After Words Episodes

2005, TV Show

Episode Detail: Alastair Campbell Interviewed by Gerald Seib - After Words

Alastair Campbell, who served as British prime minister Tony Blair's press secretary from 1997 to 2003, discusses his book “The Blair Years” with Wall Street Journal columnist Gerald Seib.

Episodes: After Words (492)

11/16/2014: Karen Armstrong
11/8/2014: Jeff Chang
11/2/2014: James McPherson
10/25/2014: Linda Tirado
10/19/2014: Jake Halpern
10/8/2014: Atul Gawande
9/23/2014: Matt Richtel
8/23/2014: Dr. Ben Carson
8/21/2014: Mike Gonzalez
8/16/2014: Daniel Halper
8/7/2014: Ken Silverstein
8/3/2014: Cheryl Chumley
7/28/2014: John Dean
7/7/2014: Jay Barbree
6/23/2014: Chris Tomlinson
6/23/2014: Jason Riley
6/14/2014: Ken Adleman
5/29/2014: Matt Kibbe
5/20/2014: Kwasi Kwarteng
5/9/2014: Justice John Paul Stevens
5/8/2014: Rick Santorum
4/22/2014: Jeremy Rifkin
4/16/2014: Burton Folsom
4/15/2014: Susan Stranahan
4/9/2014: Nomi Prins
3/22/2014: Paul Taylor
3/14/2014: Patrick Tucker
3/13/2014: Cal Thomas
3/6/2014: Ezekiel Emanuel
2/24/2014: Zachary Karabell
2/19/2014: Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld
2/6/2014: Aram Goudsouzian
2/4/2014: Representative Keith Ellison
1/29/2014: Gabriel Sherman
1/23/2014: John Rizzo
1/9/2014: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
12/19/2013: Angela Stent
12/19/2013: Yuval Levin
12/13/2013: Nicholas Johnson
12/11/2013: Heraldo Munoz
12/1/2013: Brian Kilmeade
11/22/2013: Peter Gottschalk
11/21/2013: Nicholas Carnes
10/29/2013: Michael Kimmel
10/16/2013: Larry Sabato
10/12/2013: Luis Gutierrez
10/8/2013: Ann Dowsett Johnston
10/3/2013: Husain Haqqani
10/1/2013: Richard Dawkins
9/25/2013: Abbe Smith
9/24/2013: S. Lochlann Jain
9/18/2013: Bob Lutz
9/3/2013: Emily Miller
8/24/2013: Elizabeth Greenspan
8/23/2013: Mark Tushnet
8/13/2013: Paul Sabin
8/13/2013: Joshua Dubler
8/12/2013: Craig Steven Wilder
7/30/2013: Leigh Gallagher
7/19/2013: Sheila Miyoshi Jager
7/9/2013: Barbara Perry
6/27/2013: Susan Crawford
6/18/2013: Mario Livio
6/13/2013: Michele Swers
6/12/2013: Victor Davis Hanson
6/4/2013: Dr. Carl Hart
5/30/2013: Laurence Leamer
5/22/2013: Charles Moore
5/21/2013: Olympia Snowe
5/18/2013: Diana West
5/14/2013: Sally Satel
5/7/2013: Christian Caryl
4/17/2013: Vali Nasr
2/26/2013: Ken Stern
2/19/2013: Moises Naim
2/7/2013: Ed Whitacre
2/5/2013: John Mackey
2/2/2013: Jonathan Last
1/29/2013: Sarah Garland
1/11/2013: Clayborne Carson
1/8/2013: Helaine Olen
12/31/2012: Michael Gazzaniga: Who's in Charge?
12/19/2012: Michael Austin
12/13/2012: Martin Duberman
12/12/2012: Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
12/8/2012: Marty Makary
12/5/2012: Craig Whitney
12/1/2012: Ray Kurzweil
11/28/2012: Cynthia Lowen
11/18/2012: James Patterson
11/11/2012: David Cay Johnston
10/28/2012: David Coleman
10/17/2012: Gautam Mukunda
10/14/2012: Marguerite Guzman Bouvard
10/2/2012: Salman Khan
9/6/2012: Eric Klinenberg
8/5/2012: David Crist, The Twilight War
7/28/2012: Fredrick Harris, The Price of the Ticket
7/21/2012: Kaitlin Bell Barnett, Dosed
7/14/2012: Peter Collier
7/7/2012: Martha Rosenberg: Born With a Junk Food Deficiency
7/1/2012: Fawaz Gerges: Obama and the Middle East
6/23/2012: Katie Pavlich: Fast and Furious
6/16/2012: Jonah Goldberg: The Tyranny of Clichés
6/2/2012: Steve Coll, Private Empire
5/26/2012: Madeleine Albright, Prague Winter
5/26/2012: Victor Cha, The Impossible State
5/19/2012: Jay Nordlinger, Peace, They Say
5/12/2012: Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream
5/5/2012: Seth Jones: Hunting in the Shadows
4/28/2012: Michael Sandel: What Money Can't Buy
4/21/2012: Dale Carpenter: Flagrant Conduct
4/14/2012: Dick Teresi: The Undead
4/7/2012: Liza Mundy
3/31/2012: Alain de Botton: Religion for Atheists
3/24/2012: Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin: Tinderbox
3/17/2012: Linda Killian: The Swing Vote
3/10/2012: Maggie Anderson
3/3/2012: John Lewis Gaddis: George F. Kennan
2/25/2012: Richard Thompson Ford: Universal Rights Down to Earth
2/18/2012: Ira Shapiro
2/12/2012: Eric Klinenberg: Going Solo
2/4/2012: Deborah Scroggins: Wanted Women
1/28/2012: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Strategic Vision
1/21/2012: George Nash: Freedom Betrayed
1/14/2012: Chris Matthews: Jack Kennedy
1/7/2012: Jack Abramoff: Capitol Punishment
12/24/2011: Conor O'Clery: Moscow, December 25, 1991
12/17/2011: Robert Guest: Borderless Economics
12/11/2011: Niall Ferguson, Hosted by Susan Jacoby
12/3/2011: Max Hastings
11/26/2011: Clifton Truman Daniel: Dear Harry, Love Bess
11/19/2011: Patrick Buchanan: Suicide of a Superpower
11/12/2011: Corey Robin: The Reactionary Mind
11/5/2011: Mary Gabriel: Love and Capital
10/29/2011: Bill Vlasic: Once Upon a Car
10/22/2011: Nicholas Wapshott: Keynes Hayek
10/15/2011: Daniel Yergin: The Quest
10/8/2011: Susan Herman: Taking Liberties
10/1/2011: Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alistair Smith: The Dictator's Handbook
9/24/2011: Jim Lehrer: Tension City
9/17/2011: Sylvia Nasar: Grand Pursuit
9/10/2011: Dana Priest: Top Secret
9/3/2011: Randall Kennedy: The Persistence of the Color Line
8/27/2011: Ronald Bishop: More
8/20/2011: Steven Brill: Class Warfare
8/13/2011: Jay Bahadur: The Pirates of Somalia
8/6/2011: Amanda Foreman: A World on Fire
7/30/2011: Joby Warrick: The Triple Agent
7/23/2011: Sally Jacobs: The Other Barack
7/16/2011: Jane Blair: Hesitation Kills
7/9/2011: Charles Hill: Trial of a Thousand Years
7/2/2011: Eli Pariser: The Filter Bubble
6/25/2011: Erick Stakelbeck: The Terrorist Next Door
6/18/2011: James Gleick: The Information
6/11/2011: Henry Kissinger: On China
6/4/2011: Michael Totten: The Road to Fatima Gate
5/28/2011: Janny Scott: A Singular Woman
5/21/2011: Frederick Kempe: Berlin 1961
5/14/2011: William Cohan: Money and Power
5/7/2011: Andrew Breitbart: Righteous Indignation
4/30/2011: Peter Godwin: The Fear
4/23/2011: Edward Lengel: Inventing George Washington
4/16/2011: Kevin Williamson: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism
4/9/2011: Jeff Greenfield: Then Everything Changed
4/2/2011: Ken Walsh: Family of Freedom
3/26/2011: Leah McGrath Goodman: The Asylum: The Renegades Who Hijacked the World's Oil Market
3/19/2011: Dambisa Moyo: How the West Was Lost
3/12/2011: Peter Firstbrook: The Obamas
3/5/2011: Rubin Carter: Eye of the Hurricane
2/26/2011: Susan Jacoby: Never Say Die
2/19/2011: Carole Simpson: NewsLady
2/12/2011: George Friedman: The Next Decade
2/5/2011: Michael Reagan: The New Reagan Revolution
1/29/2011: Peter Bergen: The Longest War
1/23/2011: Irving Kristol: The Neoconservative Persuasion
1/15/2011: Clarence Jones: Behind the Dream
1/8/2011: Eduardo Porter: The Price of Everything
1/2/2011: William Hartung: Prophets of War
12/25/2010: Jane Smiley: The Man Who Invented the Computer
12/18/2010: Hugh Shelton: Without Hesitation
12/11/2010: Noah Feldman: Scorpions
11/27/2010: James Zogby: Arab Voices
11/20/2010: John Dower: Cultures of War
11/13/2010: Ron Christie: Acting White
11/6/2010: Nigel Hamilton: American Caesaers
10/30/2010: Scott Rasmussen & Doug Schoen: Mad as Hell
10/23/2010: Dinesh D'Souza: The Roots of Obama's Rage
10/16/2010: Maria Bartiromo: The Weekend That Changed Wall Street
10/10/2010: James Swanson: Bloody Crimes
10/9/2010: Hooman Majd: The Ayatollah's Democracy
10/2/2010: Jimmy Carter: White House Diary
9/25/2010: Louise Knight: Jane Addams
9/18/2010: Gabriel Schoenfeld: Necessary Secrets
9/11/2010: Arianna Huffington: Third World America
9/4/2010: David Kilcullen: Counterinsurgency
8/28/2010: Sebastian Mallaby: More Money Than God
8/21/2010: Michael Belfiore: The Department of Mad Scientists
8/14/2010: Peter Beinart: The Icarus Syndrome
8/7/2010: Richard Whittle: The Dream Machine
7/31/2010: Carl Cannon: Circle of Greed
7/24/2010: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Nomad
7/17/2010: Alan Brinkley: The Publisher
7/10/2010: Andrew Napolitano: Lies the Government Told You
7/3/2010: Arthur Brooks: The Battle; Strobe Talbott: Fast Forward
6/26/2010: Jere Van Dyk: Captive
6/19/2010: Karl Marlantes: Matterhorn
6/12/2010: Gary Rivlin: Broke USA
6/5/2010: Stephen Prothero: God Is Not One
5/29/2010: Sebastian Junger: War
5/22/2010: Michael Graham: That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom
5/15/2010: John Kiriakou: The Reluctant Spy
5/8/2010: Piper Kerman: Orange Is the New Black
5/1/2010: Elaine Tyler May: American and the Pill
4/24/2010: Mark Perry: Talking to Terrorists
4/17/2010: Harry Markopolos: No One Would Listen
4/10/2010: Deborah Amos: Eclipse of the Sunnis
4/3/2010: Jack Matlock: Superpower Illusions
3/27/2010: Bill Bennett: A Century Turns
3/20/2010: Diane Ravitch: The Death and Life of the Great American School System
3/13/2010: Bill & Janet Cohen: Race and Reconciliation
3/6/2010: Mitt Romney: No Apology
2/27/2010: George Packer: George Orwell's 'Facing Unpleasant Facts' and 'All Art Is Propaganda'
2/20/2010: Ken Gormley: The Death of American Virtue
2/13/2010: Garry Wills: Bomb Power
2/6/2010: Joseph Stiglitz: Freefall
1/30/2010: John Yoo: Crisis and Command
1/23/2010: Thomas Fleming: The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers
1/16/2010: Peniel Joseph: Dark Days, Bright Nights
1/9/2010: David Wessel: In Fed We Trust
1/2/2010: Gail Collins: When Everything Changed
1/1/2010: Wil Haygood and Dave Zinn
12/26/2009: Jane Goodall: Hope for Animals and Their World
12/19/2009: Greg Mortenson: Stones Into Schools
12/12/2009: Joan Biskupic: American Original
11/28/2009: Wil Haygood: Sweet Thunder
11/27/2009: Levitt & Dubner: Superfreakonomics
11/21/2009: Nomi Prins: It Takes a Pillage
11/14/2009: Peter Schweizer: Architects of Ruin
11/7/2009: Harry Maclean: The Past Is Never Dead
10/31/2009: John Fleming: The Anti-Communist Manifestos
10/24/2009: Michael Rosen: What Else But Home
10/17/2009: Taylor Branch: The Clinton Tapes
10/10/2009: Tom Ridge: The Test of Our Times
10/3/2009: Chris Hedges: Empire of Illusion
9/26/2009: Kimberly Kagan: The Surge
9/19/2009: Jon Krakauer: Where Men Win Glory
9/12/2009: Kathryn Olmsted: Real Enemies
9/5/2009: Gen. Tony Zinni: Leading the Charge
8/29/2009: Peter Carlson Interviewed by Sergei Khrushchev
8/22/2009: John McCaslin: Weed Man
8/15/2009: Brian Jennings: Censorship
8/8/2009: Ben Mezrich Interviewed by A.J. Jacobs
8/1/2009: Mia Bay: To Tell the Truth Freely
7/25/2009: Harry Stein Interviewed by Stefan Kanfer
7/18/2009: Edward Humes Interviewed by Matthew Kahn
7/11/2009: Joe Scarborough Interviewed by Peggy Noonan
7/4/2009: Wangari Maathai Interviewed by Nicole Lee
6/27/2009: Nicholas Schmidle Interviewed by Ralph Peters
6/20/2009: Eduardo Galeano Interviewed by John Dinges
6/13/2009: Tierney Cahill Interviewed by Eleanor Holmes Norton
6/6/2009: Stanley Greenberg Interviewed by Mary Matalin
5/30/2009: Bethany Moreton Interviewed by Nancy MacLean
5/23/2009: Elaine Showalter: A Jury of Her Peers
5/16/2009: Mark Rudd Interviewed by Ishmael Reed
5/9/2009: Frederick Hitz Interviewed by Peter Earnest
5/2/2009: Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World
4/25/2009: Alan Beattie Interviewed by Patrice Hill
4/18/2009: Paul Escott Interviewed by Jane Turner Censer
4/11/2009: Neal Bascomb Interviewed by Elizabeth Holtzman
4/4/2009: Ivan Eland Interviewed by Ron Paul
3/28/2009: William Cohan Interviewed by Deborah Solomon
3/21/2009: Felix Rohatyn Interviewed by Greg Ip
3/14/2009: Ann Coulter Interviewed by Michelle Easton
3/7/2009: Garry Leech Interviewed by Josh Rushing
2/28/2009: Azar Nafisi Interviewed by Trita Parsi
2/21/2009: Roger Simon Interviewed by Armstrong Williams
2/14/2009: Philip Howard Interviewed by Joan Biskupic
2/7/2009: Bryan Burrough Interviewed by Rep. Joe Barton
1/31/2009: Gwen Ifill Interviewed by David Brooks
1/24/2009: David Sanger Interviewed by Bob Deans
1/17/2009: Robert Bork Interviewed by Eugene Meyer
1/10/2009: Christopher Horner Interviewed by Jed Babbin
1/3/2009: Jay Parini Interviewed by Sam Tanenhaus
12/27/2008: Philip Dray Interviewed by Peniel Joseph
12/20/2008: David Reynolds Interviewed by Robert Remini
12/13/2008: Brian Michael Jenkins Interviewed by P.J. Crowley
12/6/2008: Michael Medved Interviewed by Mona Charen
11/29/2008: Rick Wartzman Interviewed by Susan Shillinglaw
11/22/2008: Niall Ferguson Interviewed by Adrian Wooldridge
11/15/2008: Bill Gertz Interviewed by Frank Gaffney
11/8/2008: Marian Wright Edelman Interviewed by Geoffrey Canada
11/1/2008: Kimberly Dozier Interviewed by Lee Woodruff
10/25/2008: Andrew Bacevich Interviewed by Ivan Eland
10/18/2008: James Bamford Interviewed by Jonathan Landay
10/11/2008: Bob Schieffer Interviewed by Rita Braver
10/4/2008: Tariq Ali Interviewed by Robert Dreyfuss
9/27/2008: Harry Reid Interviewed by Tom Daschle
9/20/2008: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft Interviewed by David Ignatius
9/13/2008: Christopher Buckley Interviewed by Charles Kesler
9/6/2008: Jane Mayer Interviewed by Dana Priest
8/30/2008: Timothy Lynch Interviewed by Gary Schmitt
8/23/2008: Thomas Frank Interviewed by Jeanne Cummings
8/16/2008: Anthony Kronman Interviewed by Charles Murray
8/9/2008: Patrick Cockburn Interviewed by James Zogby
8/2/2008: George Will Interviewed by David Broder
7/28/2008: Mahvish Rukhsana Khan Interviewed by Nancy Snow
7/19/2008: Rajmohan Gandhi Interviewed by Amitabh Pal
7/12/2008: Raj Patel Interviewed by Evan Kleiman
7/5/2008: J. Phillip London Interviewed by Rowan Scarborough
6/28/2008: Tom Hayden Interviewed by Jon Wiener
6/21/2008: Andrew McCarthy Interviewed by Hugh Hewitt
6/14/2008: Ted Sorenson Interviewed by Robert Schlessinger
6/7/2008: Robert Kagan Interviewed by Clifford May
5/31/2008: Mary Tillman Interviewed by Tony Capaccio
5/24/2008: Matt Taibbi Interviewed by David Corn
5/17/2008: Cokie Roberts Interviewed by Pat Schroeder
5/10/2008: Gen. Rupert Smith Interviewed by Winslow Wheeler
5/3/2008: Bruce Bartlett Interviewed by Clarence Page
4/26/2008: Susan Jacoby Interviewed by Nick Gillespie
4/19/2008: Steve Coll Interviewed by Michael Scheuer
4/12/2008: Roy Gutman Interviewed by Moisés Naím
4/5/2008: Dee Dee Myers Interviewed by Dana Perino
3/29/2008: Robin Wright Interviewed by Anthony Cordesman
3/23/2008: Anthony Lewis Interviewed by Ronald Collins
3/15/2008: Mark Lynas Interviewed by Gene Karpinski
3/15/2008: Carl Cannon Interviewed by Bob Schieffer
3/8/2008: Philip Shenon: The Commission
3/1/2008: David Cay Johnston Interviewed by Maya MacGuineas
2/26/2008: Dana Milbank Interviewed by Juan Williams
2/16/2008: Mark Siegel Interviewed by Akbar Ahmed
2/9/2008: Michael Long Interviewed by Kevin Merida
2/2/2008: Pete Earley and Sergei Tretyakov
1/19/2008: Kiron Skinner Interviewed by Marcus Mabry
1/12/2008: Cathy Wilkerson Interviewed by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.)
1/5/2008: Susan Faludi Interviewed by Marie Arana
12/29/2007: Amy Chua Interviewed by Cullen Murphy
12/22/2007: Howard Kurtz Interviewed by James Warren
12/15/2007: Patrick Buchanan Interviewed by Diana West
12/8/2007: Ronald Spector Interviewed by Steven Clemons
12/1/2007: David Frost Interviewed by Timothy Naftali
11/24/2007: Rick Atkinson Interviewed by Patrick O'Donnell
11/17/2007: Garry Kasparov Interviewed by Leon Aron
11/10/2007: Michael Gerson Interviewed by Richard Viguerie
11/3/2007: Jonathan Chait Interviewed by Grover Norquist
10/27/2007: Barbara Slavin Interviewed by Trita Parsi
10/20/2007: Naomi Wolf Interviewed by Viet Dinh
10/14/2007: Lynne Cheney Interviewed by Nancy Gibbs
10/6/2007: Naomi Klein Interviewed by Franklin Foer
9/30/2007: Norman Podhoretz Interviewed by Charles Peña
9/22/2007: Nassim Nicholas Taleb Interviewed by David Brooks
9/15/2007: Raymond Ibrahim Interviewed by Lawrence Wright
9/8/2007: Lt. Col. John Nagl Interviewed by Sean Naylor
9/1/2007: Michael Duffy Interviewed by Bob Deans
8/25/2007: Scott Grant Interviewed by Peter Prichard
8/18/2007: Stanley Weintraub Interviewed by Max Boot
8/11/2007: Alastair Campbell Interviewed by Gerald Seib
8/4/2007: Connie Schultz Interviewed by Jim Tankersley
7/28/2007: Sally Jenkins Interviewed by Suzan Harjo
7/21/2007: Larry Berman Interviewed by Robert Kaiser
7/14/2007: Tim Weiner Interviewed by David Ignatius
7/7/2007: Beverly Daniel Tatum Interviewed by Roger Wilkins
6/30/2007: Seth Lerer Interviewed by Michael Dirda
6/23/2007: Amity Shlaes Interviewed by Nick Gillespie
6/16/2007: Ted Gup Interviewed by Michael Isikoff
6/9/2007: Kenneth Ackerman Interviewed by Joan Biskupic
6/2/2007: Michael Beschloss Interviewed by Alexis Simendinger
5/26/2007: Charles Rangel Interviewed by Jim Mills
5/19/2007: Rod Paige Interviewed by Kathy Kiely
5/12/2007: Robert McGovern Interviewed by Jack Kemp
5/5/2007: Jabari Asim Interviewed by Bakari Kitwana
4/28/2007: Michael Wallis Interviewed by Roy Blunt
4/21/2007: David Pietrusza Interviewed by Ann Compton
4/14/2007: Ali Allawai Interviewed by Roland Flamini
4/7/2007: Bill Bradley Interviewed by James Leach
3/31/2007: Jeremy Scahill Interviewed by David Martin
3/24/2007: Fred Charles Iklé Interviewed by John Lehman
3/17/2007: John Newhouse Interviewed by Walter Boyne
3/10/2007: Martha Raddatz Interviewed by Col. Thomas Hammes
3/3/2007: John Patrick Diggins Interviewed by George Will
2/24/2007: Edward Brooke Interviewed by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.)
2/17/2007: John Naisbitt Interviewed by George Gilder
2/10/2007: Brian Doherty Interviewed by Doug Bandow
1/31/2007: Eric Klinenberg Interviewed by Ben Scott
1/27/2007: Frank Luntz Interviewed by John McCaslin
1/20/2007: Joel Fleishman Interviewed by Elizabeth Boris
1/13/2007: Chris Whittle
1/6/2007: Anthony Weller Interviewed by Norman Hatch
12/30/2006: David Cannadine Interviewed by Leslie Schweitzer
12/23/2006: Alex Kershaw Interviewed by Jack Pulwers
12/16/2006: Ali Abunimah Interviewed by Ron Kampeas
12/9/2006: Larry Kahaner Interviewed by Peter Singer
12/2/2006: Karen DeYoung Interviewed by Brigadier General Charles 'Casey' Brower
11/25/2006: J. William Middendorf II Interviewed by David Frum
11/18/2006: John O'Sullivan Interviewed by Martin Walker
11/11/2006: Nicholas Lemann Interviewed by Herman Belz
11/4/2006: Mark Updegrove Interviewed by Marc Pachter
10/21/2006: Peter Stone Interviewed by Charles Lewis
10/18/2006: Ray Takeyh Interviewed by Robert Litwak
10/14/2006: John Danforth Interviewed by Charles Haynes
10/7/2006: Lawrence Otis Graham Interviewed by Adam Clayton Powell III
9/30/2006: George Soros Interviewed by Ted Halstead
9/23/2006: Patrick Hynes Interviewed by Richard Cizik
9/16/2006: Joe Mathews Interviewed by Rachel Smolkin
9/9/2006: Lawrence Wright Interviewed by James Zogby
9/2/2006: Rahm Emanuel Interviewed by Michael Tackett
8/26/2006: Robert Block Interviewed by James Lee Witt
8/19/2006: Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton: Without Precedent
8/12/2006: Juan Williams Interviewed by Michael Eric Dyson
8/5/2006: Tom Tancredo
7/29/2006: Thomas Ricks Interviewed by Jeffrey McCausland
7/22/2006: Simon Schama Interviewed by Edna Medford
7/17/2006: Andrew Kohut Interviewed by Brooks Jackson
7/15/2006: Peter Beinart Interviewed by Martin Sieff
7/8/2006: Nick Bryant Interviewed by Joe Leonard
7/2/2006: Gordon Wood interviewed by Richard Norton Smith
6/24/2006: Mark Smith Interviewed by Nan Aron
6/10/2006: Frank Schaeffer Interviewed by Kristin Henderson
6/3/2006: Alvin Toffler Interviewed by Newt Gingrich
5/27/2006: Richard Brookhiser Interviewed by John Splaine
5/20/2006: John Kasich Interviewed by Gene Sperling
5/13/2006: Madeleine Albright
5/6/2006: Juliet Eilperin Interviewed by Richard Cohen
4/29/2006: Joe Klein Interviewed by Walter Shapiro
4/22/2006: Julia Sweig Interviewed by Mark Falcoff
4/15/2006: John Tayman Interviewed by Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii)
4/8/2006: Matthew Bogdanos Interviewed by Angela M.H. Schuster
4/1/2006: Michael Mandelbaum Interviewed by Jacqueline Grapin
3/25/2006: Kevin Phillips and Grover Norquist
3/18/2006: Harvey Mansfield Interviewed by Naomi Wolf
3/11/2006: Torie Clarke Interviewed by Pamela Hess
3/4/2006: David Vise Interviewed by Lamar Smith
2/24/2006: Bruce Bartlett
2/18/2006: James McManus Interviewed by T.R. Reid
2/11/2006: David Reiff Interviewed by Wesley Clark
2/4/2006: Kate O'Beirne Interviewed by Jodi Enda
1/28/2006: Fred Barnes Interviewed by Peter Beinart
1/21/2006: L. Paul Bremer Interviewed by James Hoagland
1/14/2006: James Yee Interviewed by Rowan Scarborough
1/7/2006: Nicholas Basbanes Interviewed by David Kipen
12/24/2005: George Weigel Interviewed by Jon Meacham
12/17/2005: John Linder Interviewed by David Wessel
12/11/2005: Haynes Johnson Interviewed by Joseph diGenova
12/4/2005: Mary Mapes
11/26/2005: Bruce Chadwick Interviewed by George Lengel
11/19/2005: Nathaniel Fick Interviewed by Andrew Carroll
11/12/2005: Bill Richardson Interviewed by Chuck Todd
11/6/2005: Jimmy Carter
10/29/2005: Thomas P.M. Barnett Interviewed by Tom Feeney
10/22/2005: Mary Frances Berry
10/15/2005: Bing West
10/8/2005: Chris Whittle
10/1/2005: Andrea Mitchell
9/24/2005: Tony Blankley
9/17/2005: Steve Forbes
9/10/2005: Barbara Ehrenreich
9/3/2005: Charles Peters interviewed by Thomas Fleming
8/28/2005: Sheldon Hackney
8/21/2005: Ralph Peters
8/14/2005: Harvey Kaye
8/7/2005: Kenneth Walsh
7/31/2005: Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)
7/24/2005: Asra Nomani Interviewed by Akbar Ahmed
7/17/2005: Victor Navasky
7/10/2005: Bob Woodward
7/3/2005: Robert Merry
6/26/2005: David Rothkopf
6/19/2005: Neil Baldwin
6/12/2005: Patricia O'Toole
6/5/2005: Zell Miller Interviewed by John Anderson
5/29/2005: Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin (USMC Ret.)
5/22/2005: Ronald Radosh
5/15/2005: Michael Eric Dyson
5/8/2005: Byron York
5/1/2005: Linda Geenhouse
4/24/2005: Jorge Ramos
4/17/2005: Bob Dole
4/10/2005: Ernestine Bradley
4/3/2005: Roy Moore
3/27/2005: Jim Walls
3/20/2005: Ari Fleischer
3/13/2005: Tom Fenton
3/6/2005: Donald Ritchie
2/27/2005: William Hague
2/20/2005: Doug Wead
2/13/2005: Natan Sharansky
2/6/2005: Essie Mae Washington-Williams
1/30/2005: Melissa Boyle Mahle
1/16/2005: Helen Prejean
1/9/2005: Howard Friel
1/2/2005: Newt Gingrich
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