barnet: The Rockets' Red Glare: When America Goes to War
2/18/1990: Peggy Noonan
12/24/1989: Richard Rhodes, Farm: A Year in the Life of an American Farmer
11/19/1989: Robin Wright: In the Name of God
10/30/1989: Shadow Warrior
10/29/1989: Ralph David Abernathy: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: An Autobiography
10/15/1989: Harrison Salisbury: Tiananmen Diary
6/18/1989: Sen. Robert Byrd
5/21/1989: Gregory Fossedal: The Democratic Imperative
7/16/1928: George Wilson: Mud Soldiers: Life Inside the New American Army
Bob Woodward
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