Restaurant: Impossible Episodes

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Restaurant: Impossible episodes

Jan 14, 2015: Revved Up
Jan 07, 2015: Fitness: Impossible
Dec 29, 2014: Biggest Blowups
Dec 15, 2014: Oh Brother!
Dec 08, 2014: Holiday Impossible
Nov 24, 2014: Without a Prayer
Nov 03, 2014: Recipe for Disaster
Oct 27, 2014: Worst of the Worst
Oct 20, 2014: Gross, Grosser, Grossest
Oct 13, 2014: An Abundance of Emotions
Oct 06, 2014: Paradise: Impossible
Sep 24, 2014: Drama at Mamma's
Sep 17, 2014: Military: Impossible
Sep 10, 2014: Spicing Things Up
Sep 03, 2014: Take It or Leave It
Aug 27, 2014: No Laughing Matter
Aug 20, 2014: Holy Cow!
Aug 13, 2014: Golf: Impossible
Aug 06, 2014: Bowling: Impossible
Jul 30, 2014: Culture Clash
Jul 23, 2014: Fork in the Road
Jun 11, 2014: No Day at the Beach
Jun 04, 2014: Saving Grace
May 28, 2014: The Writing on the Wall
May 21, 2014: Living in the Dark Ages
May 07, 2014: Meet the Impossible
Apr 30, 2014: Bummed Out
Apr 23, 2014: Treading Water
Apr 09, 2014: Face the Music
Apr 02, 2014: Ungratifying
Mar 26, 2014: Pizza: Impossible
Mar 19, 2014: Fiery Family Fusion
Mar 12, 2014: A Lot to Lose
Mar 07, 2014: Restaurant More Impossible: Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant
Mar 05, 2014: Up in Smoke
Mar 01, 2014: Restaurant More Impossible: The Trails
Feb 26, 2014: Restaurant More Impossible: Maple Tree Cafe
Feb 19, 2014: Restaurant More Impossible: Outside the Box
Feb 12, 2014: Restaurant More Impossible: It's All Greek to Me
Feb 05, 2014: Mumbo Jumbo
Jan 29, 2014: Dirty Laundry
Jan 15, 2014: Monkey Business
Jan 01, 2014: Clueless in the Country
Dec 18, 2013: Goombazz Gone Wild
Dec 11, 2013: Holiday: Impossible 2
Dec 04, 2013: Unfixable Family
Nov 27, 2013: Unlucky Number Seven
Nov 20, 2013: Soul Searching
Nov 20, 2013: Restaurant More Impossible
Nov 13, 2013: Outside the Box
Nov 06, 2013: His Way or the Highway
Oct 31, 2013: Restaurant: Impossible Sneak Peek
Oct 30, 2013: Feathers Fly
Oct 23, 2013: Bring Mama Back
Aug 25, 2013: Pie in the Sky
Jul 28, 2013: Good Food, Bad Vices
Jul 21, 2013: Barely Edible
Jul 14, 2013: Kalico Kraziness
Jun 23, 2013: It's All Greek to Me
Jun 16, 2013: Sink or Swim
Jun 09, 2013: Lost in the Woods
May 26, 2013: In the Pits
May 19, 2013: Muskrat Mayhem
May 12, 2013: Drowning in Debt
Apr 28, 2013: Creepy in Clearwater
Apr 21, 2013: Father Knows Worst
Apr 14, 2013: Something's Fishy
Mar 24, 2013: Sweet Tea's Restaurant and Catering
Mar 17, 2013: Soup to Nuts Diner
Mar 13, 2013: Caseyville Cafe
Mar 10, 2013: Maniaci's Italian Bistro
Feb 27, 2013: Dinner Bell Restaurant
Feb 20, 2013: Nanny Goat's Cafe and Feed Bin
Jan 23, 2013: Sapori D'Iitalia
Jan 16, 2013: Windseeker Restaurant
Jan 02, 2013: Whiskey Creek Steakhouse
Dec 19, 2012: Rising Sun Bistro
Dec 09, 2012: Holiday: Impossible
Dec 05, 2012: Bronk's Bar and Grill
Nov 28, 2012: Rohrer's Tavern
Nov 21, 2012: Poco's on the Boulevard
Oct 17, 2012: Oleander Bar and Grill
Oct 10, 2012: Valley Inn
Oct 03, 2012: Whistle Stop
Sep 26, 2012: Maple Tree Cafe
Sep 19, 2012: Michele's
Sep 12, 2012: Paliani's Restaurant
Sep 05, 2012: Frankie's
Aug 29, 2012: Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant
Aug 22, 2012: Behind the Impossible
Aug 08, 2012: Stella's Italian Restaurant
Aug 01, 2012: Italian Village
Jul 25, 2012: Zandi's Grill
Jul 16, 2012: The Main Dish
Jul 11, 2012: Longbranch Steak and Seafood
Jun 13, 2012: White House Edition
May 30, 2012: Pollard's Bar-B-Que
May 23, 2012: University Grill
May 16, 2012: Ristorante Barolo
May 09, 2012: Pappas Restaurant
May 02, 2012: Mama Lee's
Apr 25, 2012: Pelican Grill
Mar 14, 2012: Valley View
Mar 07, 2012: Woody's Tupelo Steakhouse
Feb 29, 2012: Del's
Feb 22, 2012: Anna Maria's
Feb 15, 2012: Chatterbox
Feb 08, 2012: Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House
Jan 11, 2012: Hoffman's Bistro
Jan 04, 2012: Sullivan's Grill
Dec 07, 2011: Wildcat Cafe
Nov 23, 2011: St. James Soup Kitchen
Nov 16, 2011: Coffee's Boilin' Pot
Nov 09, 2011: McShane's
Nov 02, 2011: Mad Cactus
Sep 28, 2011: Cap'n and the Cowboy
Sep 21, 2011: The Trails
Sep 14, 2011: Off-Street Café
Sep 07, 2011: Mamma D's
Aug 31, 2011: Scrimmages
Aug 10, 2011: Pastori's
Aug 03, 2011: Snooty Fox
Jul 27, 2011: County Fare
Jul 20, 2011: Sweet Tea
Jul 13, 2011: La Stanza
Jul 06, 2011: Dodge City
Mar 02, 2011: Flood Tide
Feb 23, 2011: Secret Garden
Feb 16, 2011: Meglio's
Feb 09, 2011: Salt Works II
Feb 02, 2011: Rascal's BBQ & Crab House
Jan 26, 2011: Mainelli's
Jan 19, 2011: Villari's

Revved Up Season 10, Episode 3

Robert encounters bland food and unique decor when he arrives in Albuquerque to help Shade Tree Customs and Cafe, which the colorful group of owners opened above their motorcycle repair shop. read more

Fitness: Impossible

Robert Irvine offers tips for staying fit and healthy. read more

Biggest Blowups

Chef Robert Irvine counts down his Top 10 biggest blowups. Included: The host encounters owners who want him to leave their restaurants, as well as deals with emotional meltdowns and intense family drama. read more

Oh Brother! Season 10, Episode 2

Parents who are financial backers of the Knife and Fork Gastropub in San Antonio call for Robert Irvine's help, because the restaurant, which is run by their sons, is losing money despite its seeming success. read more

Holiday Impossible

Robert tries to pull off a Christmas miracle when he attempts to makeover the Double "H" Ranch, a 320-acre camp for kids with serious or life-threatening illnesses in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, in just three days. read more

Without a Prayer Season 10, Episode 1

Mama E' Wings and Waffles in Oklahoma City, a once-thriving restaurant that was featured on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," is in financial trouble after a failed attempt at opening a second location. In addition to helping the business, Robert counsels the married owners who've been having communication problems. read more

Recipe for Disaster Season 9, Episode 13

Robert Irvine deals with an explosive family that's about to implode while trying to keep Papa C's Eastside Cafe in Fairport, N.Y., in business. Included: The owner and his three sons play the "blame game" rather than do their jobs; inches of grease and grime need to be removed before the restaurant can be reopened. read more

Worst of the Worst

Host Robert Irvine counts down his Top 10 worst of the worst experiences from nine seasons of the show. Included: bad owners; filthy clutter; difficult family issues; and mediocre food. read more

Gross, Grosser, Grossest

Robert recalls the grossest restaurants he has encountered over the course of nine seasons. read more

An Abundance of Emotions Season 9, Episode 12

Robert offers help to the owner of Abudanza Restaurant in Wilbraham, Mass., a proud man with years of executive chef experience, but who is burnt out from the demands of the job and caring for a sick child. read more

Paradise: Impossible Season 9, Episode 11

The owners of a four-year-old restaurant in the resort town of South Padre Island, Texas, offer both food and music at their establishment, but fail to do either very well. Included: Robert asks his design team to get rid of tacky tiki bar decor. read more

Drama at Mamma's Season 9, Episode 10

Robert deals with feuding sisters at Mamma Lucrezia's in Bellefonte, Pa., which despite excellent food coming from the kitchen, is losing thousands of dollars a month and faces competition from a nearby Italian restaurant owned by their brother. read more

Military: Impossible Season 9, Episode 9

Robert travels to Fort Bragg, N.C., on a mission to breath new life into the Green Beret Club, one of the only full-service restaurants on the post. Among the challenges he faces is finding a way to keep tradition alive while making some necessary changes. read more

Spicing Things Up Season 9, Episode 8

Robert deals with clueless owners, a scantily-clad waitstaff and $300,000 in debt when he arrives at Spicy Bar and Grill in Falls Church, Va. Also: A new chef needs to be hired. read more

Take It or Leave It Season 9, Episode 7

Robert offers to buy El Bistro in Titusville, Pa., after the owner, a single mother of four with a love of cooking, asks for help turning around her failing restaurant. read more

No Laughing Matter Season 9, Episode 6

Robert deals with an owner who fancies himself a stand-up comedian and is more focused on telling jokes to customers than paying attention to the quality of food he's serving at Uncle Andy's Diner in Portland, Maine. read more

Holy Cow! Season 9, Episode 5

The divorced owners of the Country Cow Restaurant and Bar in Campton, N.H., are on their best behavior for Robert's visit, but the staff and behind-the-scenes footage reveal that animosity between the couple is a problem that needs his uttermost attention. read more

Golf: Impossible Season 9, Episode 4

Robert Irvine arrives at the Pomona Golf and Country Club in Egg Harbor City, N.J., a nine-hole golf course and clubhouse being run by three cousins, and is tasked with coming up with a business plan for the financially and emotionally strained owners to attract new and younger clients. read more

Bowling: Impossible Season 9, Episode 3

Paul's Bar and Bowling in Paterson, N.J., a family-owned neighborhood staple since 1929, needs help getting out of an 8-year slump. In order to succeed, Robert tries to take the business into the 21st century, beginning with a total design overhaul. read more

Culture Clash Season 9, Episode 2

A restaurant in Atlanta has the false reputation of being strictly for Muslims, which is keeping potential customers away. Another challenge Robert faces is the owner, whose experience in catering isn't translating into running this business. Also: A fight breaks out amongst the design team and the makeover is put in jeopardy. read more

Fork in the Road Season 9, Episode 1

In the Season 9 premiere, a friendship is falling apart over the struggles of the 3-year-old Fork Diner in Calhoun, Ga., which chef Robert Irvine deems unsuccessful because of boring food, a lack of cleanliness and a staff that's disinterested. read more

No Day at the Beach Season 8, Episode 13

The Portu-Greek Cafe in Hudson, Fla., proves to be a challenge for Robert, who has to teach the self-described stubborn owner and his bickering family how to cooperate. read more

Saving Grace Season 8, Episode 12

A business and marriage are in trouble when Robert arrives at Grace's Place Bagels and Deli in Palm Coast, Fla., which is owned by a couple who are $320,000 in debt and are failing because of a lack of communication and teamwork. read more

The Writing on the Wall Season 8, Episode 11

Robert helps the owner and operator of a successful sawmill turn Big Jim's Bama Q in Hammondville, Ala., into a barbecue destination, but first he has to teach him a thing or two about what it takes to thrive in the food business. read more

Living in the Dark Ages Season 8, Episode 10

A BBQ restaurant with a caveman/dinosaur theme needs to be saved from extinction in Winter Garden, Fla. On Robert's to-do list is an overhaul of the decor, which consists of inflatables and foam rocks. He also offers tips to control the kitchen chaos created by the owner's brother. read more

Meet the Impossible Season 8, Episode 9

Chef Robert Irvine celebrates the show's 100th episode by offering a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. Included: interviews with the people who make the makeovers possible; and a look back at the dirtiest kitchens, most stubborn owners and memorable reveals. read more

Bummed Out Season 8, Episode 8

High emotions and yelling mark Robert's trip to Bumbino's Italian Ristorante in Orange County, Fla., where he deals with crumbling relationships, the firing of staff and a switch made in the kitchen. read more

Treading Water Season 8, Episode 7

Robert offers advice to a seemingly passionless businesswoman who's finding it difficult to keep Bryant's Seafood World in Hueytown, Ala., afloat after taking over the hometown favorite four years ago, during which time she has neglected the menu, decor and grime. read more

Face the Music Season 8, Episode 6

Robert tries to help Urban Roots, a restaurant and entertainment venue in Oklahoma City, become a success, but first he has to reignite the owner/chef's passion for cooking and light a fire under the lackadaisical staff. read more

Ungratifying Season 8, Episode 5

Gratifi Kitchen and Bar in Houston receives a much-needed makeover that begins with cleaning the filthy kitchen. Also: The owner's snarky attitude doesn't sit well with his employees or Robert. read more

Pizza: Impossible Season 8, Episode 4

A New York-style pizzeria in Baton Rouge serves great food, but the business struggles because of a stubborn owner who is scaring away customers with his "my way or the highway" attitude. read more

Fiery Family Fusion Season 8, Episode 3

A couple who have spent two years trying to make Pasión Latin Fusion Restaurant in Albuquerque a success ask for help from Robert Irvine, who determines that tension between the owner's wife and brother is bad for business, as is a menu that leaves costumers confused and frustrated. read more

A Lot to Lose Season 8, Episode 2

Bland food, poor service and no lunch crowd are among the problems identified by Robert when he arrives at Tootie's Texas Barbecue in Cathedral City, Cal., which is owned by a woman who recently battled cancer. read more

Restaurant More Impossible: Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant

In this enhanced episode featuring trivia tidbits and behind-the-scenes facts, the host heads to Lebanon, N.H., to revive a once-popular Mexican restaurant run by a husband and wife. read more

Up in Smoke Season 8, Episode 1

Robert deems the barbecue bland and the management inefficient when he arrives at the Mill Creek BBQ in Redlands, Cal., in the Season 8 premiere, which also finds him helping to repair the owner's relationship with her 21-year-old daughter. read more

Restaurant More Impossible: The Trails

In this enhanced episode featuring trivia tidbits and behind-the-scenes facts, the host tries to turn around a charming café in San Diego that's on the verge of bankruptcy. read more

Restaurant More Impossible: Maple Tree Cafe

In this enhanced episode featuring trivia tidbits and behind-the-scenes facts, the host heads to Las Vegas to help a 26-year-old café owner whose staff consists mostly of inexperienced family members. read more

Restaurant More Impossible: Outside the Box

In this enhanced episode featuring trivia tidbits and behind-the-scenes facts, the owners of the Coach Lamp Restaurant and Pub in Louisville need some convincing after Robert comes up with an out-of-the-box plan to drum up business for the eatery, which is failing even though the food, decor and management all seem to be fine. read more

Restaurant More Impossible: It's All Greek to Me

In this enhanced episode featuring trivia tidbits and interesting behind-the-scenes facts, Robert tries to help the cousins who run Angelo's Family Restaurant in Woodstock, Ill., by encouraging them to modify the Greek menu and decor that hasn't changed since their fathers started the business 40 years ago. read more

Mumbo Jumbo Season 7, Episode 13

The owners of Estrada's Restaurant in San Francisco have $400,000 in debt and a lack of passion that's evident in the flavorless food. read more

Dirty Laundry Season 7, Episode 12

Robert encourages the owner of Hillbillies Restaurant in Murphys, Cal., to be less of a pushover, but first he insists they rid the place of its current decor, which consists of rusty kitchen utensils on the wall and dirty underwear on the ceiling. read more

Monkey Business Season 7, Episode 11

Health-code violations, mediocre food and an uninterested staff are among the problems facing Robert when he arrives at the Spunky Monkey Bar and Grill in Auburn, Wash. Also: The owner doesn't seem to care about the dust and grime covering his neglected restaurant. read more

Clueless in the Country Season 7, Episode 10

Robert arrives in Plains, Mont., to offer advice to a former stay-at-home mom who has very little knowledge of the restaurant business, even after three years of running Heather's Country Kitchen. Problems include very high food and labor costs and some mother-daughter issues. read more

Goombazz Gone Wild Season 7, Episode 9

The year-old Goombazz Big City Eatzz in Rock Island, Ill., is struggling to attract customers and turn a profit. But before Robert can help, he must first convince the owner that his short temper is hurting the restaurant big time. read more

Holiday: Impossible 2 Season 7, Episode 8

Robert and his team have three days and $50,000 when they travel to the Jersey Shore on a special mission to deliver some holiday cheer to two locations that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy: LBI Pancake House and the Ship Bottom Fire Company. read more

Unfixable Family Season 7, Episode 7

Robert finds himself refereeing disputes over the menu and decor at Mike LaSusa's Italian Restaurant in Oak Creek, Wis., which is run by a married couple and their son who very seldom see eye to eye. read more

Unlucky Number Seven Season 7, Episode 6

The engaged owners of Seven in La Porte, Ind., don't get a good review from Robert, who deems the food bad and the management worse, plus the stained glass decor seems better suited to a church and the 19-year-old chef has a serious lack of training and passion. read more

Soul Searching Season 7, Episode 5

The stress of running the Georgia Boy Café in Hagerstown, Md., is ruining the relationship between its owners, who barely speak to each other, which is the first problem addressed by Robert. On top of that, health and safety in the kitchen is a major concern. read more

Restaurant More Impossible

Behind-the-scenes secrets and trivia are shared as Robert helps the married owners of Gusanoz, a Mexican restaurant that's going through some growing pains after six years in business. Among the issues tackled is the food taking a dip in quality because the chef seems to be losing her passion. read more

Outside the Box Season 7, Episode 4

The owners of the Coach Lamp Restaurant and Pub in Louisville need some convincing after Robert comes up with an out-of-the-box plan to drum up business for the eatery, which is failing even though the food, decor and management all seem to be fine. read more

His Way or the Highway Season 7, Episode 3

Robert arrives in Connecticut to help out the Windsor 75, which has been in business for seven years, but an outdated decor, five different menus, an overworked staff and a stubborn owner stand in the way of its success. read more

Restaurant: Impossible Sneak Peek

Season 7 of "Restaurant: Impossible" is previewed. Also: a sneak peek of Robert Irvine's series "Restaurant Express." read more

Feathers Fly Season 7, Episode 2

Robert ruffles feathers during a visit to Kokomo, Ind., when he suggests that terrible food and a dysfunctional management style are contributing to the failure of Ducky's Family Restaurant, which has been open for 33 years. Later, emotions run high when the staff get honest with each other. read more

Bring Mama Back Season 7, Episode 1

Season 7 begins with a makeover of Mama Campisi's Restaurant in St. Louis, which is suffering because of theft and trust issues. Robert also offers solutions to bookkeeping problems and suggests alternatives to using frozen food in the kitchen. read more

Pie in the Sky Season 6, Episode 13

The New Jersey-born owner of Aponte's Pizzeria in Mason, Ohio, needs Robert's help turning the business he has owned for eight years into a success, or the time he has spent away from his daughters will have been for nothing. read more

Good Food, Bad Vices Season 6, Episode 12

The married owners of Benner Street Restaurant in Bethlehem, Pa., are overwhelmed by debt, putting a strain on their relationship. Robert tries to help turn their business into a success by addressing problems that include outdated decor and a lack of alcohol at the bar. read more

Barely Edible Season 6, Episode 11

A lack of inspiration and motivation puts the family-run Edibles Restaurant and Pub in Horsham, Pa., in danger of going out of business after 26 years. Other problems include food that's unappetizing, a dirty kitchen and drab decor. read more

Kalico Kraziness Season 6, Episode 10

Problems at the Kalico Kitchen in Douglas, Mich., include an owner with a blunt personality and a staff, including her own son, who's turning against her. Robert also takes issue with the fact that mediocre food is being served out of a filthy kitchen. read more

It's All Greek to Me Season 6, Episode 9

Robert tries to help the cousins who run Angelo's Family Restaurant in Woodstock, Ill., by encouraging them to make some changes to the Greek menu and decor that hasn't been modified since their fathers started the business 40 years ago. read more

Sink or Swim Season 6, Episode 8

The owner of Pier West in Twin Lakes, Wis., is faced with a boatload of debt and a family who is angry with him. read more

Lost in the Woods Season 6, Episode 7

Robert offers his expertise to the inexperienced owner of the Pinehurst Country Lodge in Greeley, Pa. read more

In the Pits Season 6, Episode 6

Poor service and lackluster barbecue food are among the issues tackled by Robert during his time at Bryan's Smokehouse in Lufkin, Texas, which is in danger of closing after 15 years in business. read more

Muskrat Mayhem Season 6, Episode 5

Three generations of women need help saving the Wagon Wheel Family Restaurant in Smyrna, Del., which is known for having muskrat on its menu. Upon his arrival, Robert discovers a disrespectful staff, outdated decor and a kitchen stocked with frozen food. read more

Drowning in Debt Season 6, Episode 4

Robert tries to convince the stubborn owner of Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant in DeFuniak Springs, Fla., that change is needed, especially when it comes to how the food is prepared and how the finances are handled. She's reluctant, however, to do things differently now that her husband, with whom she started the business 24 years ago, has passed away. read more

Creepy in Clearwater Season 6, Episode 3

The cost of a much-needed exterminator eats into the design budget, creating extra challenges for Robert and his team as they work to transform Smitty's Restaurant in Clearwater, Fla. read more

Father Knows Worst Season 6, Episode 2

The family-run Old World Italian Restaurant in Murrells Inlet, S.C., is struggling financially after 16 years in business. When Robert arrives, he pinpoints bad habits that need changing. He also learns the owners, both of whom are dealing with health issues, are reluctant to hand over the reigns to their culinary-trained son. read more

Something's Fishy Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 begins with Robert traveling to Joe Willy's Seafood House in Fishkill, N.Y., where he finds a restaurant that's failing financially and a family that's under an immense amount of stress. While the owner Joe is skilled at purchasing fish, he needs to improve as a chef. read more

Sweet Tea's Restaurant and Catering Season 5, Episode 13

Attracting customers is a problem faced by Sweet Tea's Restaurant and Catering, which serves up Southern comfort food from a nondescript building in Pineville, N.C. read more

Soup to Nuts Diner Season 5, Episode 12

A diner with a 1950s theme in Tavares, Fla., has a filth problem, as well as financial troubles, putting the owner at risk of losing her house. read more

Caseyville Cafe Season 5, Episode 11

Robert arrives at a troubled café in Caseyville, Ill., where he helps the mother-daughter owners improve their menu, decor and relationship, which is suffering, in part, because of a staff that is costing them money. read more

Maniaci's Italian Bistro Season 5, Episode 10

Three brothers in Mohnton, Pa., need help running the once-successful Italian bistro that was left to them by their late mother. read more

Dinner Bell Restaurant Season 5, Episode 9

The owner of the Dinner Bell in Madison, Tenn., is two days away from closing down his four-year-old restaurant. Robert's plan for keeping the place in business involves cleaning it, updating the menu and helping the staff break bad habits. read more

Nanny Goat's Cafe and Feed Bin Season 5, Episode 8

A once-successful restaurateur in Kilgore, Texas, is struggling to stay afloat, and needs Robert's help winning back customers who have been disappointed with the food and decor. Robert also faces the task of repairing the owner's relationship with her daughter. read more

Sapori D'Iitalia Season 5, Episode 7

Robert faces the challenge of repairing the broken family who run a failing Italian restaurant in Fountain Hills, Ariz. read more

Windseeker Restaurant Season 5, Episode 6

Robert tries to help an Oregon restaurant shed its bad reputation. read more

Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Season 5, Episode 5

After 20 years in business, the owners of a steak house in Keyport, Wash., ask for help improving poorly cooked food and drab decor. Also: Robert confronts a member of the staff about missing money. read more

Rising Sun Bistro Season 5, Episode 4

A French bistro in Kalispell, Mont., presents many challenges for Robert, including a chaotic kitchen, dull decor, a mountain of debt and owners who don't get along. read more

Holiday: Impossible

Robert and fellow chef Michael Chiarello try to spread some holiday cheer to the tornado-struck town of Joplin, Mo., by revamping the local Boys and Girls Club and preparing a thank-you feast for 1000 volunteers. read more

Bronk's Bar and Grill Season 5, Episode 3

The owners of Bronk's Bar and Grill in Lake City, Minn., face losing their 11-year-old business. Problems addressed by Robert include an untrained staff, a kitchen stocked with frozen food, and a generic-looking dining room. read more

Rohrer's Tavern Season 5, Episode 2

In North Bend, Ohio, Robert arrives at a restaurant that has been in business for more than 60 years, but is in danger of closing if the current owner can't attract new costumers. read more

Poco's on the Boulevard Season 5, Episode 1

Season 5 begins with food quality and profits being an issue at a family-owned Latin restaurant in Kansas City, Mo., where two daughters struggle to keep the business going—and their relationship from crumbling—after the death of their father. read more

Oleander Bar and Grill Season 4, Episode 14

A mother and daughter face bankruptcy and losing their restaurant in Olean, N.Y., after only six months in business. Robert determines the problem is with the bickering owners, who confuse their employees and drive away their customers. read more

Valley Inn Season 4, Episode 13

Robert comes to the aid of two brothers in Palos Hills, Ill., who find it difficult to attract customers to their restaurant, the Valley Inn, which their parents opened 40 years ago. read more

Whistle Stop Season 4, Episode 12

Robert revamps the Whistle Stop in Hot Springs, Ark., which was purchased by a former employee after the previous owners abruptly announced they were shutting down. The dining room is restored, the kitchen is cleaned and the staff is trained in two days and on a $10,000 budget. read more

Maple Tree Cafe Season 4, Episode 11

Chef Irvine heads to Las Vegas to help a 26-year-old cafe owner whose staff consists mostly of inexperienced family members. read more

Michele's Season 4, Episode 10

The owners of Michele's in Corry, Pa., purchased the restaurant at an auction, despite having no experience in the business. The host updates the interior, helps hire a new cook and gives a lesson on basic management skills. read more

Paliani's Restaurant Season 4, Episode 9

Chef Irvine heads to Burton, Mich., to help a single mom save her struggling restaurant. read more

Frankie's Season 4, Episode 8

The host renovates Frankie's, a 30-year-old staple in Three Rivers, Mich., owned by former best friends who let the stress of running a business ruin their relationship. read more

Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant Season 4, Episode 7

The host heads to Lebanon, N.H., to revive a once-popular Mexican restaurant. read more

Behind the Impossible Season 4, Episode 6

A behind-the-scenes look at the show featuring never-before-seen footage, including some of the host's most memorable moments. Also: Robert revisits some of the restaurants he revamped. read more

Stella's Italian Restaurant Season 4, Episode 5

The host helps a mother and son overhaul their struggling Italian restaurant in Stratford, Conn. read more

Italian Village Season 4, Episode 4

Chef Irvine revives a once-popular Italian eatery in Milmont Park, Pa. read more

Zandi's Grill Season 4, Episode 3

The host visits Zandi's Grill in Millersville, Md., and finds lackluster food, outdated decor and sister owners who have lost their passion for the restaurant. read more

The Main Dish Season 4, Episode 2

The owners of the Main Dish in Meridianville, Ala., have no past restaurant experience, and after five years in business, they are working 80 hours a week and are more than $50,000 in debt. Chef Irvine comes to their aid. read more

Longbranch Steak and Seafood Season 4, Episode 1

Chef Irvine finds a filthy kitchen and a subordinate staff when he visits a struggling steak-and-seafood joint in Fayetteville, Ga., in the Season 4 opener. read more

White House Edition Season 3, Episode 13

First Lady Michelle Obama tasks the host with sprucing up a nonprofit community center in Washington, D.C., that provides nutritious after-school meals and family cooking classes. read more

Pollard's Bar-B-Que Season 3, Episode 12

A Memphis BBQ joint is experiencing growing pains after switching from a take-out operation to a full-scale eat-in restaurant. read more

University Grill Season 3, Episode 11

The host tries to resolve a family feud between the sibling owners of a struggling 5-year-old eatery in Burlington, N.C. read more

Ristorante Barolo Season 3, Episode 10

The host revamps a once-successful Italian restaurant in Aptos, Cal., that's been hurt by the changing economy. read more

Pappas Restaurant Season 3, Episode 9

Feuding brothers are bringing down the Greek eatery they own with their father. The restaurant's drab interior and lackluster food are also addressed. read more

Mama Lee's Season 3, Episode 8

"Kitchen Cousins" stars Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri assist in the renovation of a San Antonio soul-food restaurant. Among the challenges faced are a huge, outdated dining room, a cockroach infestation and an inexperienced owner. read more

Pelican Grill Season 3, Episode 7

A cluttered, uninspired eatery in Seabrook, Texas, gets a makeover. read more

Valley View Season 3, Episode 6

The host addresses structural issues and mismanagement while renovating an outdated diner in Quarryville, Pa. read more

Woody's Tupelo Steakhouse Season 3, Episode 5

A struggling steakhouse in Tupelo, Miss., is renovated. read more

Del's Season 3, Episode 4

Robert Irvine revives an outdated Italian eatery in Pittsburgh. read more

Anna Maria's Season 3, Episode 3

A neglected Italian restaurant near Scranton, Pa., is renovated in two days on a $10,000 budget. read more

Chatterbox Season 3, Episode 2

The Chatterbox Café in Windham, N.H., is revived when the host mentors its well-intentioned but naive owner, a former stay-at-home mom with little restaurant experience. read more

Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 opener, Chef Irvine heads to Elyria, Ohio, to make over a struggling restaurant that has subpar food and stubborn owners. read more

Hoffman's Bistro Season 2, Episode 18

Chef Irvine overhauls a family-run bistro in Santa Cruz, Cal., that's more than two-million dollars in debt. read more

Sullivan's Grill Season 2, Episode 17

Chef Irvine tries to save a neglected pub on the verge of bankruptcy in Fruita, Colo. read more

Wildcat Cafe Season 2, Episode 16

Chef Irvine helps students in the culinary-arts program at Canton South High School in Ohio turn around their in-school eatery, which is struggling to survive because of state-budget cuts. read more

St. James Soup Kitchen Season 2, Episode 15

A dilapidated soup kitchen in Newark, N.J., is overhauled on a $10,000 budget. read more

Coffee's Boilin' Pot Season 2, Episode 14

Chef Irvine tries to revive a neglected seafood restaurant in Madison, La., owned by feuding exes who barely speak to each other. read more

McShane's Season 2, Episode 13

A rundown restaurant in East Syracuse is revamped on a $10,000 budget. read more

Mad Cactus Season 2, Episode 12

A Tex-Mex-theme restaurant in Ohio is on the verge of closing due to unsanitary conditions and a lackadaisical owner. read more

Cap'n and the Cowboy Season 2, Episode 11

A rundown steak-and-seafood joint in Port Charlotte, Fla., is revamped. read more

The Trails Season 2, Episode 10

The host tries to turn around a charming cafe in San Diego that's on the verge of bankruptcy. read more

Off-Street Café Season 2, Episode 9

The host revives a gloomy eatery in Cerritos, Cal., that's co-owned by a woman and her former daughter-in-law. read more

Mamma D's Season 2, Episode 8

The host helps the owners of Mamma D's in Pipersville, Pa., which is part restaurant, part vineyard and part petting zoo. read more

Scrimmages Season 2, Episode 7

Chef Irvine visits a sports bar in Wilmington, Del., that's failing because its four equal owners are butting heads. read more

Pastori's Season 2, Episode 6

A family-run Italian eatery in Connecticut is on the verge of collapse, and family tensions create an added challenge for Robert. read more

Snooty Fox Season 2, Episode 5

An English-style pub in Indianapolis gets a new head chef and updated decor. read more

County Fare Season 2, Episode 4

A diner in Stafford, Va., is on the verge of bankruptcy due to mismanagement, a lack of identity, and an overall cleanliness issue. read more

Sweet Tea Season 2, Episode 3

The new owners of a little restaurant in Chapin, S.C., are running it into the ground. read more

La Stanza Season 2, Episode 2

Chef Irvine helps an inexperienced 24-year-old manage her family's old-world Italian eatery in Philadelphia. read more

Dodge City Season 2, Episode 1

Chef Irvine heads to Harrisburg, Pa., to revive an outdated Wild West-theme eatery in the Season 2 premiere. read more

Flood Tide Season 1, Episode 7

A once-popular restaurant in Mystic, Conn., is revamped. read more

Secret Garden Season 1, Episode 6

A struggling cafe in Jacksonville gets a new menu and updated decor. read more

Meglio's Season 1, Episode 5

Chef Irvine works to revive an outdated Italian eatery in Bridgeton, Mo. read more

Salt Works II Season 1, Episode 4

Salt Works II in Wilmington, N.C., is visited. The host finds that they rely too heavily on canned food, so he updates the menu and modernizes the interior. read more

Rascal's BBQ & Crab House Season 1, Episode 3

The host finds a filthy kitchen when he arrives at a struggling seafood joint in New Castle, Del. read more

Mainelli's Season 1, Episode 2

Chef Irvine heads to Providence, R.I., to help the owners of a failing Italian eatery that's plagued by bad service, food-safety issues and an unskilled kitchen staff. read more

Villari's Season 1, Episode 1

In the series premiere, Chef Robert Irvine tries to save a struggling restaurant in Palmyra, N.J., that's been in the same family for 60 years. read more

Restaurant: Impossible Episode: "Restaurant More Impossible"

Episode Synopsis: Behind-the-scenes secrets and trivia are shared as Robert helps the married owners of Gusanoz, a Mexican restaurant that's going through some growing pains after six years in business. Among the issues tackled is the food taking a dip in quality because the chef seems to be losing her passion.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2013

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Premiered: January 19, 2010, on Food Network
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: Chef Robert Irvine tries to turn around struggling restaurants in just two days on a $10,000 budget in this reality series.


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