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Instant Chimera Season 5, Episode 10

Included: an old detonator; a chimera skeleton; hyperbaric oxygen therapy. read more

Skeletons & Gwar Season 5, Episode 9

A singing customer seeks an ocean-related item; Ryan articulates a full-size skeleton; and Gwar pays a surprise visit. read more

Music to My Gears Season 5, Episode 8

A customer needs help with an antique object; an artist seeks props; and a previous client returns. read more

Elephant Skull in the Room Season 5, Episode 7

A British client tries to sell an unusual kettle; an artist seeks medical instruments for mechanical sculptures; and Mike and Ryan deal with an elephant in the room. read more

Chic-ODD-o Season 5, Episode 6

A famous collector in Chicago requests items from the Obscura team. read more

Jails, Fails & Salem Tales Season 5, Episode 5

A friend of Ryan's tries to sell an unusual organ; a client hires Mike and Evan to decorate a converted jail house in Salem, Mass. read more

Don't Get Testis Season 5, Episode 4

A professional wrestler gets a surprise; Ryan strikes a deal with a competitor in order to acquire a vintage hair-removal tool; and Mike and Evan search for a symbol of masculinity. read more

New Oddleans Season 5, Episode 3

During a visit to New Orleans, Evan meets the bass player from White Zombie as well as a puppet group that dabbles in unusual rituals. Also: Ryan and Mike encounter zombies. read more

Head Shrinking 101 With Ryan Season 5, Episode 2

Ryan makes a shrunken-head replica; Mike has a shocking experience; and a couple try to sell an antique skin grafter. read more

Tongue Tied Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, a customer tries to sell something he found in a dumpster. Also: Mike finds a disturbing item for a wrestler. read more

Holiday Bizarre #3 Season 4, Episode 20

Mike, Evan and Ryan hold a holiday dinner party for several customers. read more

Evan's Odd Anniversary Season 4, Episode 19

Evan looks for an anniversary gift for her husband; a nurse wants an eye-gouging gag; Ryan and Mike encounter a mentalist. read more

Lights, Camera, Duck Impaction! Season 4, Episode 18

Mike and Evan look for a horror prop for film producer Lloyd Kaufman; an Australian buys a gift; and an exterminator tries to get rid of an item from an infested funeral home. read more

No Guts, No Gory Season 4, Episode 17

Mike and Ryan look for pieces for a haunted house with a Jack the Ripper theme; a customer sells a strange item; Evan makes a trade. read more

Brain Bits & Baby Gifts Season 4, Episode 16

A painter trades an elongated skull; a doctor diagnoses a mysterious item. Also: shopping for a baby. read more

Obscura Is Loved to Death Season 4, Episode 15

Mike encounters a blowhard customer; Evan gets heartburn in the shop with Dr. Dave; two customers look for an Egyptian item. read more

Bat Man & Ryan Season 4, Episode 14

An unusual couple hire Mike to find an extremely rare item; Evan and Ryan help a man with his wild-life preservation efforts; Evan gets therapy from a microwave. read more

Vampires of PhilaHELLphia Season 4, Episode 13

The shop employees look for items to decorate a vampire-theme party; Mike and Evan meet an unusual ventriloquist; a coffin-dealing couple visit the shop. read more

Skull in the City & a Two-Headed Kitty Season 4, Episode 12

A large skull is sought; a customer forces Mike and Evan to use their emergency supplies; a client brings in a two-headed cat. read more

The Mummy Phallus Returns Season 4, Episode 11

A patron who tried to sell a fake mummy returns claiming to have the real thing; a customer realizes that her nine-banded armadillo is missing a few bands; and Ryan's strength is tested. read more

Slim Goodbody's Anatomical Adventure Season 4, Episode 10

A classic character needs help finding an educational prop; a customer needs ocular inspiration; and Ryan deals with a village idiot. read more

A Bug's Afterlife Season 4, Episode 9

Mike helps a customer find an insect for a diorama project; Evan and Ryan sell items to a TV host; Ryan assists a steampunk captain. read more

March of the Pangolin Season 4, Episode 8

A taxidermist wants to find an unusual stuffed animal; a customer goes berserk; and a patron catches Ryan's ear while playing with saws. read more

Blood Suckers & Brain Eaters Season 4, Episode 7

A reptile scientist adopts a new pet; Mike and Evan are recruited for a zombie-hunter TV series; a customer picks up an item for his friend's ex-wife. read more

Heads, Kegels, Knees & Toes Season 4, Episode 6

A customer with strange scars visits the shop; a walking monster is scared to death. read more

Taking Life by the Ears, Nose & Throat Season 4, Episode 5

A shopper seeks a Ouija board; Mike and Evan help a doctor who saved a customer's life; and Ryan learns not to stick his tongue out at strangers. read more

Skull Camera Obscura Season 4, Episode 4

An odd flower vase is pitched to Ryan. Also: A photographer wants to use a skull-camera hybrid to shoot Mike and Evan. read more

Dummy Drama & Internal Trauma Season 4, Episode 3

Included: a collector who kept the titanium rods from his mother's spine after she died; a customer with an unusual therapy device. read more

Mutant Mascot Season 4, Episode 2

Mike, Evan and Ryan search for a centerpiece that is weird enough to celebrate their new space. Also: psychedelic medicine; a reanimating baby. read more

Return to Holly-Odd Season 4, Episode 1

The fourth-season opener features a visit to Los Angeles, where Ryan meets up with burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to search for a piece of bird taxidermy. Meanwhile, Mike and Evan encounter the world's fastest-talking man and pay visits to a bunny museum and the California Institute of Abnormal Arts. read more

Best Of #2

Series highlights. read more

Holiday Bizarre #2

Mike and Ryan enlist the help of Evan's husband and a wax artist to create a surprise for their holiday party; a tattoo fan needs a Secret Santa gift; Evan encounters an evil Santa Claus. read more

Mounting Tensions

Ryan competes against Mike in an annual taxidermy contest; Judah Friedlander visits; a customer rips things apart at the store. read more

Keeping Austin Odd Season 3, Episode 19

Mike and Evan go to Texas to help an astronaut, and they encounter a mummy and a weight lifter along the way. read more

Killer Queen Season 3, Episode 18

Evan inspires an artist; Ryan reaches out to an expert to identify an item; Mike examines the life of a sailor. read more

Meat Mastodon Season 3, Episode 17

Evan and Mike deliver eyeballs to a woman who makes art from animal tongues; Mike obtains a set of vampire fangs; Brent Hinds from the band Mastodon visits; Evan gets ready for a steampunk party. read more

A Gurney for Grandpa Season 3, Episode 16

A woman hires Mike and Evan to procure vintage autopsy equipment for her grandfather's body; a human pincushion visits. read more

Holly-Odd Season 3, Episode 15

A trip to Los Angeles has Mike and Evan seeking an item for Elvira; Ryan observes rocker Wes Borland's skull collection. read more

Heads or Fails Season 3, Episode 14

Bizarre jewelry is examined; Mike and Evan go shopping for a mummified body part; a horror producer finds a mask that can stop her from eating her own hair. read more

Black Magic Woman Season 3, Episode 13

A customer tries to unload a cauldron that was used for black magic; Mike mulls over a baboon purchase; a performer almost sets the shop on fire. read more

The Power of a Grey Skull Season 3, Episode 12

Evan and Ryan seek out a body-modification item for a tattoo shop; a traveling museum locates a WWII parachute that wasn't made for a soldier. read more

Sorceress of Love Season 3, Episode 11

A boy tries to sell a hamster; Ryan has a second date that includes a meeting with a sorceress. read more

The Arsenic Avenger Season 3, Episode 10

Director Lloyd Kaufman visits the shop. Also: a taboo piercing kit; a chainsaw-wielding performer. read more

Seeing Scars Season 3, Episode 9

A human-skull drum and a glass mortician table are featured. Also: A dancer visits the shop in search of a special item. read more

Mummy's Private Collection Season 3, Episode 8

A one-eyed pig, restraints made for a child and what may be an appendage from a mummy are featured. read more

Insane & The Membrane Season 3, Episode 7

A pickled pooch, a rare helmet said to cure insanity and a nearly invisible deer are featured. read more

Fingernails and Just for Males Season 3, Episode 6

A horned patron tries to unload a possessed dummy; Evan bonds with a woman who has 18-inch fingernails. read more

The Smoking Lung Season 3, Episode 5

A smoking lung, an evil clown with a power grinder and a piece of freaky taxidermy are featured. read more

Best Of

Highlights from the first two seasons. read more

Holiday Bizarre Season 3, Episode 4

The toenail artist resurfaces; a yogi tries for a discount; Mike and Evan find some taxidermy for a holiday party. read more

Ghost Rider Season 3, Episode 3

A rare set of handcuffs is featured; a search for the skeleton of a little race car driver unfolds. read more

Shot Through the Heart Season 3, Episode 2

A patron tries to sell three pickled hearts; a hypnotist tries to score a good deal; a customer trades an item that traumatized his daughter. read more

Edgar's Creation and Robot Relations Season 3, Episode 1

Edgar Oliver visits with the goal of creating a mad scientist's laboratory in his apartment; a filmmaker seeks body parts for his next movie; Mike works on a two-bodied bird. read more

Love Stones Season 2, Episode 10

A birthday gift is sought for Mike; a plasticized human organ and actress Chloe Sevigny turn up in the shop. read more

Hedgehog Homolog Season 2, Episode 9

A Coney Island relic and a two-faced cat are featured, and an artist visits the shop for inspiration. read more

Piece of Mind Season 2, Episode 8

A bizarre medical specimen is sought for a photo shoot; an artist happens upon a corrective device; an impalement artist purchases a throwing knife once owned by Harry Houdini. read more

The Horaffe Season 2, Episode 7

A flexible grandmother turns contortionist for a deal on a stuffed feline; Mike is challenged to make a big piece of taxidermy; an artist hatches a scheme involving dust from the shop. read more

Edison's Monstrous Creation Season 2, Episode 6

A creepy talking item made by Thomas Edison and a scary thing with huge fangs are featured; Mike and Evan search for a shocking quack medical device. read more

Romancing the Bone Season 2, Episode 5

A spooky lamp; teddy bears made out of a strange product. Also: a bone collector and her articulated rooster turn up in the shop. read more

Rock Star Embalmer Season 2, Episode 4

Korn singer Jonathan Davis asks Mike and Evan to find vintage embalming equipment; a buyer displays lizard-like qualities for a discount, and a customer tries to unload a giant automaton clown. read more

3 Little Piggies Season 2, Episode 3

Three deformed pigs, a piece of Victorian hair art and an artist who uses his own blood as paint are featured. read more

Raising the Dead Season 2, Episode 2

A man offers to sell an ear that's attached to a skull; a tonic made with testicles is discovered; a project involving two dead pets unfolds. read more

The Bulb Cruncher Season 1, Episode 10

A stunt with a light bulb is executed by a buyer in a bid to score a discount; a DNA test is performed on a book that's allegedly bound in human skin. read more

Shrunken Head Season 2, Episode 1

Human thigh bone trumpets, a shrunken head and an unusual musical composer make appearances in the Season 2 premiere. read more

The Chair Season 1, Episode 9

A special piece of taxidermy is sought by two magicians; a very particular collector visits. read more

Pickled Pig Season 1, Episode 8

A pickled pig; the search for a vintage human skeleton unfolds; a shocking experience with a Victorian device and a police officer is depicted. read more

Four Legged Chicken Season 1, Episode 7

A fearsome Victorian-era medical device; an artist seeks a bloodletting kit; a stuffed sloth is sought. read more

Mummified Hand Season 1, Episode 6

Artwork made from human nails and a medical bag is featured. Also: an Egyptian artifact may be a fake. read more

Teeth on a Stick Season 1, Episode 5

A diminutive escape artist performs; a customer seeks a gift for his dentist; a medical oddities collection is examined. read more

Skull Envy Season 1, Episode 4

An exploded skull; a puppeteer seeks a prosthetic limb; a customer appears to have a body in the trunk of his car. read more

Spider Prank Season 1, Episode 3

An ancient medical concoction captures Mike's interest; Evan assists a customer who wants to play a prank on his girlfriend; a monkey skull is sought. read more

The Model Mortician Season 1, Episode 2

Dinosaur feces might have been a bad investment; a model-turned-mortician visits with a strange request; a shopper buys something that turns Mike's stomach. read more

Mummy Cat Season 1, Episode 1

A mummified cat, a playwright who likes straitjackets and musket balls make appearances in the debut of the reality series following the proprietors of Obscura Antiques and Oddities as they sell and procure unusual artifacts and antiques. read more

Oddities Episode: "Best Of #2"

Episode Synopsis: Series highlights.
Original Air Date: Dec 29, 2012

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Premiered: November 04, 2010, on Discovery Channel
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Premise: A reality series following the proprietors of Obscura Antiques and Oddities as they sell and procure unusual artifacts and antiques.



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