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2005, TV Show

Episode Detail: Joseph Stiglitz: Freefall - After Words

The 2008 economic meltdown and its effect on the global economy are discussed by economist Joseph Stiglitz ("Freefall") and Lori Wallach (Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch).

Episodes: After Words (492)

11/16/2014: Karen Armstrong
11/8/2014: Jeff Chang
11/2/2014: James McPherson
10/25/2014: Linda Tirado
10/19/2014: Jake Halpern
10/8/2014: Atul Gawande
9/23/2014: Matt Richtel
8/23/2014: Dr. Ben Carson
8/21/2014: Mike Gonzalez
8/16/2014: Daniel Halper
8/7/2014: Ken Silverstein
8/3/2014: Cheryl Chumley
7/28/2014: John Dean
7/7/2014: Jay Barbree
6/23/2014: Chris Tomlinson
6/23/2014: Jason Riley
6/14/2014: Ken Adleman
5/29/2014: Matt Kibbe
5/20/2014: Kwasi Kwarteng
5/9/2014: Justice John Paul Stevens
5/8/2014: Rick Santorum
4/22/2014: Jeremy Rifkin
4/16/2014: Burton Folsom
4/15/2014: Susan Stranahan
4/9/2014: Nomi Prins
3/22/2014: Paul Taylor
3/14/2014: Patrick Tucker
3/13/2014: Cal Thomas
3/6/2014: Ezekiel Emanuel
2/24/2014: Zachary Karabell
2/19/2014: Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld
2/6/2014: Aram Goudsouzian
2/4/2014: Representative Keith Ellison
1/29/2014: Gabriel Sherman
1/23/2014: John Rizzo
1/9/2014: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
12/19/2013: Angela Stent
12/19/2013: Yuval Levin
12/13/2013: Nicholas Johnson
12/11/2013: Heraldo Munoz
12/1/2013: Brian Kilmeade
11/22/2013: Peter Gottschalk
11/21/2013: Nicholas Carnes
10/29/2013: Michael Kimmel
10/16/2013: Larry Sabato
10/12/2013: Luis Gutierrez
10/8/2013: Ann Dowsett Johnston
10/3/2013: Husain Haqqani
10/1/2013: Richard Dawkins
9/25/2013: Abbe Smith
9/24/2013: S. Lochlann Jain
9/18/2013: Bob Lutz
9/3/2013: Emily Miller
8/24/2013: Elizabeth Greenspan
8/23/2013: Mark Tushnet
8/13/2013: Paul Sabin
8/13/2013: Joshua Dubler
8/12/2013: Craig Steven Wilder
7/30/2013: Leigh Gallagher
7/19/2013: Sheila Miyoshi Jager
7/9/2013: Barbara Perry
6/27/2013: Susan Crawford
6/18/2013: Mario Livio
6/13/2013: Michele Swers
6/12/2013: Victor Davis Hanson
6/4/2013: Dr. Carl Hart
5/30/2013: Laurence Leamer
5/22/2013: Charles Moore
5/21/2013: Olympia Snowe
5/18/2013: Diana West
5/14/2013: Sally Satel
5/7/2013: Christian Caryl
4/17/2013: Vali Nasr
2/26/2013: Ken Stern
2/19/2013: Moises Naim
2/7/2013: Ed Whitacre
2/5/2013: John Mackey
2/2/2013: Jonathan Last
1/29/2013: Sarah Garland
1/11/2013: Clayborne Carson
1/8/2013: Helaine Olen
12/31/2012: Michael Gazzaniga: Who's in Charge?
12/19/2012: Michael Austin
12/13/2012: Martin Duberman
12/12/2012: Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
12/8/2012: Marty Makary
12/5/2012: Craig Whitney
12/1/2012: Ray Kurzweil
11/28/2012: Cynthia Lowen
11/18/2012: James Patterson
11/11/2012: David Cay Johnston
10/28/2012: David Coleman
10/17/2012: Gautam Mukunda
10/14/2012: Marguerite Guzman Bouvard
10/2/2012: Salman Khan
9/6/2012: Eric Klinenberg
8/5/2012: David Crist, The Twilight War
7/28/2012: Fredrick Harris, The Price of the Ticket
7/21/2012: Kaitlin Bell Barnett, Dosed
7/14/2012: Peter Collier
7/7/2012: Martha Rosenberg: Born With a Junk Food Deficiency
7/1/2012: Fawaz Gerges: Obama and the Middle East
6/23/2012: Katie Pavlich: Fast and Furious
6/16/2012: Jonah Goldberg: The Tyranny of Clichés
6/2/2012: Steve Coll, Private Empire
5/26/2012: Madeleine Albright, Prague Winter
5/26/2012: Victor Cha, The Impossible State
5/19/2012: Jay Nordlinger, Peace, They Say
5/12/2012: Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream
5/5/2012: Seth Jones: Hunting in the Shadows
4/28/2012: Michael Sandel: What Money Can't Buy
4/21/2012: Dale Carpenter: Flagrant Conduct
4/14/2012: Dick Teresi: The Undead
4/7/2012: Liza Mundy
3/31/2012: Alain de Botton: Religion for Atheists
3/24/2012: Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin: Tinderbox
3/17/2012: Linda Killian: The Swing Vote
3/10/2012: Maggie Anderson
3/3/2012: John Lewis Gaddis: George F. Kennan
2/25/2012: Richard Thompson Ford: Universal Rights Down to Earth
2/18/2012: Ira Shapiro
2/12/2012: Eric Klinenberg: Going Solo
2/4/2012: Deborah Scroggins: Wanted Women
1/28/2012: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Strategic Vision
1/21/2012: George Nash: Freedom Betrayed
1/14/2012: Chris Matthews: Jack Kennedy
1/7/2012: Jack Abramoff: Capitol Punishment
12/24/2011: Conor O'Clery: Moscow, December 25, 1991
12/17/2011: Robert Guest: Borderless Economics
12/11/2011: Niall Ferguson, Hosted by Susan Jacoby
12/3/2011: Max Hastings
11/26/2011: Clifton Truman Daniel: Dear Harry, Love Bess
11/19/2011: Patrick Buchanan: Suicide of a Superpower
11/12/2011: Corey Robin: The Reactionary Mind
11/5/2011: Mary Gabriel: Love and Capital
10/29/2011: Bill Vlasic: Once Upon a Car
10/22/2011: Nicholas Wapshott: Keynes Hayek
10/15/2011: Daniel Yergin: The Quest
10/8/2011: Susan Herman: Taking Liberties
10/1/2011: Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alistair Smith: The Dictator's Handbook
9/24/2011: Jim Lehrer: Tension City
9/17/2011: Sylvia Nasar: Grand Pursuit
9/10/2011: Dana Priest: Top Secret
9/3/2011: Randall Kennedy: The Persistence of the Color Line
8/27/2011: Ronald Bishop: More
8/20/2011: Steven Brill: Class Warfare
8/13/2011: Jay Bahadur: The Pirates of Somalia
8/6/2011: Amanda Foreman: A World on Fire
7/30/2011: Joby Warrick: The Triple Agent
7/23/2011: Sally Jacobs: The Other Barack
7/16/2011: Jane Blair: Hesitation Kills
7/9/2011: Charles Hill: Trial of a Thousand Years
7/2/2011: Eli Pariser: The Filter Bubble
6/25/2011: Erick Stakelbeck: The Terrorist Next Door
6/18/2011: James Gleick: The Information
6/11/2011: Henry Kissinger: On China
6/4/2011: Michael Totten: The Road to Fatima Gate
5/28/2011: Janny Scott: A Singular Woman
5/21/2011: Frederick Kempe: Berlin 1961
5/14/2011: William Cohan: Money and Power
5/7/2011: Andrew Breitbart: Righteous Indignation
4/30/2011: Peter Godwin: The Fear
4/23/2011: Edward Lengel: Inventing George Washington
4/16/2011: Kevin Williamson: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism
4/9/2011: Jeff Greenfield: Then Everything Changed
4/2/2011: Ken Walsh: Family of Freedom
3/26/2011: Leah McGrath Goodman: The Asylum: The Renegades Who Hijacked the World's Oil Market
3/19/2011: Dambisa Moyo: How the West Was Lost
3/12/2011: Peter Firstbrook: The Obamas
3/5/2011: Rubin Carter: Eye of the Hurricane
2/26/2011: Susan Jacoby: Never Say Die
2/19/2011: Carole Simpson: NewsLady
2/12/2011: George Friedman: The Next Decade
2/5/2011: Michael Reagan: The New Reagan Revolution
1/29/2011: Peter Bergen: The Longest War
1/23/2011: Irving Kristol: The Neoconservative Persuasion
1/15/2011: Clarence Jones: Behind the Dream
1/8/2011: Eduardo Porter: The Price of Everything
1/2/2011: William Hartung: Prophets of War
12/25/2010: Jane Smiley: The Man Who Invented the Computer
12/18/2010: Hugh Shelton: Without Hesitation
12/11/2010: Noah Feldman: Scorpions
11/27/2010: James Zogby: Arab Voices
11/20/2010: John Dower: Cultures of War
11/13/2010: Ron Christie: Acting White
11/6/2010: Nigel Hamilton: American Caesaers
10/30/2010: Scott Rasmussen & Doug Schoen: Mad as Hell
10/23/2010: Dinesh D'Souza: The Roots of Obama's Rage
10/16/2010: Maria Bartiromo: The Weekend That Changed Wall Street
10/10/2010: James Swanson: Bloody Crimes
10/9/2010: Hooman Majd: The Ayatollah's Democracy
10/2/2010: Jimmy Carter: White House Diary
9/25/2010: Louise Knight: Jane Addams
9/18/2010: Gabriel Schoenfeld: Necessary Secrets
9/11/2010: Arianna Huffington: Third World America
9/4/2010: David Kilcullen: Counterinsurgency
8/28/2010: Sebastian Mallaby: More Money Than God
8/21/2010: Michael Belfiore: The Department of Mad Scientists
8/14/2010: Peter Beinart: The Icarus Syndrome
8/7/2010: Richard Whittle: The Dream Machine
7/31/2010: Carl Cannon: Circle of Greed
7/24/2010: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Nomad
7/17/2010: Alan Brinkley: The Publisher
7/10/2010: Andrew Napolitano: Lies the Government Told You
7/3/2010: Arthur Brooks: The Battle; Strobe Talbott: Fast Forward
6/26/2010: Jere Van Dyk: Captive
6/19/2010: Karl Marlantes: Matterhorn
6/12/2010: Gary Rivlin: Broke USA
6/5/2010: Stephen Prothero: God Is Not One
5/29/2010: Sebastian Junger: War
5/22/2010: Michael Graham: That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom
5/15/2010: John Kiriakou: The Reluctant Spy
5/8/2010: Piper Kerman: Orange Is the New Black
5/1/2010: Elaine Tyler May: American and the Pill
4/24/2010: Mark Perry: Talking to Terrorists
4/17/2010: Harry Markopolos: No One Would Listen
4/10/2010: Deborah Amos: Eclipse of the Sunnis
4/3/2010: Jack Matlock: Superpower Illusions
3/27/2010: Bill Bennett: A Century Turns
3/20/2010: Diane Ravitch: The Death and Life of the Great American School System
3/13/2010: Bill & Janet Cohen: Race and Reconciliation
3/6/2010: Mitt Romney: No Apology
2/27/2010: George Packer: George Orwell's 'Facing Unpleasant Facts' and 'All Art Is Propaganda'
2/20/2010: Ken Gormley: The Death of American Virtue
2/13/2010: Garry Wills: Bomb Power
2/6/2010: Joseph Stiglitz: Freefall
1/30/2010: John Yoo: Crisis and Command
1/23/2010: Thomas Fleming: The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers
1/16/2010: Peniel Joseph: Dark Days, Bright Nights
1/9/2010: David Wessel: In Fed We Trust
1/2/2010: Gail Collins: When Everything Changed
1/1/2010: Wil Haygood and Dave Zinn
12/26/2009: Jane Goodall: Hope for Animals and Their World
12/19/2009: Greg Mortenson: Stones Into Schools
12/12/2009: Joan Biskupic: American Original
11/28/2009: Wil Haygood: Sweet Thunder
11/27/2009: Levitt & Dubner: Superfreakonomics
11/21/2009: Nomi Prins: It Takes a Pillage
11/14/2009: Peter Schweizer: Architects of Ruin
11/7/2009: Harry Maclean: The Past Is Never Dead
10/31/2009: John Fleming: The Anti-Communist Manifestos
10/24/2009: Michael Rosen: What Else But Home
10/17/2009: Taylor Branch: The Clinton Tapes
10/10/2009: Tom Ridge: The Test of Our Times
10/3/2009: Chris Hedges: Empire of Illusion
9/26/2009: Kimberly Kagan: The Surge
9/19/2009: Jon Krakauer: Where Men Win Glory
9/12/2009: Kathryn Olmsted: Real Enemies
9/5/2009: Gen. Tony Zinni: Leading the Charge
8/29/2009: Peter Carlson Interviewed by Sergei Khrushchev
8/22/2009: John McCaslin: Weed Man
8/15/2009: Brian Jennings: Censorship
8/8/2009: Ben Mezrich Interviewed by A.J. Jacobs
8/1/2009: Mia Bay: To Tell the Truth Freely
7/25/2009: Harry Stein Interviewed by Stefan Kanfer
7/18/2009: Edward Humes Interviewed by Matthew Kahn
7/11/2009: Joe Scarborough Interviewed by Peggy Noonan
7/4/2009: Wangari Maathai Interviewed by Nicole Lee
6/27/2009: Nicholas Schmidle Interviewed by Ralph Peters
6/20/2009: Eduardo Galeano Interviewed by John Dinges
6/13/2009: Tierney Cahill Interviewed by Eleanor Holmes Norton
6/6/2009: Stanley Greenberg Interviewed by Mary Matalin
5/30/2009: Bethany Moreton Interviewed by Nancy MacLean
5/23/2009: Elaine Showalter: A Jury of Her Peers
5/16/2009: Mark Rudd Interviewed by Ishmael Reed
5/9/2009: Frederick Hitz Interviewed by Peter Earnest
5/2/2009: Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World
4/25/2009: Alan Beattie Interviewed by Patrice Hill
4/18/2009: Paul Escott Interviewed by Jane Turner Censer
4/11/2009: Neal Bascomb Interviewed by Elizabeth Holtzman
4/4/2009: Ivan Eland Interviewed by Ron Paul
3/28/2009: William Cohan Interviewed by Deborah Solomon
3/21/2009: Felix Rohatyn Interviewed by Greg Ip
3/14/2009: Ann Coulter Interviewed by Michelle Easton
3/7/2009: Garry Leech Interviewed by Josh Rushing
2/28/2009: Azar Nafisi Interviewed by Trita Parsi
2/21/2009: Roger Simon Interviewed by Armstrong Williams
2/14/2009: Philip Howard Interviewed by Joan Biskupic
2/7/2009: Bryan Burrough Interviewed by Rep. Joe Barton
1/31/2009: Gwen Ifill Interviewed by David Brooks
1/24/2009: David Sanger Interviewed by Bob Deans
1/17/2009: Robert Bork Interviewed by Eugene Meyer
1/10/2009: Christopher Horner Interviewed by Jed Babbin
1/3/2009: Jay Parini Interviewed by Sam Tanenhaus
12/27/2008: Philip Dray Interviewed by Peniel Joseph
12/20/2008: David Reynolds Interviewed by Robert Remini
12/13/2008: Brian Michael Jenkins Interviewed by P.J. Crowley
12/6/2008: Michael Medved Interviewed by Mona Charen
11/29/2008: Rick Wartzman Interviewed by Susan Shillinglaw
11/22/2008: Niall Ferguson Interviewed by Adrian Wooldridge
11/15/2008: Bill Gertz Interviewed by Frank Gaffney
11/8/2008: Marian Wright Edelman Interviewed by Geoffrey Canada
11/1/2008: Kimberly Dozier Interviewed by Lee Woodruff
10/25/2008: Andrew Bacevich Interviewed by Ivan Eland
10/18/2008: James Bamford Interviewed by Jonathan Landay
10/11/2008: Bob Schieffer Interviewed by Rita Braver
10/4/2008: Tariq Ali Interviewed by Robert Dreyfuss
9/27/2008: Harry Reid Interviewed by Tom Daschle
9/20/2008: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft Interviewed by David Ignatius
9/13/2008: Christopher Buckley Interviewed by Charles Kesler
9/6/2008: Jane Mayer Interviewed by Dana Priest
8/30/2008: Timothy Lynch Interviewed by Gary Schmitt
8/23/2008: Thomas Frank Interviewed by Jeanne Cummings
8/16/2008: Anthony Kronman Interviewed by Charles Murray
8/9/2008: Patrick Cockburn Interviewed by James Zogby
8/2/2008: George Will Interviewed by David Broder
7/28/2008: Mahvish Rukhsana Khan Interviewed by Nancy Snow
7/19/2008: Rajmohan Gandhi Interviewed by Amitabh Pal
7/12/2008: Raj Patel Interviewed by Evan Kleiman
7/5/2008: J. Phillip London Interviewed by Rowan Scarborough
6/28/2008: Tom Hayden Interviewed by Jon Wiener
6/21/2008: Andrew McCarthy Interviewed by Hugh Hewitt
6/14/2008: Ted Sorenson Interviewed by Robert Schlessinger
6/7/2008: Robert Kagan Interviewed by Clifford May
5/31/2008: Mary Tillman Interviewed by Tony Capaccio
5/24/2008: Matt Taibbi Interviewed by David Corn
5/17/2008: Cokie Roberts Interviewed by Pat Schroeder
5/10/2008: Gen. Rupert Smith Interviewed by Winslow Wheeler
5/3/2008: Bruce Bartlett Interviewed by Clarence Page
4/26/2008: Susan Jacoby Interviewed by Nick Gillespie
4/19/2008: Steve Coll Interviewed by Michael Scheuer
4/12/2008: Roy Gutman Interviewed by Moisés Naím
4/5/2008: Dee Dee Myers Interviewed by Dana Perino
3/29/2008: Robin Wright Interviewed by Anthony Cordesman
3/23/2008: Anthony Lewis Interviewed by Ronald Collins
3/15/2008: Mark Lynas Interviewed by Gene Karpinski
3/15/2008: Carl Cannon Interviewed by Bob Schieffer
3/8/2008: Philip Shenon: The Commission
3/1/2008: David Cay Johnston Interviewed by Maya MacGuineas
2/26/2008: Dana Milbank Interviewed by Juan Williams
2/16/2008: Mark Siegel Interviewed by Akbar Ahmed
2/9/2008: Michael Long Interviewed by Kevin Merida
2/2/2008: Pete Earley and Sergei Tretyakov
1/19/2008: Kiron Skinner Interviewed by Marcus Mabry
1/12/2008: Cathy Wilkerson Interviewed by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.)
1/5/2008: Susan Faludi Interviewed by Marie Arana
12/29/2007: Amy Chua Interviewed by Cullen Murphy
12/22/2007: Howard Kurtz Interviewed by James Warren
12/15/2007: Patrick Buchanan Interviewed by Diana West
12/8/2007: Ronald Spector Interviewed by Steven Clemons
12/1/2007: David Frost Interviewed by Timothy Naftali
11/24/2007: Rick Atkinson Interviewed by Patrick O'Donnell
11/17/2007: Garry Kasparov Interviewed by Leon Aron
11/10/2007: Michael Gerson Interviewed by Richard Viguerie
11/3/2007: Jonathan Chait Interviewed by Grover Norquist
10/27/2007: Barbara Slavin Interviewed by Trita Parsi
10/20/2007: Naomi Wolf Interviewed by Viet Dinh
10/14/2007: Lynne Cheney Interviewed by Nancy Gibbs
10/6/2007: Naomi Klein Interviewed by Franklin Foer
9/30/2007: Norman Podhoretz Interviewed by Charles Peña
9/22/2007: Nassim Nicholas Taleb Interviewed by David Brooks
9/15/2007: Raymond Ibrahim Interviewed by Lawrence Wright
9/8/2007: Lt. Col. John Nagl Interviewed by Sean Naylor
9/1/2007: Michael Duffy Interviewed by Bob Deans
8/25/2007: Scott Grant Interviewed by Peter Prichard
8/18/2007: Stanley Weintraub Interviewed by Max Boot
8/11/2007: Alastair Campbell Interviewed by Gerald Seib
8/4/2007: Connie Schultz Interviewed by Jim Tankersley
7/28/2007: Sally Jenkins Interviewed by Suzan Harjo
7/21/2007: Larry Berman Interviewed by Robert Kaiser
7/14/2007: Tim Weiner Interviewed by David Ignatius
7/7/2007: Beverly Daniel Tatum Interviewed by Roger Wilkins
6/30/2007: Seth Lerer Interviewed by Michael Dirda
6/23/2007: Amity Shlaes Interviewed by Nick Gillespie
6/16/2007: Ted Gup Interviewed by Michael Isikoff
6/9/2007: Kenneth Ackerman Interviewed by Joan Biskupic
6/2/2007: Michael Beschloss Interviewed by Alexis Simendinger
5/26/2007: Charles Rangel Interviewed by Jim Mills
5/19/2007: Rod Paige Interviewed by Kathy Kiely
5/12/2007: Robert McGovern Interviewed by Jack Kemp
5/5/2007: Jabari Asim Interviewed by Bakari Kitwana
4/28/2007: Michael Wallis Interviewed by Roy Blunt
4/21/2007: David Pietrusza Interviewed by Ann Compton
4/14/2007: Ali Allawai Interviewed by Roland Flamini
4/7/2007: Bill Bradley Interviewed by James Leach
3/31/2007: Jeremy Scahill Interviewed by David Martin
3/24/2007: Fred Charles Iklé Interviewed by John Lehman
3/17/2007: John Newhouse Interviewed by Walter Boyne
3/10/2007: Martha Raddatz Interviewed by Col. Thomas Hammes
3/3/2007: John Patrick Diggins Interviewed by George Will
2/24/2007: Edward Brooke Interviewed by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.)
2/17/2007: John Naisbitt Interviewed by George Gilder
2/10/2007: Brian Doherty Interviewed by Doug Bandow
1/31/2007: Eric Klinenberg Interviewed by Ben Scott
1/27/2007: Frank Luntz Interviewed by John McCaslin
1/20/2007: Joel Fleishman Interviewed by Elizabeth Boris
1/13/2007: Chris Whittle
1/6/2007: Anthony Weller Interviewed by Norman Hatch
12/30/2006: David Cannadine Interviewed by Leslie Schweitzer
12/23/2006: Alex Kershaw Interviewed by Jack Pulwers
12/16/2006: Ali Abunimah Interviewed by Ron Kampeas
12/9/2006: Larry Kahaner Interviewed by Peter Singer
12/2/2006: Karen DeYoung Interviewed by Brigadier General Charles 'Casey' Brower
11/25/2006: J. William Middendorf II Interviewed by David Frum
11/18/2006: John O'Sullivan Interviewed by Martin Walker
11/11/2006: Nicholas Lemann Interviewed by Herman Belz
11/4/2006: Mark Updegrove Interviewed by Marc Pachter
10/21/2006: Peter Stone Interviewed by Charles Lewis
10/18/2006: Ray Takeyh Interviewed by Robert Litwak
10/14/2006: John Danforth Interviewed by Charles Haynes
10/7/2006: Lawrence Otis Graham Interviewed by Adam Clayton Powell III
9/30/2006: George Soros Interviewed by Ted Halstead
9/23/2006: Patrick Hynes Interviewed by Richard Cizik
9/16/2006: Joe Mathews Interviewed by Rachel Smolkin
9/9/2006: Lawrence Wright Interviewed by James Zogby
9/2/2006: Rahm Emanuel Interviewed by Michael Tackett
8/26/2006: Robert Block Interviewed by James Lee Witt
8/19/2006: Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton: Without Precedent
8/12/2006: Juan Williams Interviewed by Michael Eric Dyson
8/5/2006: Tom Tancredo
7/29/2006: Thomas Ricks Interviewed by Jeffrey McCausland
7/22/2006: Simon Schama Interviewed by Edna Medford
7/17/2006: Andrew Kohut Interviewed by Brooks Jackson
7/15/2006: Peter Beinart Interviewed by Martin Sieff
7/8/2006: Nick Bryant Interviewed by Joe Leonard
7/2/2006: Gordon Wood interviewed by Richard Norton Smith
6/24/2006: Mark Smith Interviewed by Nan Aron
6/10/2006: Frank Schaeffer Interviewed by Kristin Henderson
6/3/2006: Alvin Toffler Interviewed by Newt Gingrich
5/27/2006: Richard Brookhiser Interviewed by John Splaine
5/20/2006: John Kasich Interviewed by Gene Sperling
5/13/2006: Madeleine Albright
5/6/2006: Juliet Eilperin Interviewed by Richard Cohen
4/29/2006: Joe Klein Interviewed by Walter Shapiro
4/22/2006: Julia Sweig Interviewed by Mark Falcoff
4/15/2006: John Tayman Interviewed by Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii)
4/8/2006: Matthew Bogdanos Interviewed by Angela M.H. Schuster
4/1/2006: Michael Mandelbaum Interviewed by Jacqueline Grapin
3/25/2006: Kevin Phillips and Grover Norquist
3/18/2006: Harvey Mansfield Interviewed by Naomi Wolf
3/11/2006: Torie Clarke Interviewed by Pamela Hess
3/4/2006: David Vise Interviewed by Lamar Smith
2/24/2006: Bruce Bartlett
2/18/2006: James McManus Interviewed by T.R. Reid
2/11/2006: David Reiff Interviewed by Wesley Clark
2/4/2006: Kate O'Beirne Interviewed by Jodi Enda
1/28/2006: Fred Barnes Interviewed by Peter Beinart
1/21/2006: L. Paul Bremer Interviewed by James Hoagland
1/14/2006: James Yee Interviewed by Rowan Scarborough
1/7/2006: Nicholas Basbanes Interviewed by David Kipen
12/24/2005: George Weigel Interviewed by Jon Meacham
12/17/2005: John Linder Interviewed by David Wessel
12/11/2005: Haynes Johnson Interviewed by Joseph diGenova
12/4/2005: Mary Mapes
11/26/2005: Bruce Chadwick Interviewed by George Lengel
11/19/2005: Nathaniel Fick Interviewed by Andrew Carroll
11/12/2005: Bill Richardson Interviewed by Chuck Todd
11/6/2005: Jimmy Carter
10/29/2005: Thomas P.M. Barnett Interviewed by Tom Feeney
10/22/2005: Mary Frances Berry
10/15/2005: Bing West
10/8/2005: Chris Whittle
10/1/2005: Andrea Mitchell
9/24/2005: Tony Blankley
9/17/2005: Steve Forbes
9/10/2005: Barbara Ehrenreich
9/3/2005: Charles Peters interviewed by Thomas Fleming
8/28/2005: Sheldon Hackney
8/21/2005: Ralph Peters
8/14/2005: Harvey Kaye
8/7/2005: Kenneth Walsh
7/31/2005: Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)
7/24/2005: Asra Nomani Interviewed by Akbar Ahmed
7/17/2005: Victor Navasky
7/10/2005: Bob Woodward
7/3/2005: Robert Merry
6/26/2005: David Rothkopf
6/19/2005: Neil Baldwin
6/12/2005: Patricia O'Toole
6/5/2005: Zell Miller Interviewed by John Anderson
5/29/2005: Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin (USMC Ret.)
5/22/2005: Ronald Radosh
5/15/2005: Michael Eric Dyson
5/8/2005: Byron York
5/1/2005: Linda Geenhouse
4/24/2005: Jorge Ramos
4/17/2005: Bob Dole
4/10/2005: Ernestine Bradley
4/3/2005: Roy Moore
3/27/2005: Jim Walls
3/20/2005: Ari Fleischer
3/13/2005: Tom Fenton
3/6/2005: Donald Ritchie
2/27/2005: William Hague
2/20/2005: Doug Wead
2/13/2005: Natan Sharansky
2/6/2005: Essie Mae Washington-Williams
1/30/2005: Melissa Boyle Mahle
1/16/2005: Helen Prejean
1/9/2005: Howard Friel
1/2/2005: Newt Gingrich
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