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Stiiiiiiill Horny Season 3, Episode 13

In the Season 3 finale, Tessa joins a knitting circle, but George is startled by how old her new friends are. Elsewhere, George writes a song in the aftermath of his one-night stand; and newlyweds Lisa and Malik aren't exactly a happy couple. read more

Les Lucioles Season 3, Episode 12

Lisa and Malik's wedding is boycotted by his family, so he asks George to walk him down the aisle. Meanwhile, June warns Tessa to stay away from Ryan; and Sheila passes on some advice to her daughter on her big day. read more

Dalia Nicole Smith Season 3, Episode 11

Dalia is rejected by the only college to which she applied, so Dallas tries to help plan her future, but Dalia has other ideas about how to survive. Meanwhile, George makes Tessa go on a double date with a mother and son they met on her college tour. read more

No, You Can't Sit With Us Season 3, Episode 10

A weekend camping trip for George, Noah, Fred and Victor turns chaotic after Fred loses Victor in the woods. Meanwhile, Tessa mentors a social outcast and prepares her for the Miss Chatswin pageant, which takes her rivalry with Dalia to a new level. read more

The Ballad of Piggy Duckworth Season 3, Episode 9

Dallas' mother passes away, but she asks Tessa to head south with her for the funeral, where Dallas renews a sibling rivalry and confronts her feelings about her mom. Meanwhile, George, Noah and Fred go on a triple blind date that gets Fred a little more than he bargained for. read more

Catch and Release Season 3, Episode 8

Lisa decides to propose to Malik, but the news sends Tessa to her dad for advice when she isn't sure how to respond, especially when the proposal doesn't go as planned. Meanwhile, George worries about his girlfriend's rudeness to her employees. read more

I'm Just Not That Into Me Season 3, Episode 7

Tessa takes Malik and Lisa to a college party, where she meets her male doppelgänger—and falls for him instantly. Meanwhile, Dallas gets a makeover after getting some interesting advice from a matchmaker. read more

ABOUT A BOY-YOI-YOING Season 3, Episode 6

George and Fred take a trip to Manhattan after Tessa scolds her dad for his love of a juice bar in Chatswin. Meanwhile, Tessa gets talked into attending Evan's birthday party, where she announces what she really thinks of him. read more

Blame It on the Rainstick Season 3, Episode 5

Noah returns to Chatswin a changed man after his court-ordered anger-management program, but George decides to see if it really worked. Meanwhile, Tessa joins a new age band she meets in the park. read more

The Birds and the Biederman Season 3, Episode 4

Awkward meetings in Chatswin for George and Dallas force them to divide the town to avoid seeing each other. Meanwhile, Tessa wonders why Lisa is hanging out with Ryan's girlfriend; and Fred is worried that Sheila is ready to leave him. read more

Open Door Policy Season 3, Episode 3

Tessa calls her grandfather when she's worried about George in the wake of his breakup with Dallas, but the son is not keen on his father's advice. Meanwhile, Tessa learns that Ryan is coming home for a visit—and that he's bringing his new girlfriend. read more

Victor Ha Season 3, Episode 2

Empty-nest syndrome at the Shays' prompts Fred and Sheila to take in a foster child named Victor, but Lisa is convinced the young lad is a con artist. Meanwhile, Tessa objects to her dad's friendship with Dalia. read more

No Me Gusta, Mami Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, George adopts a dog in an attempt to rebuild his relationship with Tessa. Meanwhile, Sheila tracks a canine on the loose in Chatswin; and Dalia shuns Dallas after her mother's latest breakup. read more

Stray Dogs Season 2, Episode 22

In the Season 2 finale, Sheila pushes a chastity campaign in Chatswin and urges Mr. Wolfe to put on a Chastity Ball at school; and Tessa moves out when George buys Dallas her dream home. read more

Apocalypse Meow Season 2, Episode 21

George breaks the news to Tessa that he's sold their house, and Dalia goes to extremes to add to Tessa's misery as the rift between them widens. Meanwhile, Carmen dates Noah's therapist. read more

Apocalypse Meow; Stray Dogs

In the first part of the Season 2 finale, George breaks the news to Tessa that he's sold their house; Dalia goes to extremes to add to Tessa's misery; and Carmen dates Noah's therapist. In the second half hour, Sheila pushes a chastity campaign and urges Mr. Wolfe to put on a Chastity Ball at school; and Tessa moves out when George buys Dallas her dream home. read more

Go, Gamblers Season 2, Episode 20

Ryan depends on Tessa to help with his college choice, but her solution to his dilemma creates a window of opportunity for Dalia. Meanwhile, George asks Dallas to live together in a way that's devoid of romance; and Sheila tries out her new real-estate-agent license by selling George's house before it's on the market. read more

Decemberfold Season 2, Episode 19

Dallas feels left out when George becomes obsessed with his body image to pose for a "Dads of Chatswin" calendar. Meanwhile, Dalia's friendliness toward Tessa makes Lisa think she has an ulterior motive. read more

Brown Trembler Season 2, Episode 18

After his divorce, Noah lives with Opus in a fancy hotel until George convinces them to move in with him. Meanwhile, Dallas suspects that Dalia is a hoarder; and Fred asks Tessa for pop-culture lessons so he can land his dream job. read more

Eat, Pray, Eat Season 2, Episode 17

George forgets a birthday gift given to him by Dallas, who's so worried that she doesn't measure up to Tessa's mom that she goes on an eating binge with Jill. Meanwhile, Tessa feels like she's getting old; and Noah learns a secret about his psychiatrist. read more

How to Be a Baby Season 2, Episode 16

Dalia helps Mr. Wolfe get over his breakup with Chef Alan by changing his appearance and, for good measure, plotting a little revenge to mend his broken heart. Meanwhile, Tessa lands an internship with Jill; and Carmen becomes the object of Noah's desire, much to Dallas and George's dismay. read more

Leaving Chatswin Season 2, Episode 15

The death of Marty profoundly affects George as he and Noah wonder what to do with his ashes. Meanwhile, Tessa examines her college plans and her relationship with Ryan, who may not be as honest as he seems. read more

T-Ball & Sympathy Season 2, Episode 14

Tessa begins dispensing romantic advice—whether people ask for it or not—though her attempt to help Mr. Wolfe doesn't work out so well. Meanwhile, George helps Dallas coach a T-ball team; and Noah and Dallas still can't see eye to eye. read more

Blowtox and Burlap Season 2, Episode 13

Tessa persuades Ryan to go to an art-house film for Valentine's Day, but she's shocked by their reactions to the movie. Meanwhile, a visit from Sheila's mother drives a wedge between Fred and Sheila, who plots to get Lisa and Malik back together; and Dallas has a setback after a cosmetic procedure, forcing George to experience an 18-course meal from a famous chef all by himself. read more

Body Talk Season 2, Episode 12

Dallas learns that part of her property is in East Chatswin, meaning she gets kicked out of the country club and Dalia must attend a neighboring high school. Meanwhile, Tessa is tapped to produce a Chatswin High TV show called "Teen Talk," but worries about her new responsibility when Ryan becomes the show's host. read more

Yakult Leader Season 2, Episode 11

Dallas' dog, Yakult, becomes depressed, so she calls on former flame Yoni to cure her, but George suspects the ex wants to rekindle their relationship. Meanwhile, Tessa helps Lisa get back in the dating game, but they end up on a double date with Ryan and Scott Strauss. read more

Chinese Chicken Season 2, Episode 10

George needs some space when Dallas is overenthusiastic about his business, so he persuades Noah and Fred to start a band just for guys, but George breaks his own rule after he hears Sheila sing. Meanwhile, Tessa gets a dose of reality when she dates a football player. read more

Junior Secretary's Day Season 2, Episode 9

Already busy helping Tessa recover from dental surgery, George has to put up with the hysterical behavior of Fred Shay, who hides out in the Altman's basement following a career setback. Meanwhile, Dallas begins to feel insecure about her relationship with George. read more

Black Thai Season 2, Episode 8

When Dalia gets a new car for her PSAT performance, Tessa—who is treated to ice cream for hers—becomes obsessed with discovering her score, and ultimately their wounded relationship can only be healed by a hip-hop dance-off. Meanwhile, Noah and Jill want Mr. Wolfe to tutor their baby after a devastating rejection from the best day-care center in town. read more

Krampus Season 2, Episode 7

George grants Tessa's wish to spend Christmas in New York City with her mother, but it's one she begins to regret coming true. Meanwhile, Ryan finds out he was adopted, turning the Shay house upside down; and Dalia's Christmas list includes Carmen. read more

Friendship Fish Season 2, Episode 6

After getting a makeover from Dallas, George is pleased with his new suburban look until some of his friends visiting from New York City consider it—and his girlfriend—as sources of amusement. Meanwhile, Lisa wants to spend time with Tessa with Malik out of town, but their mutual hankering for smoked fish gives Tessa a case of food poisoning. read more

The Wishbone Season 2, Episode 5

Tessa wants to spend Thanksgiving in New York City with her mother, who's en route from Berlin, and her grandmother, though the holiday doesn't turn out like she planned. Meanwhile, Dallas recruits George to prepare a feast, but he's going to need help from a professional. read more

Foam Finger Season 2, Episode 4

Dalia finds a new best friend in her father's fiancée, leaving Kaitlyn, Kenzie and Kimantha behind, but has a hard time dealing with their elopement, so Tessa helps boost her self-esteem and reunite her with her old friends. Meanwhile, Dallas and George's romance intensifies, though it's not exactly what George had in mind. read more

Ryan's Song Season 2, Episode 3

Lisa helps Ryan pursue Tessa after she feels guilty for not telling him that he was adopted, but Ryan mistakes her generosity for pity that he's seriously ill. Meanwhile, Dallas invites her life coach on her first date with George; and Tessa babysits Opus when Noah and Carmen go to the opera. read more

The Witch of East Chatswin Season 2, Episode 2

Tessa persuades Dalia, Kimantha, Kaitlyn and Kenzie to wear feminist-inspired Halloween costumes, an idea which catches the interest of a notorious local witch named Paula. Meanwhile, George and Noah dress up as each other; and Dallas wants George to be part of her "Barbie and Ken" Halloween. read more

Homecoming Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 premiere, Tessa comes back to the suburbs after spending the summer with her grandmother in New York City, where she discovered her mother's musical talents, which she hopes to mimic in Chatswin's annual Fall Follies. Meanwhile, Lisa uses a secret about Ryan as leverage against her parents; and Noah and Dallas pull out all the stops in their competition to hire Carmen as a nanny. read more

The Motherload Season 1, Episode 22

In the first-season finale, Tessa feels left out when the town celebrates the mothers in the community, but Dalia leaves her mom behind for a trip to Israel. Meanwhile, an endangered-animal theme at the Lerners' baby shower draws a reaction from Eden; and Fred surprises Sheila with one of her favorite performers. read more

The Great Compromise Season 1, Episode 21

Tessa may not be thrilled that Eden has moved in, but her father's girlfriend could help with a summer internship. Meanwhile, George is unnerved by Eden's parenting skills; Malik and Lisa discuss camp options; and Sheila can't stop meddling in Eden's surrogacy for Noah and his wife. read more

Hear No Evil Season 1, Episode 20

George wants his daughter to meet Eden when their relationship starts to get serious, but Tessa may be too caught up in her job to pay much attention. Meanwhile, Noah helps George establish boundaries with Eden, who is taken aback by the neighborhood's interest in their romance. read more

Entering Eden Season 1, Episode 19

George finds himself attracted not only to a woman he meets at the local farmer's market, but her eating habits as well. Meanwhile, Tessa and Dalia search for Dallas' dog after it disappears. read more

Down Time Season 1, Episode 18

George and Noah take Dallas shopping for a mattress after her divorce is finalized; Dalia has a breakthrough in therapy; Ryan takes Tessa on a date. read more

Independence Day Season 1, Episode 17

Dallas opens a new store with help from her sorority sisters, though the appearance of an old college rival could be bad for business. Meanwhile, Tessa wants to go to work for Dallas to earn money to buy a car when she tires of depending on George for rides. read more

Poetic Injustice Season 1, Episode 16

Tessa's efforts to impress the new poetry teacher are inexplicably derailed by Dalia; Fred has an odd request for George when he thinks Sheila is lusting after him. read more

Fire With Fire Season 1, Episode 15

Jill's marriage may be in trouble when she gets a taste of the single life from Dallas, whose younger boyfriend irks George. Meanwhile, Dalia tries to use Lisa to make Tessa pay for dating Scott Strauss, so Tessa hatches a revenge plot of her own, with Kimantha as her accomplice. read more

The Body Season 1, Episode 14

Tessa campaigns for student-body president with a promise to reduce the emphasis of sports at Chatswin High. Meanwhile, George tries to motivate Ryan when a wrestling injury keeps him out of the lineup. read more

Sex and the Suburbs Season 1, Episode 13

George panics when he thinks Tessa's relationship with Scott Strauss may be heating up, so he tries to keep an eye on her by planning game nights at home with her friends. Meanwhile, Tessa gets a kick out of showing off her romance to Dalia, but, oddly enough, becomes less attracted to Scott the more time they spend together. read more

The Casino Trip Season 1, Episode 12

George takes Noah, Fred, Tom and Alex along for the ride when he wins a trip to Atlantic City, where Fred confronts his gambling problem and they run into Steven Royce—who is supposed to be in Singapore. Meanwhile, Tessa hopes to spend some quality time with Scott Strauss. read more

Out in the Burbs Season 1, Episode 11

Tessa is convinced the new boy (Dan Byrd) she's been asked to show around school is gay, but he's actually an undercover narcotics officer, though neither scenario is likely to weaken Lisa's infatuation with him. Meanwhile, George rethinks his relationship with Dallas. read more

Driving Miss Dalia Season 1, Episode 10

New driver Tessa is hired by Dalia to help her stalk her crush, but the plan might backfire when Tessa discovers a mutual attraction with her nemesis' obsession. Meanwhile, George jumps through hoops to join the local country club. read more

The Nutcracker Season 1, Episode 9

Tessa feels responsible when her father breaks up with his girlfriend, but George already has his eye on someone else—his daughter's art teacher—when he throws a tree-trimming party with a very interesting guest list. Jay Mohr guest stars. read more

Thanksgiving Season 1, Episode 8

Tessa talks Dallas into spending the day in the city rather than endure Thanksgiving in the suburbs, but Tessa loses her cool when she spots her father with a woman after he said he had to work. Meanwhile, Lisa balks at wearing a dress her mother picked out for her. read more

Sweet Sixteen Season 1, Episode 7

Tessa's plans for a quiet 16th birthday go out the window when Dallas taps Dalia to plan the mother of all sweet-16 parties at the country club. Meanwhile, George's ailing back receives unwanted attention from an eager-to-please Sheila Shay. read more

Charity Case Season 1, Episode 6

Tessa persuades the school to get behind charitable causes, which yields mixed results, but her peers begin to wonder who really needs their help. Meanwhile, George's friendship with Noah hits a snag after he gets a huge bill for dental work. read more

Halloween Season 1, Episode 5

George tries to change Dallas' low opinion of Halloween by showing her the fun side of fear, but he's in for a shock when her frequently traveling husband (Jay Mohr) comes home unannounced. Meanwhile, Tessa's costume rubs the locals the wrong way. read more

Don't Call Me Shirley Season 1, Episode 4

The theft of Sheila's Shirley Temple doll collection sparks fears of a neighborhood crime wave, but Tessa's elation at such a gritty development in the suburbs is tempered when Dallas and Dalia are so scared of being robbed that they move into her house. read more

The Chatterer Season 1, Episode 3

George's immediate popularity with the PTA threatens Sheila's authority; Tessa helps Malik turn an ordinary school newspaper into a flashy tabloid. read more

The Barbecue Season 1, Episode 2

Tessa's unexpected attraction to her BMOC neighbor gives her the willies; George wonders if he's up to the demanding suburban standards for throwing a barbecue. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In the premiere of this comedy about a single dad (Jeremy Sisto) who moves from New York City to the suburbs to give his daughter (Jane Levy) a better life, the transplants struggle to adjust to the peculiarities of their new environment, which include school cliques, country-club etiquette and shopping trips to the mall. read more

Suburgatory Episode: "Apocalypse Meow; Stray Dogs"

Episode Synopsis: In the first part of the Season 2 finale, George breaks the news to Tessa that he's sold their house; Dalia goes to extremes to add to Tessa's misery; and Carmen dates Noah's therapist. In the second half hour, Sheila pushes a chastity campaign and urges Mr. Wolfe to put on a Chastity Ball at school; and Tessa moves out when George buys Dallas her dream home.
Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2013
Guest Cast Miriam Flynn: Helen Malin Akerman: Alex Maestro Harrell: Malik Davis Dyana Liu: Wan'Er Deena Dill: Bliss Parker Young: Ryan Shay Ely Henry: Reggie Jay Mohr: Steven Royce Todd Louiso: Bob

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Premiered: September 28, 2011, on ABC
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Premise: A teen has trouble adjusting when her single dad moves them from New York City to the suburbs to give her a better life.



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