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The Story of Toni and Candace Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, a flashback to 1991 details a past episode in the life of Toni and Candace, when the merger of two book chains resulted in a dogged competition between the women to head up the Chick Lit Department. read more

Getting Away Season 4, Episode 10

The Season 4 finale sends the gang on a weekend getaway to New Beavertown, Ore., where Toni and Candace oversee a feminist retreat that is interrupted by a macho bus driver, and Kath and Dave's efforts to relax are disturbed via a surprise entanglement. Also, Peter and Nance do a walking tour of the town in hopes of discovering something special. read more

3D Printer Season 4, Episode 9

A minister tries to modernize the churchgoing experience; art students create anti-corporate paintings; the mayor inaugurates the city's official 3-D printer; Santa worries about the future of Christmas; a TV-commercial director struggles to be creative; and Lance and Nina's lizard dies. read more

Late in Life Drug Use Season 4, Episode 8

The mayor organizes a pride parade; Brendan and Michelle finally get around to sampling recreational drugs; the Punslingers christen some new businesses; Carrie's brother visits with his new boyfriend; the police drop in on Toni and Candace; and Spyke and Iris dine at a bad Thai restaurant. read more

Trailblazers Season 4, Episode 7

Toni and Candace kick it into high gear when they take over the Portland Trail Blazers dance team; Joaquin concocts a smoothie; Sandra drops in on a tattoo-removal parlor; and Malcolm and Kris produce their own clothing. read more

Bahama Knights Season 4, Episode 6

Fred considers making a music documentary; Peter reunites with his old band and his ex-wife, their lead singer; Trudy and Craig compose a song; and Carrie and Fred have a postconcert rendezvous. read more

Spyke Drives Season 4, Episode 5

Peter rushes Nance to a hospital emergency room; Spyke becomes a car owner; Ghavin quizzes a singer whose band passes through town; Fred and Carrie stage a garage sale; dinner-party guests suffer through a story that won't end; and Claire and Doug decide to treat each other like dogs. read more

Pull-Out King Season 4, Episode 4

A 1980s punk awakens from a coma; a neglected e-mail causes a stir; Nina shares surprising news with Lance; Malcolm and Kris tailgate at a live "Prairie Home Companion" show; and Carrie goes on a date with a tax lawyer. read more

Celery Season 4, Episode 3

A celery salesman cooks up a plan to increase its popularity; the Order Grill opens for lunch; Carrie admits to social bankruptcy; a frustrated office worker contemplates a career as a gutter punk. read more

Ecoterrorists Season 4, Episode 2

Ecoterrorists get in the face of a makeup company that uses animals to test products; Toni and Candace visit a car wash; Fred discusses how much he misses hip-hop; and Kath receives help from Dave in her efforts to sleep through the night. read more

Sharing Finances Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, extremely intelligent ghosts haunt a young lady; Doug and Claire decide to make a commitment; Kath and Dave cram a lot into a 15-minute period; Sandra discovers a soul mate; and the Date Fact Checker checks up on Fred. read more

The Celery Incident

A preview of Season 4 of the comedy series. read more

Blackout Season 3, Episode 11

In the Season 3 finale, the entire city is blacked out after the mayor's office fails to pay the electric bill. read more

No-Fo-O-Fo-Bridge Season 3, Episode 10

The Rats relocate from their recently gentrified neighborhood; first-time parents peruse child-rearing manuals; and Gahvin takes his girlfriend to a movie. Also: Alexandra and Carrie dine at a communal table; and a student inspires a teacher. read more

Alexandra Season 3, Episode 9

Carrie and Fred's roommate complicates their relationship; Portland is overrun with art projects; coyotes are threatening Kath and Dave's neighborhood; students inspire their teacher; visitors tour the Historical Punk House. read more

Brunch Village - Director's Cut

People flock to Portland's hottest brunch spot, but some are not happy about the wait to get in. Director's cut. read more

Soft Opening Season 3, Episode 8

Peter and Nance prep for the opening of their bed-and-breakfast by hosting their friends; and a local furnituremaker is featured in the "Man Issue" of a magazine. Meanwhile, the Steampunks head to a convention, while an emboldened Fred takes a date out for a third time. read more

The Temp Season 3, Episode 7

Portland's interim mayor hopes to turn the position into a full-time job with help from Fred and Carrie, while a couple experience wedding interruptus and town baristas devise a coffee-shop manifesto. Later, Kath and Dave have problems finding seats at a restaurant; Joaquin's friends get to the bottom of his mysterious disappearances; and the Rats become authors. read more

Off the Grid Season 3, Episode 6

The mayor steps down after being involved in an environmental scandal; and a Battle of the Gentle Bands is waged by local musicians. Meanwhile, an inspector stops by Peter and Nance's bed-and-breakfast; and the Gutterpunks try to locate a missing cat. read more

Squiggleman Season 3, Episode 5

Concerned parents put together a band that plays music for children; and the Portland Nerd Council produces a public-service announcement. Meanwhile, a couple have an uneasy lunch at a vegan restaurant; and the Feminist Bookstore holds a comedy night. read more

Nina's Birthday Season 3, Episode 4

Nina throws herself an extravagant birthday party that will include horseback rides, sunrise yoga and a tapas dinner, which thrills Kath and Dave, who've just returned from Spain and are eager to share their knowledge of all things Iberian. A couple who've attended so many birthday parties in the past year that they're broke seek a bank loan in order to afford to make an appearance at Nina's soiree. read more

Missionaries Season 3, Episode 3

The mayor recruits Fred and Carrie to go door-to-door in Seattle to entice residents to relocate to Portland; a pedicab driver rustles up riders. Also: Peter and Nance make a stop at the Doily Shoppe in preparation for the opening of their bed-and-breakfast; and Toni and Candace try to find out who's behind a bad online review of their restaurant. read more

Take Back MTV Season 3, Episode 2

Iris and Spyke rustle up a gang of former MTV personalities in an attempt to wrest the cable music channel from the tween set. Also: Sandra develops a crush on a guy in her meditation class; and Kath and Dave shoot a video about how to construct a tent. read more

Winter in Portlandia Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, winter arrives and a number of inhabitants warm up to some cold-weather projects, including Peter and Nance, who strike pasta from their diet to keep down their weight, and the proprietors of Stu's Stews food cart, who try to stir up business as the weather gets chillier. In other goings-on, Candice's son visits the bookstore; and Bryce and Lisa's newly opened Outlet Hotel offers a getaway package. read more

Portlandia: The Brunch Special

Featuring a director's cut of the Season 2 finale; a making-of segment; and appearances by Bobby Flay, Lorne Michaels and Kyle MacLachlan. read more

Brunch Village Season 2, Episode 10

People flock to Portland's hottest brunch spot, but some are not happy about the wait to get in. read more

No Olympics Season 2, Episode 9

Carrie and Fred try to get the mayor to ban the Olympics. read more

Feminist Bookstore 10th Anniversary Season 2, Episode 8

A surprise guest turns up at the anniversary party for Toni and Candace. read more

Motorcycle Season 2, Episode 7

A visiting motorcyclist gets Peter and Nance all revved up but leaves them feeling old and unattractive, so they decide to do something about it. read more

Catnap Season 2, Episode 6

A Portland band decide they need a gimmick, so they enlist a new member and pick up an over-the-top groupie. read more

Cops Redesign Season 2, Episode 5

At the request of the mayor, Carrie and Fred do a redesign of the Portland police force. read more

Grover Season 2, Episode 4

Michelle and Brendan pull out all the stops to see that their son gains admittance to a prestigious preschool. read more

Cool Wedding Season 2, Episode 3

Irys and Spyke plan an unconventional wedding; Candace and Toni hold an in-store book signing. read more

One Moore Episode Season 2, Episode 2

Doug and Claire become a bit obsessed with "Battlestar Galactica" and it begins to take over their lives. read more

Mixologist Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, Carrie and Fred discover the world of mixology on a quest away from the city. read more

Inside Portlandia

Stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein lead a behind-the-scenes tour of the show. Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Lorne Michaels make appearances. read more

Baseball Season 1, Episode 6

The mayor has big dreams about bringing a big-league baseball team to Portland and recruits Carrie and Fred to help. read more

Blunderbuss Season 1, Episode 5

The town is excited about a new music and film festival. read more

Mayor Is Missing Season 1, Episode 4

Carrie and Fred hunt for the mayor, who has disappeared. read more

Aimee Season 1, Episode 3

Carrie and Fred are surprised to learn that singer-songwriter Aimee Mann is moonlighting as their maid. read more

A Song for Portland Season 1, Episode 2

The mayor (Kyle MacLachlan) of Portland gives Carrie and Fred a special assignment. read more

Farm Season 1, Episode 1

Comic vignettes chart the lives of offbeat fictional Oregonians. In the premiere, a couple get way too involved in ordering a restaurant meal. Later, two store employees deal with a man (Steve Buscemi) who uses the restroom without making a purchase; and Portland's Adult Hide-and-Seek League stages a competition in a college library. read more

Portlandia Episode: "Inside Portlandia"

Episode Synopsis: Stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein lead a behind-the-scenes tour of the show. Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Lorne Michaels make appearances.
Original Air Date: Jan 1, 2012
Guest Cast Kristen Wiig Jason Sudeikis Andy Samberg

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Premiered: January 21, 2011, on IFC
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: Comic vignettes chronicle the lives of various offbeat fictional characters in Portland, Ore.



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