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Clouds in a Bottle

Phantom traffic jams; robotic fish; surviving in space; a snake that can still bite when it's dead. read more

Super Wind Bags

Spiders walking on water; how solar towers make power; fire walkers; super-long windbags. read more

Eggshell Physics

Eggshells; a satellite shaped like a dog kennel; escape velocity; how bears maintain muscle tone while hibernating. read more

Karate Challenge

The flamingo stance; why helium changes a person's voice; how to stick spoons to your nose; karate-chopping wood. read more

Gelatin Fiber Optics

The wavelength of chocolate; robotic butterflies; survival in a falling elevator. read more

Magnetic Boats

A magnet-powered boat; how hydrofoils work; how natural silk gets its sheen. read more

Fire Sandwich

Kari creates snow and a fire sandwich. Also: billiard trick shots; how spiders spin their webs. read more

Flaming Tornado

Elephant-nose fish; flaming tornadoes. Also: how to build a motor with a battery and wire; what happens to a bubble in zero gravity. read more

Gravity Defying Fluid

Skateboarders test gravity. Also: making superglue with just water; dragonflies; a gravity-defying liquid. read more

Disappearing Water

How to make a vortex with a soda bottle. Also: kangaroos; self-folding origami; fossil-fuel organisms. read more

Human Conductors

Kari conducts electricity. Also: how to repel sharks; an experiment involving steel wool and a microwave. read more

Bed of Nails

Dark matter; the Mars Explorer; an experiment involving a balloon and a bed of nails. read more

Monster Toothpaste

Bizarre cereal nutrients; monstrous toothpaste; octopus mating habits. read more

Test Tube Trickery

A test-tube experiment; planetary rotations. Also: how snakes slither; how wood frogs weather an Alaskan winter. read more

Gas Powered Fountain

Space debris; chemistry; how skunks hit their targets; skating blades; an ammonia-powered fountain. read more

Burning Cash

A prairie-dog colony; meteorites; molten glass in a microwave. Also: how to make an antigravity device. read more

Singing Glass

Flies vs. fire ants; making sounds with stemmed glasses; how maggots save lives; an experiment involving a microwave oven and a potato-chip bag is conducted. read more

Bubble Power

Hawk wasps; termite skyscrapers; trike bikes; a bubble inside a bubble; an experiment involving a quarter and a block of dry ice is conducted. read more

Strength of Salt

Archer fish; how to survive a thousand-degree flame; methane; the strength of salt is measured. read more

Disappearing Glass

Wave machines; water is thrown on boiling oil; examining how twins have different fingerprints; the host makes glass vanish. read more

Hot Balloon

How elephants hear; tectonic plate movements; an experiment involving a water-filled balloon and fire is conducted. read more

Spinning Light Show

Optical illusions; hospital leeches; camera technology. read more

Sauerkraut Clock

How hummingbirds hover; mummification; powering a digital clock with a can of sauerkraut; Metallica and the science of sound. read more

Liquid Nitrogen Balloon

Kari Byron ("Mythbusters") submerges balloons in liquid nitrogen, stretches DNA in an experiment, examines sunspots, and observes a monkey controlling a computer. read more

Water Bending Electrons

The source of the sun's heat; a yo-yo experiment; tallying the germs in a human sneeze; how to bend water with static electricity. read more

Flaming Balancing Act

Detecting fake diamonds; dusting for fingerprints using a laser toner and a magnet; challenging physics with a fork and a drinking glass. Also: a colorful crab. read more

Shrimps on Treadmills

Cornstarch grooves to rock music. Also: how boomerangs fly in space; shrimp on a treadmill; what it's like to fall from an airplane at terminal velocity. read more

Ultimate Smoke Rings

Human projectiles take flight. Also: how to dry a cell phone; making a perfect smoke ring. read more

Leaf Blower Balancing

Testing the laws of physics with a volleyball, a leafblower and a string of lightbulbs; how hair dye is used to solve crimes. Also: flaming craters; sparklers. read more

Exploding Drinking Glass

The weight of clouds; an experiment on the human stomach; why golf balls have dimples. Also: an egg is submerged in vinegar; firecrackers are set off in stem glasses in the opener of this educational series, which is geared to middle-school students. read more

Head Rush Episode: "Ultimate Smoke Rings"

Episode Synopsis: Human projectiles take flight. Also: how to dry a cell phone; making a perfect smoke ring.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2010

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Premiered: August 23, 2010, on Science Channel
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: An educational series geared toward middle-school students, covering topics in science, mathematics, natural history and space via games, hands-on experiments and short videos.



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