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Long Island Medium episodes

Sage Is the Rage Season 5, Episode 12

Theresa burns sage at a housewarming party for her brother, but doesn't tell him about it first. Later, Theresa keeps the lines of communication open between a woman and her son. read more

A Portrait Season 5, Episode 11

Theresa and Larry plan to pose for a portrait, but they're not sure where to hang it in the house or what they should be doing in the picture. Meanwhile, Theresa helps a woman who lost two daughters in three months. read more

Out of the Attic Season 5, Episode 10

A stab at spring-cleaning at the Caputos is thwarted by Theresa's refusal to get rid of anything. Meanwhile, Theresa surprises a woman at a reading by mentioning an object she put in her mother's coffin. read more

It Ain't Easy Being Me Season 5, Episode 9

Theresa's spending habits are criticized by Larry, so they decide to swap lives for a day. Meanwhile, Theresa's clients include a woman who wants to connect with her mother; and parents who lost their teen son. read more

Chinese New Year Season 5, Episode 8

Theresa's new activities to deal with empty-nest syndrome include celebrating the Chinese New Year for the first time. Meanwhile, Theresa helps several generations of a family who have lost loved ones. read more

Theresa Visits Jail Season 5, Episode 7

Theresa visits a prison on Long Island to do a group reading after meeting a woman whose son died in jail, and while she's there she also helps a woman connect with her family. read more

Medium Love Season 5, Episode 6

Plans for Valentine's Day are made by Theresa, but they may be ruined by unforeseen circumstances. Meanwhile, a skeptic is reunited with her mother's spirit; and a woman connects with her brother who passed away years ago. read more

Back to School Season 5, Episode 5

Theresa goes back to school to take a class in Italian, then tests her knowledge at a restaurant, though Larry doesn't think she's ready. Meanwhile, a girl who was adopted wants to connect with her biological father; and a woman who lost her mother seeks closure. read more

The Juice Is Loose Season 5, Episode 4

Theresa buys a juicer and bets Larry how much weight she can lose in a week. Meanwhile, a man is haunted by the death of his brother decades ago. read more

Surprise Visit Season 5, Episode 3

An idea to surprise Victoria is hatched by Larry after she declares an interest in pole dancing at school. Meanwhile, Theresa helps a woman whose brothers died in the same tragedy. read more

A Change Is A-Comin Season 5, Episode 2

Theresa thinks about changing her signature hairdo, so she tries on wigs to help make her decision. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to connect a young woman with her father. read more

This Nest Ain't Empty Yet Season 5, Episode 1

Larry Jr. gets his first full-time job, but Theresa thinks it makes the house feel empty. Meanwhile, a couple who lost their teen daughter try to move on with their lives; and Theresa does a group reading in an office for the first time. read more

On the Road: San Francisco

Theresa's in San Francisco, where she visits the Haight-Ashbury district, rides cable cars and tours wine country, but also helps some area residents, including a woman who survived an accident that took a friend's life; a woman whose mother was murdered; and the youngest survivor of the 1978 Jonestown massacre in Guyana. read more

Unseen 2 Season 4, Episode 30

A look at Theresa's readings includes a skeptical man who hears an unexpected message from his dad, while a woman is left breathless by a surprise in Philadelphia. read more

Christmas at the Caputo's Season 4, Episode 29

A Caputo Christmas features a meatball competition between Theresa and Larry's mother. read more


A trip to Upstate New York features surprise readings for some of Theresa's fans, including a grieving mother trying to connect with her daughter; and a woman who is distraught following the loss of her husband. read more

Behind the Read #2

Updates on Theresa's clients and how their lives have changed since their readings. read more

Back to Normal Season 4, Episode 28

Construction is wrapping up, but Larry Jr. still hasn't decided if he's moving out or staying put. Meanwhile, a woman gets furious during a private reading. read more

Behind the Read

Updates on Theresa's clients and how their lives have changed since their readings. read more

Revisited Season 4, Episode 27

Theresa visits past clients to see how their lives have changed since their readings. read more

Ready to Leave Season 4, Episode 26

The Caputos dine on lobster before Victoria goes back to school, but the meal hits a sour note when Larry Jr. reveals his plans to move in with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, a grieving mother gets a message from her son. read more

Bunny Love Season 4, Episode 25

Larry rescues a rabbit, but his new pet turns the Caputo household upside down. Meanwhile, a woman hears a message from her daughter. read more

Just Me and V in the Catskills Season 4, Episode 24

Theresa takes a trip upstate with Victoria for some bonding time, which includes attempting to milk a cow. read more

When There's a Will... Season 4, Episode 23

Theresa and Larry make a will, which draws an unusual reaction from their kids; a boy struggles with a difficult disease and the loss of his father. read more

Diving Right In Season 4, Episode 22

Theresa wants to add a swimming pool to the current construction plans, but the idea may be more than Larry had in mind. read more

Momma's Boy Season 4, Episode 21

Theresa worries about her son when he expresses an interest in getting his motorcycle license; a woman hears disturbing details about her past in a group reading. read more

Gluten Free V Season 4, Episode 20

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so sure; a man hears something from his wife that only he would know. read more

Spirit Left Behind Season 4, Episode 19

Theresa uses her dad's house for a private reading, but he wonders if a spirit was left behind. Later, Theresa is puzzled when she reads for her dad for the first time. read more

Shoo Shoo Spirit Season 4, Episode 18

Construction's about to begin on the house, so Theresa has to find another place to do her readings; a man hopes to release the guilt he feels about the death of his parents. read more

Construction Zone Season 4, Episode 17

A construction project is required on the Caputo house because of a mold problem, but Larry is surprised by the extent of the damage. Meanwhile, Victoria comes home from college with an unannounced friend; and a couple who lost their son receive a life-changing message. read more

On the Road: Philadelphia Season 4, Episode 16

Theresa visits Philadelphia, where she goes sightseeing and gives readings for her fans, including a mother whose son died tragically; a woman who was recently widowed; and a little girl who lost her baby sister. read more


Theresa goes to Chicago, where she takes in the sights with Larry and surprises some local fans with her readings. read more


Theresa goes to Florida and surprises three of her fans, including a son trying to contact his dad; a woman whose daughter died tragically; and a woman who misses her husband. read more

Long Island Medium

Past clients of Theresa's discuss their experiences and how their readings changed their lives. read more


Theresa goes to Chicago, where she takes in the sights with Larry and surprises some local fans with her readings. read more

Unseen Season 4, Episode 15

A look at Theresa's readings includes one at a tanning salon and another with a former detective, while a house needs to be cleansed of an unfriendly spirit. read more

The Patient Season 4, Episode 14

Theresa has a mole removed from her foot, but she has to wait for days for the test results. Meanwhile, a couple receive a message from their deceased child during a group reading. read more

Once Upon a Dream Season 4, Episode 13

Theresa has a bad dream in which her husband is cheating on her, so she talks Larry and their son into taking dance lessons with her. Meanwhile, a woman hears a message from her deceased husband that no one else would know. read more

The Pincushion Season 4, Episode 12

Larry tries to quit smoking by visiting an acupuncturist, but insists that Theresa join him in the procedure. Meanwhile, a woman and her daughter are scared of noises in their house. read more

Bouffants and Bingo Season 4, Episode 11

Theresa amazes her dad at bingo, and helps a local organization with a group reading. Later, three kids hear incredible messages during a reading with Theresa. read more

Spirit on the Slopes Season 4, Episode 10

Larry Jr. plans a ski trip, but Theresa is more concerned about her appearance than her ability. Meanwhile, a woman is shocked by how much Theresa knows about her deceased son. read more

Girls Night In Season 4, Episode 9

Theresa has her friends over for a girls' night out when a get-together is long overdue. Meanwhile, a man is amazed by a message from his father. read more

The Medium Matchmaker Season 4, Episode 8

Theresa plays matchmaker when she tries to fix her cousin up with a man. Meanwhile, a woman is surprised to hear from a spirit she didn't expect during a reading. read more

Louie's Lost Season 4, Episode 7

The Caputos are shaken when their dog, Louie, goes missing, but Theresa's work must continue despite all the stress. read more

Why Me Season 4, Episode 6

Theresa ponders her abilities; a woman feels a connection with her mother while picking up her sister at work. read more

The Gambler Season 4, Episode 5

Larry Jr. hosts a poker game at the house that Theresa decides to crash; a young girl feels a special bond with her deceased brother. read more

Sandy Spirit Season 4, Episode 4

Theresa views damage from Hurricane Sandy, and helps Long Islanders affected by the storm connect with loved ones. Also: Theresa's brother discusses what life was like growing up with a medium. read more

The Royal Flush Season 4, Episode 3

A bathroom-renovation project becomes an arduous task for Larry, who starts to question his wife's sense of style. Meanwhile, Theresa is shocked to encounter an unfamiliar spirit for the first time. read more


In an enhanced episode, Theresa goes to Florida and surprises three of her fans, including a son trying to contact his dad; a woman whose daughter died tragically; and a woman who misses her husband. read more

Theresa in Training Season 4, Episode 2

Theresa decides to try to lose some weight. Meanwhile, a woman wants to know how her son died; and Theresa lightens the mood at a group reading. read more

Missing My Princess Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, Victoria visits from college, but her family doesn't recognize her independent streak. Meanwhile, Theresa helps a young boy whose sister passed away. read more


Theresa goes to Florida and surprises three of her fans, including a son trying to contact his dad; a woman whose daughter died tragically; and a woman who misses her husband. read more

Hello College Season 3, Episode 16

In the Season 3 finale, Theresa and Larry have a hard time saying good-bye when they take Victoria to college. read more

Halloween Spirit Season 3, Episode 15

Theresa's no fan of Halloween, so she reluctantly agrees to do a group reading in costume. Also: A couple in mourning ask for Theresa's help. read more

Long Island Medium

Updates on Theresa's clients include their explanations of how their readings affected their lives. read more

Like Father, Not Like Daughter Season 3, Episode 14

Theresa goes fishing with her dad, who has never known what to make of her abilities, but she hopes a group reading will turn him into a believer. read more

Theresa and the Tent Season 3, Episode 13

Larry's idea to go camping in a tent is met with resistance by a claustrophobic Theresa. Also: A couple learn shocking details about their daughter's death. read more

Never Before Seen Season 3, Episode 12

Theresa reveals new footage of people who have made connections with deceased loved ones. read more

FAQ Season 3, Episode 11

Theresa discusses her work as a medium and its effect on her family. read more

Joe Skeptic Season 3, Episode 10

Theresa and Larry go on a double date with a friend who is skeptical of her abilities; Theresa helps a couple whose son died mysteriously. read more

The Family Photo Season 3, Episode 9

Theresa's family-photo idea doesn't go over well with the rest of the Caputos; a woman needs help coping with her brother's death. read more

Long Island Medium

Theresa answers fan letters by hitting the road to give surprise readings to four correspondents, though her spiritual encounters seem to happen everywhere she goes. read more

The Graduate Season 3, Episode 8

Victoria graduates from high school; a man gets a new outlook on life during a reading that illuminates a dark period in his past. read more

Beach Bonding Season 3, Episode 7

Theresa goes to the beach with her husband, but her abilities make it difficult to relax; a woman is surprised how much Theresa knows about her deceased husband. read more

My Keys Now Season 3, Episode 6

Theresa's sympathy for Victoria doesn't last long after she gets into two car accidents in the same week. Also: Theresa helps a young woman cope with her mother's death during a group reading. read more

The Flying Larrys Season 3, Episode 5

Larry Jr. goes skydiving, much to his mother's dismay; Theresa deals with a skeptic while helping a restaurant get rid of its negative energy. read more

The Princess and Her Prom Season 3, Episode 4

Victoria gets ready for her senior prom with her mother's help, but the medium can't separate business from pleasure. read more

Help Me Season 3, Episode 3

Theresa hires a helper when her schedule gets too busy; a young man has trouble coping with the death of his brother. read more

A Medium Surprise Season 3, Episode 2

Larry and the kids wonder if they can plan a surprise party for Theresa's birthday without her finding out. Meanwhile, a woman receives a message she's been anticipating from her deceased husband. read more

Homecoming Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, Larry Jr. comes home after graduating from college, and Theresa urges him to move back in—permanently. Meanwhile, a woman who lost her daughter has a breakthrough in her grieving process. read more

Spirit and the City Season 2, Episode 14

Theresa and the family spend the day in Manhattan when she's booked for a group reading. read more

Uneasy Season 2, Episode 13

An appearance on a radio show gives Theresa a shocking test of her skills, while a trip to a tattoo parlor with Larry comes with a surprise of its own. read more

Apply Yourself Season 2, Episode 12

Victoria is stressed out by the pressures of her senior year in high school and her parents' fixation on the importance of a college education. Meanwhile, Theresa gets to play skeptic for a change at a friend's house. read more

Bellies & Babies Season 2, Episode 11

A reading at a baby shower gives Theresa second thoughts about the expectant mother's reaction to having a medium at her party. read more

Long Island Romance Season 2, Episode 10

Larry underestimates the level of difficulty of making last-minute plans for Valentine's Day; Theresa has an encounter with a skeptic. read more

Wheelin' & Dealin' Season 2, Episode 9

Theresa wants Victoria to pull her weight around the house; a woman has trouble accepting her grandmother's death. read more

Just Like Me Season 2, Episode 8

A friend claims her son has psychic abilities, so Theresa offers her expertise for guidance, but a meeting with this protégé results in a surprising revelation. read more

Car Crazy Season 2, Episode 7

Victoria's lobbying for a car creates a rift between her parents; Theresa helps a woman reach out to her deceased father. read more

Spirit Al Dente Season 2, Episode 6

Theresa takes a cooking class to prove to her family that she knows her way around the kitchen, but the spirits make it hard to concentrate on her instruction. read more

Christmas Spirit Season 2, Episode 5

Theresa and her family volunteer at a local soup kitchen at Christmastime, but her philanthropy is interrupted by the spirits. read more

Poor Petey Season 2, Episode 4

Theresa takes her dog to the vet, which turns into more than just a checkup. Meanwhile, Theresa reads a couple hoping to communicate with their son. read more

Losing It Season 2, Episode 3

Theresa asks her son to help her get in shape at the gym, but the spirits aren't good exercise partners. Meanwhile, Theresa is overcome with emotion during a reading with a woman whose husband passed away. read more

Drumming and Healing Season 2, Episode 2

Theresa hosts a drum circle to ease the stress of her busy schedule, and she invites her spiritual healer, who helped her recognize her special talents. read more

Meeting the Parents Season 2, Episode 1

In the second-season premiere, Victoria hopes that her mother's abilities can take a night off when her boyfriend and his parents come for dinner. read more

Sailing With Spirits Season 1, Episode 9

Theresa does a group reading for passengers aboard a cruise ship. Later, Theresa's husband has a big surprise for her. read more

Theresa Explains It All Season 1, Episode 8

Theresa discusses her work as a medium and its effect on her family. read more

Blessing & A Curse Season 1, Episode 7

Theresa helps a woman connect with her deceased father. Meanwhile, Theresa struggles to balance her commitment to both her clients and her family. read more

Reconnecting Season 1, Episode 6

Theresa wants to reconnect with her friends, so she plans a girls' trip to a local winery, but the mood is ruined when a skeptic comes along. Also: Theresa reads a couple who lost a close friend. read more

Theresa's Upgrade Season 1, Episode 5

Theresa helps a woman who is seeking closure after losing her sister. Meanwhile, Theresa's kids buy her a new recorder for taping her sessions, but figuring out how to use it proves to be a challenge. read more

This Isn't Working Season 1, Episode 4

Theresa helps two men connect with a friend who died suddenly. Meanwhile, Theresa's newly retired husband is tired of having to leave the house so she can meet with her clients. read more

Spirit Release Season 1, Episode 3

Theresa is visited by the spirit of a 6-year-old boy, but she's not sure she can help him and it takes an emotional toll, interfering with her work and her life. read more

Driving Me Nuts Season 1, Episode 2

Theresa teaches her 16-year-old daughter how to drive. Later, she reads a distraught mother. read more

No Turning Off Season 1, Episode 1

The series opener introduces Theresa Caputo, a real-life psychic medium from Long Island. She helps clients connect with their deceased family members, while her own (sometimes skeptical) family wishes she could occasionally turn her "gift" off. read more

Long Island Medium Episode: "Long Island Medium"

Episode Synopsis: Theresa answers fan letters by hitting the road to give surprise readings to four correspondents, though her spiritual encounters seem to happen everywhere she goes.
Original Air Date: Oct 7, 2012

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Premiered: September 25, 2011, on TLC
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Premise: Unscripted series following a real-life psychic medium from Long Island.



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