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Jul 18, 2012: Bachelorette Pad
Jul 11, 2012: Picturing the Possibilities
Jul 04, 2012: Downtown Dream Home
Jul 04, 2012: Morgan & Kristin
Jun 27, 2012: Space for a Crowd
Jun 20, 2012: Looking for Wow
Jun 20, 2012: Abundance of Appliances
Jun 13, 2012: Under Their Own Roof
Jun 13, 2012: Lana & Jacob
Jun 06, 2012: Dumping the Duplex
Jun 06, 2012: Steph & Micah
May 30, 2012: Kate & Cole
May 23, 2012: Stan & Leslie
May 16, 2012: Dan & Brittany
May 09, 2012: Morgan & Kristin
May 02, 2012: Wyatt & Whitney
Feb 01, 2012: Delecia & Dwyane
Jan 30, 2012: Almost Newlyweds, Almost Home
Jan 11, 2012: Construction to Quiet
Dec 21, 2011: First Home Jitters
Dec 14, 2011: Kosher Kitchen
Nov 25, 2011: Renting to Renovating
Nov 23, 2011: Commute to Compromise
Nov 17, 2011: Expanding the Family Fun
Nov 16, 2011: Condo to Reno
Nov 11, 2011: Lica & Nicholas
Nov 09, 2011: Suburbs to City Life
Nov 04, 2011: Katherine & Jordan
Nov 02, 2011: Empty Nesters Explore the City
Oct 26, 2011: Not Suburban or Subdivision
Oct 19, 2011: Space-less to Spacious
Oct 12, 2011: Six More Amazing Renovations
Oct 05, 2011: Six Amazing Renovations
Jul 13, 2011: Bachelor Pad to Family Home
Jul 06, 2011: Out on Their Own
Jun 29, 2011: Another Renovation Plan
Jun 22, 2011: Townhouse to Dream House
Jun 15, 2011: Moving Out of Mom's
Jun 08, 2011: Contemporary Fixer-Upper
Jun 01, 2011: Downtown Dump to Dream Home
May 25, 2011: Run-Down Renovation
May 11, 2011: Honeymoon Retreat
May 09, 2011: John & Christine
May 04, 2011: Stephen & Julie
May 04, 2011: Victorian Dream House
Apr 27, 2011: Vintage Clothes, Vintage Homes
Apr 20, 2011: Family Fixer-Upper
Mar 02, 2011: Leaving the Suburbs
Rose and Giancarlo
Kate & Dave

Dionna & Natasha Season 6, Episode 13

A single mom searches for a dream home with help from Drew and Jonathan, who worry her blinged-out wish list doesn't work with her modest budget. read more

Nadine & Greg Season 6, Episode 12

Drew and Jonathan help a couple with busy careers, a growing family and some health concerns find a spacious home near loved ones. read more

Nicole & Colby Season 6, Episode 11

A couple who are looking to put down roots—and move out of their friend's house—want a home that's perfect for dogs and for the family they are planning to start. read more

Luca, Anne & Barbara Season 6, Episode 10

A couple who are ready to take their relationship to the next level spar on style while searching for their budget dream home in the city. read more

Beatriz & Brandon Season 6, Episode 9

Jonathan and Drew help a busy couple who want to move out of their cramped condo, but are close to giving up on their house hunt after a series of unsuccessful offers. read more

Aven & Phillip Season 6, Episode 8

An engaged couple are followed as they search for a dog-friendly home. Later, they need some convincing from the brothers to take the plunge with a fixer-upper that has lots of potential. read more

Sandy & Susy Season 6, Episode 7

A recent empty nester with a new lease on life looks for a downtown pad, with some help from her twin sister. read more

Stephanie & David Season 6, Episode 6

Newlyweds have a long wish list and a limited budget as they search for their forever home. read more

Edith & Fred Season 6, Episode 5

A couple who have been living with their son decide to make their next home a resort-style oasis that's perfect for entertaining family and friends. read more

Melissa & Joe Season 6, Episode 4

Drew finds a fixer-upper home for a couple with two small children, and then Jonathan gets to work on a guest suite and home theater, but an unexpected repair takes a toll on the remodeling budget. read more

Franklin & Heather Season 6, Episode 3

A couple who dream of entertaining in style have a wish list that exceeds their budget, and so they take on a fixer-upper home with help and encouragement from Drew and Jonathan. read more

Maria & Dave Season 6, Episode 2

A couple who have spent six months living in a hotel with their dog and two sons are more than ready to find a sprawling suburban home in a solid school district, and so they turn to Jonathan and Drew to help them buy and renovate the fixer-upper of their dreams. read more

Chris & Mike Season 6, Episode 1

Brothers who share a tiny pool house in their parents' backyard are ready to move into a sprawling bachelor pad of their own. read more

Veronica and Andrew

New parents want out of a cramped condo. read more

Nancy and Rhonda

A power couple who are eager to ditch cramped city living ask Jonathan and Drew to find them a home that's stylish, spacious and serene. read more

Christa and Sumit

A couple who want out of their cramped town house ask Jonathan and Drew to help them find a free-flowing home with plenty of modern comforts. read more

Stephan and Karina Season 5, Episode 10

A couple who have moved 12 times in 15 years promise their children that they will buy a home that's modern and stylish, but end up following Drew and Jonathan's advice and purchase a fixer-upper that needs major work. Included: The kids get to design their dream bedrooms; Jonathan's idea for the kitchen fails to please the family. read more

Kathryn and Eric Season 5, Episode 6

Expectant parents are ready to move out of a bachelor pad and into a family-friendly home in the suburbs. Their wish list includes a bright kitchen and formal dining space, along with a cozy living room and beautiful nursery. read more

Kari and Boris

A couple who share a passion for video games are looking to move out of their tiny condo before the birth of their first child. read more

Christine and Mathieu Season 5, Episode 5

The parents of two active children ask Jonathan and Drew to help them find a budget-friendly alternative to their cramped rental. read more

Joey and Mark

A couple living in a downtown basement with their baby daughter are hoping to find peace and quiet in the country. They also want a big master bedroom, modern kitchen and ample stable space for three horses. read more

Tim & Michelle

With a little bit of help from Jonathan and Drew, a couple go from living in the suburbs with their parents to finding a budget-friendly dream home in the city. read more

Danielle and Chad Season 5, Episode 7

A couple with three rambunctious kids look for a detached home with four bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, a playroom and a nice backyard. read more

Mark and Priscilla Season 5, Episode 4

A couple with a child on the way are desperate to move out of their cramped rental. read more

Marla and Adam Season 5, Episode 3

A woman and her new husband hope to move out of her mom's home and into one of their own with help from Jonathan and Drew. read more

Sandra and Kyle Season 5, Episode 2

A couple who have been renting an outdated, shabby house are hoping to purchase something that's more modern. read more

Megan and Greg Season 5, Episode 1

The guys search for a budget-friendly dream home for a hockey player who is ready to settle down and start a family with his significant other. read more

Jessica & Rob

A budget-friendly dream home is sought for a couple who, along with their 5-year-old daughter, have grown tired of living with relatives. read more

Caitlin & Steve

An open-concept home that's eco-friendly and within walking distance to shops and services is sought by a couple who are temporarily living with friends. read more

Parker & Francesca

A couple want out of their tiny condo and into a dream home that they can afford. read more

Matt & Krysten

Condo owners look for a large modern house. read more

Angie & Tito

A couple want out of their cramped apartment and into a large modern house with a gourmet kitchen, lots of closets and close to downtown. read more

James & David

A couple want out of their townhouse, which has too many stairs and is located next to a smelly sewage plant. read more

Samira & Shawn

A couple living out of a suitcase seek a luxury pad near one's office. read more

Sarah & Mari

A couple who are living with family seek their own home to raise their baby daughter. read more

Kristine & Paul

A couple want out of their tiny apartment. read more


A woman who works long hours gets help finding a budget-friendly downtown property. read more

Luke and Courtney

Parents of newborn twins and a 2-year-old girl are looking to move from a condo to a more spacious home that fits their budget. read more

Kristi & Jay

The guys help an indecisive couple find a home that they can both afford and love. read more

Jeanette & Tony

A couple who are crashing with friends seek a place. read more

Cori & Suroosh

A couple with a big extended family seek a larger house. read more

Sophie & Preston

A couple are tired of renting and would like more space. read more


A woman wants out of her tiny crammed apartment. read more

Active in the City Season 4, Episode 13

A couple sharing a duplex with friends look for a place of their own. read more

Extended Family Fun Season 4, Episode 12

An old outdated house is transformed into a modern place that's ideal for family gatherings. read more


A newly single woman seeks an affordable fixer-upper. read more

Fit for a Family Season 4, Episode 11

A couple look for a place with ample storage and an open floor plan. read more

An Eclectic Vision Season 4, Episode 10

A woman wants out of a cramped studio apartment and into her first home, preferably one with an eclectic style and room for out-of-town visitors. read more

High-End Home Season 4, Episode 9

A couple living with family seek a budget-friendly home. read more

High-End Home

A couple's perfect fixer-upper is renovated. read more

Bachelorette Pad Season 4, Episode 8

A newly single young lady looks to get out of her friend's parents' house and into a fixer-upper. read more

Picturing the Possibilities Season 4, Episode 7

High-school sweethearts want out of their one-bedroom apartment and consider a fixer-upper. read more

Downtown Dream Home Season 4, Episode 6

A couple who work downtown find a fixer-upper in an ideal location. read more

Morgan & Kristin

A couple want out of their cramped rented duplex. read more

Space for a Crowd Season 4, Episode 5

A social couple seek a house with an open floor plan so they can entertain friends and have enough space for their two dogs. read more

Looking for Wow Season 4, Episode 4

A family who moved to a condo after selling their home look for a new place. read more

Abundance of Appliances Season 4, Episode 3

A couple move out of their tiny apartment and look to buy a fixer-upper, where he can put his plethora of appliances to good use. read more

Under Their Own Roof Season 4, Episode 1

A couple buy a fixer-upper, but their design plan runs into a dead end. read more

Lana & Jacob

A couple want out of their cramped one-bedroom apartment. read more

Dumping the Duplex Season 4, Episode 2

A couple leave their rented duplex for a fixer-upper. read more

Steph & Micah

A couple can't find a house that meets their needs. read more

Kate & Cole

A couple tire of living and working in a cramped rental with their pets and seek a home of their own. read more

Stan & Leslie

A couple and their two teenage daughters want out of their cramped rental condo. read more

Dan & Brittany

A couple in need of more space get help finding an affordable home that can be renovated. read more

Morgan & Kristin

A couple want out of their rented duplex. read more

Wyatt & Whitney

A couple living with in-laws seek to buy their own place. read more

Delecia & Dwyane

A budget-friendly dream house is sought by a young couple who've been living in a cramped space with family. read more

Almost Newlyweds, Almost Home

A young couple seek to get out of their cramped basement apartment, buy a house and prepare for their wedding. read more

Construction to Quiet

A family seek more space in a quieter neighborhood. read more

First Home Jitters

First-time home buyers endure a bidding war, faulty ductwork and tarnished countertops in their new fixer-upper. read more

Kosher Kitchen

The kitchen of a devoutly religious couple is renovated. read more

Renting to Renovating

A couple hope to go from a rental to a dream house. read more

Commute to Compromise

A couple seek a city residence with ample storage space and rooms that flow well. read more

Expanding the Family Fun

The guys help renovate and enlarge a small bungalow that is home to five people. read more

Condo to Reno

The brothers help a couple find a fixer-upper in Reno. read more

Lica & Nicholas

A couple seek an upscale modern dwelling close to work. read more

Suburbs to City Life

A young couple who still live with their parents in the suburbs are eager to buy their own home in the city. read more

Katherine & Jordan

A couple want out of a tiny condo and into their first house. read more

Empty Nesters Explore the City

A suburban couple want to downsize and find a budget-friendly home in the city. read more

Not Suburban or Subdivision

A couple who live in the suburbs are tired of commuting and want to move back downtown. read more

Space-less to Spacious

Parents of twin babies have run out of space in their cramped condo. read more

Six More Amazing Renovations

Six sets of buyers look for homes to renovate. Included: a young pair who want entertaining space. read more

Six Amazing Renovations

Six sets of buyers look for homes to renovate. Included: newlyweds looking for a city home; an expecting couple who want more space; a professional pair hoping for their dream home. read more

Bachelor Pad to Family Home

Newlyweds are ready to move out of their cramped bachelor pad. They look for a family-friendly home with a feng-shui feel. read more

Out on Their Own

New parents look for their first place, but budget concerns force them to consider a fixer-upper. read more

Another Renovation Plan

A family of four have outgrown their home. They search for a move-in ready property with more space. read more

Townhouse to Dream House

Newlyweds want to trade their tiny town house in the city for a sprawling home in the suburbs, but their wish list, which includes a gourmet kitchen and a huge backyard, far exceeds their budget. read more

Moving Out of Mom's

A young couple search for a spacious, move-in ready home in the suburbs where they can grow their family. read more

Contemporary Fixer-Upper

Expectant parents hope to find a sprawling suburban home before the arrival of their twins. read more

Downtown Dump to Dream Home

A downtown home is sought for a couple whose budget and wish list are more suited to the suburbs. read more

Run-Down Renovation

A blended family of five search for a sprawling dream home, but they have a limited budget and a long wish list. read more

Honeymoon Retreat

An engaged pair on a tight budget search for a fixer-upper. read more

John & Christine

A move-in ready property in the city is sought for a family of six. read more

Stephen & Julie

A young family have outgrown their home, so they search for a sprawling suburban property where they can entertain family and friends. read more

Victorian Dream House

A Victorian home is sought for a couple whose wish list includes high ceilings, hardwood floors and a big backyard. read more

Vintage Clothes, Vintage Homes

A pair of fashion designers search for downtown property with vintage charm and spacious modern interiors. read more

Family Fixer-Upper

A young family who have outgrown their home search for a sprawling suburban property. read more

Leaving the Suburbs

A family of six seek an affordable home in the city. read more

Rose and Giancarlo

Cindy Crawford offers a helping hand as the guys try to find a spacious one-story home with a gourmet kitchen for a couple and their daughters. read more

Kate & Dave

Newlyweds want their first home to be bright and airy and have parking, a modern kitchen and character. read more

Property Brothers Episode: "Jessica & Rob"

Episode Synopsis: A budget-friendly dream home is sought for a couple who, along with their 5-year-old daughter, have grown tired of living with relatives.
Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2013

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Premiered: April 20, 2011
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: Twin real-estate experts help hesitant home buyers transform fixer-uppers into dream homes.


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