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Mob Wives episodes

RATalie Season 5, Episode 4

Natalie moves to New York and goes deeper into the Staten Island circle. Meanwhile, Renee tries to rebuild her relationships with the crew, yet alliances may be broken when Drita discovers information about Natalie. read more

Storm A-Brewin' Season 5, Episode 3

Big Ang's party is the setting for a continuing showdown between Karen and Natalie. Meanwhile, Karen discovers unsettling news about her boyfriend, and Drita meets the new addition to Ang's family. read more

Drunken Monkey Business Season 5, Episode 2

Drita decides to meet with Renee to address their issues, but Drita's anger is shifted toward Natalie upon hearing new information. Meanwhile, Renee deals with her son's reckless behavior. read more

Mob Wives Season 5, Episode 1

Gossip and lies spread and emotions run high on Staten Island in the Season 5 premiere. read more

Mob Wives Trailer

A look at TV's "Mob Wives." read more

The Reunion Season 4, Episode 13

The ladies reunite to discuss the dramas of Season 4. Sherri Shepherd hosts. read more

Season Finale Season 4, Episode 12

In the Season 4 finale, Renee confesses that she's penning a sex novel, then plans a release party. Meanwhile, Alicia appears before a judge. read more

Renee's Had Enough Season 4, Episode 11

Drita's dinner party leaves a sour taste when Renee holds Alicia accountable for their issues. Elsewhere, Drita throws a grand opening for her store. read more

Life Sentences Season 4, Episode 10

An anxious Alicia awaits Eddie's sentencing outcome. Meanwhile, Renee meets with a lawyer; Natalie and Renee face one another, with explosive results; and Drita tries to bring everyone together at her house. read more

Purgatory Season 4, Episode 9

Natalie hosts a Halloween bash at her funeral home. Meanwhile, a surprise guest arrives as Drita works on her hip-hop track; and Ang addresses baby issues. read more

Eat Worms B***h Season 4, Episode 8

Drita writes a track inspired by her life. Elsewhere, Natalie pushes her boyfriend to take their relationship to the next level, and Alicia's stunning allegation continues to upset Renee. read more

Loose Lips Season 4, Episode 7

Tabloid articles attack Alicia, sparking speculation about who is feeding the information. Alicia receives support from Ang, Drita and Renee, but shocks them with her accusations. read more

Vegas: Part 3 Season 4, Episode 6

A trip to Las Vegas ends with the ladies visiting a strip club. Back home, Drita faces Lee about losing $8000 and Alicia confronts realities about Eddie. read more

Vegas: Part 2 Season 4, Episode 5

A Las Vegas getaway begins with the ladies trying to settle differences between Natalie and Renee. Elsewhere, Drita heads to the casino. read more

Vegas: Part 1 Season 4, Episode 4

Tensions escalate between Renee and Natalie. Meanwhile, Drita's domestic life hits some bumps, and the ladies plan a getaway to Las Vegas. read more

You Smell Delicious Season 4, Episode 3

Alicia seeks answers after making a discovery about her husband. Meanwhile, Renee introduces a new man to the ladies, but tempers flare due to an ill-advised comment. read more

Caught on Tape Season 4, Episode 2

Natalie confronts Drita about talking behind her back at Renee's fashion show. read more

Mob Wives Season 4, Episode 1

Season 4 begins with a party in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Renee hires a new model for her line. read more

The Reunion Season 3, Episode 14

Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts a reunion edition. The season-ending showdown between Carla and Love is addressed, and Ramona and Karen cast light on their dislike of Carla. read more

Love Hurts Season 3, Episode 13

Ramona shares her wedding plans, but Karen continues to offer unsought advice. Elsewhere, Drita throws a 1980s-theme bash, where Love faces Carla, leading to a battle royal. read more

Crazy Love Season 3, Episode 12

Karen hosts a "prenup party" in a bid to tutor the ladies about protecting their assets, all to Ramona's chagrin. Elsewhere, Carla breaks disturbing news to Ang, and Drita hires staffers for her new store. read more

Winging It Season 3, Episode 11

Renee tries to kick-start a new business endeavor. Elsewhere, Karen's newfound relationship begins to sizzle; and Love discloses details about her feud with Carla, leading to consequences. read more

Desert Storm Season 3, Episode 10

Karen boldly tries to reopen her father's case. Elsewhere, chatter focuses on Love's ongoing problems with Carla. read more

Mama Drama Season 3, Episode 9

Ang throws a holiday bash, but there's more naughty than nice when Carla is confronted about a past action. Meanwhile, Renee decides to adopt an attack dog to protect her family. read more

Time And Punishment Season 3, Episode 8

Ramona breaks news to Karen about her secret engagement. Meanwhile, Drita celebrates her newfound romance, and Karen connects with her slick studio partner. read more

No Love Lost Season 3, Episode 7

Drita discusses Lee's surprise release from prison. Elsewhere, Karen and Ramona get wind of Lee's return to town and question their truce with Drita, and Renee returns from rehab. read more

After The Storm Season 3, Episode 6

Hurricane Sandy impacts the wives and their hometown. Overwhelmed by the storm's devastation, they attempt to help each other and their neighbors. read more

The Gathering Storm Season 3, Episode 5

Ramona confronts Drita about a birthday invitation. Also: Renee tries to make progress at rehab, but overcoming her anger issues proves to be difficult. read more

Of Vice And Men Season 3, Episode 4

Drita and her daughters visit Lee in prison. Elsewhere, dramas mark Carla and Joe's relationship. read more

Threats and Thongs Season 3, Episode 3

Renee fears for her life after receiving a threatening letter. Meanwhile, Ramona faces the uncertainty of her beau's sentence. read more

Bad Boys Season 3, Episode 2

Drita mulls over taking her children to visit her husband in jail; Carla makes a discovery about Joe. read more

Mob Knives Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 opens with Renee fearing she and her son are being targeted in the wake of a home break-in. Elsewhere, Drita and Big Ang set out to end a feud between Carla and Renee. read more

Reunion: Part 2 Season 2, Episode 19

The conclusion of a two-part reunion features the ladies recalling the highs, lows and woes of Season 2. read more

Reunion: Part 1 Season 2, Episode 18

Part 1 of a two-part reunion features the ladies recalling the dramas and antics of Season 2. read more

Omerta Season 2, Episode 17

Tension mounts when Karen and Drita anticipate their big meeting. Elsewhere, Big Ang hosts a dinner gathering, but dramas come at a high boil. read more

Of Dogs and Men Season 2, Episode 16

Karen considers taking steps to mend her splintered relationship with Drita; Renee is a guest on a radio show and candidly details a betrayal in her life. read more

Taking the Rap Season 2, Episode 15

Renee faces fallout from family problems and a betrayal while trying to help mend Karen and Drita's relationship. read more

If Books Could Kill Season 2, Episode 14

Karen anticipates her book-release party, but her past critics soon surface. Elsewhere, Drita questions whether juicy tidbits about her will be in the book. read more

What Goes Around Season 2, Episode 13

A new feud erupts between Renee and Carla; Drita tries to be a good role model for her children despite her zeal for clashing. read more

The Ultimate Betrayal Season 2, Episode 12

Renee loses two significant others to jail time; fiery gossip swirls around Junior. read more

Mob Wives: The Sit Down

Post-episode reflections. Carrie Keagan hosts. read more

Torn Apart Season 2, Episode 11

Carla helps Drita dip into the dating pool; Big Ang mulls over her relationship with her estranged husband. read more

Mob Wives: The Sit Down

A post-episode recap. Host: Carrie Keagan. read more

Fire Away Season 2, Episode 10

A getaway in the Poconos turns ugly when a night out results in an angry showdown and one lady's stormy exit from a bar. read more

Mob Wives: The Sit Down

A post-episode recap. Host: Carrie Keagan. read more

Cabin Fever Season 2, Episode 9

The ladies take in a Poconos getaway—except for Drita, who stays behind to work on some anger management. read more

Mob Wives The Sit Down

A post-episode recap. read more

Tricks or Treats? Season 2, Episode 8

Halloween lacks treats when both Ramona and Drita plan holiday bashes on the same evening. In other developments, the past comes back to haunt Renee and Junior in the wake of a fiery counseling session. read more

Mob Wives: The Sit Down

A post-episode recap. Host: Carrie Keagan. read more

Mob Daughters Season 2, Episode 7

Harsh relationship reality strikes Renee in the wake of a nerve-fraying counseling session for couples; Karen promotes her candid book. read more

Mob Wives: The Sit Down

Post-episode reflections. Host: Carrie Keagan. read more

Fights and Facials Season 2, Episode 6

Renee's insecurities about Junior rise to the surface, and Drita sets out to help. read more

Old Friends, New Archenemies Season 2, Episode 5

Friction mounts between Ramona and Carla; Drita continues efforts to finalize her divorce. read more

Mob Wives: The Sit Down

Carrie Keagan hosts a post-episode recap, in which cast members offer perspective and field viewer questions. read more

You Don't Wanna Go to War With Me! Season 2, Episode 4

Ramona's presence causes two factions of women to divide even more. Meanwhile, tempers explode when Karen and Carla have a meeting. read more

Make-Ups and Break-Ups Season 2, Episode 3

Renee addresses the ladies about their violent behavior in the wake of her party, setting up a potential confrontation with Carla. Meanwhile, Drita deals with a life without Lee. read more

Hell on Heels Season 2, Episode 2

A clash at Renee's bash unfolds. Meanwhile, new mob wife Ramona Rizzo's notorious lineage comes to the fore; and Junior learns more information about his sentencing. read more

New Year, New War Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 lifts off with an enthused Renee preparing for a plastic-fantastic full-body makeover, yet going under the knife could turn nightmarish for her. Elsewhere, Drita and Carla enjoy the single life. read more

Reunion Season 1, Episode 11

A first-season cast reunion. read more

Rumble on the Rooftop Season 1, Episode 10

Drita is floored by revelations about Lee that surface and is still angry with Karen about the first chapter of Karen's book in the first-season finale. read more

Take This Book & Shove It Season 1, Episode 9

Carla's husband returns after six years in prison; Renee learns of Junior's deceit and faces a hard decision; and Karen finishes the first chapter of her book and gives it to Drita, which stirs up old animosity in Drita. read more

Relapses, Rats & Raccoons Season 1, Episode 8

Karen's book deal makes news, and her progress on the book stalls; Drita tries to explain the concept of being a rat to her daughter; and Carla prepares for her husband's release from prison. read more

Total Chaos Season 1, Episode 7

Carla and Renee fight, and Karen and Drita's unresolved issues heat up. Meanwhile, Carla prepares for her husband's return from prison; Karen awaits a visit from her daughter; and Renee goes looking for love in all the wrong places. read more

Dumb or Stupid? Season 1, Episode 6

Karen and Drita continue to feud, and when Renee invites them to sit down and sort out their differences, tempers flare and everyone comes to blows. read more

Unfinished Business Season 1, Episode 5

Renee goes wild during a ladies night out, and Drita comes to terms with having a husband in prison. read more

Do You Know Who I Am? Season 1, Episode 4

Renee hosts a psychic party; Carla loses control of her twins and considers telling them about their father's incarceration. read more

Mob Bust Season 1, Episode 3

The Feds make a huge mob bust, and Renee, Karen and Drita's worlds are turned upside down. read more

The Bitch Is Back Season 1, Episode 2

Drita gets news from prison, and Karen and Renee clash at Carla's birthday party. read more

Made in Staten Island Season 1, Episode 1

This reality series follows allegedly "connected" women and how their lives change when their men go to prison. In the opener, Karen Gravano, the daughter of Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, returns to Staten Island after 10 years in Arizona. read more

Mob Wives Episode: "Mob Wives: The Sit Down"

Episode Synopsis: A post-episode recap. Host: Carrie Keagan.
Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2012
Guest Cast Carrie Keagan

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Premiered: April 17, 2011, on VH1
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: A reality series about allegedly "connected" women and their lives when their men go to prison.



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