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48 Hours on ID episodes

Dec 28, 2014: Love, Hate & Obsession
Dec 21, 2014: Last Chance
Dec 15, 2014: The Last Confession
Dec 14, 2014: A Fateful Connection
Dec 08, 2014: A Bad Bet
Dec 07, 2014: The Blue River Murder
Dec 02, 2014: Death at Soho House
Nov 30, 2014: Loved to Death
Nov 24, 2014: The Devil's Twin
Nov 24, 2014: Murder at Sea
Nov 23, 2014: Walking Free
Nov 16, 2014: The Long Island Serial Killer
Nov 02, 2014: Spies, Lies & Secrets
Oct 26, 2014: Death in the Parsonage
Oct 19, 2014: Hollywood Secrets
Oct 12, 2014: Highway of Tears
Oct 05, 2014: Death at Cottonwood Creek
Jul 13, 2014: War in Chicago
Jul 06, 2014: Three Days Before Christmas
Jun 29, 2014: An Officer and a Hero
Jun 22, 2014: The Stranger You Know
May 18, 2014: Ambushed
May 11, 2014: The Perfect Family
May 04, 2014: AKA Rockefeller
Apr 27, 2014: The Preacher's Passion
Apr 20, 2014: Over the Edge
Apr 13, 2014: Pain and Gain
Apr 06, 2014: The Hunt for Mr. Wright
Dec 15, 2013: Lina's Heart
Dec 08, 2013: Collision Course
Dec 01, 2013: Crazy Love
Nov 24, 2013: Everything to Lose
Nov 17, 2013: Secrets of the River
Nov 10, 2013: Shattered Dreams
Oct 27, 2013: Desperate Measures
Oct 20, 2013: Honor and Dishonor
Oct 13, 2013: Cold as Ice
Oct 06, 2013: The Usual Suspect
Nov 04, 2012: Grave Injustice
Oct 28, 2012: Arturo Gatti's Last Fight
Oct 21, 2012: Screenplay for Murder
Oct 14, 2012: Secrets of a Marriage
Oct 07, 2012: Showdown in the Bedroom
Oct 06, 2012: Friends for Life
Jul 08, 2012: Playing With Fire
May 12, 2012: Ransom
May 06, 2012: House of Secrets
Apr 29, 2012: Fatal Choice
Apr 22, 2012: The Bodyguard - Part 1
Apr 22, 2012: The Bodyguard - Part 2
Apr 21, 2012: Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive
Apr 15, 2012: Follow the Money
Apr 14, 2012: The Stranger Beside Me
Apr 08, 2012: Amanda Knox: The Untold Story
Apr 07, 2012: A Family's Honor
Apr 01, 2012: Last Chance For Justice
Mar 25, 2012: Name, Rank, Serial Killer?
Mar 11, 2012: Chasing the Barefoot Bandit
Mar 04, 2012: Temptation
Mar 03, 2012: The Country Club Murders
Feb 26, 2012: Body of Lies
Feb 19, 2012: Every Picture Tells a Story
Feb 18, 2012: Soccer Moms Confidential
Feb 12, 2012: Our Father the Godfather
Feb 04, 2012: Dark Side of Paradise
Jan 29, 2012: Full Moon
Jan 22, 2012: The One Who Got Away
Jan 15, 2012: Hunting Humans
Jan 08, 2012: My Mother's Murder
Jan 07, 2012: Family Affair
Dec 18, 2011: Shelley's Last Breath
Dec 11, 2011: Lady in the Pool
Dec 04, 2011: Dirty Little Secrets
Nov 27, 2011: The Killing Game
Nov 26, 2011: Murder at the Manor
Nov 20, 2011: Taken: Amber DuBois
Nov 13, 2011: The Railroad Killer
Nov 06, 2011: The Whole Truth
Oct 30, 2011: Thou Shalt Not Kill
Oct 29, 2011: Murder in the OC
Oct 23, 2011: Secrets, Lies & Alibis
Oct 20, 2011: The Imposter
Oct 20, 2011: The Ghost of David Coffin
Oct 19, 2011: Love and Death in Alaska - Part 1
Oct 19, 2011: Love and Death in Alaska - Part 2
Oct 18, 2011: No Way Out
Oct 18, 2011: Power Passion Poison
Oct 17, 2011: Defending Your Life
Oct 17, 2011: Black Dahlia Confidential
Oct 16, 2011: Hannibal Unmasked
Oct 15, 2011: Redemption Song
Oct 14, 2011: Kidnapped
Oct 14, 2011: An Invisible Enemy
Oct 14, 2011: The Sweetheart Murders
Oct 13, 2011: The Informer
Oct 12, 2011: Murder in the Hamptons
Oct 12, 2011: Puppet Master
Oct 12, 2011: Betrayal
Oct 11, 2011: The Secret Life of Eric Wright
Oct 11, 2011: Prescription for Murder?
Oct 10, 2011: Lost in Paradise
Oct 10, 2011: Where's Our Baby?
Oct 10, 2011: Deadline for Justice
Oct 10, 2011: Innocence Lost
Oct 10, 2011: Fugitive@hotmail.com
Oct 09, 2011: A Killer Defense
Oct 07, 2011: Witness
Oct 07, 2011: Pretender
Oct 07, 2011: Point Blank
Oct 06, 2011: Blood Feud
Oct 06, 2011: The Letter
Oct 05, 2011: Love and Lies
Oct 05, 2011: Caged Kids
Oct 05, 2011: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Oct 04, 2011: Murder in Las Vegas
Oct 04, 2011: Jeffrey MacDonald: Time for the Truth
Oct 04, 2011: Deep Secret
Oct 03, 2011: Kidnapped
Oct 02, 2011: The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld
Oct 02, 2011: In Too Deep
Sep 30, 2011: Citizen Jane
Sep 30, 2011: Secrets and Lies on Grapevine Lake
Sep 30, 2011: Haunted
Sep 29, 2011: Who Murdered the Rock Star?
Sep 29, 2011: The Right to Kill
Sep 28, 2011: Judging Dr. Morgan
Sep 28, 2011: Missing Molly
Sep 28, 2011: Catch Her if You Can
Sep 27, 2011: The Colonel's Wife
Sep 27, 2011: While Innocents Slept
Sep 27, 2011: Peace, Love and Murder
Sep 26, 2011: My Daughter's Killer
Sep 26, 2011: Justice in the Heartland
Sep 25, 2011: The West Memphis 3 - Free
Sep 23, 2011: Deadly Secret
Sep 23, 2011: Mystery in Room 813
Sep 23, 2011: Who Killed the Beauty Queen?
Sep 22, 2011: To Hell and Back
Sep 22, 2011: End of a Dream
Sep 21, 2011: Written in Blood
Sep 21, 2011: Ghosts of Mississippi
Sep 20, 2011: Dark Side of the Mesa
Sep 20, 2011: Scared to Death
Sep 20, 2011: The Preppy Killer
Sep 19, 2011: A Mind for Murder
Sep 18, 2011: Death Without Mercy
Sep 16, 2011: Fatal Attraction
Sep 16, 2011: Burden of Proof
Sep 16, 2011: The Last Take
Sep 15, 2011: Abducted
Sep 15, 2011: Dad's Double Life
Sep 15, 2011: Stolen Dreams
Sep 14, 2011: Heroes Under Fire
Sep 14, 2011: Secrets of the Well
Sep 14, 2011: A Family's Shame
Sep 13, 2011: Who Killed Stephanie Crowe?
Sep 13, 2011: Prime Suspect
Sep 13, 2011: Why Did Eric Kill?
Sep 12, 2011: The Babysitter
Sep 12, 2011: Boston Strangler
Sep 11, 2011: The Secret
Sep 11, 2011: Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?
Sep 09, 2011: Prisoners in Paradise
Sep 09, 2011: Murder in the Fast Lane
Sep 09, 2011: Driven to Extremes
Sep 08, 2011: My Father's Killer
Sep 08, 2011: Bad Girls
Sep 07, 2011: Accused
Sep 07, 2011: Bitter Pill
Sep 06, 2011: For Love or Money?
Sep 06, 2011: The Birthday Party
Sep 03, 2011: A Cry for Innocence
Sep 02, 2011: The Mystery of Slide Mountain
Sep 02, 2011: Into Thin Air
Sep 01, 2011: Expert Witness
Sep 01, 2011: Diary of a Showgirl
Aug 31, 2011: Tacoma Confidential
Aug 31, 2011: Cop Behind Bars
Aug 31, 2011: Beyond the Boardwalk
Aug 30, 2011: Murder in L.A.
Aug 30, 2011: Deadly Ride
Aug 30, 2011: The Curious Case of Colonel Shue
Aug 29, 2011: Blood and Money on Horseshoe Bay
Aug 29, 2011: To Catch a Stalker
Aug 29, 2011: Millionaires Boys Club
Aug 29, 2011: A Time to Kill
Aug 26, 2011: The Mortgage and the Murder
Aug 26, 2011: The Ghosts of El Segundo
Aug 26, 2011: The Phone Call
Aug 25, 2011: Endgame
Aug 25, 2011: The Biggest Gamble
Aug 25, 2011: Mr. Wonderful
Aug 24, 2011: Who Killed the Newlyweds?
Aug 24, 2011: Out of the Shadows
Aug 23, 2011: Caught in the Crossfire
Aug 23, 2011: Caught in the Crossfire
Aug 22, 2011: Stolen Beauty
Aug 22, 2011: The Enemy Within
Aug 22, 2011: Right or Wrong?
Aug 22, 2011: Vegas Heat
Aug 22, 2011: Lady in the Harbor
Aug 20, 2011: Conspiracy to Kill
Aug 20, 2011: Toxic
Aug 20, 2011: Drawn to Murder
Aug 20, 2011: Drawn to Murder
Aug 19, 2011: Lies and Whispers
Aug 19, 2011: Matchmakers
Aug 19, 2011: Addicted to Love
Aug 18, 2011: Invitation to a Murder
Aug 18, 2011: Show Me the Money
Aug 18, 2011: The Journey Home
Aug 17, 2011: Strange Truth
Aug 17, 2011: Terror at the Morgue
Aug 17, 2011: Chamber of Secrets
Aug 16, 2011: Dark Voyage
Aug 16, 2011: Scammed
Aug 16, 2011: Nightmare in Napa
Aug 15, 2011: Secrets From the Grave
Aug 11, 2011: Daddy's Little Girl
Aug 07, 2011: Casey Anthony: Judgment Day
Jul 20, 2011: The Killer Next Door
Jul 18, 2011: Cold Cases Heat Up
May 22, 2011: A Time to Kill
May 15, 2011: Live to Tell: The Year We Disappeared
May 08, 2011: Seven Days of Rage: The Craigslist Killer
May 07, 2011: The Facebook Detectives
May 01, 2011: Kidnap on Highway 1
Apr 24, 2011: River's Edge
Apr 17, 2011: Fight for the Truth
Dec 05, 2010: A Case For Murder
Oct 11, 2010: Daddy's Girl

Love, Hate & Obsession

A man is killed at home and the prime suspects are his ex-wife and his son. read more

Last Chance

A man is released from death row after confessing to a murder. read more

The Last Confession

Detectives get a break on a case decades after it goes cold. read more

A Fateful Connection

Police investigate a connection between two missing women and an unidentified body found in the Gulf of Mexico. read more

A Bad Bet

Investigators discover the truth about the shooting death of a man and woman. read more

The Blue River Murder

A woman disappears during a blizzard and her body is found days later. read more

Death at Soho House

A swimsuit designer is drowned in a New York City hotel. read more

Loved to Death

A teenage relationship ends in murder. read more

The Devil's Twin

A nine-year-old murder case is complicated by identical twins. read more

Murder at Sea

A man disappears on a cruise and all of the passengers are suspects. read more

Walking Free

A man sat in prison for years, accused of killing his family until his third appeal brought justice. read more

The Long Island Serial Killer

Detectives tie eleven deaths to the same man. read more

Spies, Lies & Secrets

The 2012 death of American engineer Shane Todd in Singapore is investigated. His death was officially ruled a suicide, but his parents believe he was murdered. read more

Death in the Parsonage

An apparent suicide in a Pennsylvania church exposes secrets a pastor wants to keep hidden. read more

Hollywood Secrets

The 2008 murder of model Juliana Redding in Santa Monica, Cal., is investigated, and the DNA evidence suggests that a woman was the killer. read more

Highway of Tears

The murders and disappearances of over 30 women along British Columbia's Highway 16, known as the "Highway of Tears," are investigated. The most recent victim is Madison Scott, who vanished near the infamous road in May 2011 after attending a party. read more

Death at Cottonwood Creek

The 2008 death of Leslie Mueller is investigated as her husband, Frederick Mueller, stands trial for murder for the second time. The first trial resulted in a hung jury. read more

War in Chicago

An investigation into drugs, guns and gangs in Chicago. read more

Three Days Before Christmas

Two sisters recall a deadly home invasion just before Christmas. read more

An Officer and a Hero

Former St. Louis police officer Isabella Lovadina describes a 2009 home invasion that resulted in one death and left her severely wounded from five gunshots. read more

The Stranger You Know

A woman survives a brutal beating in her home. read more


A young man helps a detective find his father's killer. read more

The Perfect Family

A former high-school valedictorian is charged with the murder of his mother in Michigan in 2011. read more

AKA Rockefeller

The mysterious life of Christian Gerhartsreiter, who pretended to be Clark Rockefeller of the famous Rockefeller family, is investigated, as are allegations that he murdered John Sohus in 1985. read more

The Preacher's Passion

The 2009 death of former adult actress Felicia Tang is investigated. Her boyfriend, Brian Randone, a one-time youth minister, was the lead suspect in the case. read more

Over the Edge

An investigation into the disappearance of Dawn Viens in 2009 and why her husband David, a California chef, jumped from a cliff when he became a suspect in the case. read more

Pain and Gain

A case that inspired the 2013 movie "Pain & Gain," about bodybuilders who plotted to kidnap and murder wealthy people. read more

The Hunt for Mr. Wright

The hunt for convicted killer George Wright, who murdered war hero Walter Patterson in 1962 and then escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1970. read more

Lina's Heart

The 2007 death of Eleonora Kaufman is investigated. Her husband, Adam Kaufman, is the chief suspect in the case. read more

Collision Course

The 2009 death of Air Force veteran Brittney Brashers is investigated in Colorado. Brashers was found dead following a car accident with her boyfriend, Robert Walters, but authorities became convinced that she didn't die as a result of the wreck. Walters survived the accident. read more

Crazy Love

The 2009 murder of millionaire Ben Novack Jr. in Rye Brook, N.Y., is investigated. read more

Everything to Lose

The 2009 murder of Dana Edwards in San Antonio is investigated. Her ex-boyfriend, Jon Thomas Ford, is the chief suspect and is tormented by the victim's mother, who believes he is guilty. read more

Secrets of the River

The brutal 2010 murder of Washington state teen Mackenzie Cowell is investigated. The 17-year-old beauty-school student was found beaten and strangled along the Columbia River. read more

Shattered Dreams

A husband is suspected of killing his wife. read more

Desperate Measures

A married couple are assassinated in Wisconsin, but questions arise as to whether they were the intended targets. read more

Honor and Dishonor

Army sergeant Brent Burke stands trial for the 2007 murders of his estranged wife and her former mother-in-law. read more

Cold as Ice

A childhood memory of a friend's murder could be the key to solving a 55-year-old cold case. read more

The Usual Suspect

Police search for a motive after a woman is found murdered. read more

Grave Injustice

The case of Anthony Graves, who spent 18 years in a Texas prison for murders he did not commit, is the focus. read more

Arturo Gatti's Last Fight

The 2009 death of boxer Arturo Gatti is investigated to determine whether he committed suicide or was murdered. read more

Screenplay for Murder

The diary of a "Dexter" fan might be a screenplay or a confession to murder. read more

Secrets of a Marriage

The 2007 shooting death of Jocelyn Earnest, who was found in her Virginia home with a gun and a suicide note, is investigated. Her husband, Wesley, an assistant high-school principal, is a chief suspect in the case. read more

Showdown in the Bedroom

A woman is accused of murdering her husband, but she claims it was self-defense. read more

Friends for Life

An unfaithful husband is killed. read more

Playing With Fire

A double murder in North Hollywood, Cal., is investigated. read more


A complex case of kidnapping and extortion unfolds in the April 2008 vanishing of the son of a millionaire aviation-business owner. read more

House of Secrets

An investigation into the death of an anesthesiologist's wife. read more

Fatal Choice

The 2009 stabbing death of wealthy Ohio physician Peter Franklin is investigated. The victim's wife, Sandra, admits to stabbing him but she claims it was in self-defense. read more

The Bodyguard - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. The 2009 murder of celebrity dog trainer Mark Stover and the subsequent homicide investigation are discussed. read more

The Bodyguard - Part 2

Conclusion. The 2009 murder of celebrity dog trainer Mark Stover and the subsequent homicide investigation are discussed. read more

Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive

The 1998 death of Ronda Reynolds in Toledo, Wash., is investigated to determine whether it was a suicide or a murder. Author Ann Rule, who wrote a book ("In the Still of the Night") on the case, is interviewed. read more

Follow the Money

The 2006 murder of real-estate developer Andrew Kissel is discussed. read more

The Stranger Beside Me

The 2010 disappearance of Jamie Laiaddee in Chandler, Ariz., is investigated. Her boyfriend, Bryan Stewart, is the chief suspect in the case. read more

Amanda Knox: The Untold Story

The verdict in the Amanda Knox murder trial in Italy is the focus. read more

A Family's Honor

Investigating an alleged "honor killing" in the U.S., in which a father struck and killed his daughter with a vehicle because she had dishonored the family. read more

Last Chance For Justice

The 1980 murder of Marilyn McIntyre in Columbus, Wis., and the investigation that nabbed her killer are discussed. read more

Name, Rank, Serial Killer?

An investigation into the life of Col. Russell Williams, a Canadian Air Force commander who is suspected of murdering two women and sexually assaulting two others. read more

Chasing the Barefoot Bandit

Examining the crimes of Colton Harris-Moore, dubbed the Barefoot Bandit. read more


The 2004 murder of Mitchell Kemp in Boone County, Mo., is investigated. read more

The Country Club Murders

Professional poker player Ernie Scherer III is the chief suspect in the 2008 murders of his parents, Ernest Scherer Jr. and Charlene Abendroth, in their Pleasanton, Cal., home. read more

Body of Lies

The 2009 disappearance and murder of Leisa Hurst in Hesperia, Cal., are investigated. read more

Every Picture Tells a Story

The 2009 murder of Cathy McNaughton by her husband, Alec, and Alec's 2010 conviction are chronicled. read more

Soccer Moms Confidential

An investigation into so-called private-eye soccer moms and the man who recruited them. read more

Our Father the Godfather

Angel, Victoria and Peter Gotti profile their mobster dad, John. read more

Dark Side of Paradise

An investigation into the disappearance of an American who vanished from his sailboat in the Caribbean. read more

Full Moon

Yvette Rodier recalls a 1996 first date with friend Zach Snarr that turned deadly when a stranger approached them at Salt Lake City's Little Dell Reservoir and opened fire. read more

The One Who Got Away

The crimes and apprehension of serial killer Andrew Urdiales are discussed. read more

Hunting Humans

A serial killer menaces Connecticut after committing a murder in New Jersey. read more

My Mother's Murder

Police investigate the murder of a 39-year-old mother and bond trader and uncover a link close to home. read more

Family Affair

An extramarital affair turns into a family tragedy in a small Southern town. read more

Shelley's Last Breath

The 1999 drowning death of Shelley Tyre in the British Virgin Islands while she was scuba diving with her husband, David Swain, is investigated as a homicide. read more

Lady in the Pool

The 2008 murder of Jan Roseboro in Lancaster, Pa., is investigated. The victim, a funeral director's wife, was discovered in a swimming pool at her home. read more

Dirty Little Secrets

The 2006 murder of Kari Baker and the investigation that ended with the arrest of her husband, a Texas pastor, are discussed. read more

The Killing Game

The crimes of convicted rapist and serial killer Rodney Alcala are detailed. read more

Murder at the Manor

A Cajun millionaire turned English gentleman becomes a suspect in a murder investigation. read more

Taken: Amber DuBois

The murder of Amber DuBois and the crimes of John Gardner III are detailed. read more

The Railroad Killer

Holly Dunn, the lone survivor of convicted serial killer Angel Maturino Resendiz, tells her story. The so-called Railroad Killer murdered Dunn's boyfriend, Chris Maier, in Kentucky in 1997 and brutally attacked Dunn. read more

The Whole Truth

A report on Bruce Lisker, who served 26 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Lisker was sentenced to life in prison for the 1983 stabbing death of his mother in Sherman Oaks, Cal. His conviction was overturned in 2009 and the charge was dropped. read more

Thou Shalt Not Kill

The 1994 murder of Farah Fratta in Houston is investigated. The 33-year-old mother of three, who was going through a contentious divorce, was shot to death in her garage. read more

Murder in the OC

The 1994 murder of millionaire William McLaughlin in his Newport Beach, Cal., home is investigated. The probe centers on former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki and the victim's girlfriend Nanette Packard. read more

Secrets, Lies & Alibis

The 2004 murder plot to kill Coral Gables, Fla., attorney John Sutton and his wife, Susan, is investigated. Susan was gunned down in her house and died, while John survived being shot in the head but as a result went blind. read more

The Imposter

Charting the case of David Pecard, who is said to have had numerous aliases (and wives) and criminal records under several names. In 1998, charges against him for fraud, forgery, theft and sexual misconduct were dropped when an Arizona judge ruled that a sheriff's office violated his civil rights while he was incarcerated. However, Pecard was convicted of desertion and fraudulent enlistment by a military court. read more

The Ghost of David Coffin

Examining the 1996 murder of Georgia millionaire David Coffin, Included: the investigation of Scott Davis, a 2003 California gubernatorial candidate. read more

Love and Death in Alaska - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. The 1996 murder of fisherman Kent Leppink in Hope, Alaska, is investigated. read more

Love and Death in Alaska - Part 2

Conclusion. The 1996 murder of fisherman Kent Leppink in Hope, Alaska, is investigated. read more

No Way Out

Sal and Mabel Mangano, owners of St. Rita's Nursing Home in New Orleans, discuss the deaths of 35 people who drowned at the home when Hurricane Katrina flooded the city. Included: their decision to not evacuate the building. read more

Power Passion Poison

A politician's suspicious death is investigated. read more

Defending Your Life

An investigation of the 1988 murder of Lee Jones in Mill Creek, Wash., for which her husband, Jerry Jones Jr., stands trial for the third time. He was convicted in the first two trials, but the convictions were overturned. read more

Black Dahlia Confidential

The unsolved 1947 Black Dahlia murder of struggling actress Elizabeth Short is investigated. read more

Hannibal Unmasked

The search for three women who vanished from the Denver area in 2003 leads police to their killer. read more

Redemption Song

The 1985 murder of Natalie Antonetti in Austin is investigated. The victim was beaten to death in her home, but the case quickly went cold until a phone call more than 20 years later led the police to a surprising suspect. read more


An interview with Shawn Hornbeck, who was kidnapped in 2002 at age 11 and held captive for more than four years in Missouri before being rescued. read more

An Invisible Enemy

The 2002 death of 23-year-old marine Todd Sommer in San Diego is investigated. read more

The Sweetheart Murders

The so-called "Sweetheart Murders" of Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins near Sacramento in 1980 are investigated. read more

The Informer

A musician suspects friends of committing murder and getting away with it. read more

Murder in the Hamptons

The 2001 death of New York financier Ted Ammon is investigated. read more

Puppet Master

Police try to determine who was calling the shots when a young mother was gunned down. read more


The disappearance and murder of Russian bride Nina Reiser, who vanished in September 2006 in Oakland, is investigated. read more

The Secret Life of Eric Wright

An investigation into the life of Eric Wright, a former sheriff's lieutenant suspected in a 1980 murder of a California pawnshop owner. read more

Prescription for Murder?

An interview with Chris Pittman, who was convicted of murdering his grandparents in 2001, a crime which he says was caused by his use of a prescribed antidepressant. read more

Lost in Paradise

The murder of an American Peace Corps worker is investigated. read more

Where's Our Baby?

The 1997 disappearance of 5-month-old Sabrina Aisenberg near Tampa is investigated. read more

Deadline for Justice

The 2002 murder of Abilene, Texas, news reporter Jennifer Servo and the 1991 rape and murder of Patricia Scoville in Vermont are investigated. read more

Innocence Lost

The 1991 murders of four teens (Amy Ayers, Jennifer Harbison, Sarah Harbison and Eliza Thomas) in an Austin yogurt shop are investigated. read more


The three-year manhunt for Yazeed Essa, a Cleveland doctor suspected of poisoning his wife Rosemarie, is detailed. read more

A Killer Defense

The 2007 stabbing death of North Carolina horse-farm owner Jennifer Turner is investigated. Her husband, Kirk, claims he killed his wife in self-defense. The victim had sued Kirk's mistress for "alienation of affection" after he left her. read more


An investigation of a Texas murder case, in which a 4-year-old boy is the key witness. read more


A profile of a man who pretended to be a New York Times reporter. read more

Point Blank

Authorities attempt to determine if a man's jealousy over his wife led to him being shot to death. read more

Blood Feud

An investigation into the 2004 Michigan murder of Bob Seaman, whose wife was charged with the crime. read more

The Letter

A letter proves to be key in solving a woman's murder. read more

Love and Lies

The deaths of two Georgia women 14 years apart may be the work of the same killer. read more

Caged Kids

Crimes committed by children. Included: their sentences. read more

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

The 1992 murder of Angela Lawless, who was beaten and shot in her car near Benton, Mo. read more

Murder in Las Vegas

The 1994 murder of millionaire real-estate developer Ron Rudin in Las Vegas is investigated. He was shot in his home, but his charred remains were found near Lake Mohave. read more

Jeffrey MacDonald: Time for the Truth

The conviction of Army doctor Jeffrey MacDonald in the 1970 murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters is the focus. read more

Deep Secret

The 1977 disappearance of teen Jeff Klee in Coral Springs, Fla., is investigated after his body is discovered in a local canal 31 years after he went missing. read more


A New Hampshire woman resorts to desperate measures to regain custody of a daughter, who has been living with her ex-husband in Greece since 1989. Included: comments from the woman's two daughters and their father. read more

The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld

The June 2007 disappearance of Paige Birgfeld in Colorado is investigated. Her car was discovered torched and it was later revealed that the single mom ran an escort service out of her Grand Junction home. read more

In Too Deep

The story of Laura Hall, who was convicted for dismembering the body of Jennifer Cave in 2005. read more

Citizen Jane

The 1983 murder of Gertrude McCabe in San Jose, Cal., is investigated. The probe centers on Tom O'Donnell, who lived with the victim's niece, Jane Alexander. Alexander investigates the case herself to see if her boyfriend is guilty, after the police fail to arrest a suspect. read more

Secrets and Lies on Grapevine Lake

The 2002 murder of Texas real-estate agent David Nixon is recalled. read more


The 2002 murders of Karen Harkness and Michael Sisco in Topeka, Kan., are investigated. The couple were shot to death in Harkness' home. read more

Who Murdered the Rock Star?

The death of a rising rock star in Seattle is investigated. read more

The Right to Kill

A shooting involving a woman is investigated. read more

Judging Dr. Morgan

An investigation into whether Indianapolis obstetrician Robert Morgan is responsible for the 1998 death of Robert Rollins, an infant he delivered in 1997 who was born blind, deaf and comatose. read more

Missing Molly

An ex-police officer finds new evidence in the case of a missing teenage girl. read more

Catch Her if You Can

Esther Reed, a con artist who assumed the identities of several people to gain admission to select Ivy League schools and collect student-loan money, is interviewed following her 2009 sentencing for fraud and identity theft. read more

The Colonel's Wife

A report on retired Army colonel George Marecek, who was convicted in July 2000 of second-degree murder in the 1991 drowning death of his wife. read more

While Innocents Slept

An investigation into the 1980s deaths of two infants, whose father, Garrett E. Wilson, was accused of murdering them for insurance money. Author Adrian Havill, who wrote a book about the case, is interviewed. read more

Peace, Love and Murder

The 2000 stabbing death of Toni Heartsong in Jupiter Farms, Fla., is investigated. read more

My Daughter's Killer

Examining the 1986 murder of 21-year-old Mitzi Nalley. Jonathan Nobles confessed to the killing and met with Nalley's mother two weeks prior to his execution in October 1998. read more

Justice in the Heartland

The 2005 disappearance of Michael Golub in Johnson, Kan., is investigated. read more

The West Memphis 3 - Free

The release of the West Memphis Three, who were convicted in 1993 for killing three children, is discussed. read more

Deadly Secret

The 1994 disappearance of a wife and mother is examined. read more

Mystery in Room 813

A woman's death from a fall off a hotel balcony. read more

Who Killed the Beauty Queen?

The death of a beauty queen is investigated. read more

To Hell and Back

A report in which Jacque Marris recalls her August 2002 kidnapping in California. read more

End of a Dream

A profile of bank robber Scott Scurlock, who stole more than $1 million from Seattle banks. Interviewed: author Ann Rule ("The End of the Dream"). read more

Written in Blood

An investigation into whether a screenplay about a murder written by two boys is fact or fiction. read more

Ghosts of Mississippi

A series of murders targeting the elderly. read more

Dark Side of the Mesa

The disappearance of a woman and her child. read more

Scared to Death

The 1995 murder of Vickie Barton in Springboro, Ohio, is investigated. Barton's husband, Jim, a former police officer, is accused of the crime. read more

The Preppy Killer

An interview with "Preppy Killer" Robert Chambers, who served 15 years in prison for strangling Jennifer Levin in 1986. read more

A Mind for Murder

The November 2003 murder of Carmin Ross in Kansas is investigated. The prime suspect is her former husband, Thomas Murray, a respected college professor. read more

Death Without Mercy

The 2005 death of James Michael in West Virginia is investigated and the chief suspect is his wife Michelle. Michael was found dead in his house after a fire that may have been intentionally set. read more

Fatal Attraction

Revisiting a 1999 report on Thomas J. Capano, a successful Delaware lawyer convicted in March 1999 of the murder of his mistress, Anne Marie Fahey. read more

Burden of Proof

The murder of Beverly Watson and the evidence against her husband are discussed. read more

The Last Take

The unsolved 1977 murder of actress Christa Helm is investigated and the probe turns up a secret diary that may have contributed to her death. read more


Investigating the kidnapping of an American in Colombia. read more

Dad's Double Life

A report on Patrick Welsh, who in 1983 faked his death, abandoned his wife and their two sons and moved to Galveston, Texas, where he assumed a new identity as Timothy Kingsbury. Fifteen years passed before his lies caught up with him and he was convicted for child nonsupport and theft conspiracy. read more

Stolen Dreams

An investigation into a string of bank robberies on Long Island, committed by Wall Street trader Stephen Trantel in 2003. read more

Heroes Under Fire

A report on the deadly December 1999 fire in a Worcester, Mass., warehouse that killed six firefighters. Also: an interview with a Maine couple who fought to free the homeless 19-year-old girl accused (along with a male companion) of starting the blaze. read more

Secrets of the Well

The murder of a 30-year-old mother turns her husband into a suspect and spurs a 30-year investigation. read more

A Family's Shame

Examining how family members cope after they learn that a close relative has committed murder. read more

Who Killed Stephanie Crowe?

The 1998 stabbing death of 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe in California is investigated. read more

Prime Suspect

The mysterious death of a baby is investigated. read more

Why Did Eric Kill?

A report on the 1993 murder of 4-year-old Derrick Robie by 13-year-old Eric Smith, who was convicted of the crime. read more

The Babysitter

A report on a murder case involving a babysitter. read more

Boston Strangler

The Boston Strangler and the case against prime suspect Albert DeSalvo are discussed. read more

The Secret

The 2007 disappearance of 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker in LaFayette, Ga., is investigated. read more

Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?

A doctor is suspected of murdering another physician. read more

Prisoners in Paradise

A report on a murder case on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. read more

Murder in the Fast Lane

A report on the 1988 slayings of racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife, Trudy. read more

Driven to Extremes

A car accident in Orlando that killed two kids is investigated. read more

My Father's Killer

Examining the issue of capital punishment and the case of a woman who testified for her father's murderer because of her opposition to the death penalty. read more

Bad Girls

A report on four Texas teen girls who committed armed robbery during their summer vacation in 1999. read more


Investigating a murder case involving a daughter and her mother. read more

Bitter Pill

An investigation into two 1986 deaths in Seattle caused by an over-the-counter drug tainted with cyanide. read more

For Love or Money?

Remarks by Celeste Beard Johnson and Tracey Tarlton, who were both convicted of the 1999 murder of Texas millionaire Steven Beard. read more

The Birthday Party

A federal prosecutor who was kidnapped at gunpoint on his birthday recalls being held hostage. read more

A Cry for Innocence

An investigation into the West Memphis Three murders, which occurred in West Memphis, Ark., in 1993 when three 8-year-old boys were slain. Three teens were arrested and convicted, but many believe they are innocent. read more

The Mystery of Slide Mountain

Investigating whether a 1998 accident was really a murder. read more

Into Thin Air

The 1976 disappearance of Jean Zapata, a wife and mother in Madison, Wis. read more

Expert Witness

Examining the use of expert witnesses in criminal trials. Also: credibility problems. read more

Diary of a Showgirl

The 2004 murder of Phoenix arts dealer Jay Orbin, whose headless, limbless torso was discovered in an Arizona desert. His former Las Vegas showgirl wife, Marjorie, is the chief suspect in the case. read more

Tacoma Confidential

A murder-suicide case in Tacoma, Wash., involving police chief David Brame and his wife. read more

Cop Behind Bars

A married police officer, convicted in the brutal murder of his 24-year-old mistress, seeks to have the verdict reversed. read more

Beyond the Boardwalk

Murders of women in Atlantic City are investigated. read more

Murder in L.A.

In California, one troubled marriage ends in divorce, another in murder. read more

Deadly Ride

The 1969 murder of Jane Mixer, a University of Michigan law student thought to have been slain by a serial killer. read more

The Curious Case of Colonel Shue

The 2003 death of Col. Philip Michael Shue in San Antonio is investigated. Shue died in a car crash that was ruled a suicide, but his widow, Tracy, disputes that finding and believes foul play was involved. read more

Blood and Money on Horseshoe Bay

The 2005 murder of 73-year-old millionaire Charlie White Sr. in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, is investigated. read more

To Catch a Stalker

Examining the murder of 15-year-old Penny Chang and the evidence against her killer, Scott Strothers. read more

Millionaires Boys Club

A report on the murder of a teen in an affluent suburb near Manassas, Va. read more

A Time to Kill

The case of an alleged murder of a church deacon by a teen who claimed that he acted in self-defense, but was sentenced to life in prison. read more

The Mortgage and the Murder

The 2005 murders of Greg and Bernadette Ohlemacher, who were gunned down in their Albuquerque home, are investigated. read more

The Ghosts of El Segundo

The murders of two policemen are investigated. read more

The Phone Call

The 1994 murder of Shannon Melendi, an Emory University student in Atlanta, is investigated. The probe focuses on Colvin "Butch" Hinton, an umpire who worked at a softball field where the victim was also employed. read more


The 1996 murder of Janet March in Nashville is investigated. read more

The Biggest Gamble

The disappearance and murder of Christie Wilson, who was last seen leaving a California casino in October 2005, is investigated. read more

Mr. Wonderful

Examining the case of Matt Mathews, nicknamed "Mr. Wonderful" by one of his victims. Matthews was a prolific con artist who scammed women and was married at least 11 times. read more

Who Killed the Newlyweds?

A double homicide involving a newlywed couple is investigated. read more

Out of the Shadows

The BTK serial-killer case is investigated. read more

Caught in the Crossfire

Conclusion. The June 12, 2006, murder of Charla Mack in Reno, and the same-day shooting of family-court judge Chuck Weller, who was overseeing Mack's divorce from her husband, Darren, are investigated. read more

Caught in the Crossfire

Part 1 of 2. The June 12, 2006, murder of Charla Mack in Reno, and the same-day shooting of family-court judge Chuck Weller, who was overseeing Mack's divorce from her husband, Darren, are investigated. read more

Stolen Beauty

The disappearances of two women, one a teacher and the other a financial analyst, are investigated. read more

The Enemy Within

Investigating the December 1995 murder of a black couple in Fayetteville, N.C., by soldiers in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, and charges that the crime was racially motivated. read more

Right or Wrong?

A report on the case of convicted killer Susan Wright, who was sentenced to 25 years for stabbing her husband 193 times. read more

Vegas Heat

A case involving the murder of a Las Vegas woman in 2005. read more

Lady in the Harbor

The 2006 murder of Barbara Mullenix in Huntington Beach, Cal., is investigated. The victim was stabbed more than 50 times and her body was dumped in Newport Harbor. read more

Conspiracy to Kill

The 2007 murder of Sonia Rios in Lomita, Cal., is investigated. The victim, known as the "Black Widow of Lomita," was the chief suspect in the murders of her two husbands, Earl Bourdeau and Larry Risken, who both were shot to death in the Philippines 19 years apart while visiting Sonia's family. read more


The 2000 poisoning death of Eric Miller, a pediatric AIDS researcher in Raleigh, is investigated. read more

Drawn to Murder

Conclusion. The 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick in Colorado is investigated. The probe centers on whether Tim Masters, who was imprisoned for the crime, is guilty or not. read more

Drawn to Murder

Part 1 of 2. The 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick in Colorado is investigated. The probe centers on whether Tim Masters, who was imprisoned for the crime, is guilty or not. read more

Lies and Whispers

A report on the 1999 murder of Karen Tipton, a doctor's wife, in Decatur, Ala., and the three trials that have been held in the case. read more


A report on dating around the world. Included: two couples who met through an online service; a profile of a Phoenix matchmaker; a service matching American men with Russian women. read more

Addicted to Love

The 2005 death of Lesa Buchanan in Franklin, Tenn., is investigated. The chief suspect was her boyfriend, Christ Koulis, who was also her plastic surgeon. read more

Invitation to a Murder

The 1995 double murder of Donnah Winger and Roger Harrington in Springfield, Ill., is investigated. read more

Show Me the Money

The story of bank manager Michelle Renee and her daughter, who were kidnapped in 2000, taped with explosives and forced to rob the bank. read more

The Journey Home

A report on a Jacksonville woman's efforts to locate her children, who were taken by their father in 1990, and a look at what happened after she found them. read more

Strange Truth

The March 2003 murder of Ramona Krotine near Cleveland is investigated. Her husband, Jeffrey, stood trial for the killing three times. read more

Terror at the Morgue

An alleged June 2002 attack on Memphis medical examiner Dr. O.C. Smith is investigated. He was found in a morgue stairwell wrapped in barbed wire with a bomb strapped to his neck. read more

Chamber of Secrets

A report on Frieda Hanimov, who went undercover in Brooklyn to fight for custody of her children. Hanimov believed the judge involved in her case was corrupt. read more

Dark Voyage

The 2004 murders of Tom and Jackie Hawks off the coast of Newport Beach, Cal. The victims disappeared from their yacht while showing the boat to a potential buyer. read more


A report on an alleged consumer fraud. read more

Nightmare in Napa

An investigation into the 2004 Halloween-night murders of Leslie Mazzara, a former South Carolina beauty queen, and her roommate, Adriane Insogna, who were stabbed to death in their Napa, Cal., home. read more

Secrets From the Grave

An investigation into the death of a Texas man who had previously survived two murder attempts. read more

Daddy's Little Girl

A report on an allegedly abused teenager, who was found guilty of murdering her father and sentenced to life in prison. read more

Casey Anthony: Judgment Day

Examining the trial of Casey Anthony, who was charged with murdering her daughter, Caylee, and the case's shocking verdict. read more

The Killer Next Door

Profiling Donald Miller, who was convicted of rape and attempted murder, and who ultimately helped the police solve four other murders he committed. read more

Cold Cases Heat Up

Cold-case units employ advances in technology to crack unsolved murders. read more

A Time to Kill

The case of Michele Harris, who vanished in 2001. Her husband is suspected of killing her. read more

Live to Tell: The Year We Disappeared

A girl is terrorized by a killer who wants her entire family dead. read more

Seven Days of Rage: The Craigslist Killer

"The Craigslist Killer" case, which rocked Boston in 2009, is discussed. read more

The Facebook Detectives

Three Texas women use Facebook to investigate the disappearance of their friend Lisa Stone, who vanished in June 2010. read more

Kidnap on Highway 1

A family's nightmarish ordeal from a road-trip ambush is detailed. read more

River's Edge

A 2000 kidnapping case in which two college students were abducted at gunpoint outside of York, Pa., is discussed. read more

Fight for the Truth

The case of Marty Tankleff, who was wrongly convicted of murdering his parents in 1988. read more

A Case For Murder

The 2007 murder of Hugues de la Plaza and the subsequent homicide investigation are discussed. read more

Daddy's Girl

The 2007 murder of Timothy MacNeil, which was first thought to be the result of a botched robbery, and the evidence implicating his stepchildren are discussed in the opener of the news magazine series focused on serious crimes. read more

48 Hours on ID Episode: "Casey Anthony: Judgment Day"

Episode Synopsis: Examining the trial of Casey Anthony, who was charged with murdering her daughter, Caylee, and the case's shocking verdict.
Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2011

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